Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Funeral Today 1/10

Glenn and Elaine Barlows daughter had a seizure and died.

Sam Y.'s child was playing in the yard and had a freak accident with a rope.

FLDS have private funerals and graveside.


Anonymous said...

Who is Sam Y?

annonymousofficegirl said...

Sam Y. is Uncle Sam Barlow Sr.'s son, and is also one of the lead paramedics in town. What kind of accident? Was it Lily's or Annett's child? I worked with Sam Y. and he's a real decent guy. I'm sorry about the accident.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sother Marah. Hows it going?

Anonymous said...

Is that you Pakid Helel?

ATAR_i said...

Did the little Barlow girl have pre-existing condition or was she previously healthy.

Although not unheard of, it us unusual that someone would die following a seizure. The respirations are suspended for a period, and a person might turn blue, but soon begins to breathe again on their own.

I watched a little girls seize 24/7 probably about every 3-4 minutes (and ON massive seizure medications). Not all were gran mal seizures, but enough that she lost control each time, and the effects were devastating on her health, but she did not die.

I wonder if the seizure was prompted by something else - perhaps an aneurism, causing a seizure, but the bleed/stroke/aneurism was the mortal blow, not the seizure.

Or did she seize and cause a mortal wound to her body?

Not that it's important, but it actually could be. If it was an aneurism (it could be an AVM) - which is congenital - which means that her siblings could have the same thing and should be checked out.

Can you explain more about the freak accident with a rope. Did she hang herself somehow?

How old were both these children?

Anonymous said...


It was a pre-existing condition. First, Elaine mentioned on the post is also known as Kim Elaine. Her mother's name is also Elaine. Kim Elaine's mother, Elaine, is a daughter of Virgil Jessop. Virgil Jessop is a brother to Mattie Barlow, who is Louis Barlow's mother. Louis is Glen's father. Louis and Elaine are first cousins. Glenn and Kim Elaine are second cousins. Glenn and Kim Elaine are one couple of four sets of second cousins who are married to each other. All of these couples have children with genetic problems (fumarase defficiency?). The little girl who died of a seizure was one of the affected children.

ATAR_i said...

OK, I didn't follow that at all, but I get the gist.

That's too bad, I hope her parents and siblings can find some comfort.