Saturday, June 04, 2005

The "Cave" or Bishop's Warehouse in HILDALE

Someone requested information on the "Cave" in Hildale, which has been of much speculation! To defer this back to those who likely know it best, maybe those here can add greater detail to its origin. For those who want to see the photo, email me at and I will forward a detailed photo in jpeg of the entry. This is the cave behind Uncle Fred's clinic, on the hill behind the big metal silo's. It has been a place of storage and was rumored to of had guns stored there briefly. While some her dispute that the gun's ever existed, I have serial numbers of 100 weapons that Jim Gober of BATF investigated and in dealing with state authorities I was never told that the list of serial numbers were not real?

Questions however of;
What year was it built?
How long did it take to dig?
How large is it inside?
Are there really two large expanded rooms inside?
What typically was or is stored there now?
Who worked on the project?
Were the faithful really told they would wait there through the distructions?
Why is it so secure and reinforced?
Is there an air vent on top of hill from it?

I have spoke to those who help dig it, kids who played in it, along with those that belief it was used to hide records and items not intended for gentiles. Recently someone denied it existed and the photo proves otherwise, but from those who lived in CC or Hildale, this has been of interest to many! If you will tell us what is your knowledge of the "Bishop's Warehouse"?



Anonymous said...

It is or was definitely there I played in and around it as a kid growing up
But don’t know what was or is stored there now. Most of the time it was gated and locked
But we would climb the gate and crawl over the top.


Anonymous said...

the Cave was originally a natural formation.I saw and played in it as
a child in the late-40' some point Fred Jessop supposedly built
walls and a door on it.I have no idea what it was used for.But it does ,or used to exist.

Anonymous said...

When I had a tour of the cave, I did so in company with Uncle Fred. We went to the end of it and into all of it's rooms. No guns, no gold, no sneaky stuff. Just some fruit and dry goods stored against a day of want.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgil and some helpers blasted out the Cavern in the mid 1960's. Many students would help out after school. Most of the rock and rubble was toted out by wheelbarrow. Be respectful to Uncle Virgil and dont call his Cavern a cave.

Anonymous said...

Certainly ment no disrespect to Uncle Virgil,He was one of few that I respected.I have been gone since the 50,s so I had no idea when the over-hang/now cavern was enlarged or enclosed.

Anonymous said...

I remember playing on the mountains in the area around 20 or 25 yrs. ago. Yes, before there was a gate on it. My brother took me in because I didn't dare go by myself. The only stuff I saw was some anceint canned (bottled) fruit. Later, a gate and paddlock prevented our looking further. I understood as a child that it was for the people to go into when the destructions came and the idea frightened me because I knew there was not enough room for all the people at that time. And I thought that because of my last name (it was unpopular to say the least) I would not be invited in.

Anonymous said...

I am the anoymous of 2;39 pm and 12;11 I lived in the area as a child.My name is Peter Lauritzen.By the way I am not Flds.

Anonymous said...

Straight Shot says,
Is there some reaons anyone can fathom as to why there would be some necessity to have such a powerful gate with security at the mouth of cave that holds nothing but jars of old fruit??

Every well trained LDS or FLDS child should know that you have to keep your storage for the 2 years of famine re-cycled so the food is even edible.

There was much talk in the early 80's of the need to be armed to defend the food supply among just a few reasons -- for the guns or the HAM radios.

And if you didn't see guns could it be because they missed that turn in the hallways of the cavern? Even the Authorities had to get a special warrant to get a look and by God! and I am Praying here - if all I had in a few caves was spoiled jars of fruit and someone was accusin me of havin guns - especially Assault rifles - I'd just fling open them gates and give them a right good tour!

All of the Anonymouses on the blog must think we never watch any crime movies or read any books -- never mind can access the records, have terrified insiders who are slowly realizing that their cowering in a corner only makes their families in more danger - who have talked about the guns and the other "LONG TERM SURVIVAL GEAR THERE".

We know there have been enough skilled, trained men who have perfected the systems in caves like this to not question what this cave is for - how big it REALLY IS - and if it is still set up to protect a few of Gods Chosen Select people when the Gentiles attack!

If there are people who remember being told that the cave was for survival then you can count on the fact that - even if there isn't now - then there definitly had been the required survival food, equipment, and weapons stored.

The Mormon people have alway been a storehouse building - getting ready to walk back to Jackson County to build the New Jeruselum type of people. So don't try to be all disgusted and say there has only ever been bottled fruit there. Thats just plain, Fruity, Streety and insane.

If the truth and light is really a part of this religion and people then tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

ANON said;
truth and light is really a part of this religion

The book is "In Light and Truth", unless you intended it to be in reverse?

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