Monday, December 12, 2005

New Pics of Eldorado FLDS 12-12-2005

I have had many requests not to compress photos. The photos on the 12-12-05 site are not compressed and should be viewed by broadband only. FLDS is getting a face lift. Yard in the temple has started as well as new circular drive north of meeting house. Weird tents by lathe but it may be just to protect from cold. There is a new water well. It has been drilled about 300 yards west of the cement plant.

I have tried to maintain the photos and website with respect to all. I hope you enjoy them. May everyone have a very "Merry Christmas".


polywatchin said...

thanks again pilot. you are our window in.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Pilot. You help me to have hope. You remind me of why I love him; and the encredible building ability's of his people. Thanx pilot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks pilot, excellent photos. IMO it seems that "temple" is close to completion with the sodding of temple grounds with grass. Large round objects that look like round hay bales are rolls of grass of type used by landscapers, they just roll out the grass on top soil and water.

Wonder if they are trying to complete temple by birthday of Joeseph Smith, 23 December? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints plans big celebrations of Joeseph Smith's 200th birthday.,4945,6432-1-3297-1,00.html

It should be noted that LDS Mormons consider polygamy a sin and excommunicate polygamists.,9777,1601-1-114-1,00.html

Here's a qoute where the LDS Mormons state that marriage is between a man & a woman, not one man and many women ,or between people of same gender. "We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife." Read entire statement:,4945,161-1-11-1,00.html

Note statement says lawfully wedded, at end of statement also warns those who abuse spouse & children will have to answer to God.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that is why I am not in the Mormon Church. I suppose that is why I am still a fundamental Mormon. Just like Christians believe what they believe and Cathlics believe what ever it is that they believe. Or Born again Christians believe what they believe. And those that believe there is no religion. The constitution garentee's this right.

Anonymous said...

And I am extreamly grateful that it is God I have to account to and not men. Thank God for that, if some body had to make me account to them because they were not of the same fatih as me, and chained me to hell because I believed different than them; Thank God I have to answer to God and not them. Especially when they change there books so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey poster 11:36 p.m.

You don't get it.

The fundalmentalist believe the LDS Mormon Church is EVIL, APOSTATES, GENTILES.

They do not care what the main line Morman Church think, or write or do.

But they do believe Joseph Smith was a prophet.

But celebrating Joseph Smith birthday. Who knows.

Someone from the FLDS would have to answer this.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:24

"But celebrating Joseph Smith birthday. Who knows.

Someone from the FLDS would have to answer this."

It would be interesting to see what FLDS has to say about Joseph Smith's birthday.

Here's a sermon on Joseph Smith given by Gordon Hinckley December 05:,4945,2043-1-3294-1,00.html

Here's more on celebration:,19863,6077,00.html

Understand that FLDS dosen't celebrate Christmas, well LDS Mormons do:,16929,3204,00.asx

Faithful Woman said...

no FLDS would even consider Hinkley's ideas

Anonymous said...

"Faithful Woman said...
no FLDS would even consider Hinkley's ideas"

Warren Jeffs & his goons might not consider Hinckley's ideas, but you can be sure they listen just so he can criticize what is said.

IMO Warren Jeffs is yellow & a coward, scared to turn himself in. Wonder who will arrest him first? The FBI, Texas Rangers, Utah & Arizona LE, Mounties, or Sheriff Doran?

Even Warren Jeffs own brother, Ward Jeffs, says he's a crook and guilty of the crimes he's charged with.

Anonymous said...

I am FLDS. I have celebrated Christmas every year of my life. There is no law that forbids it. We choose as we please. Some do others don't--just like the people of many other religions or cultures.

Also-- I believe in accepting truth no matter who it is from.
"One of the grand fundamental principles of 'Mormonism' is to receive truth, let it come from whence it may." --Joseph Smith

Faithful Woman said...

I agree with you anon 11:23 about accepting truth, but warren does not.

I know that Uncle Fred used to have big Christmas parties, I saw one of them. But warren pointedly told the people to not celebrate "pagan holidays", that was before I was kicked out. It may have been before Uncle Rulon died.

Anonymous said...

Well celebrating Christmas is in your heart. Oh, I sound like Street. But it doesn't really matter what date Jesus came to this earth, the important thing was his death and resurrection.


I understand the FLDS believe Jesus birth, death and I guess resurrection was on April 6 and celebrate it then. That's OK, with me.

I do agree Christmas has become very commericalized and sometimes very unchristlike.

But the message of Love still rings out and Jesus said the greatest commandment "Is to LOVE ONE another."

It should be a day of celebration with family and friends and a season to give of oneself.


onthestreet said...


onthestreet said...

In April, and throughout the year, we wish Jesus a happy birthday too. Not just on Sundays, or one huge commercial scam just once a year.


Anonymous said...

Let's talk about a commercial scam.
Temple in Texas and Warren Jeffs

Faithful Woman said...

wj isn't pouring the hard earned mony from this community into that thing for the good of the people, they will most of them never see in anything but photos from the pilot. he is building it for his own glorification.

Faithful Woman said...