Friday, June 03, 2005

Condoleeza Rice "Human Trafficking Report"

Condoleeza Rice just finished speaking on human trafficking issues today and was quoted at 14,000 to 17,000 cases here in the US. Reports addressing the relationship of several children married under age were directed to her, with supporting documentation from University of Alberta Professor Steven Kent. The further association of HR3244 below led to todays Press Conference.

Contact: Erik Hotmire Friday, October 6, 2000
WASHINGTON – As original sponsor of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 (H.R. 3244), U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback today praised House final passage of this historic human rights legislation, 371-1.
“This is the most significant human rights legislation this Congress,” Brownback said. “This bill challenges the largest manifestation of modern-day slavery worldwide. Over 700,000 women and children annually, are transported across international borders and forced into prostitution. The State Department estimates that about 50,000 women and children are trafficked into America each year for this purpose.
“Trafficking is the new slavery of the world. These victims are routinely forced against their will into the sex trade, transported across international borders, and left defenseless in a foreign country.

In addition to several other provisions, H.R. 3244: 1) Provides new criminal punishment with enhanced sentences for persons convicted of operating such slavery enterprises in the U.S. 2) Establishes a reporting and advocacy mechanism at the State Department, which would report on efforts taken by foreign countries to criminalize, punish and combat international sex trafficking within their borders. 3) Provides assistance for victims in the U.S., including authorization of grants to shelters and rehabilitation programs. 4) Creates a new form of visa for trafficking victims. This will allow for more aggressive prosecution, as well as the protection of these victims. 5) Enhances cooperation and assistance with law enforcement agencies in foreign countries for the investigation and prosecution of international sexual trafficking, and for drafting and implementing legislation. 6) Promotes the creation of worldwide awareness programs to alert unsuspecting potential victims.

Under US Code Title 18, section 1512 those who have stood up to Warren and have gone to authorities are protected under the law.

§ 1512. Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant

When Lenore holm went to authorities in 2000 and was later pushed into court with a forceable detainer to evict, that was intimidation of a witness, victim and informant. When Rodney Parker threatened me in writing and on letterhead in March of 2001, that was after I had already opened up written dialog with both the FBI and two state attorney generals. It was intimidation of a witness and informant. The wheels of justice move slowly, but they do move.

For those willing to come forward now, you can generate a paper trail of your testimony which can be private with law enforcement, then have more protection under the law and if unenforced can sue the government later under the "Whistle Blowers" Act.

Its time some here sit down with investigators, before getting lumped in with Warren and the Warrenites. From NPR, to A Current Affair and on to Dr. Phil and Larry King Live, you have to know that Condoleeza Rice watches TV. While the issues began as seperate, some where along the way, information got passed. Who's ready to step forward and put it on the record?



Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding: and jepordise our lifes further. It took all I had to come home. Take your war else-where. Flora is the biggest traffiker around. Lanore Timpson is a lier. Her family is scattered. No-body cares about the people in our city. Every one has an ajenda. The film people want a story. The anti-polyg's want blood. The rest only cared about themselfs. The law wants to divide and destroy. The main stream mormans preach the fallacy of Joeseph. The only restriction of getting into their church, is that you do not suport polygamy. The squaters here want every one else blamed for every thing. Lanore's own children were scared to death of her. she put them in a car and tried to kill them. They are in Idaho. She lives alone. She had her wish. she was able to keep her house. Her daughter is else-where. Take your war else-where. Martial law has already been declared. Who in there right mind would stick there neck out now. You are a day late and a dollar short.

Anonymous said...

You're dead wrong! In yesterdays paper I quote;

"Government will never report on itself and elected leaders will never report on themselves," says another ex-government official and political party insider. "Somebody has to and often times the only way you can do it is to do it anonymously."
Another Utahn, tapped for background information in 2004 stories on polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, wanted his identity shielded to prevent destroying close relationships. But he still wanted to talk, to help shed light on what he saw as a dark situation.
"I felt like what I could offer would help put down an evildoer," the source said. And afterward? "I felt relieved and that I did the right thing for helping victims. I felt like I was among a band of good people who dared stand up and reveal information, doing the right thing for the right reasons."

I know of a dozen such people with bravery and guts, who had the insight, some prior to January of 2004, to know and see the leadership was under a tyrant out of control. These brave people were willing to risk all to improve even your life! This has been a huge puzzle and like it or not, good or bad, Flora, Lenore and a hundred others have shaped the outcome.

As a child I was taught right and wrong and whether under or from any religious sect, when the ethics fail, good people need the free agency to stand up to that leadership gone a stray. Hitler began with a vision in a country badly depleted of funds and resources post World War I. Slowly he changed and like that frog that was to comfortable to jump out of the pot, the tempeture slowly rised. To the extremes the process took time, the changes were minor and many. Hitler or Warren few would have joined had the outcome been known, both followers would have denied predictions years ago that have led to now.

There were others with the guts to read the writing on the wall and take a stand, willing to sacrafice what they held dear and discounting any of these, limits the measure of the one putting them down. In the posting; "More Families Kicked Out" the author recognized; Many thanks to men who have taken a stand, men like Arthur Blackmore, Marvin Wyler, Ross Chatwin, Isaac Wyler, Spencer Johnson, Lester Johnson, Evan Johnson (there may be others) and the women that stand with them.

They are right there were others! Whining and doing nothing causes more to suffer, my advise was for those who can post here, have already defied Warren and secured a place in a hell of his creation. Why not have the guts to take one more step to end this madness, it will end with out those unwillling to help, but history will remember both.

Curse Flora, Debbie, Lenore or the dozens you are yet to learn of, but each in their own way contributed to the changes coming. Even Ruth in doing a "Current Affair" contributed to the pressure now on Warren. Was she the best spokesman to represent the FLDS? In exercizing her free agency she thought so, but feedback from the news agencies that followed suggest otherwise. Its not activist bringing Warren down now, but an implosion of he and his former faithful.

And, you are wrong about me! I want to see Colorado City and the Hildale economy rebuilt, but maybe different than you I don't want Warren to be a part of that new picture. Most her keep harping about this being a religious war and for me "church and state" vs "religious rights and human rights" are seperate issues. Religion does not have a right to abuse people, nor does church have a right to dictate state jurisdiction. Vice-versa as long as religion does not violate the law, the state should not interfere! Depending on what you know, determines your belief that the state has interefered. Based on what I know, the state waited to long.

Have some guts and simply, match the efforts of some of the FLDS names you respect, unless of course you hate them all!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a nightmare that somehow we think God is going to come down and fix, and each day I realize that it is worse than I ever expected...and yet God still doesn't come. Then I takes people to do God's will. You can't go and undo the underage marriages, or the men who have had their families taken away. The feelings/harm is irrepairable. If someone thinks they will get their family back, they are wrong. As one of Ron Robocks ladies (of 20+yrs) said "I never loved him anyway."

It has been twenty years or so since the split in Uncle Roy's day. And just this last month, I visited my fathers brother. We lived next to them for twenty years and never said hello, because they were apostates. Now I have the freedom to choose my friends and they are happy to see me.
When Uncle Rulon died and the people voted to follow the prophet (Uncle Fred) or the king (Warren Jeffs) and Warren won...I knew the days of the UEP were numbered. I voted with my feet and left. I had no idea what would really happen, if they would put pressure on my family to leave.. if people were following us. The feelings are overwhelming of being totally alone in this world. Things have gone well for me and my family and yet we thought by moving away would solve many of the issues we were dealing with..wrong..we brought them all with us. The biggest thing for us is to un-program our minds.

Men In Black said...

Its hard and there is no easy answers. Its not the work of activist any longer that is the primary fuel to Rome Burning, but rather a nightmare of Warren's own creation. In January 2004 when he began serious oustings, he began to fuel a fire none of us could have started or maintained.

There are many shattered lives and because of belief, many have to go to a near literal hell and through it before they can rebuild, but only those who survive. The first apostate pot luck was in December 2000 and at the Pah Tempe Hot Springs. Neighbors were talking to me, but not each other and taking that first step was really hard.

I was swamped with trying to make a living and trying to be involved with a cause I believed was just. But my home had become grand central station in Hurricane and it was beyond my understanding of why neighbors had ignore one another since the mid 1980s break, some blocks apart. Trusting each other, instead of the priesthood was really hard and began slowly.

By all accounts I was a gentile and a miscontent by FLDS standards, I heard son of satan and son of lucifer, but people from the creek needed to find one another and realize a value outside of what they were taught all of there lives.

Reclaiming and rebuilding if its posible, is what comes next and it will take all of the apostates to make it happen. The trick is finding new leadership, that will not follow the path of the one being left behind.

I will become no more than a pebble in someones shoe, and Short Creek will survive, but none of the starting over will be easy....

Anonymous said...

You can only save but one soul. You are right, you can not go back and undo what has been done. War is a terrible thing. If you have heard satin talk, I pray you find this Jesus. No matter where you are upon the earth, you can only save one soul. It is a persons own quilt that keeps them from Jesus. A shame of there own deeds. To blame another for your misery is just that Blame.

GBNF said...

I always wanted a satin quilt....hmm I hope it won't keep me from Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I think that depend on who gets under it with you.

GBNF said...

Have you been turned over to the buffetings of Satin, and wallowing in your quilt?

ATAR_i said...

My grandmother had a beautiful purple down satin quilt, I loved it.

GBNF said...

mmmm....soft and slippery

Stinger said...

Which is the warmer, a satin quilt or a satan quilt?

ATAR_i said...

Not sure, but I only snuggle with satin.

GBNF said...

Atar, Ruth is not going to respect you in the morning.

I would think a Satan quilt would need to be made from asbestos. Kinda scratchy and can kill you.

Stinger said...

Do the wrong things with it and it would be with you for an eternity. lol

Anonymous said...

While we are on quilt metaphors, maybe the gospel is a patchwork quilt and we read our history books and study the pattern. It could be a repeating patch.

Faithful Woman said...

My grandmother used to had quilt satin. we called it tricot

onthestreet said...


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onthestreet said...


May God bless you forever with faithful children, as numerous as the stars of heaven.