Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Chosen.

am I mistaken, or do those who consider themselves the elite among us, seem to build the case for there superiority on adhominem criticism of others, rather than living an exemplary life?


Anonymous said...

Just as Hitler so easily convinced his followers "they were of a superior race" Warren Jeffs had little trouble convincing his most verbal and financial supporters they are among "god's chosen". How do you get people to follow you? Tell them what they want to hear.

Anonymous said...

undacuff i dont know of one human who can possible live an exemplery life. we are constantly fighting ourselves with all the flaws we have.
according to scripture, the jews were Gods chosen. And look at the mess they were always in. They would do what he said, and next thing you know they were worshipping idols.
My beleif is if we chose to follow Christ, we are continually being refined daily, tested.
Which makes our faith grow.
Perfection will never be attained on this earth. We will be perfect once we get to our final destination in heaven. We chose to Love God and strive to follow him.
Christ died once for ALL. But not all chose to follow him.

Anonymous said...

Christ said, there are none righteous, NO, not one.

Rebeckah said...

It's kind of hard to know what kind of life a person is leading if all you know of them is what you see on the internet. I know that my life is the best I can make of it, but it is far from exemplary. I have a healthy suspicion of anyone who proclaims that they alone know who is "elite" or "chosen" or simply acceptable to God. From what I have seen and what I have studied of people from the past, the more loudly they proclaim their special knowledge of who God loves best, the less Godly they behave. I believe that anyone, however, who claims to know God's will but refuses to allow young girls to grow up before becoming mothers, is either deluded or deliberately leading those who trust him or her astray.

Angel said...

I guess that convincing them they are Chosen by God is a tactic to use for control


Anonymous said...

Angel, think of it like this; if I think I am one of Gods chosen, then I am going to do every thing in my life better. If I think I am jsut a dip stick, I shall be in a lot of trouble. Now, I think that all men are Gods chosen. I just think that after they are chosen they try to undo themselfs by bad behaviour. But when they begin to relize that they have been chosen they would step up to the plate and act like they are caring individuals. How is that?

Anonymous said...

No one has replied so I will.

WTF are you talking about? You make no sense at all...?

Re-think, re-set, and re-post. We're patient.


Anonymous said...

The worse thing about it all is that the judge was re-elected not impeached. I don't know how people can live with themselves.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I wonder if these people are actually thankful they caused these people harm?

I will tell you one thing, I am certainly thankful I wasn't involved in causing all that harm. I would rather be a street person than to cause people harm for money, especially innocent toddlers and newborn babies.

I am just absolutely certain this newborn baby is going to be found with cigarette burns, her mother goes out drinking and does drugs with a different man every night and the baby is being totally neglected Judge Barbara Walther. This is beyond pathetic, it is sick!

michelle wood said...

I donot understand for the any reason how you people can even live within yourselves! You have done wrong and in regards to the sermon...How do you live with yourself? Poor children one day you will have to answer to the lord all mighty above and that will be your judement day!

Stamp said...

Warren was chosen.

By a jury of his peers.

But they said he couldnt drive that cherry red Caddilac Escalade any longer.