Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day

Let's dedicate this thread to all those special women in our lives. Our mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, and friends. And to anyone who may have touched our lives and brought us love and understanding when we needed it the most whomever they are.


Anonymous said...

Wherever they are.

Anonymous said...

Followers of God do not place any great consideration or followinmg in the pagan days of the world.

Many a time the L.D.S. church Sacrament meeting is full of mothers day garbage, just another way the church has thrown away its heritage and become followers of this world.

What I do, is give my mother a night off once a week or so, to have her meals cooked for her, the dishes done, and so that shen can sit in the bath for three hrs.

I dont need a day set aside once a year to remind me she needs her own time every few weeks.

TBM said...

But I'm sure she'd appreciate a mother's day card also.

Anonymous said...

"Followers of God do not place any great consideration or followinmg in the pagan days of the world."

That sounds exactly like the self-righteous crap Warren was always cramming down our throats. I'm sure YOU are just a wonderful person who always honors your sainted mother, and you look down your elevated patrician nose at the lowly plebians who are so mired in their own miserable lives that they cannot take the time each and every week to honor their own bedraggled mothers.

So for the rest of us, this "pagan" holiday will be observed anyway, because we simply haven't got the time or the resources to remind our mothers weekly how much we love them.

So one day a year, we are all reminded to take our mothers out. And if you are so offended by the reminder, just comfort yourself in the fact that you are so holy, you are practically next to Jesus already and you may as well die and go to heaven now, rather than being contaminated by the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Nice sentiment, people!! I'm sure all the mothers that read this thread will be encouraged by the bickering!!

Anonymous said...

BB; a while back you said something about you being excited because of your family....can you tell us yet? I am dying of curiousity!! I hope it is something good for Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...


That was a rather angry reply.

the fact is, the spirit of God will call us to live by the spirit of God, and that means we dont remember our mothers specially one day of the year, but that we treat them how they need to be treated all the time, for their spiritual welfare firstly, and their temporal welfare secondly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the thing about my family was something good. Thanks for asking.:) I still don't feel completely comfortable talking about it because I don't want to cause problems for them, so pleas don't be offended. You'll just have to be happy in the knowlege that it was something good. :)

Ok. To Anon 1:10-
If it really doesn't matter which day you remember your mother, why does it matter if you just so happen to remember her on Mothers' Day also?

Anon 5:15-
If I live the rest of my life without hearing or reading a sentance that contains the phrase 'the spirit of God' in it, I'll die happy. (And, yes. I know it's my own fault for reading it int the first place....)


bbgae said...

Yes, that was my post above.

Since anyone has yet to post after the manner of my original intent when creating this thread, I'll go first.

This is for my Mother. She was alot fiestier than many people thought she should be and they disrespected her for it behind her back, but I would like to say: thanx, Mom, for being so feisty. She raised strong daughters and sons, and instilled some of her feistiness in me which is one of the reasons I survived and am where I am taday. That is a good thing. I love you, Mom.

And this is for my Aunt Edna who helped me when there seemed no chance of redemption. You rock, AE!

And this is for Coleen Darger, my favorite teacher, and a real sweet lady! She helped me out in ways I didn't even know until afterward.

ATAR_i said...

I brought my mother flowers yesterday, a card, and took her out to coffee. We sat there and had a lovely time.

I usually meet with my mother weekly for some quality time, my mother ENJOYS the special attention that mothers day brings.

I don't really consider 'teacher day' or 'nurses day' or any of the other days set aside to remember certain professions 'pagan holidays' and I'm suprised someone would elevate them to that level.

No holiday pay of any kind is issued for people working this day, it's just simply a day to stop, and remember to say thank you.

My mother will travel to her mother today, and spend time with my grandmother, and my children are honoring me today.

I'm happy - coffee was brought up to me in bed, and after church, I'm going to spend a couple hours without guilt doing some crafts.

I hope all the mothers out there have a lovely mothers day.

This day encourages us to OBEY Gods commandment to HONOR YOUR MOTHER.

feralfem said...

I dearly love all of my mothers... even if they don't know it now. It doesn't take a special day for me to remember them, thank them, and love them in my heart every day of my life.

A hundred years from now, it will not matter how much is in your bank account, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove. But the world may be different because you were important in the life of a child.

Anonymous said...

I love you mom wherever you are! I believe that by my growing emotionally stronger and following my own conscience instead of following you know who I am honoring you even though you may not agree today. I forgive you for turning your back on me because I know how you are influenced by the people around you and there are some powerful personalities in your circle. If there is ever anything I can do to help, I hope you remember me. You know where I live.

Anonymous said...

Mothers Day was A heart rending experience for two friends,who went to wish there Mother A happy Mothers day, at Hilldale. they were told by there Mother that she had been instructed to sever all ties with with them,that she would allways love them, but never to return.
To all of us who have family members caught up in this grotesque delusion, perpetrated by Jeffs and his minions, if we have any faith in A benevolent God,could we all pause at A particular time, say 12:00 noon,each day for the coming weak, and utter A silent prayer, for these folks who are caught in this terrible fraud?

just A humble and heart felt suggestion.

bbgae said...

Uncaduff, what a lovely thought! Count me in! I'll be praying for my family and all the other good people in C.C. (and the not so good ones!) With you at 12:00 noon every day this week, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you my wonderful children for the hugs, cards, flowers, phone calls, and a very delicious dinner at the end of the day. You made it such a special time to remember and I do appreciate your kindness and respect.


Anonymous said...

To my mother in law... I forgive you for not being a grandma to my son. I forgive you for not wanting to be a part of my life. I cry for you to know what your son is really like. I feel sadness every sunday when I know you are having family dinner and we are sitting in our house only miles away. I hope the best for you and thank you for giving me the man of my dreams.

Anonymous said...

too many people undervalue what they are and overvalue what they are not

Anonymous said...

i love that comment! (anon 6:21)

TBM said...

I honor my mom for putting up with all the crap I put her through when I was a teenager!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful to my mom for always being there for me. Having children of my own does ahed a better light on what it takes to be a good mom. Thankyou mom for instilling all the things you have in me I will love you forever.

Thankyou to my big sister who has been here for me through thick and thin and stuck by me when no one else would. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Give it up this blog is history...

ATAR_i said...

Well, interesting you should say that - as history is a branch of KNOWLEDGE dealing with past events.

NOW - either you're right - and the knowledge faucet has ended OR your wrong and the knowledge faucet is still running.

UNFORTUNATELY no matter what - you've acknowledged the knowledge.

Awww shucks - ya try and be nasty and unwittingly disprove your own diatribes. Wanna give it another shot?

TBM said...

Oh, can it, 7.39

This blog will be history when us bloggers all get bored of posting, and not before.

bbgae said...

So, anyone read the article about Sam Fischer moving (forest wood?) Westwood - soon to be Techsun to a small town in Texas?

Anonymous said...

He mentioned Westwood Products.
He has purchased three homes in the Plainview area and looking for others to purchase.

Yes, I have read the articles.

He told the Lockney crowd he "adopted" nine children and their mother.

I wonder what his first wife thinks of this adoption?

Never mind I know the answer.

bbgae said...

Both of Sam's wives are awesome.... leave it be. :)

Anonymous said...

Well bbgae you seem to know Sam Fischer's wives?

Now I am just wondering if wife #1, who is seen as rebellious gets to moved to Texas, also.

bbgae said...

I have been gone for far too long to know about Wife#1 moving or not.

Even too long to make an educated guess.

However- I always thought people called her rebelious because of the family she came from and not from any of her own actions.

I also resent the phrase 'rebelious woman" in any form imaginable. IMO- it is a delibetate slight on females with any ammount of intelligence and/or backbone designed to embarass them and weaken the people's respect for them, thus- a tool used to try and controll and controll them.

Deep breath...deep breath... I'm calm now....:D

Anonymous said...

rebellion is a bad concept, only to those who want to impose there will on on others.


bbgae said...

So are you saying I'm trying to impose my will on others?

Bwwahhhaahhahaha...... >:D

Anonymous said...

bb, naw,for the most part, when Ive seen the phrase "rebellious woman" used, it was directed at a lady or girl who only wanted to exercise a little of her God given sense of liberty. the same thing usually goes for the guys. its been my observation, that God doesn't seem to force his will on us,he seems to let our misconduct carry its own consequences. while there is such a thing as real rebellion, the term always gets misused by people with an authoritarian mentality.

Anonymous said...

Thank you uncaduff.

I have heard wife 1 is being punished because she won't goose step.

Rebellion was a term used in relation to her situation.

Sorry to ruffle your pretty pink feathers.

bbgae said...

Rebellion is what you call a teenager who skips classes or is out after curfew.

It is not what you call a fifty- something year old woman who uses the brain God gave her and stubbornly objects to something she does not think is right.

Anonymous said...

So the word "rebellion" gives you bad vibes, bbgae.

Well sorry for that.

So Wife #1 is a woman of character and not afraid to show it.

Too bad there are not more like her.

bbgae said...

Don't appologize. :)

There are more- they left.

Anonymous said...

Heck, BB, if you don't know about wife #1's story, why don't you just make it up? That's what Flora does, and people eat it up! (Just kidding, bb! No reflection on you, girl!) Actually, I respect your honesty about not knowing.

FYI, I saw Sam and Margaret in a hardware store here in St. George just last week. They looked happy and normal as ever. In my ever-so-humble opinion, Margaret is one tough cookie, and she's gonna be just fine. She will make things better, wherever she goes, no matter where she ends up!

bbgae said...

Thanx. :D
I'm glad S. & M. are doing ok.