Monday, December 26, 2005


The issue of what is available to rent in the twin cities has come up. Here are a few ideas.


Faithful Woman said...

The Blacks have a house or two that they have been renting out, contact Lamont with inquiries. I think you can find him in the phone book.

As for UEP houses being rented out, I don't think there have been any of those yet. Of course I heard of another last days deadline and those chosen to leave were suposed to be out by the end of the year.
It is quite puzzling why if warren is abandoning this place and has cursed it, why the local warrenites fight so hard to keep any non warrenites from occupying the houses and kicking out ex-warrenites. I think they even made up a few new dirty tricks in that area.

If there comes a time when the warrenites aren't rabidly fierce about keeping "outsiders" out of the community, you could talk to the special fiduciary about renting a home.
As it is right now, the prospects aren't too high.

There may be something available in Apple Valley or Canebeds. You would just have to do some investigating.

Anonymous said...

The solution to polution is dilution.

Get outsiders in as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

Cane Beds?? NOOOO. Cane Beds is not really that good , mostly trailers. Centenial has a small number of homes for rent but are taken. You certainly would think the warrenites would move to Texas and quite causing trouble but I guess not.

Anonymous said...

As long as his tumble bugs keep rolling the goat pills he'll keep them away from the manna.

I just wonder what his excuse will be on doomsday + 1 this time?

Anonymous said...

I do know of a trailer to rent in cane beds. Not real big but would probably do for small family or one person.

Anonymous said...

Warren Jeffs continues to fleece the flock to point that Hildale, UT & Colorado City, AZ face economic ruin. In a newspaper article it is mentioned that large numbers of FLDS members still loyal to Warren Jeffs will pack up and leave. Question is where will they go? New Eldorado, Texas temple compound only has housing for a few hundred.

Read entire article:

IMO the lostboys may be the lucky ones, they got out.

There may be many homes up for rent in Colorado City/Hildale if newspaper article is correct.

Anonymous said...

If Jeffs has left Hildale- CC and also lost control of the "Fund Account", why can't people who have roots in the area choose to move back to the area, operate the businesses, start new businesses, put their children in school and become a much better educated and better informed society than they were when under the thumb of the Jeffs curse? A better informed people surely could prosper without the despotic controls of Jeffs leadership. Just an outsider's thought.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea except that we are still being held hostage by the state not letting us buy the property on which our houses are located. Yet they want us to pay taxes. I would be willing to assume tax payments on the property if they would sell it to me, but the way it is now, we'd just be throwing good money after bad.

Another issue is that the majority of residents who follow warren would not frequent an outsider's business. Sad, but true!!

Anonymous said...

Like I said, I'm just an outsider. Surely, with time, the properties will go to public auction and can be purchaced for the price back taxes owed. If you save your money you might find an ever better property at a good value at that time. Property values go down when those properties are not occupied. This is known by the state as well as anyone who buys distressed property.

Anonymous said...

You people are a bunch of retards. Why worry about the disabled. You are the most retarded there is. Why do you not make a big deal out of all your disabled. I am glad I am not you. I would rather all my children were disabled and go back into the presence of God, than to be immoral. I would rather they be disabled than be geeks like most of you. They are born pure; they die pure. John Daughtery; you are a sick pig.

Anonymous said...

If you know the truth, the shall set you free. Why subject generations of blameless children to the horrors of genetic disease because ou as parents refuse to even look to see if there IS possibly a problem. If you choose to remain in darkness, are you the one who will untimately suffer? A least learn why your children have these birth defects. Don't you owe that to them? Remember 1/2 of the genetic pool comes from the father and 1/2 from the mother. if the father and mother are from the same genetic pool the chances for genetic deformities increase. The closer the kinship the greater the probability of the deformity.

Please don't take my word. There are Universities across Americe who are totally neutral as related to polygamy. They have libraries that are accessable on the internet. You can do a Google search for Downs Syndrome, cleft palet and all the other genetic problems you see among your people. Do a search, get an answer from someone who understands medically and scientifically just what is going on and learn from them. You don't have to share any of your personal information, just ask general questions. Describe symptoms and you will be able to get answers usually. The answers will be completely private, not judgemental and hopefully helpful to you as you seek to find the cause of the probems you face daily.

May God bless your efforts.

Faithful Woman said...

I like the idea of being able to buy the property our home is on but don't want to have to re-pay for the house.

In the mean time life happens.

Anonymous said...

to 5;15 poster; if by chance you like to buy property do so. I think that if you do this will be the first thing that you and your man have bought. Just do not try to buy what you stole.

To Mark Shirtliff; You are a coward and a vagabond!
To Terry Goddard; You also are a coward and vagabond!

Have you ever heard this song; "We fired our guns but the British kept a coming. Wasn't neigh as many as they were a while ago." YOu know the song; "Don't fire your muskets until you look them in the eyes"

I say you are a bunch of cowards and vagabonds. High way robbers.

What will you do with the woman and children? YOu cowards. Shoot them like they did to the people in Waco? I say,

I would call you worse but we are on a public web page.

Anonymous said...

And to you people who insult our disabled. I know what that is all about. I have read the books. I have studied on it. I would have all my children handicap than to turn to the ways of the world. They go back into heaven pure. I think that all you judge-mentle people should spend an hour with a handicap person. They are people. I have seen far worse situations in St. Josephs than I have ever seen here. I seen a woman crying because she had her baby in page. The doctor did not give this child oxegen. That was all that was wrong with it. It was born slightly premature. All it needed was a little oxygen. This baby was brain dead when she arrived at St. Joseph's. These parents had to make a choice to turn of the life support or try to save her life. She died shortly. I have seen a baby that had open heart surgery; he lay in his crib crying for hours. Do you suppose that this baby lived. I have seen a small boy; a negro boy die from spinal mangites. And on your streets people abandon there babys. They abort them.

I say John Daughtery you are a coward and a pig. I wonder what your life would reveal if you turned your camera and pen on yourself.

It is written; "Temp not the Lord, your God."

And you are learned in the traditions of unbelief

Faithful Woman said...

Now how was that roll the eyes icon again?

Faithful Woman said...

Rumor, did you forget to check the part to allow comments on your posts?

Anonymous said...

No doubt by now I might of been noted as being in town taking pictures. Today was a day of interest and prompted my arrival Thursday to begin assessing the status of properties in the area. There was little surprise in the revelations that the school district dynamics would be changing.

I will be in Colorado City tomorrow if someone wants to discuss issues further.


mugwump said...

Re. Halliburton:

fundy is essentially correct. Halliburton is an oil service company. The key word here is 'service.'

A service company earns revenue from providing services to an oil producer. The outline below gives a brief description of the various businesses who have some kind of service in an oilfield.

Research/Drilling - find deposits and drill wells.
Drilling/completion - A Drilling company owns drilling equipment and physically drills the hole in the ground -
completion - Haliburton serves primarily in this capacity. It is but one of three such companies that I am aware of that do the special jobs described hereafter. The other two are B.J Services and Schlumberger-Dowell, a French owned Company.

Completion includes: pumping cememt behind the casing pipe, perferating (actually blasting very small holes in a pre-determined sequence in the casing downhole in the zone where oil is expected to be found, frac-treatment = pumping an emulsion of oil and frac-sand down through a string of drill pipe under extremely high pressure. The oil is then recovered, but the sand now holds the fractures open and allows oil to flow to the bore hole by reducing the pressure there, as compared to the surrounding formation. Acidizing - pumping acid down the hole to dislolve calcium and other deposits that may have reduced the flow. Acidizing is usually done in relationship to water injection wells, but may be used in other capacities. Halliburton-Wellex has trucks equipped with sonar like equipment that are designed to record echos downhole and send all information back to the surface to be recorded on paper logs for the purpose of study by petroleum engineers.

Production Operations - After a well has been completed, piping and control equipment must be installed, the well must be attached to equipment capable of measuring volume and pressure of gas, water and oil. Separation equipment must be installed to separate the various components in place them in separate storage facilities. When a well no longer is able to have enough downhole pressure to flow, a pump must be installed. A network of pipelines connect the wells with the various facilities. A diligent test and reporting system helps the operating company field managers to judge changes and determine if remedial work needs to be done to the well.
Different kinds of 'service' companies assist in the remedial work. For instance: if neglect has allowed the casing on a well to develop a leak a company, such as Haliburton will be called to isolate the hole and pump cement behind the casing in that area to seal the hole. After this is done a small drill, called a 'reverse-unit' will be called to drill any residual cement left in the casing.

Refining: Crude oil, natural gas and some natural gasoline is produced from oil and gas wells. After it is gathered at a tank battery it is pumped into a pipeline or transported by truck to a refinery. The refinery uses various processes to divide the components of the crude oil and often develops them into their finished product.

Marketing: There are many different means of marketing. Wholesale, retail, with certain privledge discounts that have been previously arranged by contract and some black market sales.

Haliburton is involved in completion and remedial repair of oil wells. They have no pipelines, no refineries, no retail outlets nothing of that sort. They are specialists at what they do. The equipment that they use to perform the work they accomplish is very expensive and the job can be very dangerous. Some of the techniques that they use to perform certain tasks were developed by their R&D and Haliburton owns exclusive right to those techniques.

Have you ever purchased a tank of gas at a Haliburton Station? No, there aren't any. Haliburton also is diversified. Haliburton owns Otis Elevator Co. and several other good investments.

Why did Haliburton go to Iraq? I don't know except that they weren't owned by the French and they probably had equipment in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. B.J. Services may have equipment over in Iraq too. Do you know if they do or don't? I strongly suspect that Halliburton became the 'whipping boy' of the democrats because Vice-President Cheney had left the Presidency of Haliburton to run for Vice-President, at a considerable loss in pay.

Anonymous said...

Halliburton is a conglomerate that owns "food services company, security company, accounting company, and the distribution company” that is in Iraq. Not just an oil company. Saying Halliburton is just an oil company is like saying General foods only sells serial.

No one cares about Halliburton. It’s a no brainer - our deficits go up from a war that was not needed, cannot be won and based on a lie. Meanwhile , Iran starts nuclear program, Syria harbors more terrorist, North Korea makes Sadam look like Snow White and HAS nuclear weapons, Africa has a little genocide of half a million people ( no oil so the US over looks these atrocities) Afghanistan has replaced South America and Asia as the largest source of Opium products in the world, and Halliburton gets "No Bid" contracts and has amassed more profit that any company in history. Make one wonder how many politicians were paid off for this little mistake. The only thing the world has learned from this mess is the US will not pick on anyone with a nuclear warhead.

Yep we are doing a great job..

mugwump said...

Well, at lest YOU admitted that Haliburton is not an oil company.

Do I wish the war was over, of course. Do I blame the war on GWB, no. Why? Osama Bin Laden and his fundamentalist jihad group have been engaged in terrorist acts for several years. Targets have varied bur most have been directly a part of American interests. The embassies, the Cole, Kobar Towers, the first attempt to destroy the WTC. All can be traced to Bin Laden. Most of those involved in the 911 incident were Saudis. I think there was one Egyptian involved and even an American. Go figure?

Saddam had used WMD against the Kurds, he had invaded and was driven out of Kuwait, most of the insurgents enter Iraq from Syria and the leader el Zwarkowi (sp.) is a Jordonian. These terrorists have been trained by bin Laden's terrorist network and money for support seems to travel both ways.

Saddam is deposed. Fifteen of the eighteen provinces are virtually free of violence. Three elections have been held and except for isolated terrorist activity, life in Iraq is beginning to develop as a democratic society. The Iraqui military is comming up to speed and as they develop technique, confidence, and skill police action is being handed over to them.

Has the end effect been worth the effort expended. Only time will tell. The history of that part of the world has been violent for as long as history has been recorded.

We have not been attacked again since 911, at least not on our own doorstep. It would be wonderful to live in a perfect world, but to accomplish that we world need to have perfect people. I haven't seen a great rush on very many peoples part to surrender to the Lord and let Him live through them. That is the only way perfection can be achieved.

Anonymous said...

Sadam was a two bit dictator who wages war on his own people like every other dictator. I can't say he did not need killing but there are many others that are more in need that Saddam. What made Iraq more dangerous than Iran, Syria, or North Korea who are known to harbor terrorist? Why are we waging a war on Iraq when the money that finances everything comes from Saudi Arabia? North Korea has much more atrocities than Iraq ever thought about. They are more dangerous, to the point they openly are supplying anything to anyone who will buy . Why was Sadam’s killing the Kurds more ruthless than the warlords in Africa killing 500,000 people with machetes and machine guns? US foreign policy is :A.) Not Consistent B.) Immoral C.) Hypocritical. I am neither Republican or Democrat but the current administration is so power hungry that its imploding. Tom Delay is the biggest pariah that ever hit Texas politics and the people of Texas and the Republican party are paying out the wazzoo for it. They lower taxes then increase fines, cut school funding and cripple health care for children. The NCLB is the biggest joke in the history of education as it the Medicare program. The country’s deficit is so high that our grandkids will not be able to pay for it.

mugwump said...

I have been hearing that same song and dance all my life. Woe is me, the deficit will ruin us all. You may be right, you may not be.

It has been the policy, with the possible exception of Viet Nam, for Americans not to go to war except that harm has come our way first. This usually happens in the last years of a Democrat president or the first years of a Republican. Why? A good probability is that Democrats don't place much emphasis on effective intelligence gathering. The last two democrats in the White House thought that they personally were so smart that they didn't need to call upon any intelligence service. Let well enough alone. Examples: Carter's flop and hostage situation in Iran. Clinton's neglect to find culprits in the Embassy bombings, the Cole incident, the Kobar Towers incident. Both immediate and accurate intelligence is a basic requirment of remaing a free country in today's world. Carter's helicoptor rescue attempt in Iran is a good example of how funds are cut from military budget and as the result equipment fails.
Clinton takes his family and friends, at the taxpayer expense all over the world, to what effect? He gave the Chinese some of our most valuable intelligence gathering electronics. Treason!!!
Then, Billy boy concludes his presidency by pardoning everyone who might be able to give evidence that they were indeed large illegal contributers to the DNC. And the democrats want to call the current administration corrupt! Get a life. You might not like Tom DeLay, but I doubt that he will be found guilty. Too many shenanigans by the Travis County D.A. If there was ever a political dirty trick, this one tops Watergate.

Anonymous said...

Who is talking about Travis County? I am talking about Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

I am not defending the Demos. They are as screwed up as the "holier than thou" Republicans that wave a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. It always amazes me that the more religious a person purports to be, the more they want to kill something because "God is on their side". What a Crock! Bush is the King Crockster! If Carl Rowe wasn’t by his side for the last 15 years Bush couldn’t run a company much less a country. Clinton lied about a blow job but Bush lied and got us into a war we don't need killing hundreds on both sides. I can’t see one thing better about this country than it was 10 years ago. No real changes other than the world thinks we are “Asses”.

mugwump said...

Oh I think I agree with your assessment of "what the world thinks we are." Why do you suppose they have developed that attitude toward the USA? Who paid a lion's share of re-building Europe following WWI, we did. Who came to the rescue and pulled France's fat out of the fire twice in the 20th century? We did. Who overthrew a militaristic dictatorship in Japan then following the WWII helped them rebuild their country, economy and establish a democratic form of government? We did. Who has answered the call for aid in times of famine, flood, earthquake, tdial wave, avalanche and given of our wealth and time to assist those countries who now thumb their nose at us? We did. What do we ask for in return?

1. Open your markets to free trade.

2. Stop fighting wars that don't acomplish anything.

3. At least listen to our neighbors' complaint and suggestions, he might have a good idea that would benefit all parties concerned.

4. At least 'try' to elect honest people into public office. Closely monitor what is going on at every level of government.

5. Open your pockets and assist those of your own people who are in need.

Jealousy of our success and ability to overcome adversity against the odds is the main thing the world can't stand about America. They hate our success, it makes them look so incapable.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

If Jack Abramoff is tried and found guilty he and all those who knowingly were a part of his network should pay the penalty, regardless of party affilliation. The problem is with the dishonesty, not the political party.

Mr. Bush has availed himself of some very competent advisers and cabinet. A good executive does not micromanage. If did, why would he need a staff?

Ted Kennedy hasn't contributed a thing to the American public and yet he has had the largest staff of anyone in the Senate for YEARS.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Ted Kennedy has no co hones and has given a black eye to the Demos. But I wish the Republicans could stay away from Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Those people are my barometer; if they are for it;I am usually against it. The far right wing also includes the KKK too; not a good thing either. I wish there was an independent party that was viable but until then, I will vote for gay rights and the death penalty and the right to bear arms and a woman’s right to an abortion..

mugwump said...

I posted an article related to the ultra left wing attack on FLDS as equating bigotry as demonstrated prior to civil rights legislation. In that booklet, which I have somehow misplaced, this group linked FLDS with KKK. I found that assumption to be utterly repulsive. I do maintain that those women and children under FLDS rule are treated as chattel and the priesthood makes rules and then changes them at will to cover it's own perfidy.

Like you I support the death penalty and the right to bear arms, but believe that abortion wouldn't be an option if men and women practiced effective birth control. So lets put the blame where it belongs, on those so careless that they concieve children that have so little value that they are considered disposable.

There is nothing gay about homosexuality. As far am I can see the practice hasn't done anyone any good and a lot of experimenting kids get caught up in the practice without ever knowing what natural love can be. Another little item that so often gets swept under the rug by the G&L society is that the spread of AIDS became established in the homosexual community long before it became something that hetrosexuals needed to fear.
If an act of sodomy or oral sex is forced upon a child, that child will carry a sense of guilt the rest of their life, even if the act was forced upon them. They feel unclean and dirty. Is not their self-worth valuable? You say you believe in the death penalty? I'll go one step farther. Rape or sodomy of a child should be considered worthy of death.

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Anonymous said...

Rape and sodomy of child has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality. But I do believe in the death penalty for this crime. But on a lighter note, statistically child rapist and abusers do not live long in prison. The general prison population does not play that game either. Many are raped and tortured to death in prison, which is a fitting end.

Heterosexuals are opportunist that rape and sodomize a child more frequently than homosexuals; the Asian sex trade is proof of that. Homosexuality is not an experiment. You are born homosexual like a person is born with bad eyesight or green eyes.

I agree with you completely about birth control. But I see no since in opposing abortion like the current administration does and cutting funds for family planning centers. I cannot see why people who want to teach abstinence also have a plan B for the majority of kids who have sex before they get out of HS.

Making children feel so guilty that they will not even confide in their own parents is what causes much of the problem. That and the fact the many, many children do not have parent that care anyway. Not supplying birth control only perpetuates an ever ending problem. The Catholic view on conception and contraception damn sure does not help either.

mugwump said...

I have seen no conclusive evidence that homosexuality is an inherited trait. I do know that a study of the histories of great civilizations that failed (Greece -Rome) generally fell because one of the chief failures being obsession with sexual perversion and general corruption from within and not from outside forces.

You hit a home run with your statement that many children do not have parent(s) that care. This is in all probability the single most devastating event in the life of a child. Couples not making preparation for or having a basic understanding of the committment required by both parties in a marriage are often doomed to failure. Second marriages often have an even higher rate of failure. Too often the mother is left with children and receives no support financially from the children's father. She may have born a child out of wedlock and was rejected by her parents. It all comes down to learning and demonstrating responsibility. The child becomes the victim of the disfunction. Children in the last century were kept from learning the basic function of sexual union. Children who grew up in rural circumstances usually did not have as much of a problem as did those who grew up in an urban environment. By observing farm animals in their natural cycle of life asked questions and had those questions answered. Many learned where babies come from by observing the birth of domestic animals. Frank, open discussion of sex can be presented to children in a natural way that will help them to know that their parent wil answer their question regarding the subject. The child doesn't need to know everything at once. Learning can be a progressive event. Control of T.V. and training in basic modesty is a method of assisting the child in understanding boundries and just where the boundries are set in place. Teaching the meaning of love and helping them develop a system of truly caring for both themselves an others will enable the child to weigh the options and more often than not make sound decisions. Expecting perfection on the part of the child is a foolish hope. Being children they will make mistakes. The parent, learning of the mistake should not make a snap judgement regarding punishment. If the cildren are caught in the act of 'playing doctor' separation and council in a non-condemnatory way will assist the child in learning just what is acceptable behavior, why, and the possible outcome if the undesirable action is continued.
Understanding their own basic sexuality and the differences between themselves and those of the other sex and the why and then assisting them in satisfing natural curiousity can stop the effect of the false information generally shared among children and youth. Knowing the truth and being able to correct misconceptions give the child a sense of self worth and value. The knowing child can become of fountain of good information among otherwise ill informed friends. Cause and effect are better teachers than self-righteous condemnation and rigorous punishment. The more that the child knows as he/she grow toward maturity the better they can understand the hormonial battle that is constant within their adolescent body.

Anonymous said...

We need to get on a different topic. I am agreeing with you too much on this one.

mugwump said...

Would you believe that I am a born-again Christian? Without attempting to sound like I am setting myself up as some kind of saint, (I ain't) the principles that I have suggested, were taught to me by my parents and I have passed them on to my children, as the truths of the teachings of Jesus, just expressed in common language.

A few headline grabbing individuals have been mistakenly thought of as the sole voice of conservative Christianity. This is not necessarily so. Most of my associates would agree that powerful evangelism has its place. Jesus taught the basic lessons of life seated, as friends tend to communicate. Moral values can be taught to children beginning at an early age. The difference is that the lessons are taught in love and not as a proclamation of guilt. All of us have made serious mistakes as we have developed. Only fools fail to learn from their mistakes. Just exactly 'how' justice was meaded out during our childhood is a determining factor in our ability to deal fairly and justly with one another.

I look forward to continuing our discussion, or a change of topic.

Anonymous said...

Kinky for Governor; can't be any worse than that weenie Rick Perry.

mugwump said...

I guess I must have missed something. Is Kinky a candidate for the Governor of Texas' office?

If so, which party, qualifications, experience, endorsements, considered ultra-liberal, moderate, conservative, ultra-conservative, libertine or supporter of Lyndon LaRouche?

Anonymous said...

Hey check this out --

mugwump said...

Attempted w/address in above post. Page not currently available.