Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ross LeBaron Accused by Sons of Incest

You may remember that Laurie (LeBaron) Allen is the producer & narrator of BANKING ON HEAVEN Many of her reminicences that you hear in the film are about her experiences growing up in a polygamous cult. She was kidnapped at a young age by her uncle Ross W. LeBaron, Jr. and kept as a slave by Ross in Latin America until she escaped at age 16.

Laurie was alienated from Ross' family for the last 18 years, since they considered her an apostate. Although she helped raise many of the children in very harsh conditions (deserts & jungles), she was considered the black sheep. Laurie is currently completing a screenplay and a memoir about her experiences.

When Ross' wife Diana was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, Laurie was allowed back into their secret world. She has always suspected that her polygamous uncle Ross was fathering his own grandchildren, but nobody would listen.

"I talked to so many relatives about it," Laurie said, "but few believed me." A year
ago, Laurie and three other family members went to law enforcement with their
concerns. The Arizona DA's office decided to pursue the case. Then more family
members became involved, and the result is the explosive document you are about to read.

Dear Family Members,
We now know for a fact that members of our immediate family are involved in
incest. We have been suspicious for years, but believed that incest was
unlikely. However, new and disturbing evidence obligated us to find a
definitive answer; therefore, we conducted DNA testing.

The DNA test proved that our sister's son is without any doubt a product of
incest. His Y chromosome is exactly the same as ours. Given that other
children were born under equally suspicious circumstances, we assume that
these children are products of incest as well. Substantial evidence
indicates, and we are personally convinced, that our dad (Ross Wesley
LeBaron Jr), two of our brothers, and three of our sisters have engaged in
incestuous relations.

We recently confronted these members of our family and although they never
made any direct admissions of incestuous behavior, they did, in fact,
adamantly defend the practice. Also, through a number of statements made to
us, they confirmed our suspicions that our dad and oldest sister have been
engaging in an incestuous relationship for many years.

We tried through reason, logic and scientific research, to persuade them to
end their destructive beliefs and practice. Our efforts were to no avail.
We are left with public exposure as our best hope. We very much dislike
having to take actions against our family, but we believe it is absolutely
necessary to expose them and put an end to this outrageous, immoral, and
destructive conduct.

Our primary goal is to protect our youngest brother and sister, who are in
danger of eventually being compelled to participate in this heinous
lifestyle. It is our sincere hope that we can help and provide them with
the opportunity for a better life.

We hope and pray that our dad, brothers and sisters might come to understand
that their deluded and pernicious philosophy and belief system is simply
unnatural, genetically destructive and immoral, and that they will put an
end to the damage being done to their posterity.

With love sincerely,
Alaric C, LeBaron
David Uri LeBaron
Elend S, LeBaron

I don't know what will happen next, but I will say this....I can only imagine how
hard it must be to admit such a thing in your immediate family. I have seen Laurie
suffer because of this tragedy. This takes real courage. Considering that Ross is
one of the wealthiest polygamists in Utah, I can only hope for the sake of Laurie
and her family that Utah and Arizona law enforcement make speed to reel in this big fish. Ross LeBaron's youngest daughter is 15 years old, and everybody is concerned about her safety.


1 said...

Why should this surprise you? You think this is an anomaly? You think this happened by chance?

Anytime you indoctrinate men since childhood that women are property, their property to be owned and lorded over you will breed child molesters.

That is the reason sexual abuse is so rampant in the FLDS and polygamys communities.

Thats the dirty little secret. And it won't change until the culture changes... Until women are treated as equals and this misguided concept of an autocratic "priesthood" lording over them ends.

Anonymous said...


I don't know who you are, but you must not be flds. You paint a terrible picture. I live here still, (no I don't agree with all of the teachings that are being pushed over on the people) but there is no father/brother/sister incest here. And the women are generally treated with love and respect. I am a plural wife, have several children, have worked a job most of my married life, and I enjoy my working life and my home life. I can vouch for many others that I know perssonally who are happy (of course everyone has trials) and do not feel like they are 'property'. I could leave if I wish to, and I had my choice to marry or not.
You say sexual abuse is rampant - where is the proof? Yes there are cases that have come out, (and I believe Jack Cooke was accused of imcest, but that was years ago) but I don't believe it is any more, and that it is probably much less, than any other town in America. Our town has been painted so terrible in the media, but if you actually come here and get to know the people, talk to the women, etc. you would have a different opinion.
Please don't lump us all together as horrible people. We don't even believe as Ross Lebaron, other than we believe in having more than one wife (which by the way, more of this world does than does not)but our religion is not even similar to his.


Anonymous said...

Ross and the other LeBarons were worse nuts than Warren and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Warren confessed to molestation of his sister and HIS OWN DAUGHTER. The leader of the FLDS... and I could go on and on.... and that's just the ones who have come forward.

I remember going to a funeral. Hearing the man be lionized at that funeral like he was some great and noble man. Then hearing from his own daughters what he did and having that confirmed by Rulon Jeffs himself.

How many others are suffering in silence, who are enduring it now?

Anytime you imply women are property you will breed this problem.

What does the FLDS religion pound into you from the beginning? You can only go to the Celestial Kingdom through your "priesthood" head. Blah...blah..blah...

You are nothing more then property of your "priesthood head". And are nothing without them.

That's either taught directly or implied.

Tmuf you may be one of the lucky ones. You may have been lucky enough to be married off to a man who transcended that conditioning. But don't expect your daughters to be so lucky wherever they end up.

The exploitation in the FLDS must end. Both exploitation of the younger men and the women.

bbgae said...

I agree with you both, Anon and tmuf.

There are a lot more people out there who get molested than people realize. While we are at it, let's add Dan Barlow Jr. to the list, shall we? And my own family, too. Only a few of us know the true extent of the incest there.

BUT- it is not so bad as Anon paints it, either. Not EVERY family has this problem. I do not think it will continue to grow and I do not think it stems from the religious theory of priesthood. The Mormon LDS church teaches priesthood and Priesthood heads with the same bare basic principles as the FLDS and there is not an overabundance of incest there. It is ludicrous to say this is solely an FlDS problem AND that it stems from the religious theory of priesthood.

Incest is a fact of life that most of us would prefer to ignore. Wherever there are people there will be a little bit of it whether we like it or not. This is not just the problem of one group of people it is a problem with the human race in general. I have the statistics right here These are people EVERYWHERE, not just the FLDS people.

tmuf- you ARE one of the lucky ones. I was placed in marriage twice and let me tell you, it is not always everything they tell you it is. My first marriage was pure hell, but with my second marriage I got lucky, too. BOTH marriages were arranged by and/or preformed by Warren.

bbgae said...

I just want to add that I think the only reason FLDS incest/abuse victims seem to get more attention (and I do not think they are ALL victims, myself included) is because of the unique background of said victims and popularity of the subject. I also think the same could be said about the number of victims. After you read about it in the newspaper ten times it begins to seem like a lot more than it really is.

Anonymous said...

Ross is not the only LeBaron to be of interest to LE, Tarsa LeBaron is also a wanted felon. Wonder if Ross is involved with hiding this relative of his, or perhaps his cash is helping this felon to hide out.

LeBaron Wanted!

Interstingly enough the LeBaron orginates in Utah/Arizona Short Creek and ends up in causing crimes in Texas. Ironic that FLDS comes from Short Creek & ends up in Texas, are there untold crimes at YFZ?

Anonymous said...

The only thing that makes the Lebaron women victims is the total lack of outside influence in their lives. They have bought into the self-centered belief that their genetics are especially great and it could be through them that Christ will come again. These women are fully participating adults.

Anonymous said...

I heard this quoted by Uncle Parley, it may mean different to different people, but all the same, it is still true:

Vice is a monster of so frightful mean
as to be hated needs but to be seen
yet seen too oft, familiar with her face
we first endure,
then pity,
then embrace.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Texas where all the criminals eventually end up?

Or should we perhaps not jump to any wild conclusions just yet.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Laurene Jessop is also a wanted felon now. Can anyone fill me in on what this is about?

Anonymous said...

9:57 PM, now you're just being silly. The Lebarons cut ties with the FLDS long ago. The FLDS had nothing to do with the Houston murders.

I know you'd like to be able to trace every crime in humanity back to the FLDS but this one is a stretch.

And no, the Lebarons didn't originate in Short Creek. How does a sirname originate in a small town that was founded in the twentieth century? The Lebarons claim their Priesthood from a completely different lineage than the FLDS do.

You people that have zero facts and run your mouths off amuse me.

bbgae said...

Which vice are you implying who embraces?

Are you saying the abused often later become the abusers?

Anonymous said...

I am appalled that women and children are treated as possessions in a civilised country like America, are the officials there concerned that there will be another WACO or mass suicide if they intervene? Surely children have a right to proper education with a curriculum that is monitored by the State Education Department, if this was allowed then surely these kids would at least be able to make an educated and informed decision about any religion?

Anonymous said...

I am not especially implying that. I have in my own experiences seen in family where an older child(13,14,15 yr old) begins to run out at night, go to beer parties, mingle with that sort of group, become very immoderate, etc, etc, then because the parents love that child, and allow that to be in their home, after a time the next younger ones (who at first were shocked and sick about it)begin to take it up and follow in the same path. And laugh and feel it is fine.

So it could be in this Lebaron home. They become used to it so it no longer feels wrong to them.

I don't pretend to be good with words, and often feel insufficient in being able to express what I really mean.


In Christ said...

Matthew 18:1-11 shows Jesus’ love for children. It also shows that if you cause a child to sin you would be better off having a millstone hung around your neck and drown in the depths of the sea. It further states that if your eye causes you to sin you should pluck it out.

It doesn’t matter what you or I think. When you are dead and must stand on judgment day before the Lord of all creation…you will not say to Him… “Lord, I was right to do this or that.” You will fall on your knees and if you’ve hurt one of these children…you will wish you’d of hung a millstone around your neck and drowned or that you would have cut off the body part which causes you to sin. It is sad that this kind of thing has gone on and I pray for those of you that are in it and feel trapped. May the God of all creation speak and show you a path to freedom in Him! And may the veil that has covered many of your eyes be torn down!

I love you all in Christ!

Jeff said...

I know these people. What is the source of this "message" sent out by their sons?

I knew and respected Dianna before she died and I find all of this hard to believe.

Ross is an odd guy but his family seems upstanding in the context in which I know them.

I would really like to know where you got this 'message'.


giz2gaz said...

This message from Ross' sons came from one of the people to whom it was sent.

Don't fool yourself. Diana and most of the children knew all about the incest for many years before this letter came out. Just goes to show the power Ross has over the entire family, even those who have moved away. He's been preaching the rightness of incest for decades, and the fact that he thinks his own genes are sacred has allowed him to convince many of his children that interbreeding is justified.

Take a look at Andrea's children and tell me if they look like "superior" beings.

BTW, I hear that Ross has just packed up his whole family and left Cedar City. Wonder where the daughters will end up.

In Christ said...

I found this video and it seems to me...after I watched would help a lot of Ross' family members. Heck, it could benefit everyone to take the time to watch it!!
Click this link to watch:

God bless, DW

bbgae said...

Thank you for explaining, tumf. There was no need to apologize. :)

That was a nice post. Have hope- most who start to see the light DO leave. I was one of them.

What happened to weaken Ross' hold on the family recently? Why did the letter come out now?

bbgae said...

thank you for the video clip. I watched it and it was interesting.

Anonymous said...

ummm, as the letter says, they recently discovered through a sneaky DNA test, that they were more closely related to their nieces and nephew than they should be! obviously, they wish to put an end to it, and have run out of other options other than to shame their father and siblings. Perhaps that might get the authorities involved.?

In Christ said...

bbgae- Thank you for the nice comment. Praise God that you were able to leave, I'm sure it wasn't easy.

I do pray for everyone that has been affected by Ross' decisions as well as others in like situations. My heart goes out to them, especially the children. I love kids and it breaks my heart every time I hear of a child being abused in any form.

Praying that more will see the Light, DW

bbgae said...

Ok. since I have been caught, I will admit to speed reading the letter. :D

Let's hope whoever did the DNA test (the clinic or the person who brought the evidence) will report this to the police.

giz2gaz said...

It's up to the person who had the DNA test done to report it to the authotities.

Anonymous said...

Why is this on a public blog before authorities have been notified?

bbgae said...

5:14- Good question. Why?

giz2gaz said...

Law enforcement was notified through sworn affadavits more than 15 months ago. They've been investigating, but have not brought any charges. Ross' sons finally decided to take matters into their own hands in an effort to stop the incest in the only way they could, by public exposure. IMHO, their action shows a lot of courage.

The question remains: where is law enforcement? Why haven't they moved on this?

Anonymous said...

Yes, law enforcement was notified 15 months ago, and in the interum, Andrea, Ross' oldest daughter has been impregnated again, and some LeBaron family members think LeTrisha has been married to her brother, Natanial. It's a sad state of affairs that law enforcement in Iron County and the AG's office have done NOTHING in the past 15 months.

Ross' oldest son, Wayne LeBaron, is a firm believer in his dad's religion (incest), and didn't lift a finger to protect his little sisters. I hope the authorities go after Wayne too. Shame on you, Wayne, for not being a better big brother.

Anonymous said...

Please remember these kids have had little exposure to the outside world. They did not go to school, saw few movies, and learned only what there dad taught. In short they have stolkholm syndrome. They don't understand how wrong their actions are, and if they ever find out they will have a lot of anger. This is a sad and horrible situation that must be handled with great care for the children's sake. Law enforcement has been contacted repeatedly reqarding these kids for at least 25 years. They would not even assist in getting these kids into school. Media is a sad way to handle it, but sometimes it is the only way to push law enforcement.

Sadly Watching.

bbgae said...
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ME said...

I have been quietly monitoring this blog for the last few months after reading "Escape". I've found it both interesting and very informative. Although I don't believe, or truly understand plural marriage, I am glad to see that it works well for some. In general,all one usually hears is how bad and destructive FDLS is. And it may be, I'm not here to judge that.
What is horrible is incest. I do hope the issue is seriously looked into by LE. Anytime women and children are subjugated in ANY secret society, everyone loses.
I've read several books on the LeBaron family and find them to be a very scarey group!
If I have offended anyone, my apologies.That has not been my intent. Not being affiliated in anyway with FDLS, I've never seen any reason to post a comment. But, this story is such a sad one.

onthestreet said...

What is horrible is incest. I do hope the issue is seriously looked into by LE. Anytime women and children are subjugated in ANY secret society, everyone loses.
1/28/2008 11:37 PM

Yes, incest is a crime, and the Prophet has cast out all such. The subjugation of wives is good. It's God's Word.

"Therefore, as the church is SUBJECT unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing" (Eph.5:24).

The Word of God. See, nothing wrong with subjugation. What is wrong is to NOT be in subjugation. Where abuse arise, the Lord and His Prophet cast them out. That is one of the great objections of the world, not being of Christ or His seed, but of the world. You being an unbeliever, or ignorant, doesn't mean that everyone else has to.

As far as LE looking into it, they've only been looking now for 150 years. Some of what you've read about the Lebarons is true. They've gone about killing people, but not in the name of God, for God says "Thou shalt not kill".

As for offenses, "offenses must needs come, but woe unto them by whom they come" (Mt.18:7). Still, I only sense in you a searching soul, and that is not offensive. The FLDS people will be okay, as long as they turn completely against the world and abide in the law given of God, not of man, the Constitutional Law.

Anonymous said...

I like Ross LeBarons family. I like them as people, but they have always seemed to have alot of secrets. I talked to Andrea a couple months after her mom died and she told me she was pregnant and looking forward to having her baby. She mentioned that with all this stress of having her mom die it was a relief to have something to look forward to.
It does make me a little sick to think maybe it was because her daddy was stressed too.

But I guess you have to say they are consenting adults. Just as with polygamy. As long as they are adults they can do what they want.

Anonymous said...

BTW I talked to URI and he said it is true, he singed the letter and has moved his office and everything out of Ross's plant and has kinda lost touch with the family.

I hope it is not true about Wayne supporting his papa. I like Saralee alot. And would hope she was not part of the loop.

Anonymous said...

Onthestreet how do you reconcile with the fact that Warren the one who kicked out others for incest committed the same crimes against his sister and his own dauter?

onthestreet said...

Well, okay to be honest, we all agree that what he said is that he was "indiscreet" with them. That's what the audio recording actually said. "Incest" is just the definition and accusation that others have added, because that's the direction of the bandwagon and the grossness of their own hearts.

In the ultraconservative church of the FLDS, "indiscreet" is to think or to look, even if you don't do anything after the thought or the looking. All FLDS and former FLDS, and all the world also, know this, and let's see: He was also an unmarried teenager, just past his adolescence. Will you damn your own chemistry, and your very life?

Do you see where you've twisted and contorted, like so many demons within you, desperate to accuse because a man has fulfilled God's Word in casting out devils (Matt.10:34). Devil means "accuser". They were immoral and accusatory even in their sins, so they had to be handled to keep the peace among the more righeous. And now, I with him, can say that I am the most wicked man since Adam, because I with the most of humanity once committed the wickedness of thinking or looking toward a woman. Therefore, like most of the wicked, "most wicked".

That's confession, which is not a crime but a virtue, and required of God (Lev.26:40, James 5:16, I John 1:9). Only judges and lawyers count it as crime. Yet, the Prophet and his trustees repent of their perceived sins or weaknesses, and therefore are righteous. It is not the strong by their own alliances that prevail, but "The weak things of the earth are made strong".

"God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty" (I Cor.1:27).

Even Christ the most righteous, even sinless, repented that He made man, and confessed (Matt.10:32). Therefore, is He wicked, the Lord of us all, because He repented and confessed? Only the wicked turn virtues into crimes, and crimes into virtues, and call good evil and evil good, in direct fulfillment of the prophecy (Is.5:20).

Now we can all see that this Prophet Warren obeys the Lord, if no one else does, making himself less than any living man. Like Christ, the Prophet and the most innocent in our midst in our day surrendered without a fight. "The least shall be first, and the first shall be last" (Matt.19:30). "I am the first and the last" (Is.44:6).

Where does that leave the rest of the world, in confessing no sin and yet are full of sin, as the Lord says: "Satan deceiveth the whole world" (Rev.12:9). Only the devastations of the next few months will prove who is innocent and who is not, "and who will be able to stand" (Rev.6:17, Matt.12:25).

The righteous "SHALL suffer persecution" (2 Tim.3:12). Which church today suffers the most persecution? There is the righteous, and only they are reconciled.

Anonymous said...

At what point street do you come to realize you've been bamboozled by Warren?

Warren, the person who was to be so perfect also tried to kill himself.

... behavior not very becoming of a "prophet" nor very courageous.

It's certainly not for us to judge but at some point you've got to call a spade a spade and realize the truth.

Do you really want to let a man who has confessed to these things, who has married girls as young as 12, who has tried to take his own life because of his guilt, who was thrown out of his father's house for a time because of his indiscretions with his sister, and who knows what else that hasn't seen the light of day yet, is this the kind of person you are going to let run your life?

onthestreet said...


Tried to kill himself? Or did his jailers try to kill him by his own hand, by feeding him behavior-altering drugs? Then, maybe the drugs caused him some headbanging, and they equated that to attempted suicide for sensational public consumption.

Then again, even Jesus tried to kill himself, or to have it done, and succeeded:

"Drink it, this is my blood" (Mt.26:27).

"And Caiaphas...prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation" (John 11:51).

There, a spade is a spade: Caph: Blood or wine; Saphad: Lamentation; Calaph: Overthrow.

“Thrown out for a time”? Why do you think that his father and the Lord rejoice in him more than any other, so much as to put him at the head and to give him the glory of suffering for Jesus Christ? “And the son said unto him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son. But the father said unto his servants: Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet, and bring hither the fatted calf and kill it, and let us eat and be merry, for this my son was dead, and is alive again”. And a brother was angry and would not go in. A truly repentant son who returns and even follows in the footsteps of his father is truly alive in him, is he not.

“Married girls at 12”? Age 12 is the Ancient Order, the Bat Mitzvah, the age for maidens to enter into their adulthood, as even Jesus entered into his adulthood at age 12 (Luke 2:42). See, every accusation against him is his righteousness, but the accuser is named Lucifer. The Lord in His revelation has revealed unto me the high position of this man in the Kingdom of God. Who are you to refute God? So, at what point do you come to realize that you have been bamboozled by Lucifer himself?

astralblue62 said...


The boy who came home, the prodigal son, was welcomed home with open arms BECAUSE he left and tried to find his own way. He didn't mindlessly follow his father, he struck out on his own and learned some pretty valuable lessons.
God said that we should trust NOT in the arm of flesh, because every ego is here to deceive others in order to build it's OWN self up.
Anybody attempting to leave the Flds is not only NOT welcomed back with open arms, they become the enemy. Suddenly, the community is AFRAID of them and out comes the order to destroy.
There have been MANY who have felt ostracized because they did not pattern their very lives on the weave given out by whichever so-called PROFIT happens to be in control at the moment.

The ONLY person who can find God for you, IS YOU!!! Meditate on it...........

onthestreet said...

Asstralblue said: God said that we should trust NOT in the arm of flesh, because every ego is here to deceive others in order to build it's OWN self up...
The ONLY person who can find God for you, IS YOU!!! Meditate on it...........2/05/2008 8:35 PM

Well then, if we ourselves are the only ones who can find God, then by your very assertion you are deceived from the get-go, because you're suddenly trusting in the arm of flesh, your own. So, like you just said: "You deceive to build up yourself", by the very act of trusting in yourself, the arm of flesh, as the only one who can find God, unaided by any mediator. Denying the need of a mediator, you deny the very Christ Himself, for He is a mediator, and here is what He says about the proof and vital necessity of prophets:

“Ye shall know them by their fruits” (Mt. 7:16).

“On these two laws hand ALL the law and the PROPHETS” (Mt.22:40).

“Would God that ALL the Lord’s people were PROPHETS” (Num.11:29).

“Think NOT that I am come to destroy the law and the PROPHETS” (Mt. 5:17).

“I will send them PROPHETS, and some they shall slay and persecute” (Lk.11:49).

“Behold, I send unto you PROPHETS…and some of them ye shall kill and crucify” (Mt.23:34).

“He speaks by the mouth of His holy PROPHETS, which have been since the world began” (Lk. 1:70).

“If they hear not…the PROPHETS, they will not be persuaded, though one rose from the dead” (Lk.16:31).

Mediate on it.

onthestreet said...

REPLY (Continued):
Mediate on it. If ye have no mediator to watch the flock AGAINST FALSE SHEPHERDS, while the master is away, and to teach and lead you to the Lord, yearning for Zion, the Lord Himself speaks in defense of His shepherd and His watchman:

“Like a lion on his prey, when a multitude of SHEPHERDS (CHURCHES) is called forth against him…the Lord shall come down to fight for Mount Zion” (Is.31:4).

“Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are SHEPHERDS WHICH CANNOT understand. They all look to their own way, every one for his gain…Say they: Tomorrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant” (Is.56:11).

You seek to devour the FLDS flock: “Thus saith the Lord God. Behold, I AM AGAINST THE SHEPHERDS…I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them…in the day that He is among His sheep that are scattered” (Ezek.34:10-12).

“THE WATCHMAN (singular) cried and told the King. And the King said: If he be alone, there is tidings in his mouth”
(2 Sam.18:25).

“For thus hath the Lord said unto me: Go, SET A WATCHMAN (singular)”…The watchman said: The morning cometh, and also the night” (Is.21:6, 12): The Lord cometh, but first persecution and darkness and a falling away, just as the Prophet Warren taught for many years, and which the churches now refute (the Word of God).

“Let no man deceive you by any means, for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first” (2 Thess.2:3).

Anonymous said...

Would you stop with the scripture quoting already! It's sorta creepy.

onthestreet said...

Ahh, God's Word "sorta creepy". There's your antichrist!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment!

onthestreet said...

Yes sir, glad to be of service.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, some of the older LeBaron boys were trying to track Ross down. Apparently, Ross has moved his wives-daughters, and their kids, out of Cedar City. As far as I know, they are all in hiding. I wonder who is running the herb business in Cedar City. Glad to hear that Uri bailed on his dad. Too bad about Wayne, he's got a good head on his shoulders, but is very motivated by power and control, like his father. Wayne doesn't have the stomach for incest, but strongly supports polygamy. Although, down the line, Wayne will probably marry his daughters Wayne's wife, Saralee, is from Colorado City, so she just goes along with whatever the men say.

Sad times for all involved

Anonymous said...

This is very similar to what the United Latter-day Church of Jesus Christ Intl. practices. There are some real horror stories coming out about that group.

I found this:


Anonymous said...

More Lebaron news, seems that FBI thinks they are closing in on a killer from that family. Tarsa LeBaron has a bounty of $20,000 on her head. In a TV station report the FBI was qouted, : "The FBI believes that some people in Utah, possibly in polygamy groups, are in contact with LeBaron. They're encouraging anyone with information to step forward, if not for the reward, then just to get a very dangerous woman behind bars." LeBaron

Anonymous said...

All true and I knew Ross too! 4 children from this union. Its the "pure seed" doctrine or bloodline just like the Kingstons, but Ross didn't stop at just his daughter. DNA does not lie!


Anonymous said...

Ross recently spoke to one of his sons, and Ross said that he has no fear of Utah law enforcement with regards to his incest practices. Ross also balked at any mention that he was "in hiding" or "on the run". Apparently Ross spent alotta time researching Utah law, and he's confident that he can have sex with all of his brainwashed daughters if he wants to. And bear as many children as he wants to with them.

Affidavits were filed with LE over 18 months ago, and Ross is right, law emforcement has done nothing. The boys even turned over the DNA results to Utah law enforcement, and nothing has been done.

Maybe powerful Mormon legislatures and law enforcement in Utah are afraid to prosecute Ross. Maybe they would rather ignore Ross because they don't want the bad Press. Or maybe a good investigative reporter, like John Dougherty, might start researching all the incest and pedaphilia occuring inside the Mormon Church.

Utah law enforcement has cleverly convinced Ross' sons (the boys who did the DNA tests) that there isn't a strong enough case to go after Ross. Yeah, like five children with two daughters doesn't constitute evidence... oh, and the statute of limitations has expired... sure it has... Andrea, Ross' oldest daughter, just had another baby...

Kinda makes ya wanna puke!

Elend S. LeBAron said...

My name is Elend S. LeBaron. I am Ross W. LeBaron Jr’s fourth son. My brothers, Alaric C. LeBaron, David Uri LeBaron and I conducted the DNA testing that confirmed that incest is being practiced in our family.

I am writing this information to answer questions that many may have and to rally your support and assistance for our cause.

The statute of limitations for incest in Arizona is seven years. My dad’s first child with his daughter was conceived while they lived in Arizona, giving Arizona jurisdiction. However, this happened more than nine years ago, clearly past the statute of limitations. It is not clear where they lived when the second child was conceived, making it difficult for either Arizona or Utah to determine jurisdiction. Also, I am not certain, but I believe that the second child was conceived more than seven years ago as well.

The statute of limitations for incest, in Utah, is four years. This is clearly too short and needs to be changed, but is not our primary problem. The last two children fall within the statute of limitations.

I am only mentioning all this about statute of limitations for clarification. Our real problem is the definition of incest within the statutes of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. The statutes in these states, and probably most other states, define incest as sexual intercourse with various close relatives. I looked up the statutes myself. It is not illegal to artificially inseminate yourself with a close relative’s semen.

DNA test can easily and accurately prove who the father of these children is. However, it is nearly impossible to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that intercourse has occurred without the testimony of one of the participants. The turkey baster defense was successfully used in the Blackmore case, in Arizona, only a few years ago.

We have to get the statutes on incest revised, so as to include the intent to reproduce. We are past the deadlines to introduce new legislation this year. I can come up with state representatives in Utah, Arizona and Nevada that will sponsor a bill for next year’s legislative session. I need someone with connections in Colorado.

We also need the backing of law enforcement. It will be very difficult to get a bill through legislation without the support of law enforcement (either genuine or superficial). The media will be our primary tool to get the laws changed.

Changing the laws will not help law enforcement to prosecute for the incest that has already occurred. However, prosecuting my dad is not our purpose. It is a means to our purpose. Our purpose is to do everything we can to stop the incest from continuing. Our primary objective is to protect my youngest sister that is now sixteen years old. If we don’t stop the incest from continuing, there is a high probability that my youngest sister will eventually participate in incest and her life will become permanently and severely damaged.

Getting the incest laws revised, so that they are enforceable, will probably help my youngest sister. It will also help a great many other children that are in similar circumstances.

Until recently, we have resisted media coverage on this story. However, since we discovered that the laws regarding incest must be changed, we have been seeking as much media coverage as possible. The story will break in a week or two.

For the last two years, my brothers, Alaric, Uri and I have suspected that my dad was practicing incest, but were not sure.
About eight years ago I confronted my dad regarding whether or not incest was occurring. My dad looked me in the eyes and adamantly stated that incest was not going on and my sister was married to someone outside the family. He later claimed that she was married to Joseph Knutson. There were also many other comments from various family members, within my dad’s circle, that supported his story.

Alaric, Uri and I believed my dad’s story until we discovered a three year old niece that had been hidden from us. After that we were not sure what to believe. With hind sight, we were in denial. We didn’t want to accept that our dad, mother and other brothers and sisters would participate in something that was this sick and twisted.

A few days after we discovered our three year old niece, my brother Jeremiah died in a boating accident and three weeks later, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a few months to live. Due to these traumatic events, Alaric, Uri and I began spending large amounts of time with the rest of our family. During this time with our family, evidence surfaced that contradicted the story we had been told about my sisters and their supposed husbands.

After my mom passed away Alaric, Uri and I began discussing the logistics and eventually conducted DNA testing that confirmed our worst nightmare. With the positive DNA test results, there was no denying it, our family was practicing incest.

In some ways it was more painful to accept the truth about my family’s incest than my mom’s or brother’s death. Death is a natural part of life, and there is some comfort in that. With incest, there is no comfort. It is just terrible and unnatural. That’s it!

Since the test results came back positive, Alaric, Uri and I have made an intense and focused effort to do everything we can to stop the incest. We have a long ways to go and could use all the help we can get.

When our bill goes before the legislature next year, I don’t want to find out that we were over confident and lost by a few votes. We need as much media coverage as we can get. Also, after the story breaks, we need people to call their state representatives and express their concerns. When we get to the next legislative session, we need everyone to call again.

This has been a difficult battle and I expect that we have a long way to go. We will very much appreciate any help we can get.

Elend S. LeBaron

Anonymous said...

Well said. Communication is turning out to be one of the (most obviously) least used mediums in families as well as communities, large and small. The closing down of communication is the first sign that some ego is out of control. Families are rarely interested enough in their own welfare to make their laundry public, that such can be cleaned, simply because nobody LIKES looking at it. Someone who cares enough about the welfare of their siblings to air what has been aired here, deserves all the help he can get. Meanwhile, I believe that Ross has recently entered the bragging stage. It's only a matter of time.....

Anonymous said...

Hi - I just found this blog. Do any of you know Joseph Knutson? He would be about 50 years old now. He used to work in the San Diego area and live in Colorado City. I knew him when I was in college in the late 1970's. I was just wondering if he's caught up in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Knutson is more of an unsuspecting victim in this affair as he probably doesn't really even know Andrea Lebaron. She and her father used his name to defer attention from the reality.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person who said this:

"But I guess you have to say they are consenting adults. Just as with polygamy. As long as they are adults they can do what they want."

No they can't do what they want. There are laws against it because incest increases the chances of their children having deformities and passing the same on to their children. My great grandparents were first cousins and all of their children were deaf. Both my mother and her siblings all had hearing loss starting in their early 40s. One of my brothers has had significant hearing loss staring in his 40s. I may be next.

Anonymous said...

Incest... I know you all don't want to hear it, but it should be based on science, not bible nonsense.

Animals with superior genes are inbred, resulting in better animals. I don't know if anybody ever told you, but humans are animals also.

I say if a family has better genes, and they can prove it, then they should be able to inbreed. Of course, if it can be proven a family has really bad genes that cause problems like retardation or deformities, then they should not inbreed.

That's how it should work, period. Anything else doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Mike Watkiss outted Ross LeBaron on channel 3 in Phoenix a few nights ago, and KSL in SLC aired the same story. Ross has finally been exposed for the carnal primate that he is. Gorillas and chimpanzees impregnate their daughters too. Ross LeBaron is ruled by his appetites and his need for absolute power and control over all those around him. Ross cannot and will not associate himself with anyone who doesn't cowtow and kiss his spotty and loathesome behind.

The Ross LeBaron story will grow much bigger because many details that have not come out in the press yet. Ross' house of cards is about to tumble....

Anonymous said...

I can say that I personally know Ross LeBaron and his family. He is not a very sane or rational man. Unfortunately his children (whom are all good people) will never have the normal childhood that most children do.

for the most part, I am very sad about this whole FLDS fiasco. People simply fear anything that is different. While I grew up in your standard family unit, I understand that different religions have different doctrines. This isn't a bad thing. And these people - while they may look strange to the outside world, and worry people with their close knit communities - are mothers and fathers who love eachother and their kids.

If we wanted to bring out skeletons, we could talk about catholic priests or some other form of religion. There are bad people in the world, and they do not represent the entirety of people as a whole.

I've had the pleasure of knowing some wonderful people who happened to be part of the polygamist lifestyle. There is always at least one bad apple per barrel. Don't let this reflect on all the other apples.

Anonymous said...

What some perverted Catholic Priests have done in the past does and should not lower our ethical and moral standards.

Ross LeBaron Jr is a very filthy stinking pervert of the worst kind who has incest with his very own daughters and his children from this illicit coupling is a "man" that is both their Father, Uncle, Grandfather all in one package. Ross LeBaron has two uncles and an Aunt that were documented insane as well as a Sister that lived their lives in a mental institution and prison. Ross has also server time in prison and needs to be back there where he belongs.

This incest is not genetic improvement, but genetic degradation for his offspring and a further burden to the State and tax payers who has already had to pay a heavily in medical bills for his!

I am totally surprised that so far the State of Utah and Arizona has allowed Ross to continually hide his crimes behind the skirts of religion.

Anonymous said...

There is evidence that Wayne has a second wife that is also his full blood sister!

Nathaniel LeBaron also with his sister. Looks like a bunch of hillbillies having a “free for all”

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Ross has a speech impediment and Uncles and Aunts and a sister that are mentally ill as well as an epileptic brother!

Anonymous said...

Wayne does not want to be a big brother, because he has his finger in the same kind of pie!

Anonymous said...

now you are prejudging have you met a lebaron in the colony in mexico good hard working people just like people inj colorado city or any other place in the world poligamus or not good and bad are all over but why pre judging i used toi live in fredonia and knew many sisters wives and never pre judged thenm they were just my friends

Anonymous said...

This tribe is the sickest one i have ever seen in my life :O