Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bikers in Colorado City

I saw a bit on KCSG tv St George, that B.A.C.A (bikers against child abuse)had over a hundred bikers go thru Colorado City last weekend. Did anyone talk to them, or did any of the faithful think the end was there?


red rocks girl said...

my guess is that not many of the faithful saw the bikers, they were all in their houses praying that Isaac and Andrew would keel over dead

Faithful Woman said...

I was gone the day that was suposed to happen. How did it go?

Anonymous said...

B.A.C.A has been planning this for a long time and there will be another soon with a lot more bikes. This time they are going to take the grand tour of the town.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you nintendo.
Perfect people don't stoop that low do they?

Anonymous said...

I was a personal witness to the prayer of destruction for Jason Williams. All others are merely rumors as far as I am concerned, but others may have witnessed it first hand, so it isn't rumor to them. I believe Warren is still having fast days and praying for other people's death. Warren has had an irrational and personal vendetta against nintendo's husband for years.

ATAR_i said...

How is Jason Williams these days?

Anonymous said...

Why were they praying for the destruction of Isaac, Andrew, and Jason? Anything special about them?

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time BACA have been involved in a case related to a criminal polygamist. They also were involved with search for Brian David Mitchell, a polygamist who kidnapped a 14 year old girl as a "wife" in Salt Lake City, Utah. BACA is a fairly large motorcycle gang with chapters through out the USA.

Here's their website: BACA Website

BACA can bring in thousands of bikers if the choose from around the USA.

Anonymous said...

The BACA motorcycle gang may have shown up in Colorado City/Hildale, but a worse problem for the FLDS maybe happening in Texas, the TAXMAN cometh. The Eldorado Success reported that the taxable value of YFZ was 18 million dollars, and the "temple" was worth 8 million by itself. Under Texas law, taxes will become due in October with a payment deadline of 31 January. If FLDS dosen't come up with money by January 31, they could faced with the sheriff selling the YFZ property for taxes from the steps of the county courthouse. Texas Tax Rules

Anonymous said...

Nintendo was smarting off; I called her up and she admitted to being facetious. However, destruction prayers have been a reality for various "apostates."

ATAR_i said...

What would be the tax burden in Texas on something worth 18 million?

Just curious

Anonymous said...


About 450k. Front page of Eldorado Success.

Anonymous said...

That's a mighty generous contribution to the local schools, coming from an outfit that doesn't send anybody to the local schools.

Anonymous said...

Thats the law in TX, like or leave it. (preferrably the latter) I am sure Schleicher County would just love to have the temple as their new courthouse.

onthestreet said...

Now the world is beginning to get a glimpse of how PROFITABLE the Prophet really is.

ATAR_i said...

I would think that they would pay, it certainly wouldn't be worth losing an investment that valuable.

Initially when I sent my children to private schools, I was all disgruntled about paying taxes for schools.

I'm a convert, I see the value - beyond my own check register, of making sure that children (not just mine) receive a good education, have access to technology, and can pay good teachers a competitive salary.

My children attend public school now - I've been really pleased at the academic opportunities. It wasn't the den of iniquity I thought I would find, but it does have more exposure to negative effects of difficult home situations and troubled children. I don't see those as necessarily negative if I've done my job as a parent.

Thus far, crossing my fingers, my children have not been attracted to unsavory situations - in fact, the opposite has happened. My kids have been able to see behaviors and actions that have negative consequences and found social networks (thus far) that support positive behaviors.

I always say 'thus far', because I want to be ever vigilant, and live in reality. As much as I want for my children to make the best choices, they might make mistakes - and I never want to be naive enough to believe it 'would never happen to them'.

Anyhow - that was sure a schpeel (rant).

OK, back to taxes. I yield the floor.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that the prophet ever broke a sweat in his life to make a living. He is a leach that lives off the blood of his followers. Eldorado is going to turn the temple into a casino when they do not pay their taxes. There has to be an Indian somewhere in the county. Wouldn't that be the ultimate irony?

Anonymous said...

Nah. The taxes will get paid. Same way the joint got built in the first place; the hard work, sweat and tears of the innocent "faithful" of the creek. Warren has extrapolated 18 mil from these poor people already. Why would he balk at a measly 450 thou? He's got a good thing goin. Why stop now?

Anonymous said...

ummm ... extrapolated?

I think you meant "extorted."

Anonymous said...

Hope that the BACA motorcyclye gang comes back with thousands of bikers, wouldn't that be fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of YFZ & Eldorado, Texas, here's a news story from a Houston, TX TV station. Eldorado-Uneasy Peace

And here are some neat pictures with one of FLDS members photographed at Schleicher County Tax Office: Eldorado Photos

Article qoutes Eldorado Baptist Church members want to "She and the other teachers jokingly daydream of flying over the compound and dropping pamphlets for the women and children to read, coaxing them into the arms of First Baptist."

Also the pilot gave a ride to one of FLDS members to see YFZ from the air.

Anonymous said...

Taxes in Texas are due on January 31. A grace period is allowed, but a very stiff penalty, per month, is assessed and added to the total tax bill. If the taxes plus penalty are not paid within a specified time frome, the property can be sold on the courthouse steps for taxes due. The entire property, belonging to YFZ Ranch Cooperation is subject to this law. This not only includes the temple, but all dwellings, out buildings, plants, factories, barns, livestock, harvested and unharvested crops fields, the land, all vehicles and equipment.

The only way for avoidance of taxes on the "Temple" building is to declare it a place of public worship and open it as such to the public. If not open to the public, it is considered as being privately held and as such is therefore considered as taxable property.

The smart thing to do is to pay the taxes, on time.


Anonymous said...

Not only are FLDS members in Texas dealing with taxes, members in Colorado City,AZ/Hildale,UT are also having to face the taxman, eviction notices for unpaid taxes have been issued to James Zitting & William Shapley. Bruce Wisan has been busy. Taxmn Cometh!

Read more about Bruce Wisan efforts to get taxes paid: http://www.ueptrust.com/

Anonymous said...

What about those who paid taxes when Warren's men came around to collect, but the money never got to the county? I know of at least one person who paid taxes, complaining that the taxes were extremely high - back before Wisan was even heard of. I got the impression that they were being harrassed by Wisan for not paying taxes.

mugwump said...

A new burden is imposed upon YFZ for further violation of environmental protection laws, according to today's issue of "The Eldorado Success."

The "Success" reports that The Texas Commisssion on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is seeking new fines toatling $14,140.00 against YFZ for several environmental violations. Previous fines amounting to an excess of $20K was imposed from 2005 violations.

New violations include piles of contaminated surface soils and ash, composting of mixed municipal solid wastes including plastics, and disposed building materials, illegal burning of plastics, failure to manage contaminated waste from sandblasting operations, unauthorized discharge of wastewater from a holding tank, failure of proper disposal of hydraulic oil and air contamination resulting from leakage of a cement silo, and operating the same without a TCEQ permit.

In addition YFZ is pursuing a permit for a wastewater treatment plant at the ranch. The first attempt ended in failure when neighboring ranchers and the Upper Colorado River Authority opposed the application due to environmental concerns on the watershed of the South Concho River.

A new public notice of application from YFZ appears in this week's "Success."

onthestreet said...

Like I said in an earlier post, most of the former infractions are resolved. Obviously, there are "several" others, which I suppose will ALWAYS be the case when your enemy tries to pick apart every piece of cloth that you have on their backs.

You want to see an environmental mess, look at this:

America's Most Polluted Cities - Forbes.com: Pollution by any yardstick is a bad bet, and for all the progress, the US and China have a long way to go.

Environ Health Perspect 108-5, 2000: Focus: Trampling Paradise ...Environmental Nightmare?, tourism, Ecotourism., Environ Health Perspect 108-5, 2000:

WorkingForChange-9-11's environmental nightmare:
"It's a major health catastrophe. We're allowing it to happen, and it's immoral because people are going to die from this."

The Gorilla in the Closet: Dea-BDE, our next environmental nightmare?Deca-BDE eluded the state's ban on toxics, an environmental nightmare.

A Day for Thinking About Our PlanetBush is an Environmental Nightmare. by Denis Hayes. In his first three months, George W. Bush set out to do as much environmental damage as Ronald Reagan ...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you agree the environment's a mess. Let's clean it up before we increase population of the Earth 1000 fold, like you keep telling us is possible.