Friday, January 26, 2007

New Photos of FLDS in Eldorado

Hello World,

The house that was under construction is finished. Sugar cane has been harvested and fields are plowed, ready for new crop. Most of the water lines have been installed. Close up of water tank reveals omni wireless antenna. Women and children are out this time.. several photos. Deer and antelope are everywhere and being fed by multiple feeders. Warehouses have been enlarged for something.

All is calm. Warren’s incarceration has had little effect on compound. They are as busy as they always have been. Enjoy..


JQ seer said...

I read some of the comments from other people on your other posts.... i just had a couple of questions.... do people really get kicked out? or are there a set of standards that if they are not followed the get the choice to straighten up or get out? with you having been a part of them or have family in there i thought you might have an idea and it seems people post on that are currently a member. if you can or will help me understand this or anyone that reads this comment can email me at put something in the comment line so i wont accidently delete it. the info i get is completely confidential and i will be the only one to read it... im just trying to understand distant relatives. my grandpa and some barlows and zittings worked together in the 30's and things so...

Anonymous said...

If a person would like to understand the perspective that non mormons had of mormons in the mid to later 1800s they need look no further than the current FLDS.

And you wounder why most towns and states ran them off?

The similarities run deeper. Jeffs' arrest is viewed as unjustified persecution of the FLDS prophet and to many "testifies" of his divinity.

The exact same feelings that the members had when Joseph Smith was ran down and killed.

Anonymous said...

The founder of mormonism and the FLDS, Joseph Smith, carried out his life in the same manner as Warren Jeffs.

Any mormon(LDS) member that feels the arrest of Jeffs is justified is a hypocrite.

But alas, most members do not know squat about their own religion, and therefore will never see any parallels between Jeffs and Smith.

fttc said...


Thanks for the pics. As always, wish they were closer but I know that is not possible. You're doing a great service to those of us who have relatives at the compound as well as others who are interested.

Anon 4:18

Yes, there are parallels. I cannot speak for the LDS members and their knowledge of history. I am aware of the FLDS and their knwoledge of history. Most of them only know the history that warren has taught, especially the youth. The parallels that exist are those that warren has fabricated or arranged. If anyone has an open mind they will see more perpendiculars than parallels to JS. It is only those with a closed mind full of warrenism that cannot see it.

It is my belief that there is a significant number of men and women in the FLDS that have known things are not right with warren. For whatever reason they have not spoken out. The inevitable result has been that they have lost the power to speak. If you will look at the rise of facism in Germany through the 1930's you will see some parallels that lack the perpendiculars.

fttc said...
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Anonymous said...


do you REALLY believe that JS had dug up those plates?
do you REALLY believe that God blessed all of his sexual relationships?
or was that just something he wanted everyone to believe?

the more you research JS and WJ
the more differences you'll find
but the more you'll realize
they're one in the same

WJ IS the true prophet
but the prophet of what?

keep sweet eldorado

fttc said...


Perhaps it will disappoint you but the answer to both is an emphatic YES! Your ideas about JS seem to be somewhat distorted from the truth however. That would be the only explanation for your second paragraph. Your last question I am still wondering about.

Anonymous said...

Living Hope Ministries website. This is the video they are working on.
"Behind The Veil of Polygamy"
What does polygamy have to do with Mormonism? Who is living true Mormonism...Gordon Hinckley or Warren Jeffs? A short teaser of Living Hope Ministries' new feature-length documentary on Mormon polygamy, due for release this spring.

Anonymous said...

Someone should answer JQ SEER's question. Someone that knows perferably, maybe Joseph could take this one up.


hydrolab said...

Great photos Pilot, thanks. One of the pics shows a white plastic-lined earthen water reservoir, apparently used for drilling an oil well.

Which leads me to a question. Does anyone know if the YFZ purchased the land without the mineral rights? I can't imagine they would do that, but it is common practice in TX to sell land and retain mineral rights.

On another note, many of the deer you see in the photos are Axis deer, along with Black-buck Antelope. Both species are exotic (imported) and can be harvested any time of the year. The Axis are quite yummy indeed.

ATAR_i said...

I'm curious about mineral rights too?

Is there some sort of federal permit necessary for drilling oil?

hydrolab said...

In TX, the requirement is to obtain a permit through the Railroad Commission of Texas. The Railroad Commission is the agency that administers laws relating to oil and gas production.

ATAR_i said...

interesting, is that public record?

Anonymous said...

It would be public record if anyone filed for a permit to drill a well anywhere. That's not going to happen at the YFZ Ranch. The biggest reason is that no one has found any commercial quantities of oil or gas near the ranch. Oil men are business men. They aren't willng to risk huge piles of money to drill a well where they are unlikely to find anything. Secondly, the mineral rights on the ranch are divided up among several heirs of previous owners. The man who sold the ranch sold the mineral rights he owned which included executive rights, meaning that even though the YFZ doesn't own anywhere close to the majority of the mineral rights beneath their land, they control them with the executive rights.

ThePilot said...

Actually, the oil well is the second dry hole they hit on the Griffin Ranch. They are drilling for natural gas. About 300 yards north of FLDS fence line. Anon 9:51 is correct about the executive rights to the compound. They have the authority to determine who, and if, anyone drills on their land.
There are large natural gas reservoirs along county road 300, but as luck would have it, not there...