Tuesday, December 13, 2005

WJ gets sued again!

Another young woman accuses Warren Jeffs.



fttc said...

The article states that the FLDS church is included as a defendant in the case. Is anyone here proficient enough in law to tell what the churches liability would be? Can anyone tell what, if any, assets the FLDS Church actually has?

I think no one expects warren to come out and openly defend himself. He lost the suit against himself by the "lost boys" and nothing happened. What will happen now? Will his followers have another chance to tell us the Lord is protecting him?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And Warren Jeffs is the genlest man alive. He will be protected. Let the girl go.

Faithful Woman said...

Your name calling is very unimpressive.

Friend, you don't know just how many of "our" people carry guns. Ever heard of Big Willy Jessop bragging that he carried a weapon with him at all times? He said it.

We were told as a people to get rid of our guns, several times, but some people think that they are above the law/rules, be it US laws or "priesthood" rules.

Oh yeah, this is therapy for you so we should let you rant. Of course, you might be interested by some of the facts, or not.

I guess the rest of us need to put on our verbal rubber raincoats so we don't get splashed on when you regergitate all of your ills, past and present.
Or in other words, ignore you and remember that you don't really mean all of the things that you are spouting.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess then he is not one of our people. But just because you say this, does not mean it is true. I mean get real.

Anonymous said...

This is a web page for idiots.

Anonymous said...

And just because I said it does not make it true either.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 4:34.....


Make yourself at home!

onthestreet said...

Someone on the Polygabuse blog suggested that she also sue the State of Utah for allowing it to happen. So she should also sue God, the creator and owner of the universe, for God allowed it to happen. Sue Him for all he's got. That would be every planet, every star, every galaxy, every galactic cluster, every universe, and infinity itselt. I think that would make you a millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Silly onthestreet, here's some truth for you, from the mouth of Warren Jeffs own brother, "Ward Jeffs, Warren Jeffs' Brother: "And he must be brought to justice. He's not beyond the law even if he holds some title of a prophet of a church. He has to be stopped."
Copy & paste URL below to read article.


A first, a member of the Jeffs family speaking the truth.

Hey onthestreet, who do you think will bust Warren Jeffs first? The FBI, Arizona & Utah LE, The Mounties, Texas Rangers or Sheriff Doran?

Anonymous said...

God will bust Warren, he sees all.

ATAR_i said...

Someone asked why FLDS is in this suit. I guess my first reaction (and one that would be familiar) is Turnabout is fair play, or more clearly "Bleeding the Beast".

While she might not be able to find Warren, the FLDS, if held responsible, would be financially responsible as well.

It brings pressure to bear on someone who can pay for your suffering, someone who althought might not have specifically been involved in your incident, fostered an environment that created the situation. In this case - I think the relationship is quite a bit closer than the examples below.

Yanno, like the police department paying for a rogue cop gone nuts (because they should have known). Or a wealthy company getting sued because they made the product that someone used in a crime.

Basically - you go for the person who can pay you...because (using an old phrase) 'you can't squeeze blood from a turnip'.

Clearly this woman not only wants him to be convicted, but she wants him to pay (and so would I).

I think financial pressure in this case, will be more concerning than a conviction ever would. Because if they can't find you....who cares if they've convicted you. But if they start to chip away at the little temple you made for yourself in Texas - it might actually irritate you. It would take lots of women to make a dent, but I don't think there is a lack of that...it might be just a matter of time.

ATAR_i said...

I read the first few statements (for the anonymous person, who isn't anonymous) and it still amazes me.

I suppose, not being able to follow that logic is a blessing, not having it flow through your brain is something I take for granted. Every time I want to say something scathing in response, I remind myself how the logic got there, and how it was fed and nutured - and I realize how traumatizing it must have been to be 'that person'.

A different soul might face the same thing and come out stronger, or angrier, because we all respond so differently to the same stimuli.

So, I can't read it all, but I read enough to see someone that doesn't deserve my caustic comments. When I see it, it only makes me sad. If this is what is coming out, what is in there must be terrifying to the person living it (or perhaps if God shows mercy, they do not know).

fttc said...


It was I that asked about the FLDS' liabiltiy. I wasn't really wondering why it was included. What I would like to know is if the temple and YFZ is legally an asset of the FLDS. Remember the property was not purchased in the name of any church. It was bought by an individual that is not an official officer of the FLDS. I think that would put the temple as real estate in his name also. I may be wrong in this and this was my wonderment.

While I was still in I did not pay donations or tithing to the FLDS. It was all paid in the name of Rulon Jeffs. I do not think this has changed for present members beyond the name on the check being warren jeffs.

If the FLDS is an organization in name only, as I suspect, the courts can squeeze monies out of it as easily as they can incarcerate someone they cannot find.

Anonymous said...


matter of fact said...

ATAR_i said... If this is what is coming out, what is in there must be terrifying to the person living it (or perhaps if God shows mercy, they do not know).

I think you can bank more on the latter; mostly, they don't really know. I know I didn't realize just how terrible it all was until well after I was out. They live in an alternate state of reality - a dream world of sorts.

Whether God's mercy has anything to do with it, is pure speculation.

ATAR_i said...

FTTC, yeah - I see where your coming from.

A good attorney should be able to follow the bread crumbs to the temple (it's a bit more than a private residence - even if it was purchased by a private citizen).

At some point - for tax purposes - I would assume that they are going to declare that it is some sort of a 501c3 and perhaps the term FLDS could be expanded to include the financial assets of this group (whatever they call themselves).

I don't think it's beyond the scope of the complaint (but I'm not legal, and might be naive on that point).

Anonymous said...

As far as we who live in close proximity to YFZ know, the facilities are all held as private property. Everything out there is on the tax roll and therefore subject to taxation.

Since the temple is not open to public worship it is questionable as to whether it or any buildings associated with it could ever be tax exempt. A review of the photos made available by the pilot on this blog will give anyone interested an idea of the scope and size of the project.

Just where the money comes from to fund the building is a mystery. Any local purchases are paid with cash, at least as far as I am aware.

Has money from the FLDS been siphoned to other accounts, thence to offshore accounts, Swiss accounts? Your guess is as good as any. Money continues to be spent and building continues unabated.

onthestreet said...

Anony said (12/21/2005 3:22 PM):
Money continues to be spent and building continues unabated.

God continues unabated. As for the one-time fallen brother, his retaliation is no more Gospel Truth than Cane slaying Abel.

Anonymous said...

See Spot Run. Funny Funny Spot!

Faithful Woman said...

Where the money comes from is no mystery to us here in the Creek.

Where it goes to is another matter. Many of the FLDS have no idea there is even a place in Texas, let alone a temple. They just keep giving their donations and still have the strenuous job of providing for their families. Thank goodness they aren't expected to give Christmas presents, can you imagine how much money that saves?

Anonymous said...

Faithful Woman:

Do you have a Color Printer? If you do why not visit one of the web pages where 'Pilot' has taken photos of YFZ from the air. Make several copies and make them available to everyone you know that has enough sense to understand what has happend and is happpening. Let them make copies, if they choose to do so and then distribute those copies to their family and friends.

That Temple Building is no lie despite the ravings of Street, Ruth, Warren or any one else who tries to rebute the fact. The YFZ ranch with it's buildings is a fact. It is a place. It is located in Schleicher County, Texas on the north side of County Road 300. You can see the top of the Temple from the northern city limit of Eldorado, Texas. It is visible during daylight hours from a point at the junction of U.S. Hwy. 277 and Schleicher County Rd. 300.

I have read your posts and believe you to be a person seeking truth and justice for your people. You are not alone in your quest. Many others have joined in your journey in seeking redress from the arrogant leadership as demonstrated by Warren Jeffs, a fugative from justice. Jeffs has been found at fault by default in a civil case brough by his own nephew claiming sexual abuse of a minor. He is being sought under warrant in both the states of Arizona and Utah for crimes involving himself with sexual abuse with a minor and with a federal warrant related to a case of flight to avoid prosecution.

Now, which is more believable? Evidence seen with your own eyes and proved by your own witness to the calamities befalling your community, or continuing to believe a man constantly on the run from the law enforcement agencies? He knows he has broken the law. He knows he is a child molester. He knows he is a thief. He knows that when he is caught that following a trial he will be stripped of his self-appointed offices and he will go to jail. If not, can justice be served otherwise?

onthestreet said...

"FAITHFUL" woman?
That Temple Building is no lie despite the ravings of Street, Ruth, Warren or any one else who tries to rebute the fact.

STREET's Reply: My little girl, you make yourself FAITHLESS and NAKED by creating lies and accrediting them to others who never spoke such a lie. None of the named parties denied the existence of God's Temple. No, we glory in it.

Okay, just so that everyone can see who has become a faithless and faceless liar, show them the thread and the date of the post where we "REFUTED THE FACT", as you put it.

We await your reply. I'm sure everybody does, except for those of course who only glory in lies, and the more the merrier. Then, your father is the Devil, "for he is the father of lies", says the Lord. I would judge better of you.

ATAR_i said...

Why would copying photos of lil warrens temple upset you so much OTS?

Without any subjective verbage - just a simple photo of warrens new digs, and the women and children in the gardens - why would this upset anyone in Colorado city?

My guess is - it would, and you know it - so you attack her because you don't want her to do it.

At least be real about it - it's nothing spiritual your defending - it's something very HUMAN.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is if the temple and YFZ is legally an asset of the FLDS?

YFZ is a Texas corporation, here's more from newspaper: http://www.myeldorado.net/YFZ%20Pages/YFZ032504b.html

Offically known as YFZ LLC, it's registered with Texas Sec. of State as a limited liablity corp.

Schleicher county residents can go to courthouse and view public records such as deeds, tax records etc. All you have to do is go inside and ask.

Pilot's website mentions that YFZ was created as holding company for FLDS. http://web.sccn2.net/flds/

Anonymous said...

Street was so anxious to call Faithful Woman a liar, that he didn't even take time to realize the post was a reply to her. Anon. 5:34 was a reply to her.

Faithful Woman said...

Interesting isn't it? It did seem to make him quite upset.

And if he was so pure and imaculate, why does he have this thing for screaming "naked"?

fttc said...

Street may think this blog is the only part of the real world that exists. If it is not refuted on here then it is not refuted at all?

I have several relatives still in that totally denied that there was a temple being built in Texas for months after we had the pictures of it. One of them I know was lying outrght about it, the others I think really did not believe it existed. It was incredulous to them that they should find out what was going on inside from those who were supposed to be on the outside. Unfortunately it was not so incredulous for most of them that they could see anything wrong there. I beleive it started a couple of them to think harder about their course but nothing has come of it yet. I can only keep hoping.

Anonymous said...

Street: This is Annon 5:34

If you would care to meet me at the Justice of Peace Office in Eldorado at a time of mutual convenience I believe that I can persuade Sheriff Doran, Editor Mankin, J.P. Doyle and perhaps one or two others to accompany the two of us on a tour of Schleicher County Road 300 past where the temple and other buildings are under construction. Without an invitation or warrant it is unlikely that we will be invited to come inside the locked gate. Your eye-witness account, in the presence of these credible witnesses, should once and for all times quash your tendency to exhibit diarrhea of the mouth in regard to the existance of such facilities. Then can your faith be enforced by sight. Then and only then will you be able to establish the truth as to whether I, the pilot and others are liars. The challange is up to you. Accept or reject. Put up or shut up.

ATAR_i said...

Pilot, can photos be obtained that are close enough to show certain people with children - and capture faces.

I'm certain many in CC haven't seen friends/relatives in awhile. If they see someone with a photo, of child (who has grown significantly) next to a temple - they state does not exist - it might start to pique interest.

It's just a thought. I think you get as close in as you can. And people are running for cover - so I highly doubt that it would happen - but just thought I'd ask.

Anonymous said...

Your all a pack of religous nutters
I can't believe how much time Iv'e waisted reading this Crap...You all need a stiff drink and a slap