Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Illegal Drugs On The Arizona Strip


Lets go back to this topic! Several resent emails from the former faithfuls have shed new light on an old or is it odd tale.

Those of you with a little height in Centennial Park had a better view, I missed out, though drugs were removed from the area.

da plane, da plane, lets talk about the aircraft seen in skies over Colorado City. If you would rather not go public here, you can email me at patches@as.net

The what do you suppose the FBI Director will cover on his visit to SLC tomorrow???

FBI Director To Visit Salt Lake City Tomorrow
SALT LAKE CITY FBI director Robert Mueller will be in Salt Lake City tomorrow. His visit is part of a nationwide tour of FBI field offices. FBI agents say Mueller’s visit is not specific to any event, but it’s an opportunity for him to get a feel for what’s going on. The FBI’s Salt Lake office is one of the main offices involved in the manhunt for fugitive polygamist leader Warren Jeffs. He’s on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. Mueller has not been to the Salt Lake office since the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, four years ago. The Salt Lake office covers Utah, Idaho and Montana.


fundy said...

Having lived not to far from the airport at CC there were always rumors as to what it was used for. However I dont remember any drug busts being done there. Or anyone caught with a plane load of drugs.I think that idea is mostly speculation. However it certainly is being used to transport members to other FLDS colonies, probably mostly in Mexico where the FLDS have colonies. And where WJ probably is. I would'nt be surprised if WJ flies in and out of there whenever he wants.

ATAR_i said...

I think it would be an interesting experience if the FBI director came to Colorado City and was followed in and out of town and told he wasn't wanted, perhaps they wouldn't even serve him.

That would be interesting.

Probably won't happen, but it would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of airports, it's ironic that YFZ is only 4 miles from an airport with a 4300' runway, but rest assured, ole Warren Jeffs will never fly into this airport. It's the home of the "pilot"

Here's a link with a good photo of Schleicher County airport & Eldorado, Texas townsite.

Eldrado, Texas Airport

Wonder what Eldorado looks like from the ground? Eldorado, Texas

fundy said...

nFBI Director Visits Utah Today good maybe he can shake hands with the leader of the polygamous church, Gordon B. Hinckleberry and ask him a few questions.

Anonymous said...

I have been followed in and out of town and told I wasn't wanted but I have never been as important as the director of the FBI. that would be funny. In America being followed by any organization or group usally means they are an unlawful bunch trying to intimidate people or hide something. FLDS have both exuses.

ATAR_i said...

I did a search, and this article came up. I don't know much about the groups still in Mexico - how many are there?


What are the groups in Houston, California and Denver he is referring to?

Anonymous said...

Ervil LeBaron
Ervil Morrell LeBaron (1925 to August 16, 1981) was the leader of a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group who ordered the killings of many of his opponents. He is considered by many to have been a serial killer, justifying his actions with the doctrine of blood atonement. He had 13 wives in a plural marriage, several of whom he married while they were still underage.

After the mainstream Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, officially abandoned the practice of polygamy in 1890, some polygamous Mormons who wished to continue the practice, without the interference of U.S. law enforcement, moved south to Mexico. Alma Dayer LeBaron was one of these people, and in 1924 moved his family, which included his two wives and eight children, to northern Mexico. There, the family started a farm called Colonia LeBaron in Galeana, Chihuahua

When Alma died in 1951, he passed the leadership of the community on to his son Joel LeBaron. Joel eventually incorporated the community as the Church of the Firstborn of the Fullness of Times in Salt Lake City, Utah. His younger brother, Ervil LeBaron, was the elder LeBaron's second in command during the early years of the church's existence. The group ultimately numbered around 30 families who lived in both Utah and a community called "Los Molinos" on the Baja California Peninsula.

In 1972, the brothers split over leadership of the church and Ervil started a new church in San Diego, California, the Church of the Lamb of God. That same year, he ordered the killing of his brother in Mexico. Leadership of the Baja California church passed to the youngest LeBaron brother, Verlan, whom Ervil unsuccessfully tried to have killed over the next decade. Ervil was tried in Mexico for the murder of Joel in 1974, but the ruling was overturned on a technicality. Ervil subsequently raided Los Molinos in an attempt to kill Verlan, who was not at home, but the town was destroyed and two men were killed in the process.

Ervil LeBaron's attention was also focused on rival polygamous leaders. In April 1975, he ordered the killing of Bob Simons, a polygamous Mormon who ministered to Native Americans. LeBaron's 10th wife, Vonda White, carried out several murders on her husband's orders. She is believed to have killed Noemi Zarate, the wife of one of LeBaron's close associates who became critical of LeBaron's practices. White also killed Dean Grover Vest, one of LeBaron's henchman who attempted to leave the church that year. White was later sentenced to life in prison for the Vest murder. LeBaron has also been linked to death of his daughter Rebecca, who spoke out against the group.

In 1977, LeBaron ordered the killing of Rulon C. Allred, leader of another group of Polygamous Mormon Fundamentalists called the Apostolic United Brethren. LeBaron's 13th wife, Rena Chynoweth, and another woman, Ramona Marston, carried out the murder. Rena Chynoweth was later tried and then acquitted for Allred's murder. In 1990, Chynoweth wrote a book, The Blood Covenant, about her experiences in LeBaron's group, which she characterized as using mind control and fear to control its followers.

On June 1, 1979, LeBaron was apprehended by police in Mexico and was extradited to the United States where he was convicted of having ordered Allred's death. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1980, and died a year later.

Anonymous said...

Anon forgot to mention that Rena Chynoweth was found guilty of killing Rulon Allred after her book came out because she confessed to the murder in her book.

In answer to Atar's question - the LeBarons ran appliance repair businesses. They had outlets in Denver, Houston and somewhere in the southeast - maybe Louisanna, Alabama or Florida - I can't remember exactly.

The LeBarons were pretty much spread around a lot. They used child labor like you can't believe. Those children were slaves. Ervil's group were not nice people.

Anonymous said...

Ervil also threateed to have killed the leaders of the lds church as well as all the polygamous factions. The leaders of the cc group in the 70's were very nervous about Ervils directive, especially after Rulon Allred was killed. Rulons group had men that were armed at general meetings for a while.

Anonymous said...

Later, after Ervil died in prison, things calmed down and Rulon (Jeffs) group did not need to have "men that were armed at the general meetings" anymore.

Then along came Warren (Jeffs) and the need again arose to have "men that were armed at the general meetings."

Why did Warren need armed men (boys actually) surrounding him?

I don't think that it was to keep evil out, but to keep evil in.

ATAR_i said...

Does anyone have videos of warren before this all started, when he was just a principal of a school.

I saw one, it had no sound and I was dissappointed. They guy looked like he was gaving fun, dressing silly - I would have loved to have seen a video like that.

onthestreet said...

Warren is actually the most loving, and fun-loving, person you would ever meet, as some of those videos. He of all people knows how to have good clean fun, and in a most secure way, to keep the evil out. The FLDS don't believe in leaving security to the dogs, or having no security at all.

ALL FLDS meetings have been well-armed, from Warren Jeffs, all the way back to Joseph Smith, to protect and serve, and to guard against the very things you've been talking about.

onthestreet said...

...fun loving...as some of those videos SHOW.

ATAR_i said...

I would love to see a video like that - with sound - anyone have one they will copy for me.

truthseeker said...

Does anyone know where Merrill is

Anonymous said...

only ne mistake..rena was never convicted of murder..altho she admitted it in her book..she had already been tried and acquited..and cannot be tried for the murder again

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little over a year behind on this conversation.
I noticed someone make the comment about Rena being convicted after her book was released. Another comment was made that she couldn't have been because she already was. Thanks for clearing that up. I was going to say the same thing. It's double jeopordy. You can't convicted of the same crime twice. They found her guilty, she did her time. She got out. She wrote a book. In her book is where you find her confession. Nowhere before the book release. Now, money made from the book sales go to the family Rulon Allred family, and Rena stays low. His family wants revenge. Don't blame them. But, asaide from not getting a loved one back, they hav gotten more than they asked or hoped for.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people can get the facts wrong! It also seems a lot don't understand the cult nature of the groups that controls it's subjects.re: Rena - She was found not guilty in the murder trial. The jurors understood the brain washing of a teen! Yes, it's true you can not be tried twice for the same crime! After writing her book, she was sued by Rulon's family (an irony there)and was found responsible (59 million). There were a total of at least 29 murders ordered by Ervil.