Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fawn Holm

She seems to be getting herself in the news. She left SLC and is now in Hurricane.


rumor-has-it said...

And the Rumors fly.

Last I heard she was eighteen and could do what she wants.
She has a boyfriend and has a job.

I just wish that somehow we could help them see what education can do for their lives. Even if she just becomes a mom, the difference between a educated mom and a uneducated mom makes all the difference in the world.

Faithful Woman said...

I would love to see the kids who get tired of the lies they have been fed and leave, to have a dream goal and follow it. Make something of your life! Even if it is to ge a great Mom, be the greatest one ever. What kid is proud to say that their Mom just stays home all the time and never does anything? Of course, all things in moderation. Too far one way or the other is neither one an ideal situation.

Those who say that the quest for money is idolitry, don't have any, or they want you to give them yours and say that so you won't feel so bad about waving good-by to what you just worked so hard to achieve.

You can say that you don't get hung up over money but if you go to the store to get groceries and don't have any money, there is a hang up.
The Lord said to grow and improve upon the talents He has given you. And contrary to what Street would have us believe, your talents are what you are good at. Whatever your talent is, improve it and use it to the betterment of your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The kids who are out now could consider themselves like Joseph sold into Egypt. If you make the best of a nasty situation now, you will have the potentual of being the saver of your family in their time of famine, or deep need. And if the miracle of being lifted up doesn't happen, they will need. warren hasn't saved up money to take care of the people, he is squandering it.

Anonymous said...

I heard a story about a young man now a "lost boy" (Lost in the sense of no parents) His mother was married to his father for many years and then one day his fathers best friend came and said "Dear Brother so and so, I have married your wife and want you to know" and in reply his father said "Do I make the decisions for her? She makes her own decisions."

This young man turned 18 and his new father helped him get some big credit cards and told him to give them to his mother, so that they could have food. After the first month the cards were up to 25K and the young man couldn't make the minimum payment, so the "new" father did and the second month they were maxed out at 50K. And the father told the young man "I'm sure glad the end is near, so we won't have to pay that back.

Then the young man was caught watching TV and his mom told him, You know the rules and you broke them. She took him to downtown Las Vegas and dropped him off and told him "This is where you belong."
And now he is on his own, his credit is toast, he has bill collectors hounding him, his credit cards are growing by 28% and he does not have the life skills he needs.

This is one of many young men that got "lost".

How convenient!

Anonymous said...

There is a thing called bankruptcy. If that fails, there are fraud charges.

fttc said...

No one is so "lost" or gone so far there is not a way to better their life. The blessings that we have as Americans in opportunity and resources are almost limitless. but this is not the point.

This is one of many cases where warren's program has taken advantage of people's credit then thrown them out to pay the debt however they can. The point is this is still happening. As Anon 11:17 said "How convenient!" As far as the creditors are concerned you can see who is responsible for the debt. Yes, the boy could possibly press charges against his parents. Problem is most of these boys still love their family and this would only make matters worse for them. They know in most cases the parents are just following warren's mandate to maintain intact the rest of the family. To the STGs this perhaps makes no sense, but if you really want to understand the situation you have to dig into and understand the culture, and upbringing of these boys. And girls.

Anonymous said...

And now for a success story:

One of the young men that left CC before he was eighteen, started his own business and has a crew of five working for him. He is well on his way with a successful business and the best news is that he is getting married this weekend.

fttc said...

Congrats and best wishes! Hope others will follow his lead. Success only comes to those who work for it. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...


I have been having problems with my boyfriend of 3 years about jealousy and I have given up on ideas. He is extremely jealous and I have lost every friend I ever had because of this. I also can't wear what I want or go where I want without him because he won't allow me to. My family is no good to him and it's a big problem when I want to see them. I have tried many things but I'm ready to give up please help in giving me some ideas as to what I can do to stop this. I have threatened to leave and it stops for about a week and then he goes back to being his jealous self.


Even if a jigsaw puzzle is missing a piece, you still know what the piece looks like, by the pieces around the hole. The other pieces of your puzzle are all in place: jealousy, control of your appearance and movements, isolation from friends and family, and temporary contrition, with promises to do better. The only missing piece is this: Has he hit you yet?

The relationship you describe is the classic abuse pattern. You may think you are alone in having these issues, but any womens' shelter can tell you that they are as predictable as the sunrise, and that if he has not hurt you already, he will. Then he will be really, heart-wrenchingly sorry. Then he will do it again, only worse. There are no safe strategies I can suggest to you except this single one: get yourself away from this person, and do it now!

I found this and thought it might help those in the creek.

Anonymous said...

And abuse is the same out of the creek as in the creek. SEe how predjudice hurts. One boy is blaming his parents. One is working. Flora is the one who put out the Idea that people are lost. The media picked it up for sensationalism. You and other's keep the stigma alive. From the creek or hurricane, abuse is the same. From Kanab to mexico, abuse is the same. From Pheonix to the streets of California, abuse is the same. And the shelters are like prison's. The courts are like persicution's. And gossip is the most terrible thing upon the earth. And Liar's are always liars. And Truth stands forever. Jesus said, "Rejoice, as they do to you, they did to me. And In me is your Glory." And he said that he had a place prepared for liars as well as the faithful. Build bridges. Forgive. Can you turn back the clock? Can you undo what is done? All men die. All men go and make an account. Walk on with Christ. Walk on with Christ. No matter what has already happened, Walk on with Christ.

Faithful Woman said...

Friend, maybe you just don't understand how the courts work. Most people don't, after all the ones who do make a lifetime study of it.

It is not unusual for closed minded people to hate something they don't understand.

Anonymous said...

I would not consider you my freind, faithful. I have no freinds. I know how courts work more than you think. I also do not like your insinuations and insults. Lawer's do not know law, for the most part. And You are the most closed minded person I know. I would not consider you my friend. Never, no never. I have no friends and I want none. Freinds use people.

fttc said...


You can't win can you! State Anon's name, after Anon gives it to us, Anon complains but won't give us a handle for Anon. So you come up with one that I thought was a compliment to Anon and Anon still isn't happy. Oh well, some people just want to have something to complain about. I know you understand given who Anon happens to be.

I have tried here to please Anon but I'm sure Anon won't be happy with Anon for a handle either.

Anonymous said...

And to insinuate that a person does not know how the court's work and say they are closed minded; and to insult with saying they are freind. ??????????

Meme said...

Can't you tell when Ruth Cooke is talking? She doesn't want to sign her name. So we just call her "friend" after all that is what Ruth means in Hebrew. And as you can tell from her posts, she doesn't necessarily make sense. But she does add a demention of Warrenism, she doesn't logic. Everyone is out to get her and doesn't like lawyers, the state or anyone else that offers their hand.

I do not want everyone reading the blog to think that all people from CC are like On-the-street and Friend. As you can tell there are only about 5 or ten people that contribute to this blog. Everyone one else just reads or insults.

we're all lost said...

I agree with the Lost Boys Syndrome. It is not just a news thing. It is REAL. How long has it been since you talked to your mother, your father, your sister or brother? There are many children who have LOST their mother and father and their community. (through no fault of their own) Many adults that have lost their wives, and children and friends.

Faithful Woman said...

Friend is for sure not the norm of the CC people. But I'm not sure it that is good or not. I think I am more embarassed by the ones who do have the capacity to reason and rationalize and refuse to do so.

fttc said...


Amen to that.

Richard said...

Is anyone close to what is going on with Warren's followers still on this blog?

Gail and Brandon Blackmore live in Canada, and are supporters of
Warren. I am a friend of Gail's Father. My friend heard that two of Gail's daughters were married to Warren. I would like to confirm this, and learn their first names. Gail has long refused to communicate with her father-- on FLDS orders I am sure.

My friend would also like to know the whereabouts of these two
daughters (his granddaughers) if in fact they are married to Jeffs.

I realize such information is hard to come by. Anyone is also
welcome to email me directly if they have any information about this: erichard@direcway.com


onthestreet said...

we're all lost said...
I agree with the Lost Boys Syndrome. It is not just a news thing. It is REAL. How long has it been since you talked to your mother, your father, your sister or brother? There are many children who have LOST their mother and father and their community. (through no fault of their own) Many adults that have lost their wives, and children and friends. 12/07/2005 11:18 PM

STREET'S Reply: Those who will, are repenting from afar. The Greek is Aphar, or Apat: A setting apart, or coming to a personal APAPH-raca. The beloved disciple was afar and apart on the Isel of APAT-mos, where revelation comes.

Yes, for those who will, it is the finishing of your faith.

onthestreet said...

Correct the 11th line...personal Apo-crypha...and on the Isle of Apat-mos. See, I'm a bit human, and acknowledge my humane error.

Anonymous said...

Richard what are the granddaughters names?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Richard, should of read your post more closely. You do not know their first names.

Anonymous said...

Richard you might inquire on sharethelight.ca.

There is a blog on this website you might ask this question and get an answer from Brandon's relatives.