Thursday, May 03, 2007

How Warren hid from the Law

I read an interesting article on the Salt Lake Tribune Polygamy site about a Musser who was called on a work mission by Warren to protect some of his wives in 'safe houses'. A riveting story- I suggest it to anyone.


Anonymous said...

This young Musser lad has had his wive and little boy taken away from him and he is suing Warren to find out where his family is.

I am proud of this brave young man standing up for his rights. Warren has no right tearing this family apart.

These days it seems that court action is the only thing that gets a reaction from Warren.

Chief said...

Am attempting to keep up with this "saga" on the Musser family blog ... Http://Www.MuSsBloG.Com

Anonymous said...

Which Musser is this young mans father?

Anonymous said...

David Musser

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear about Dan Timpson
(still faithful to warren) getting a DUI? Whats strange is he isn't even kicked out yet. Though Wendell M sure got the boot faster than anyone. Hmmm... I wonder if Will(the bishop) evens knows about Dan's boozing, he probably does but they're brothers so Dan is safe(he hopes) for now. We'll see what happens eh

5/11/2007 9:05 AM

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:05
What difference does it make to you???? I dont understand why you are so worried about it.

Anonymous said...

I think anon 9:05 AM is just trying to point out the hypocracy that occurs in the Creek.

Kind of like the "do as I say, but not as I do" mentality.

And if you do ... DON'T GET CAUGHT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares???? You cant do anything about what other people do and sitting making sure that everybody knows that Dan Timpson may have a drinking problem, may be like the pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

I bet if the person that posted that little "tidbit" about Dan were honest, they have commited sins LOT worse than that. What difference does it make to YOU, ye bearer of malicious gossip, that someone poor unfortunate soul made a mistake like that? Can you imagine what his life must be like? Do you think your spreading the news is going to make things any better? Exactly what were you trying to accomplish by posting this MULTIPULE TIMES ON DIFFERENT THREADS? Did you get what you wanted? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel that you improved the world by your helpful little deed? Really, please share with us the motivation behind your sweet and charitable little action! Oh, and one more thing.....just so you know, you better be keeping your nose VERY clean, because the universe is going to give you what you dished out to Dan, only times ten! So have fun with that! I will be watching the arrest column for your name in the near future!!!

Anonymous said...

Would someone please explain the signifigance of wearing white ties by high ranking Flds males?A bit off topic,but I would like to know
the reason for it.Thanx,

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:07, ok whatever your trying to do we get it alright! as for anon 3:34 don't stress yourself out so bad
over something so ridiculous.
there's too much bickering on here

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:36,
I dont think that the is and signifigance of wearing white ties, if there is i never knew about it.

ATAR_i said...

It's difficult to be a whistleblower if you only have access to a portion of information. Not that being a watchdog is wrong - just difficult especially in an extremely private group.

bbgae said...

As far as I am aware, there is no specific significant meaning behind the white ties worn by prominent FLDS men. I think it was just what Roy Johnson and Rulon Jeffs preferred to wear, and the others followed.

Anonymous said...

Why do the Cenntenial Park and A.U.B. apostles still dress in that fashion?If it was just Roy and Rulon Jeffs personal style why
would the off-shoot groups still maintain it?

Anonymous said...

the custom of wearing white ties and black suits was not originaly an FLDS custom,but started with the Mormon church in the late 1800's and early 1900's,Up until the 1920's or so the Mormon church apostles wore similar garb at formal occasions.

bbgae said...

Thank you for jarring my memory. I think you are right. :)

feralfem said...

Wendell Musser got to visit his family -- followed by disappointment:

Nephew of Warren Jeffs Gets Bittersweet Reunion
{ }

FLDS exile finds wife, son
{ }

ATAR_i said...

Firstly, how horrid for both of them. Her pressured by everything in her life, him, torn from his family.


1. Wendells a hottie
2. I mean....He is really cute
3. OMG how can she not want that!

I just think it's so totally tragic.

I just have one question - why weren't they officially married? I guess I thought the first wife got to be official - is that changing?

bbgae said...

As far as I know there never was a set rule stating the first wife had to be legally married to her husband. It is just what usually happens- an option.
I have heard of an instance where the first wife was legally married to a man, then he got given a second wife who was Canadian and he divorced his first wife (they were still spiritually married and lived together as husband and wife) so he could legally marry the Canadian girl making her immigration to the US legal.
I also had a close friend who was a first wife and she and her husband opted not to get legally married because they already had the same last name. (Don't worry, they were fifth cousins.)
I also have heard a number of people voice the opinion it was god's rules that mattered anyway, not the laws of the land and then continue in that same vein about legal marriages' unimportance.

Anonymous said...

This story about Wendell Musser makes me VERY sad!

I don't think it is right to tear a loving family apart like this.

I also don't think it is right to brainwash Vivian like this so that she abandons her husband.

He is the boy's father and he has parental rights. I am glad he is suing Warren.

The FLDS group is very cruel sometimes.

bbgae said...

I really feel for Vivian. I, too, once listened to my parents and did what I thought was right, turning my back on the man I loved and acting as thought he did not matter to me when in reality it was the furthest thing from the truth.

I just hope she comes to realize what it is she is really doing and then has the courage to find Wendall.

I also hope Wendall does not give up on her. He said she loved him once- maybe she still does.

Anonymous said...

Yes I hope that Vivian does end up wanting him back, really soon.

Anonymous said...

Afternoon soap operas on TV can't match the petty, self absorbed, infantile behavior demonstrated by those who practice adulterous affairs as attested to on tis blog.

You who live right in the middle of the community seem to be so shocked that people behave in such a way.

Probably, had one of us had been born and reared in your community, we would come to believe that this behavior, long ago deemed harmful to family units by mainstream Christianity, was considered to be normal yet, if an individual from within the unit commits any sin (deemed sin by the prophet)he is condemned forever. Not only that but his family, his flesh and blood, are taken from him, without legal action, and given into an adulterous relationship with another man without even a moment's notice.

He'll be shopppong for a new wife next week. She'll have to be a cast out too. No one of the way would dare defy the perfect prophet, god on this planet, for the present.

That, is only a sample of how brain washed you have become. You chit-chat gossip with life changing events being treated as being mere trivia. Ho-hum!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the latest in daytime drama: Esther's affair with her son by Hyrum's cousin's aunt's son...............Ephrim's father just found that George's half brother's father-in-law is having an affair with his (Ephrim's)fresh new little twelve-year-old celestial wife Amy. Ephrim hasn't seen Amy since their wedding night seven weeks ago. She was lonely, and HE )George's father-in-law WAS available........the child, if a boy, will be named Joseph or, if a girl the meantime....

bbgae said...


11:27- Are you the same person who has been posting those "this blog is history" posts? If so, the above is one of your best posts yet.

No. Really. I liked it. We get so caught up in the way things used to be and what we remember and specultaing on the way it might be in Colorado City now, that a fresh outside view is nice.

I especially lked the soap oper part.

However, I disagree that Wendall will be looking for another wife next week. I also doubt if in the futur he does remarry it will be to another ex- creeker.

(FYI- some of us left for the express purpose of marrying someone outside of that gene pool.)

ATAR_i said...

tell me more anon...
: )