Friday, September 23, 2005

Canada Properties In Default?

According to in Canada, there are serious financial problems
occuring in Canada since the split. A 1.22 million dollar parcel in Crambrook
forfeited to the B.C. Government on 12-30-04, followed by a whole series of
financial set backs through 2005.

The report is interesting reading and unnerving in light of interest from those
in financial hardship seeking position and status as new UEP trustee's. The
personal financial dealings that include non payment of taxes, to a point of
forfeit, to over seeing a trust already shakey might just concern the judge,
courts and appointed fiduciary.

So in light of a report in hand, those in Canada, might wish to explain! I suspect
the media will get their hands on this in days, if not already. 1.03 million dollars
are due on October 25th, the very same day Judge Lindberg is supposed to
decide on new trustees.

Seems like these financial set backs were a known factor, prior to and durring the
nominee process. While there is no doubt a genuine interest in the welfare of
many, personal financial troubles could create a conflict of interest, in the sale
and developement of UEP assets. A broader question of temptation at a time
when assets are being taken at a personal level, would fall under far to much

Why is this just coming to light now and was there an advance public disclosure?


fttc said...

Can you post your report and give a source? Can it be found online?

Men In Black said...

Tell me how to lift it off of Adobe Reader and then I might be able to cut and paste it. Mine is an old computer with few added software programs.

If you wish to pay as a subscriber, that is an option, its at;


Maybe you can use the webmaster to relay your email or me mine. I certainly can email it, but then you have to give up a piece of your anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Does Winston have any property in South America?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it MIB. I followed the affidavits and your missy Flora says under oath that this Blackmore guy is worth all these millions and now you tell us that he can't pay his land taxes? Did your missy lie under oath? I think you two should come clean.

fttc said...


Email at


Faithful Woman said...

These financial problems of Winston't were not of his doing nor due to mismanagement on his part.
Shit happens
My vote is still to have Winston on the board of trustees. He would be a very valuable asset in untangling the scrambled egg mess warren and his cronies have made of it. It is going to be a long hard job and I don't envy any of them the job.

And my vote is NOT with Wisan. He is so ...... uuurrrrrgh, words can't even describe my frustration with him.
he is so worried about getting himself paid for doing nothing that nothing good gets done.

He just had a larg tract of uep land sold for a ridiculously low price. Even the local realtors (st george) were mad cause they didn't get a chance to make a bid on the land.

fttc said...


Can you give more details on the land sale? Which tract? How much did it sell for? Who was the buyer?

Anonymous said...


Faithful Woman said...

Apple valley piece. the one that has a sign up on the highway for it but they don't answer phone calles for it.

Willy Jessop, Big Willy, got up some company out of Salt Lake as buyers and said he wouldn't clear title for any one but his buyers, they had at least two more offers for considerably more. Seems he had some small hold on the property still.

I guess Wisan just wanted the money fast and didn't want to bother with court litigation to clear the title. though some thought that it wouldn't have been too hard or take too long.
The whole deal is just suspicious, mostly because Willy is involved.

Men In Black said...

fttc can relay the contents of the document sent. I don't think the BC & Alberta courts would lie about it. Whether Flora knew Winston's thoughts or actions in private would be the makings of a TV documentary. She would need telepathy and be a mind reader. The document actually explains the former assets and their decline.

As for the property that Wisan may of sold, I believe the Spectrum Newspaper covered this around August 27th and I also thought it was the $425,000. in purchase that was to be paid to both Rod Parker and Scott Berry for an outstanding bill. I think Wisan allowed or suggested that the transaction be completed, but it was began before the courts had frozen the UEP assets.

I can cut and paste the article or go to Wisan directly to clarify the sale. Speculation or my memory should not be evidence to convict Wisan, should either turn out to be a poor memory or inacurate data.

Whether it be Winston, Warren or Wisan, adding more time to clear up the rumors will best benefit every one involved.

Anonymous said...

ya, ask Flora. She can tell you what every one was doing and what they were thinking and why they did it and when they were going to do it. Only do not ask her if you want any truth. you could spice it up and say there is not any schools and then have the government raid them again, so it would look like she was a tinsy bit, ,tr----tr----tr---. Well, can't say it.
She lies.

Anonymous said...

Could Winston be trying to settle a divorce settlement and need cash to settle it and got in this mess. Or he is trying to keep from paying a divorce settlement.

Wasn't Jane his legal spouse.

You can be worth millions and be cash poor.

Anonymous said...


A year ago, Winston Blackmore's net assets -- personal and corporate -- were $6 million. Today, he's struggling to pay off his debts and his financial problems may mean that his aspirations to play an influential leader in the 10,000-strong Fundamentalist Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints may come to an end.

Forfeited to the B.C. government for unpaid taxes $1.22 million worth of land and property in Creston where he was operating Kootenay Wood Preservers.

Foreclosed: The B.C. Supreme Court has given Blackmore, his brother and two of his half-brothers until Oct. 25 to repay the $1.03 million they owed HSBC in July. But that amount keeps on growing with interest calculated at $202.75 per day.

Foreclosed: The Alberta Community Credit Union went to court in March in Medicine Hat to gain title to a piece of property for which Blackmore had failed to pay $5,153 owing on the mortgage.

Money owing: Blackmore owes the B.C. government $4,583 in 2005 taxes and penalties on six rural properties assessed at $837,900.

Transferred: Blackmore's J.R. Blackmore & Sons Ltd. transferred lucrative logging contracts with Tembec Industries after Petro-Canada won a court order in 2004 against Blackmore for failing to pay the bills to Prairie Holdings Ltd. Blackmore had been president of that company until he transferred control to his sons Jake Blackmore, Hyrum Blackmore and Brigham Shane Palmer along with Prairie Holdings debt.

Sold or transferred: $1.97-million worth of property including 664 acres of farmland, a grain elevator in Creston, grain storage bins, two duplexes, two mobile homes in and near Bountiful and a single-family home.

Sources: B.C. Supreme Court documents, Alberta Court of Queen's Bench documents, B.C. Rural Taxation Office, B.C. Assessment, B.C. Land Titles., Vancouver Sun


Anonymous said...

I think that question of divorce would be best asked of Janes attorney, who was Vaughn Marshall at;

According to court records, his first and only legal wife nearly walked away, to avoid the potential for a nasty custody battle over the youngest child.

You need not look beyond the court records. His financial problems stem from the split caused by Warren's edict and because life is costly and complex when you have more than 20 wives and 100 children.

The RCMP embarrassed by this episode in Ottawa, is under pressure to further investigate claims of abuse. Speculation has it that Winston's financial woes could effect his legal challenge under the religious charter, should Canadian authorities press him on his lifestyle.

The continued impact of Warren Jeffs in the press, Kingstons, AUB and Harmston's TLC, has given athorities in both Canada and the US heartburn. Its creating more exposure and scrutny, not less.

The court fudiciary in Mr. Wisan has suggested delaying the appointment of trustee's with good reason. Allowing time to present more factual evidence, per the personal interest of potential trustee's who have nominated themselves. Those with financial losses, losses blamed on the trust, pose that potential of exploiting the trust to off set there losses.

Is time really the enemy?


Anonymous said...

Check sharethelight blog. Winston has posted a brief explanation of the taxes and property.

fttc said...

Here is a shortened version of the article MIB originated this thread on. Because it was three pages long I have taken out some of the editors comments that do not directly relate to the financial aspects of the issue. *** denotes where I have removed content. Anyone wanting a copy I will pass on the entire article. I was able to take it out of .pdf for those desiring it that way.

Although Blackmore has been excommunicated by the FLDS, he continues to minister to close to 500 former FLDS followers in Bountiful, B.C., and hundreds more in the United States. He also controls Mormon Hills School, an independent school that is eligible for $342,140 in provincial government grants this year.
Mounting debts have already forced the former bishop of Bountiful to sell, transfer and even forfeit more than $3 million worth of property -- nearly half of all the property he owned personally or through companies just a year ago.
And there's another deadline looming. A B.C. Supreme Court justice has given Blackmore, J.R.
Blackmore & Sons Ltd., his brother, Richard Guy Blackmore, and two half-brothers, Richard William Blackmore and David Kevin Blackmore, until Oct. 25 to repay the $1.03 million owed HSBC on July 25, 2005.
Blackmore is president of the company. His brothers are directors. But they don't just owe HSBC $1.03 million, the interest is mounting at $202.75 a day. If they can't repay the money, the court's order will allow HSBC to seize and sell two pieces of property in Lumberton, just outside Cranbrook that have an assessed value of $1.45 million.
Blackmore was forced on Dec. 30, 2004 to forfeit to the B.C. government a $1.22-million property in Cranbrook owned by Kootenay Wood Preservers. Winston Blackmore is president of Kootenay Wood Preservers and his brothers are all directors.
In January, the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench in Medicine Hat issued a default judgment against Winston Blackmore after the Community Credit Union filed a foreclosure motion against him for failing to pay the $5,153 he owed.
And in addition to all these problems, Blackmore owes $4,538 in 2005 taxes for five pieces of property in the Creston area, which have a total assessed value of $837,900.
The debts are piling up even though Blackmore has sold $1.97-million worth of property since December 2004 including 664 acres of farmland in the Creston Valley.
The largest single sale of $850,000-worth of farmland was more than the $710,000 that Blackmore Farms Ltd. had paid for the property in 1999, but the interest rate on that property's mortgage was 18 per cent.
In April he sold his sisters Miriam and Nesta Marlene Palmer a duplex in Bountiful at the assessed price of $286,700.
In May, Blackmore Farms Ltd. (of which Blackmore is president with his brothers as directors) sold farmland to Winston's sons Jake and Hyrum Blackmore for $160,000 -- $107,000 less than the assessed value. Blackmore has also transferred Prairie Holdings Ltd. to Jake and Hyrum along with that company's debts and J.R. Blackmore and Sons' contracts to cut wood for Tembec Industries.
It seems that not paying property taxes runs in the family. Miriam and Nesta Marlene Palmer didn't pay their 2005 taxes and owe as much as $2,750 if they aren't eligible for the home owner grant.
Canada's source for research, media monitoring and company information. Don Blackmore also hasn't paid the 2005 taxes for the mobile home in Bountiful that he bought from Winston for $400 less than the assessed value of $36,000.
Blackmore's financial problems were brought on by a split in the Bountiful community over the leadership of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
***As a result of Blackmore's ex-communication he lost about half his workforce both at the farm and in the logging operations because Jeffs told his followers to have nothing to do with Blackmore and other apostates.

fttc said...

In addition to Winston's explanation about the defaulted property I have been informed there have been setbacks completely beyond his control. The mad cow ordeal Canada has had to deal with has hurt post sales dramatically; Decline of US $ against CA $ has hurt exports; the loss of the post mill to fire, thought to be, and being investigated as, arson.

These together with the tremendous cost of the religious split have taken a huge toll. Street can lead a victory dance now with all of warren's followers shouting and making the music. This because they are so holy.

Faithful Woman said...

Wisan agreed to the sale on the theory that the money was to pay off Parker and Berry. No bill was produced from them, and the money doesn't go directly to them. The money goes to Willy Jessop's shadow company and suposedly he is going to pay Parker with it...for services already rendered. What were those services? Not for the UEP, but for the FLDS. To fight a divorce? Or is this money really a retainer for services to be rendered in the future? Why doesn't Parker come up with a bill?
Did he represent the UEP or the FLDS? Shouldn't Parker be paying back to the UEP for damages he did to it in defence of warren and the FLDS?

Faithful Woman said...

What Wisan doesn't understand is that the vacant UEP properties isn't just free money. It was paid for by the donations of the FLDS people, active and kicked out. Those people are now living in abject poverty and dependant on government subsidies for their means of support.
I understand that this condition is one of the worst offences in the minds of the American people.
What should be done is this money should be returned to the people and their businesses so that they can rebuild their financial worlds and be able to support their own families.

If we wanted the UEP to be drained we could just let warren continue to do it, he has proved quite adept at it.

onthestreet said...

FTTC SAID (9/24/2005 12:31 PM): These together with the tremendous cost of the religious split have taken a huge toll. Street can lead a victory dance now with all of warren's followers shouting and making the music. This because they are so holy.

STREET'S Reply: We don't glory in the trials and tribulations of others. There is no holiness in roudiness and rejoicing in peoples' losses. God bless you, Winston, however the Lord can bless you.

Merycia said...

I would be interested in a copy of the article about the Canadian tax troubles. I can handle pdf. My email is Thanks

Anonymous said...

merycia: Go to the childbrides site and look under Current Events. The latest articles are at the bottom.

They post news items from radio, TV, and print on a daily basis. They always have the latest pertinent info from the news outlets in Canada, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, and sometimes Texas.

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know where Esther Shapley is?

onthestreet said...


Anonymous said...

Street, I have no interest in hearing from you. I want someone who knows what they are talking about. So, again, this question is directed to everyone but Street.
Can anyone tell me where or how to reach Esther Shapley? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ok, Street, I'm sorry for being so short with you. I have not walked in your shoes and can't possibly have your perspective "thank goodness". However, I was quite rude in my response. It just seems in reading the blog, which is quite entertaining at times and annoying at others that you feel compelled to respond to almost everyone's comments wheather you are in the know or not.
I gather you are a lonely soul who has a need to communicate or be close to. I hope you find what you need in your journey.
Here's wishing you all the best along with God's blessings in your life. I hope you find peace, love and success in your endevors.

onthestreet said...

9/29/2005 9:43 AM:


onthestreet said...



Anonymous said...

Oh, our hero, MIB!! Please post some of your finacial fiascos on the web for us to enjoy! After all we have the right to know! We need to know the whole stinking background of ALL of our champions, leaders, and front men! I double dare you!!!

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