Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer - Wasting Time?

The Crick needs a good scrubbing... the 'house' is still dirty.  Come on folks, finish it!  An outside house-cleaner won't do it right.  You're the only ones who know where all the foul nooks and crannies are.  How much more detergent do you still need?  You've had a truckload delivered to your doorstep.  Read the label and use it.

I'm going fishing. No idea when I'll be back.  Carry on.


Anonymous said...

When a man is jealous against the Prophet and has immoral desires toward the Prophet's wives, what that man is doing is literally wanting the Prophet removed so he can have what the Prophet has.

It is a traitor that would do that in his heart. And that type of man is wide open to receive the revelations of satan to lead
others astray.

Warren Jeffs October 2, 2004

Anonymous said...

Who would ever have a desire for one of Warren's inbred, degenerate wives? I mean really?

Anonymous said...

They are all very beautiful, and remain so by the heart that is bountiful, full of virtue and truth.


Anonymous said...

Warren Jeffs...October 2002

I have arranged for seven of father's ladies to meet us at ten this morning to be sealed to Warren S. Jeffs for Time, for and in behalf of father.

After the work meeting I went to talk to Uncle Fred, praying fervently and to give him a witness of the truths I would tell him. aside and told him what father wants done.

I gave him events where father had appointed me to appoint marriages on December 30, 1998, and a few months ago father said I should do marriages on my own. September 2, 2002, six days before he passed on, father declared to myself and others that I, Warren, had everything he had.

I described to him inspiration I had received from father how to care for his family, that many would be sealed to me for time and that father wanted this family preserved; also that I had asked Heavenly Father to send father among his ladies, and many ladies have come to me testifying that father sent them, declaring that they were to marry me, which I confirmed by the inspiration of the Spirit.

Uncle Fred responded joyfully,acknowledged the Spirit and truth of it and said he would come at ten o'clock and be the instrument delegated to seal the marriages

I then held his hand. I told him about father's desire that I receive many of his wives, that seven of them would be sealed today and I asked if he, Uncle Fred, would like to participate. He anxiously desired to do so.

I told him some few details of how father was working among his ladies. I also informed Uncle Fred that on December 30, 1998, father delegated me to seek revelation concerning the appointment of the marriages, which work I performed through father.

I told him secondly that father had told me about four months ago that he wanted me to go perform marriages without him present. I had resisted that and yearned for his presence and only seek his will.

Thirdly, I told him that on September 2, 2002, father said to me as I walked into the·office, "Warren, you have everything that I have."

I told him I was not seeking position, but I assured Uncle Fred that the Lord and father had inspired me to go forward with this. On hearing this, he whole-heartedly received it as the word of God and said he would be there at 10:00 a.m.


Anonymous said...


"I" is given 24 times, and that is most telling!

"I" in the Hebrew is very holy. It is the letter Yod, which means "Lord, the infinate point, the crown, and the hand to thrust. "I" is a digit, and the hands have ten digits (a minion), but a giant of a man has 24, six on each limb (2 Sam. 21:20).

Even the Brits have a house of lords. In the True Order, there are "lords many" (Deut. 10:17; I Cor. 8:5). How many times does the Lord of Lords say: I, I, I the Lord, I even I, etc. All the prophets likeways said, I heard... I spake... I beheld, etc. The whole world is proclaiming I, I, I, because of the natural image of self, and we are all creates in the basic image of God.

Each true appendage (finger and toe, or Elder) is an I, or a Yod, a lord. Then in the process of creation, in string theory, each appendage has ten, which also have ten, making.

With the giants of men (2 Sam. 21:20), there are six on each limb, for 24 appendages in all, times ten, times ten in string theory, making 24,000 to set forward the work of the House of the Lord, "I" being a yod, or Lord (I Chron. 23:4), and 24,000 of each tribe (I Chron. 27).

25 I's would be the 25 Tattwas of creation, for there is one over all the other 24.


Anonymous said...


I told them to be filled with the Spirit of God participating in this sacred occasion.

Mother Paula will be first, Mother Naomie next, Mother Ora, Mother Patricia, Mother Kate, Mother Melinda, Mother Tammy) all very sweet ladies; all of them very well prepared. Others are
preparing. When they find out, then I am really going to have lady's appointments.

This shuts down all the Elders from seeking after father's ladies for sure.

The devil is going to know about this.

Warren Jeffs October 7, 2002

Anonymous said...

Like Son...Like Father????

Warren Jeffs
October 7, 2005 at R17

At one point in the dream both father and I were laying down on mattresses on the floor next to each other. I was going through the heavenly session, and he was going through the heavenly session.

Ora was laying by him, and Naomie was in the next room, and Millie was in another room, but nobody would come help me, because I was so concentrated helping father, and yet it came to a point where Ron Rohbock came around and in an obtrusive way wanting both of us to pay attention to what he wanted done. So father seemed to need help to go into another room, and I was so
overwhelmed in the heavenly session, yet I had helped him.

We both walked in very overwhelmed in the heavenly session, he and I together. And he laid a bed, and I somehow laid down on the floor in the heavenly session; both us going through it. I had not witnessed him go through this, and yet he was more alert. I thought I was helping him, and yet when I would come conscious, he was giving me instructions. And at one point, he started talking to me, and I worked hard just to roll over by him and listen to him, and he said, he described the
heavenly session just exactly what I was going through.

It is overwhelming. It -- (chuckle). I marvel because he knew just what I was going through.

He said, "These ladies are with you to help you, talking of the sexual connection, they are to help renew you and keep you young so you are not so worn out and worn down. And he encouraged me to use you ladies. And there was a special purpose for the ladies to be with me sexually.

As I came conscious, the Lord has shown me that father knows exactly what I am going through.

He is right here by. He has been through it, and he encouraged me to use the ladies. And they are here for a comfort...

He showed me in this dream that Millie was close by while he was off with one of his ladies.

She helping him get dressed or something, and Millie wanting some attention, yet it wasn't at a time that would be helpful to him. He showed me that that was a distraction rather than a help, that she and others must wait to be directed in it and not
demand that connection.

But in the midst of the heavenly session, he was telling me that these ladies as a helpmate, comfort, and strength will help renew me and make me not so worn down, help keep me young in other words were his words, and strengthened.

To be continued....

Anonymous said...

Like Son...Like Father????

Warren Jeffs
October 7, 2005 at R17

But the greatest emphasis of this dream was use the ladies who will help me, both of those of his ladies sealed to me and the other ladies and be guided in it.

It was interesting in this vision that father and I were both in the heavenly sessions, but as soon as somebody would come around, we were instantly on our feet, doing things, talking. When they would leave, we would be in the heavenly session.

It was kept from most people, all except my ladies and his ladies connected with me who were called to help. They were aware. When I was with Millie, in the dream she said, "Oh Warren, I want you to screw me right now." (Chuckle)

And we commenced. Then father started coming back from wherever he was, and I thought, "I need to hurry and be dressed and ready to help him." as though I didn't really want him to know I was with this woman who was sealed to me; in other words,keep private things private even from him. So when he was with me in the next room going through the heavenly session with him, I struggled to come and learn what he was saying how to go through the session. He said, "Use them." He showed me he knew what I was doing with Millie.

He said, "Use them. They will keep you young and help renew you. Use them." He repeated.

So I saw again that father sees the details, and I thank the Lord for this, and that he and the Lord are guiding me and not be afraid to use the ladies in my concentrating on helping father.

They are there for the Lord's purpose to help me and not just when I am in the heavenly session, but I shouldn't be concerned, to have them close, intimate, but at the same time, always reach to be led, ready to do father's and the Lord's will.

Anonymous said...

Utterly gross!!

Anonymous said...

Jailed polygamist prophet Warren Jeffs decrees that only 15 men among the thousands in the FLDS are allowed to have sex. 15 men alone are to father all children that will be born in his group from now on. All other men are to abstain. Women too -- until they're called by one of the 15.

Sexual Bait 'n Switch:

You want to know what's really, really sick about all this?

Before Warren announced his Super Sperm Donors, I am told his top leaders were pulling a sexual bait and switch.

Here's how it worked: When Warren first ordered all sex to cease, husbands and wives who wanted more children had to apply for permission. If approved, my sources tell me they would be instructed that sex was an "ordinance" that could only take place in certain locations and with witnesses.

It was the same pattern Warren established before his arrest when he was marrying underage girls and then bedding them in the FLDS temple in Eldorado, Texas.

Anyway, if the couple agreed, they were told when and where.

That was the bait, my sources say the switch happened when the couple showed up at the appointed time and place. Only then were they told, "Sorry, but you're not to be the father, husband. This man here will be fathering a child with your wife. You are to stand as a witness."

"Sick" doesn't begin to describe how I feel about that.

Jenn said...

Not all polygamists are the same. Check out this blog:

Anonymous said...

Warren Jeffs has sent many revelations & proclamations to the United States Government & the President of the United States.

The United States government has replied:


USA Speaks to Short Creek!

Anonymous said...

Attention everyone! The DOJ has posted the following on it’s website:
All FLDS people & ex FLDS people, heads up, this from the above article is for you!
“If you have any information regarding this matter, please contact the Justice Department at 1-800-896-7743 or email the department at”
If you have ever been abused or harmed by Warren Jeffs and his goons please call or e-mail above.

linda hatfield-southern said...

are the people on this list active with the FLDS still?

Anonymous said...

I have left the church not because I disbelieve the Bible, for I believe in God, the Savior and religion the same as ever, but when I retrace our track and viewing the doings of the church for six years past I can see nothing that convinces me that God had has been our leader; calculation after calculation has failed, and plan after plan has been over thrown, and our prophet seemed not to know the event till too late.

If he said go up and prosper, still we did not prosper, but have labored and toiled and waded through trials, difficulties and temptations of various kinds in hopes of deliverance. until we are finally broken down and measurably destroyed, and that too through the foolishness and miscalculations of the church and leaders but no deliverance came.

The promises failed, and time after time we have been disappointed; and still were commanded in the most rigid manner to follow him, which the church did until many were led into the commission of crime, have been apprehended and broken down by their opponents and many have been obliged to abandon their country, their families and all they possessed, and great afflictions be has been brought upon the whole church.

What shall we say to these things? Did not Your prophet proclaim in your ears that the day was your own and you should overcome, when in less that a week you were all made prisoners of war, and would have been exterminated, had it not been for the exertions and influence of a few dissenters, and the humane and manly spirit of a few Officers.

But where now I you look for deliverance?

You may say in God, but I say in the exercise of common sense and that sound reason with which God has end owed you, and my advise is to follow that in preference to those visions and revelations which served no better purpose than to increase your trouble and keep you constantly in hot water; and serves to bind you down your soul and body under that bondage which is more to be dreaded than the Roman yoke or Spanish Inquisition.

Written by John Corrill, 1839
1. Born 17 Sept. 1794 Died 26 Sept. 1842.
2 Surveyor, politician, author.
3 Born at Worcester Co., Massachusetts.
4 Married Margaret Lyndiff, ca. 1830.
5 Lived at Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, 1830.
6 Baptized into LDS church, 10 Jan. 1831, at Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio.
7 Ordained an elder, Jan. 1831, at Kirtland.
8 Served mission to New London, Huron Co., Ohio, 1831.
9 Ordained a high priest by Lyman Wight, 4 June 1831, at Kirtland.
10 Appointed second counselor to Bishop Edward Partridge.
11 Moved to Jackson Co., Missouri.
12 Presided over group of church members in Independence, Jackson Co., 1831–1833.
13 Appointed one of ten high priests to watch over the ten Missouri branches, 11 Sept. 1833.
14 In Nov. 1833, expelled from Jackson Co. and located at Clay Co., Missouri,
15 where he continued as counselor to Bishop Partridge.
16 Returned to Kirtland and labored on temple, 1834–1836.
17 Returned to Missouri and became a founder of Far West, Missouri, after Mar. 1836.
18 Appointed “Keeper of the Lord’s store house,” at Far West, 22 May 1837.
19 Released as counselor to Bishop Partridge, Aug. 1837.
20 Elected state representative from Caldwell Co., Missouri, 1838.
21 Appointed church historian, 1838.
22 Testified for state at JS’s hearing in Richmond, Ray Co., Missouri, Nov. 1838.
23 Moved to Illinois, 1839.
24 Excommunicated, 17 Mar. 1839, at Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois.
25 Published A Brief History of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, (Commonly Called Mormons), 1839.
26 Died in Adams Co.

Anonymous said...

Jenn6/22/2012 10:33 AM

Not all polygamists are the same. Check out this blog:

If you tie your salvation to a sexual act, yes, you are the same.

Anonymous said...

I've seen enough fake plyg wife websites to fill a file cabinet.

Dont you folks understand, plig wifes are kept barefoot and pregnant, and away from the internets where they might get a clue?

Anonymous said...

A Sample of pure Language given by Joseph the Seer as copied by Br Johnson

Question? What is the name of God in pure Language

Q.The meaning of the pure word A[w]men
A.It is the being which made all things in all its parts.

Q.What is the name of the Son of God.
A.The Son Awmen.

Q.What is the Son Awmen.
A.It is the greatest of all the parts of Awmen which is the Godhead the first born.

Q.What is is man.
A.This signifies Sons Awmen. the human family the children of men the greatest parts of Awmen Sons the Son Awmen

Q.What are Angels called in pure language.
A.Awmen Angls-men

Q.What are the meaning of these words.
A.Awmen’s Ministering servants Sanctified who are sent forth from heaven to minister for or to Sons Awmen the greatest part of Awmen Son. Sons Awmen Son Awmen Awmen


marmono said...



This Deserves a 'THREAD of it's own -- for sure !!!

Lawsuit -- UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE vs Colorado City, Ariz; Hildale, Ut; Twin City Water Authority and Twin City Power

What it's all about-- BREIFING:

The Actual filed suit:

Anonymous said...

Do you know what else those 24 "I's" are indicitive of? Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Anonymous said...

Warren Jeffs' cult accused of sending kitten BURIED ALIVE in concrete to threaten man who deserted polygamous sect. said...

Fishing sounds good right now. Forget work!

Anonymous said...

They do not hesitate to shoot people in the head there, if they think they are not in their church, and the cops cover it up. IN all truth they do not care if a man beats his wife to death, if he is in the church and she does not obey. Or starve her to death, and torments her children; the cops assist them. but, if they like you, they will protect you in anything. Course it was a death threat to Issac Whyler.

Anonymous said...

The cops in Colorado City would assit a man, in beating up women, children, and kill them, and dump them off, on the highway to die, it they thought no one was looking. Then they would cover up the evidence and think no one cared. Like as if they did not have to pay for the thing they did. They can not come out and openly harrass some people to death, with the county cops here now, can they? the way they bully people, and vidio them, when they are down, after they sabatage them; they can not quite do that with the county cops in town; They have to wait for a moment behind the county cop's back, to come in for there kill. Course the Kitten was a message. Most likely from the Police department themselves.

Anonymous said...

Eldorado Success reports FLDS has demolished the new Guard tower just completed last week… can it get any weirder??

Anonymous said...

Now, that Willard Barlow choked Nathan Tyler Cooke to death, and drowned Joe Jr. and walked away free; he may think he has gotten away with it. But, it eat's at him all the time. Yes, it eats at him all the time. They say he went crazy, drooling all over. CRazy, people can not go crazy. It is impossible. Murders never have peace.

Anonymous said...

And Shelly Cooko, just because the state protects child mollesters like you, does not mean it is forgotton. I mean after all, just because the parents of three children did not want to put there children through court and the drama of it all, does not make you a saint. After, the state, betrayed those children, just like they did Donna, your daughter, that you smashed her head in. you will have to remember that forever. She was so beautiful and you smashed her head in. Do, you think you can live with that forever? You and Willard really thought you had it going good for you, killing these children; but it will catch up to you. And I will never stop trying for what you did to me too. Did you think that making me look a fool was going to make you not guilty. But you know you are. How will you run away from yourself? And the children you murdered?

Anonymous said...

Val Jessop molested all his children, too bad he is dead.

Anonymous said...

Warren Jeffs Dictation June 26, 2006

I ask the Lord to protect that little computer stick, about half and inch by one inch long.

A thin computer chip that we hide so the enemies do not find my recorded messages the Lord willing.

I am yearning that the Lord has not withdrawn His protection from us, because of our slowness as a people and as a family, talking of the lands of refuge and at the houses in hiding.

May the Lord hasten the atoning process and training for me.
End dictation at 10:40 p.m. in the evening

Warren was arrested August 28, 2006 around 9 pm Pacific time and now sits in a Texas prison for life.

Warren now has plenty of time to atone for his sins.

Anonymous said...

That is not true. Val Jessop would not mollest his children. This blog is full of stupid, crazy, things. It is not worth looking at.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Priestly Blessing

The Jewish Festival of Sukkot – The Feast of Tabernacles – is celebrated at the Western Wall in Jerusalem with a special priestly blessing.

Historical and modern Aaron priestly line was never taken away, as claimed by Joseph Smith.

Single Mom said...

LOL I agree ! Do we really need to know this information ?

Anonymous said...

i really do not give a damb about religion. Richard Cooke, Willard Barlow, Shelly Cooke, and the rest of the dogs that protected them, used religion to rape, beat, mollest and torment there family. And if we did not obey our preisthood head, we was going to hell. So take your religion and shove it. They killed children in the name of religion. And the stupidest thing is, no one cared. They all stood around like little nobody's and there brains went out the window. Then the creeps called the government to have them punish there nobody's for them, because they had money. yes, they would kill in the name of God and Blame God for what they did. And they thought if they made me look stupid, that what they did did not matter. Right Leonard. You tried to make your wive shake my father's hand. What hypoccrits. We was the one who told the bastard no. And you tried to force us to be polite to a murder and a rapest. As if what these creepy men, did did not matter. Go to hell with your religion.

Anonymous said...

WArren Jeffs was so damb stupid, that he thought that God would protect him, because he loved the flattering little murder, and his people could come out and call me name, and pick me to death, why Willard Barlow was killing me. It must have been a shock to him to lose. He had every thing he wanted just by asking. Just by a blink and a whisper. And the bastards lost. Thank god for that.

Anonymous said...

It never brought my son back from the dead though. He choked to death, when my brother had me arrested for not obeying my priesthood head. And all you people who think my father mollested me, do not come to my house thinking you will get a quick easy laid job. You will find out what my father found out. And it was not as easy as he did think. And just because the media is so creepy that they put out that I was Warren Jeffs enforcer and a wild card and used by every one; don't let it get into your pretty little heads, that the media knew what they was talking about. I was never raped. Why? Because I am stupbern. I was beat by my Mother for seventeen years, for being disobedient to my father, and he wanted me in his bed. Nothing anyone can do could hurt me worse than my childhood. So, do not get any Idea's that the media had any knowlege of what they was talking about.
and what the hell will all you people tell Joe Jr. willard barlow drowned, and nathan Cooke he choked to death? You and your insults. Come on Pick on my again for an opinion?

Anonymous said...

Here in the Creek, they openly oppres, as if no one knows. They slam and dunk and harrass. The only thing they care about is telling the truth. They could not manage that, if they had too. And yet, there minds carry it forever. It eats at them, the lies they told. The people they destroyed. They hire people to help them destroy. And act as if it brought them joy. And gossip is passed around as if they knew, until the judgement day and truth. They had to pass the Indian's on, because if they were here, compassion would abound. So they hire a white woman to destroy, for a lie, they carefully hold. To make their lie look a little bold. And in the end, their lie, is what they hold in there mind, to canker them, for they knew the truth. They did not protect filthy men in the dark, but willingly took on there mark. Adn as every one seen and turned away; it was their guilt they took home that day. And me, I knew it then; they willingly sabataged me, and defended the filthy men.

Anonymous said...

i simply can not figure out why they got rid of their great hero's. I mean the best men who could destroy they put out. Why would the colorado City cops put out their best destroyers? I mean Sam Barlow, Stephan Barlow, and company could kill and be protected in law. Why would they then put out the best destroyer's? Hyrum Roundy, you finally reached the statis of one of the big, men. Like Sam BArlow and company was. I am sure they will always need a little dick to take there place. You certainly do fit the bill. Little Dick Barlow; to take Sam Barlow's place. You certainly took the stand today. That is for sure. Cops are pigs. I am glad I am not one. Cops are pigs. and I am humilated that I know you.

Anonymous said...

How, is your little white lady; judge and the fancy lawyer that you pigs hired doing. You know that if you did not have a white lawyer you would lose. You pigs would. Hyrum Roundy, you are just like Doug Cooke, Henery Cooke, Richard Cooke. the name pig fits you. You should put on your police car the truth. Hound in patrol. What is it that is written? Some thing to reference a dog. Dogs have more dignity than you do. I am sure the dogs that you all shot, will get farther in the next life, than the hound dog, pigs that call themselves cops. Yup, Hyrum Roundy is the new, Sam Barlow pig, hound. In reality, the old cops were called the god squad. The Colorado City Cops have been given a new name. They are called the Child Mollester Protecter Division Sector. Any well, known child mollester can always be depended on to be defended by the Colorado City Police hound dog pig, cops. Hyrum Roundy being called the number one Dick Dog Barlow {Sam Barlow Sr.} Defender of child Mollesters. Ya, Helamon, I can just hear you. But, you know the truth. YOur Father was a child mollester. And you also follow in his footsteps. So, don't get so self rightouse about the child mollesters that are no longer protected by the Colorado City Police Department. WE all know it and you know it. Turn yourself in. Johnathon resigned, with the dogs he protected; your turn to resign with your confession to the County. Hyrum Roundy, will always be the special, Child MOllester Protector, cop, dog; to me. With out you bastards, the men would not have walked free.

Anonymous said...

And Barbara Brown, you will be remembered as the Police Dogs gal. Try that one on for size. You and your top dog bastards.

Anonymous said...
Awesome interview with TV personality Todd Friel, host of the television program "Wretched."