Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Officer Fred Barlow "Jeffs" swears his allegiance to Warren

This letter was published in the Salt Lake Tribune as an investigation involving the Colorado City/ Hildale police officers continues. Read it and be amazed!!!


red rocks girl said...

well, I guess we can all tell where Officer Fred's loyalties lie and it's not with that badge that he drags through the mud every time he puts it on.

red rocks girl said...
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furnace said...

I feel the media often tells more that should be told. It should be reported that an officer is seeking guidance from a religious leader in his position as an officer, but Fred's privacy should still be respected.

Anonymous said...

That is what your dealing with over there, they won't put people into a cops uniform that don't 100% support WJ. You could decertify that whole police force and it would just be a matter of time before you'd need to do it all over again.


Anonymous said...

Colorado City,Hilldale would be much better off with no police than to keep the current officers,who neither protect
or serve anyone but Warren and Co.
Do the Colorado City Cops have juristiction in Cenntenial Park?

furnace said...

I should clarify. The first paragraph should be shouted to the world. The second paragraph should be kept private.

Anonymous said...

Fred's jepodized his position as an officer by not testifying to things he saw and people he saw do it while he had his badge on.

By his actions he has let his allegiance to his faith and prophet overide his allegiance to his job as an peace officer.

When Fred put his badge on he should no longer be FLD.

He should be public servant who is to uphold the law and protect his community no matter who they are.

But Fred fears the one who can take his salvation and family the most...and it is not the POST.

furnace said...

When CNN's Anderson Cooper totally misrepresented me and my wife, I tried to defend myself on their blog. I watched hopelessly as people made judgmental comments against me on CNN's blog about something they knew nothing about, and any rebuttal I tried to post was refused because it contained "personal information." Now, I was posting with intent of the whole world reading my post, and CNN was "too professional" to post something with "personal information". (Either that, or they didn't want their story to flop.) Fred Barlow writes a letter expecting total privacy, and it is exposed to the world. Isn't the media a little two-faced at times?

ATAR_i said...

How frustrating furnace! Next time, let us know and we'll support you on the blog and get these yurbanites (yahoo urbanites) to listen to an intelligent argument.

Now, just FYI - I know a worker at a local public hospital. It was election time and the hospital sent out this information to all it's employees.

Firstly, before I'll give you the contents let me tell you that the parking for hospital staff is in the middle of nowhere - way far away from the hospital. No 'non worker' would consider parking there and taking the long walk. Patients and patrons get close parking.

The workers were told not to wear political stickers or buttons on clothing (no big deal), they were told not to have political bumper stickers, or even to have signs in their cars for candidates - and to remove them immediately or the cars would be towed.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, that's the employee parking lot, and in an employees car - what business is it of anyones what an employee has on his or her car.

Apparently the leadership didn't back down, and we're talking about janitors, nurses, doctors, lab technicians and etc and it doesn't affect their ability to do their job AT ALL.

So, if a questionable sherrifs deputy, writes a letter (he meant to be private...let me ad, all the men who film kiddie porn want that kept private too) where his allegiances are clearly spelled out - I think it's fair game.

If you want that position, and you're doing a crappy job, AND being paid by the government - and not fulfilling your job responsibilities - I'm not going to cry for you.

Hey, just like the kiddie porn people - busted!

muggsey said...

When any police officer completes training and are on their way to becoming a law officer they are required to take an oath of office.

The oath would be worded something like this: I ---- -----, being of sound mind, do hereby swear and affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of ----- and the laws thereof.

I futhermore swear, under oath, that I will faithfully execute the office of policeman, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, City Marshall, FBI Agent, Treasury Agent, US Marshall's office, truant officer, code inforcement officer (or any other title) related to the task to be undertaken.

So help me GOD.

Barlow's side letter of pronouncement that his support was always going to support Jeffs position is diametrically opposed to the oath of office he assumed when he became state certified. Now, if he hired as a personal security force for Warren Jeffs, and his efforts were not opposed to the laws of the United States and the State where he serves, he may serve in a security detail.

Barlow's problem is that he swore to uphold the legitimate laws of the nation. When he became a police officer, receiving pay from the City (ies), County, State or Federal Government or any other political sub-division of the same, he became responsible for upholding the laws of the political subdivision and not the whims of the unbalanced Jeffs.

furnace said...

When kiddie porn is busted, the porn is not shown on the internet. Why couldn't the sleazy media simply state that a letter exposed an officer wanting to make certain the police force was united with the prophet? Why must the person's private letter be exposed in entirety? I feel that was sleazy.

What happened with CNN is they came to our front door and expected my wife to slam the door in their face. Instead, she talked to them. They twisted it up that she was FLDS but rejected Warren and was looking for another prophet and that I was someday likely to get another wife. That's the story THEY fabricated before they ever showed up at our door, and they twisted everything she said to fit their pre-fabricated story. CNN wouldn't let my posts be posted on their blog.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Furnace about your experience with CNN. I did not get to see the episode.

But Furnace the letter along with others, was traveling with Seth Jeffs, who in turn, was running money and other things for a wanted man (Warren Jeffs) and would not tell the FBI Jeffs whereabouts, thus was sent to jail and then court.

I understand your defense of Fred's privacy with his prophet. It speaks volumes of your character. You have character.

But under the circumstances, it is public record.

When Fred a Public Servant of Arizona wrote a letter to a wanted man, "Jeffs" it became evidence and public record.

Now it will up to those who judge Fred Barlow in the performance of his duties and their take on the content of the letter to Jeffs.

No matter how you feel about the press, bad or good, freedom of the press is what keeps people honest.

If Shortcreek had a valid newspaper or radio that was not controlled by the priesthood, this community might of been spared all this upheaval and alerted the community to Warren's plots.

ATAR_i said...

Furnace - the media gets things wrong sometimes, it's unfortunate when it's you. When I see things I know about written up incorrectly it drives me crazy, I cannot even imagine if they were writing about ME - it would be soooo much worse.

But I'll have to agree with well written 7:44 post. It's just the way it is, and it's not just that way for the FLDS. The govenment doesn't get to make decisions and not let us, the citizens not see the evidence as to why they are saying and doing what they are doing.

If we extended that sort of standard for everything, we'd have to take 'their word' for everything - where would the accountability to the public be?

Also, you see a man humiliated, but just remember how ruthlessly that man disregarded his oaths to uphold the law, why should the law have compassion on him, and treat him any differently than it does anyone else?

muggsey said...

My previous refferance wasn't concerning CNN or any other media outlet. It concerned the responsibility of an individual who has taken an oath to serve as a peace officer. Obviously all potential evidence gathered as the result of an arrest will be brought before a court and determination will be made to decide if the gathered information has value as evidence in an on-going investigation. If so, it may be, upon a court's order admitted into evidence, if not it will not be allowed to be brought forth.

The letter in question gives strong testimony related to the case pending related to the reported activities of the Hildale-Colorado City Police Dept. in reference to upholding restraining orders and other violations related to property owned by UEP. Barlow's undeniable support of Jeffs, in all matters, brings his ability as an officer of the law under extreme question. His oath of office declares one thing and his full support of Jeffs and his cause points 180 degrees in the opposite direction. If he supports Jeffs he has become an obstructor of justice, and therefore is not serving the best interests of those people whom he is sworn to protect from such activities as those that seem to be running full speed ahead in support of Jeffs and his desires.

Anonymous said...


I feel your pain and frustration at being misrepresented to the world. I also see where you are coming from on your stand that the contents of the letter should not have been made public. I do however have a slightly different view on this matter...

As a private citizen, you have the right to your privacy and in whom you confide, seek guidance from, and feel accountable to. Any private communications should be kept that, private.

However, as a public servant (a Police Chief) you are accountable to the public which you are sworn to serve. If you don't want your life made public, don't take a job that requires accountability to the public. You can’t say you are going to protect the public’s interest and then go out of your way to only protect a certain man’s or groups interests.

If Fred's letter had only talked of private family matters, the raising of his children and his personal faith and belief in God, and had not mentioned anything concerning his work as Police Chief, then it should have been kept private. The problem is, the letter talked about the police force, expressed the police force's allegiance to Warren (that may not be so bad, except Warren’s allegiance is not to the laws of this country), and sought guidance from WARREN in their work as officers. To make it worse, this guidance was sought from a man in hiding from the law, and yet those sworn to uphold the law were not only aiding and protecting a fugitive, but were also seeking guidance in their duties as Officers from him! I may be wrong, but that is not protecting the best interest of the public, only that of Warren and his followers.

Because Fred is supposed to be accountable to the public, I think it was right that this letter and its contents were exposed. Also, keep in mind that there are always two sides to every story, and then there is the truth. Before totally condemning Fred, lets let those investigating him do their job.

As a side note, Warren seems to have passed his expensive tastes in automobiles on to Fred. His new Police Chief ride is an 07 GMC Yukon Denali (GMC version of a Cadillac Escalade). If you see it go by, just smile and know that your tax dollars are being well spent. :)


Anonymous said...

This is a little off the subject, but has anyone heard what David Bateman's sentence was?

Anonymous said...

who are Fred barlow's parents?

Anonymous said...

Joseph I Barlow, who has been booted, and Alice Zitting Barlow.

Anonymous said...

So Fred has put his loyalty to WJ above his loyalty to job and to his elderly parents, who could probably use his help now? It just goes to show how insidious the FLDS brainwashing can be.

Does anyone know where Fred father is? Has his mother been re-assigned? If so, to whom?

Anonymous said...

Fred's father the last i heard was in Washington Utah living by his self. his mother was given to Leroy Jeffs till he was kicked out. i have not heard if or who Leroys wife's were re-assigned to.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12/16/2006 6:19 PM

David Bateman was sentenced today. He received 9 months in prison and was taken into custody at the sentencing hearing.

For more info, see Mike Watkiss' news story on www.azfamily.com

Anonymous said...

Oh, and he must register as a sex offender, joining the ranks of Rodney Holm and at least one other CC resident.

Anonymous said...

It's about time too!

Anonymous said...

This probably explains how Val Jessop was able to use the police to frighten Lawrene. Someone needs to investigate this.

Anonymous said...

And does anyone have a clue what a sex offender has to go thru in jail or rehab?

ex creeker said...

12/26/2006 12:33 PM

Nothing compared to what you put the victim through. Turn yourself in!!