Sunday, October 08, 2006

Transcript of Warren Jeffs' talk Jan. 28, 2003

Has anyone ever seen warren full of emotion? Does anyone know where the monotone, speech originated - is it tradition? Does everyone speak that way? Is it considered better to speak that way?

If anyone can enlighten me on origins of the soft monotone voice I would be interested.

Do you think warren, if convicted, will ever be in general population? If so, do you think this demeanor might change with the added stress of general population?


Fredonia Friend said...

I can't imagine Warren will be housed in the general population if sent to state prison. For his own safety, I think he'll be placed in the mental health ward or the non-violent sex offender unit.

If he's lucky, he'll be convicted of some federal charges (although none have been filed that I know of). That way, he'll be in a much more comfortable prison and less likely to be harmed by inmates.

Men In Black said...

Most of the cassettes I have are similiar, he speaks slow and deliberate, almost as if trained or following a speech foremat. After Kenyon Blackmore abandoned some of his children and much of his belongs, books on hypnosis and leadership were discovered in boxes he had ledft behind. He was not the only self proclaimed leader to have studied mind control techniques.

I wouldn't put it past Warren, to of done the same!

Men In Black said...

I think its time we discuss the differences between the current leadership or incumbent in Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard and his challenger Bill Montgomery, running on the Republican ticket.

Can one impact the concerns in Colorado City better than the other and why? I say this having met with Mr. Montgomery last week. We examined documents from the 1987 Arizona DPS investigation, looked through the Rulon T. Jeffs theology book "In Light and Truth" from 1994 and addressed some of those 400 audio cassettes I was carrying with me last week.

Then another meeting with a congressman's staff, along with dialog with attorneys about another posible witness in the Jeffs case. Some inroads not yet created or made by the incumbents!

A West Point Graduate, a Tank Commander in Desert Storm and a former Gang Prosecutor, I found to be an interesting fellow.

Anonymous said...

Dang, that was boring.

Combine that with a "soft, nonotone voice", and you may have found the cure for insomnia.


muggsey said...

This blog is to inform, not entertain. Sometimes it does both, sometimes neither. It's perfection is tied directly to the wit and intelligence of those who contribute, and having done so, you are now a part of the mix. Decide, have you something informative to say? Witty? Profound? Or, are your contributions just weeds in the garden. Your choice.

ATAR_i said...

I was trying to read between the lines. MIB has something he wants to say, but I get the impression he can't tell all he knows.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you atar_i.
I would like to hear more about his visit.


onthestreet said...

Flatulance is neither witty, intelligent, nor informative, nor is it a substancial enough of a deposit to contribute to anything. Any lines you read between is just lines of manure.

Well! That was profound!

muggsey said...

Yes, we step over you each time we cross the cow lot.

onthestreet said...

The Sun shines to make that grass grow, and you step over that light? Then that light will step over you, and pass you bye.

Anonymous said...

Street, either shut up or go to bed. We don't want your drivel.

onthestreet said...

And who inquired into your unjust wants and needs, that you would snivel such drivel, and toss it with a shovel, your head so unlevel, that your master the Devil, completes your upheval?

Men In Black said...

Keep watching the news, this is far from over. We may even have OTS to thank for building a better case against Warren. Utah is round 1, Arizona round 2, round 3 may be federal charges. Then who knows, maybe another case and charges not yet introduced. But none of it was without help, even OTS! I've hinted it before, but a religious zealot OTS is fixated on his own tunnel vision, he needs to reread each posting! Keep posting, Warren needs more nails in his coffin. I think I might rename OTS to the "Undertaker".

4 more weeks and I will have more to say, but for now reading between the lines is all there is.


Anonymous said...


I have often suspected OTS to be a "Devil's advocate" and not the least sincere. But, how can posts on a public blog be used as evidence in a court of law?

Anonymous said...

Yea! What he said, Its the quantity of the charges that count, not the quality.

Men In Black said...

Quality is coming! There is no advantage in broadcasting the efforts to bring in more charges, all that does is give Richard Wright more excuses to justify Warren's actions.

What gets used from here is the justification for probable cause, in further developements. When OTS argues that Mary was age 12 to entertain the idea of childbrides, that serves to document a mindset that opens the doors on child abuse. If you are Harry Reids aide or Jim Hansens field deputy, combined with lists of underage brides from times past, well they become concerned believers. Then you have Ruth talking trash, her debut in "Banking on Heaven" and Jack Cooke on vhs admitting he molested his daughters and again its a supported perspective.

With patience and all the time in the world, its the faithful and former church members that are building a dozen court cases, some civil, some criminal. I am more interested in the latter, but have been well involved for over 6 years, even when my name was not connected. I have time and I am merely getting a better foot hold.

Without so many none of this would of been posible, Warren being the most influential candidate to his own prosecution. Issuing new edicts is an image problem for him, but its painting him into a corner of his own making. Sam Barlow created something priceless in the 1987 DPS investigation to decertify him, of little use in 1987. Those 87 court affidavits today aren't a stick in the spokes, but rather a Sequoia Log Jam!

Ron Parker which I loath, in threatening me in 2001, along with countless quotes now proven lies, deserves some degree of thanks as well. The list is long, but each generated paper, that can not be explained away. A lot more than just these blogs, but they too help! Its not something that can be reversed, but was just a point I had made more than once.

Whether Warren gets off light or gets the book thrown at him, this case and the mediia opened pandora's box. The Gay and Lesbian movements were always tied to polygamy and several coalitions were awaken and it was this issue and how the media responded that has opened a new chapter in a issue so much larger than simply Warren Jeffs and or the FLDS.

Driven by Mitt Romneys bid for the Presidentcy in 2008, by Christian Evangelicals, by the conservative right, by marriage and family coalitions and a lot more, once protected issues are being exposed. There is a bigger picture and while we as activist may rant at our microcosim of interest, a larger developement is emerging. There is to many to thank for where this is going and I don't mean a victory, but rather a debate long waiting.

Read between the lines if you think you must or just keep posting as it has not failed the larger objective yet.


Anonymous said...

MIB, quality has been "coming" for a while now hasn't it?

You really need to find a new religion.

Take the whole world and stack it on the saints, and it still wont make them less converted, only more.

onthestreet said...

MIB: 10/15/2006 12:41 AM

Well, it's crystal clear that you have a real axe to grind, alright, but as for you having "all the time in the world", you are in for a very rude awakening. The Lord is cutting His work short, and the time of the wicked has run out.

Anonymous said...

Yawn...Time has been running out since 1000AD.

Men In Black said...

Prison time is endless, you should give it a try. If one day is as a thousand years in biblical sense, then how many life times can serve life in prison for criminal offenses?

In every age and dispensation, the world was about to end, the distructions about to begin and so on. From decades to centuries, these prediction fall away.

You know I have the FLDS theology books and enough Warren cassettes to listen to one a week for the next 10 years. As a prophet, how many times has he been wrong? Uncle Fred and his father were going to live forever, get younger year by year. I get it, the lift off dates were blamed on the righteous, not measuring up, but if no man is greater than his father, why was it that Uncle Rulon kept getting older, instead of living forever as Uncle Warren predicted?

I could break out "In Light and Truth" and discuss your religion line by line, but you are an idiot and would believe the text had jumped off of each page, jumbled to confuse this gentile. Truth and reality have no basis in the world in which you live. I am conversing with a stone, not even debating your own theology text has meaning, because your mind is closed. All the failed prophesy's you can't explain and won't, are still blind truths to the faithful. A simple basis for why gentiles consider this a cult, the truth of 99.999% of the world, simply has no meaning to the other .001 % who still believe we never walked on the moon, that the sun is filled with celestrial beings instead of fire and gasses. Its a fine line between your reality and being crazy, but when you violate the law sane or crazy in this life, you will be judged and held accountable.

You and David Koresh have similiarities in common, read carefully OTS, it sounds like your defense. SEX, POWER OVER CHILDREN & AN END OF THE WORLD THEOLOGY;

The teenager said she was five when her mother, who also died in the fire, took her to join Koresh's sect. He was obsessed with the biblical Apocalypse and sex. "David was planning to lead the group to Israel to re-take Jerusalem. He taught that there would be a big battle between the forces of the world and his people."

However, this was a cover for abuse. Koresh used a wooden stick to hit the children. "It was called Kelper."

Kiri said that she slept with Koresh and her mother in one bed. She recalled a childhood friend who, at the age of 14, "has a baby for David".

There was an uneasy silence in the congressional chamber as Kiri began to talk of her first sexual encounter with the cult leader at a motel in Waco when she was 10.

He asked her to sit beside him on a bed. "He kissed me. I just sat there, but he then laid me down," she said. After committing a sex act, he instructed her to take a shower and then read from the Bible. Close to tears, Kiri said: "He sat on the bed and read the Song of Solomon."


Cults are cults because even sex with a child can be excused as elements of ones religion. Another leader and religious group on par with Warren Jeffs and those that will defend him unto the end;

“Cult leader” Dwight “Malachi” York is locked up without bail in Georgia on a 208-count indictment for sexually abusing children. He now faces the possibility of life in prison, probably housed in protective custody, where most convicted child molesters end up.

But York’s devoted followers still believe in him.




Anonymous said...

OTS will merely consider "EXTREMIST" an extreme compliment.

MIB, you're right of course, but good word modifiers might be, "SICK" or "STUPID".

onthestreet said...

MAN IN BLACK (what are you, a devil), said (10/16/2006 11:31 AM):

In every age and dispensation, the world was about to end, the distructions about to begin and so on. From decades to centuries, these prediction fall away.

STREET's Reply: Jesus Christ:
And in that day, they will say, "the Lord delayeth His coming. Let us eat and drink and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die".

onthestreet said...

Do you have eyes to see, and see not? In every age, the end came, for men died, did they not? Then their eternal fate was set, precisely according to their works of faith and sacrifice, their purity of seed, their joy in their Lord, and their unity in the Solemn Assembly of God's Sanctuary.

Do you understand it?

muggsey said...

MIB speaks rational truth, but you will not comprehend because you have been blinded to truth through your having been under the hypnotic spell of your cult leader, Warren Jeffs. You can't think for yourself. Neither can the others in your cult. You speak only for yourself, a confused and pathetic formerally abused child who now, in turn, abuses children. You call child abuse 'pay-back' don't you street? You couldn't defend yourself against the sexual ravaging perpetrated by your priesthood leaders when you were growing up and neither can these children defend themselves against your abuse. Isn't your prowess at abuse making you a great man? Would you care to expound upon your greatness? Tell us why we should revere your opinion.

onthestreet said...

LES (10/26/2006 4:13 PM):

Well now, let us see if you truly make sense: You said:

"You can't think for yourself..You speak only for yourself...
See? Direct contradiction.

By the way, I was never abused. That is why I am so happy and firm in my convictions, as the whole world can see for themselves.

However, from the many testimonies, you were abused continually, by yourself. You abuse yourself, even today, which is not so much pathetic as it is saddening, knowing you were a one-time brother in the Priesthood, which never abused no one.

Yes, President Hammon abused you, but he did so in rebellion to the Prophet and Priesthood over him, not at Priesthood itself. So, he was also himself cast off for it. This is why you say: "Defend yourself against the sexual ravaging perpetrated by your priesthood leaders when you were growing up".

That was you, not me, see? You experienced some abuse by a rebel against the Prophet LeRoy Johnson, but it's had its purpose. You came to this life to obtain certain experiences, and you're obtaining them. That is good.

We love you. You're striving, and that too is quite obvious.

Anonymous said...

So Mugsy what is your story? You are so full of hatred and anger.

muggsey said...

I am not full of hatred and anger. I do detest those writings by persons who have much to lose if their little church falls around their ears. I do detest a system that keeps a portion of the population in subjegation to a set of human written ecclesastical edicts simply to control their every movement and thought. I detest the actions of an individual, be he prophet, priest, president, pope or king, with the single exception of the one, true I AM GOD JEHOVAH-ADDONI-ELOHEM-JESUS-THE HOLY SPIRIT.

All other gods are self-serving TO THEIR CREATOR, the hand of man in his own image, and under his (mans) control.

onthestreet said...

I won't reply to this, except to say:

"I won't reply to this: Its many fallacies fall on their own face and butt, all at the very same time".