Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Winston Blackmore News Conference In Canada Today

Interesting news conference at Winston Blackmores today! Special guests attorney Roger Hoole and private investigator Sam Brower attended. One didn't have to lean to far foward to her what Roger and Sam had to say.

A curious audience no doubt!

The media have returned to their keypads and stories are forth coming, bu I am still more interest in both Brower & Hoole.

What have others heard?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He's a spiritual leader to thousands of polygamists living in Canada and tonight this rival of Warren Jeffs is speaking out about the fugitive and his possible whereabouts.

Winston Blackmore is said to have 20 plus wives and more than a hundred children living in the polygamist enclave of Bountiful, British Columbia, but not everyone there is behind him.

Thousands in the tiny town remain faithful to Warren Jeffs and it's starting to divide the once close-knit community.

Tonight on ABC 4 News at 10:00 p.m., hear what Blackmore is saying about the Warren Jeffs' legacy, his continued flight from justice, and why it's causing hardship for Blackmore's clan.

It's an interview you can only see on ABC 4 News at 10:00 p.m.

onthestreet said...

I asked the Lord on Sunday, May 14, 2006 (Mothers' Day):

Father, did Uncle Warren Jeffs sodomize or sexually abuse his Nephew Brent Jeffs. Otherwise, why is Brent so convincing in public accusations? This answer came:

Nay! Darkness, after having been eliminated, even my bride, my earthly kingdom, in 1890, as there are none good but the Father, even so my bride furtively protrudes again from within and below. Of its own accord, the female principle, the bride, comes to meet the male, the bridegroom. It is an unfavorable and dangerous situation. You must understand and promptly prevent the auspicious time of the evil when darkness lengthens upon the earth, and the possible consequences linked to the fifth (Hebrew) month (June-July). For this is when the principle of darkness, the bride, gradually ascends from earthly darkness, as the days get shorter.

One shall not have dealings or contact with such a maiden. The rise of the inferior element is in the image of a bold girl, my earthly church, who lightly surrenders herself to me, as do also the apostates to the powers that be. Thus they seize power, the one above and the other beneath. This would not be possible if the strong and light-giving element had not, in turn, come half-way. The inferior thing seems so harmless and inviting, that the man, even the Lord, delights in it. It looks so small and weak, that he imagines he may dally with it and come to no harm. See the Song of Solomon.

The inferior man (my bride, my church) rises, only because the superior man does not regard him as dangerous, and so he lends him power. If he were resisted from the first, he could never have gained influence. While generally the weak shall not come to meet the strong, there are times when this has great significance. When heaven and earth come together, all creatures prosper. When the Prince of Peace and His official come to meet each other, then the world is put in order, the consummation that was decreed in the heavens.

It is necessary for the elements predestined to be joined and mutually dependant, to come and meet one another half way, even on Mount Zion. But the coming together must be free of dishonest and ulterior motives. Thus the purging of my house, and the winds of heaven. The Prince of Peace has disseminated His commands to the four quarters of heaven. The wicked seek after the signs of a prophet, as fire from their mouths. They are therefore deceived, not knowing what the fire entails, and I the Lord will give them great signs.

My inferior maiden is not overcome by violence, but is kept under gentle control, thus fearing no evil, until the penetrating wind and the end cometh. Where sins were committed, I am the forgiver of sins. My son, circumstances prevent you from falling in with my people. Tolerate the people, and they will be well-disposed. Then, you too can make use of them, and be as Abel, even back to Adam, and behold my face.

Anonymous said...


Bull Puckey!

Anonymous said...

reply to

Onthestreet said...

I asked the Lord on Sunday, May 14, 2006 (Mothers' Day):

Father, did Uncle Warren Jeffs sodomize or sexually abuse his Nephew Brent Jeffs. Otherwise, why is Brent so convincing in public accusations? This answer came:


Uncle Warren DID sodomize and sexually abuse his nephew Brent Jeffs in addition to MANY other members of his flock.

Uncle Warren has sinned and he is evil and wicked and carries the seed of Cain.

Heavenly Father instructs you to defy Warren Jeffs and to ignore his preachings because he is leading you to eternal damnation with his wicked acts and deeds.

onthestreet said...

Sorry, you are NOT Heavenly Father. He does no such thing.

Anonymous said...

The drugs have left you with schizophrenia. Do you hear voices often? The men in white suits and strait jackets may be by to let you preach to them. How far is the State Mental Institution from where you live? If Warren has only people like you as followers, He has larger problems than the FBI.

Anonymous said...

GO OTS! Your posts are definately the most entertaining on this site!

Even if it is BS, I enjoy it! You make as much sense as MIB. Keep me rollin around!

Anonymous said...

Street, are you Warren? If you aren't then according to your own doctrine, only the prophet has the right to publish revelations. All others that attempt to do so are deceivers.

Street's "revelation" is just as direct from Jehova as the other thousand crackpots, Warren included, that try to publish their revelations.

Anonymous said...

I heard "wink" was considering marrying one of his American wives legally to become an American citizen. Great plan for evading Canada, except that little problem with extradition. The political climate in America right now to marrying children is worse than Canada! Bubba and Winston might have a lot incommon and on top of that Draper prison ("Point of the Rock") is rife for converts.


Anonymous said...

Bubba has so many visions and a quick GOOGLE search offers hundreds of meanings, most I dare not publish here. Bubba in prison, is that special someone and he usually really likes child molesters for some strange reason!

Here are a few definitions, I'm sure others can offer more, I authored none of these;
1. (Noun) One of the redneck hillbilly duo. This species tend to be large, small brained, even less teeth, and speaks in a language that cannot be understood. Scientist suspect years of inbreeding to get this effect
2. bubba
Bubba is a southern derivation on the word "Brother"
"Paw can me and bubba go down to tha stoah(Store)?"
3. Bubba
A mini keg of beer sold in Canada
4. Bubba
The guy in prison who you shouldn't drop the soap in front of.
5. bubba
You know him as the large, rotund, and usually tall (and usually dark) man that approaches you from behind at the club. He will then proceed to "freak on" you and you can't do anything about it due to his massive size.
6. Bubba
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Aww, Bubba! You need to come over again tomorrow...
7. bubba
A large black man, usually 5'10" or taller, weighing around 200 pounds. Bubba prefers young punks who have recently been introduced to "the system".
Damn yo, bubba had his way wit yo a__ last night!
8. bubba
In the southern U.S., means "big brother".
Hey, Bubba, what ya'll doin today?
9. bubba
An extra large can of beer sold in Canada by Molson
We grabbed a bubba from the liquor store
10. Bubba
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1.I was walki- OW! BUBBA!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! AHHHHHH!!! (death)
2. And then Bubba smote Chronos, and everything was in danger of destruction.
11. Bubba
Tall, cool, and hott who like to pop tires on weekends wit someone...has a fat steak!!
Everyone should have a friend named Bubba

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Winston might have to take Bubba as a new sister wife?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:11, you made that comment based totally on "I heard..." Have you ever considered finding out the truth before you make such comments? Or are you just like the rest of the rumor mongers that take everything they hear to be gospel truth? Boy, you guys are pathetic!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I heard" well that could mean anything, but then I'd have to admit who I am and how I heard it!

Just follow the news;
Blackmore clan members are trying every avenue to keep their very large extended family together. They've even contacted the U.S. consulate in Vancouver, but not to ensure citizenship for the mothers' children. Instead, Blackmore says they've asked the American government to ensure the mothers' equal treatment by Immigration Canada and citizens service director Stuart Wilson has agreed.

Reached by telephone, Wilson said his job is to act for any American citizen to make sure that they are getting fair treatment. So what he is doing for the Bountiful mothers is nothing out of the ordinary.

Ironically, the fact that most of the American mothers in Bountiful are not legally married makes it easier for their children to claim U.S. citizenship because Wilson says the American citizenship law favours single mothers.

Shockingly, Wilson estimated that between a third and a half of Bountiful's 1,000 or more residents are American or eligible for American citizenship.


ATAR_i said...

Anonymous 3:11

I heard warren hasn't been seen in public in two years - is that a rumor?

I heard there was a domestic spying program - did you hear anything?

I heard the feds might raise the interest rate - do you think it might?

I heard the price of gas doesn't look like it's going back down any time soon - do you know?

Just because I heard it - doesn't mean it's a rumor.

I dont' have the TIME to read every paper in the world (nor the linguistic ability). I don't have TIME to read every book, magazine, and watch every news program.

'I heard' is a common expression people use to encapsulate many different things (news they watched, books they read, people who watched the news, or a book).

Basically - unless you were actually in NEW YORK on 9/11 - you HEARD about it from someone else (book, magazine, newscaster, live person).

BTW - I also believe the holocaust was true - I HEARD ALL ABOUT IT.

Anonymous said...

Bull Sh...anonymous 2:20 AM,

Winston's family DID NOT and I repeat, DID NOT contact the American Consulate. The American Consulate contacted them. And just because it says it in the news doesn't make it true. Why don't you call Winston or email him and get some of the facts straight? All the Daphne Brahmans in the world aren't going to make a lie the truth!! And, might I ask, did you call the consulate yourself and verify? Course you didn't, you're not that smart.

Anonymous said...

And your point is?

onthestreet said...

Anonymous said (5/17/2006 7:19 PM):

Street, are you Warren? If you aren't then according to your own doctrine, only the prophet has the right to publish revelations. All others that attempt to do so are deceivers.

Street's "revelation" is just as direct from Jehova as the other thousand crackpots, Warren included, that try to publish their revelations.

STREET’s Reply: There are personal revelations, and there are revelations to the people. There are revelation from God, revelations from man, and revelations from the devil. I asked the Lord…Father. We pray unto the Father (God the Lord), and in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In scripture, God is often addressed as “Lord My God”, or “Lord God”, or “God the Lord”. It is written: “There are lords many, and gods many (Gen. 19:2, Deut. 10:17).

At the end of my revelation, it was revealed to me that I “CAN” be as Abel and behold His face, as all men CAN. So that is not a promise or election made sure, but as revealed: “Through the forgiveness of sins, by faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost, by “falling in with His people and tolerating them”. How is that? To tolerate is “to bear without hindrance”. So that is a whole heap of living yet to be done, and only those sealed will see God’s face (Rev. 14:1, 22:4). Only then can we make use of them, and they of us, and “be as Abel”, and how was he? Abel was innocent, and intimately acquainted with Adam or Michael, our God, by being acquainted with one like him. To read anything more into it would only be presumption.

What came to me, came to me, by revelation. There is not a man or woman alive today who does not receive revelation from God daily. There is revelation from God continually in your body, inspiring it to function properly. There is revelation from God to your mind daily, revealing by the light of day what is in your room and in the outside world. There is revelation in your heart daily, revealing to you many truths and many beautiful things. Every day, God reveals to your spirit the grace of life. So for anyone to suggest or to think that any one of us does not get revelation from God, all can see the folly from such thinking.

Many receive inspiration and revelation daily from Satan also. The key to the validity of any revelation is this: Does any portion of it go against the Word of God. One of God’s words is that only one man at a time can receive revelation for the people. So until a revelation is declared true by that man, it is not revelation of God to the saints, but only personal revelation to a person, from God, from Satan, or from the person’s own mind. I can still defend the man who I consider God’s prophet, and God can defend him just fine. Then He can take him home when his time comes. May I only be worthy to somehow be considered his friend, and go where he goes. Then my purpose in life is complete.

The spirit brings to my remembrance that a true revelation, one from God, will identify the author as “Thus saith the Lord”, or “I am Jesus Christ”, or words to that effect. I received what I received, and each man and woman must judge for themselves. In the very first paragraph of the revelation, and throughout, what I received does seem to identify with the Lord, saying: Nay! Darkness after having been eliminated, even MY BRIDE”… Who is the Bridegroom? He is Jesus Christ. Near the end of the second paragraph…”EVEN THE LORD” delights in it. Finally, in the last paragraph: “I AM THE FOREGIVER OF SINS”, and who would that be, other than Jesus Christ? I receive what I received, and I am satisfied. That is sufficient, for it was PERSONAL revelation to me, sufficient to satisfy myself. If it satisfies only one other soul, how great will be my joy in heaven.

I will finish this in a later post.

onthestreet said...

So, as we can plainly see, it seems to be an authentic revelation if the doctrine is true, and if it shows as coming from the Lord. However, any man or woman can write “This Saith the Lord”, but if He didn’t say it, then truly we take the name of the Lord in vain. If any doctrine presented is not true, then it is not from above but from beneath, for God can never lie.

Is the Lord saying here, that His church was eliminated from the world in 1890? Yes, from the world, and back to the Jew. Also, “My kingdom is NOT of this world”. I believe I received a true revelation from God. My belief does not suffice for you. All must know for themselves, and if all the doctrine presented holds true and is scriptural, then it is already “Thus Saith the Lord”, for it is scriptural. So it must be true. However, if you find just one thing there, that is not true, then it is from beneath. If it is all true, that is sufficient for all who believe. For all others, it doesn’t matter anyhow, does it? But for the “few who find it”, it is still not true for the people until it is declared true by His Prophet, for revelation for the people always comes through that one man.

Finally, the very first sentence of the revelation seems to identify His church as “Darkness”: “Nay! Darkness, after having been eliminated, even my bride, my earthly kingdom, in 1890…” It seemed mighty strange to me too, but I received what I received. Upon further study, I find it true. The physical element in scripture is identified as the dark element, and the spirit element as light. God’s earthly church certainly is physical or earthly. Certainly, those who are still in the flesh, even if they be close to perfection, and can pierce the vail, are very dark in comparison to the blinding radiance of our Lord and our God. Certainly, an apostate people were eliminated from the crowning principles in 1890. Thus His Word: “Darkness, having been eliminated”.

ATAR_i said...

STREET’s Reply: There are personal revelations, and there are revelations to the people. There are revelation from God, revelations from man, and revelations from the devil.

You get revelations from the devil?

THAT explains a lot

Anonymous said...

Street said, "The key to the validity of any revelation is this: Does any portion of it go against the Word of God."

My reply:
Excellent, Street. If Warren weren't inconsistent with the other "prophets", he would teach this. Instead, he teaches that when he contradicts the Word of God, go with him. In his own words, "Don't use the prophets against the prophets." He states that they are all one, but if they were, why the internal contradictions? One of the revealed word of God through Uncle Roy is "marrying one of your father's wives is one of the wickedest things a man can do and is against the laws of God and the Holy Priesthood, and any man doing such a thing is one of the wickedest men there is".

You and Anne N. can try to say we hate Warren, but what we are really doing is trying to break up the cult before sons blood atone fathers. Is that hate? Or is that doing our duty when we know things are rotten as hell?

Anonymous said...

For shame Street, casting your pearls before swine.

When a person has a personal revelation, it is for that person only, least they turn to human companions for confirmation and have their most precious and sacred revelations trampled and muddied. Loosing savor even to themselfs.

In other words. If you get a revelation and tell others about it, they will make fun of it and you will doubt it yourself.

onthestreet said...

No confirmation needed, except by one, and if it serves the purpose to bring out the truth, why would anyone be upset? This revelation does not cast pearls, just dung back in your face, your wild and putrid fixation on sodomy.

onthestreet said...

ANONYMOUS Said (5/26/2006 10:09 AM):
You and Anne N. can try to say we hate Warren, but what we are really doing is trying to break up the cult before sons blood atone fathers. Is that hate? Or is that doing our duty when we know things are rotten as hell?

STREET's Reply: Any son who kills the man who gave him life is no son of his, nor of God, and where is the rot if those cast out seek after blood. It just proves their guilt beyond any doubt, and the justification and propriety of the Prophet in casting them out. You can try to clean THEM up, but you just prove your own guilt by trying to clean up the man who cleaned up the house.

onthestreet said...

If Uncle Roy said that "marrying one of your father's wives is one of the wickedest things a man can do", then the Prophet Warren Jeffs has done right, for he never married a woman who was sealed to a living father.

If it is truly the word of God you want, here it is:

Deut. 22:30. A man is not to marry his father's wife; he must not dishonor his father's bed.

See, there it is. If the father is alive, it is his ben. If he has passed, then it is no longer his bed, but passes to the charge of his closest next of kin, and who was closer to Rulon Jeffs than his only begotten son, Warren, his heir and truest Brother? Yes, others are begotten too, but in the Patriarchal Priesthood there is only one heir:

If it is truly the word of God you want, here it is (Mt. 22:24):

Master, Moses said, If a man die, having no children, his brother shall marry his wife, and raise up seed unto his brother.

But you, seeking to destroy, and indeed praising all who murder little children at will, or if the mother is sick, therefore you even now blame God for marrying his Father's wives. You see, the entire House of Israel are sealed together, with God, in marriage.

onthestreet said...

If a man falls away, he is NOT a living father, but has died.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Roy referred to men that had died. Uncle John was faced with a son who wanted to marry one of his wives when he passed, and was told NO. When Chuck Knudson passed, one of his sons wanted to marry one of the mothers. When JRBlackmore died, one of the wives wanted to marry one of the sons. In all these cases, Uncle Roy or Uncle John declared it was against the laws of God. They weren't talking about while the man was alive.

Now if you want to quote the Bible and not go with what Uncle Roy taught, hallelujah. Let's be done with Warren's interpolation of scripture and lets read it ourself.

As far as bringing up abortion, and accusing me of it, why? I have never had an abortion (and neither has my wife). I have never used birth control and neither has my wife. We have children that are healthy. What have you done? Refused to get married, raise children, and take on family responsibility. Instead of famility responsibility, you spend an inordinate amount of time on this blog. So, who has family values?

onthestreet said...

What does the Lord say? That's what's what's important. Even you will agree with that, and what does he say about your family values? (Matthew 10):

34. Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

36. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

37. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

38. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

39. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

You can never get away from the Law of Israel, for the closest next of kin TO MARRY THE WIVES of a brother. That is God's law, as I quoted to you yesterday, including the scripture where it is recorded.

So, was Uncle Roy going against that law? Never. He was referring to men who had their filthy eye and heart on an ailing man's wives, ready to sweep them up even before the casket was closed.

NONE of those cases you refer to here were designated Key Holders to represent God. Warren Was and Is.

I'm glad I was able to help you understand it.

furnace said...

What you are saying is that being the keyholder allows you to violate the laws of the Priesthood. I already knew it allowed one to violate the laws of the land, but now you admitted that it allows one to violate the laws of God, too.

Anonymous said...

Hell, Warren swept up his father's wives BEFORE the casket closed, even before his father died. He was caught sleeping with one of them.

onthestreet said...

SWEATY HOT FURNACE: Being a keyholder makes him worthy, an abider of the laws of the Priesthood, and of the land. Bar Mitzbat is the law of the land pertaining to marriage, if that is part of your religion. The Bar Mitzvah law is right in the Bible, and part of our religion.

It is courts and legislatures that violate the law of the land, along with the people who vote them in.
Thus you see the courts taking prayer out of your schools, and anything pertaining to God, and replacing it with condoms and many other perversions, and legislatures having to make new laws in order to criminalize what judges and senators have identified as a good people. Thus you see presidents and rulers everywhere facing scandal, and the lowest approval ratings in history.

So much for the violation of laws. As for the Prophet sweeping up the women of the deceased even before they die, ABSOLUTELY. They were swept up by him from childhood. Such is their love for him, because of his morality and qualification.

Your assumption of immorality is your assumption of yourself, your violation of the laws.

ATAR_i said...

warren slept with one of his fathers wives prior to his fathers death?

Who knew about this? How did you come to know about this?

Can you provide more details?

onthestreet said...

In anonymous' wettest dreams. However, some of the son did try such things, and like his son Ward, they were cast out. That is the very thing that disqualifies and casts them out.

The Prophet Rulon Jeffs pointing to Warren and saying: "We will now hear from Rulon Jeffs, who will follow after me", tells it all. He was qualified, pure, worthy, and prepared for the Lord's Anointing. Anne heard it too, as did thousands of us.

"Where two or more witnesses gather in my name, there will I be also". Warren has thousands of witnesses, and now the witness of heaven with the devastations now taking place.

ATAR_i said...

Do you think Rulon handed over his wives prior to his death as well?

Didn't you just say that sleeping with your fathers brides after his death wasn't bad (although - it clearly biblically and FLDS historically has been).

It was only sleeping with them before his death that was bad.

Sounds like warren did both.

onthestreet said...

He did neither, see. It is not doctrinal, never was.

Anonymous said...

I guess you're right; he didn't SLEEP with them. He was awake going from one to another all night long. Now that he appears to have burned out, he is turning to this immaculate conception nonsense and talks about how sexual excesses are the reason we need extra sleep. Typical of a burned out sexaholic.

Anonymous said...

He would require enough viagra to keep going for 20 hrs. a day. Any erection lasting over four hours is thought to be a danger requiring immediate medical attention. We may hear an explosion at any moment! With the kind of activity he supposedly engages in I'll bet there will be a mushroom cloud!

How in the world does he work in his "time with the boys?" Isn't he an equal opportunity employer?

Anonymous said...

I guess I shouldn't have been taken literally; I was smarting off at Street's reply about not sleeping with his father's wives before or even after Rulon passed away, when a security guard at Rulon's house caught him sleeping with one before.

onthestreet said...

Yah, and I'm catching you sleeping with the devil. The thousand wagging tongues of devils will spread lies till dooms day. One might walk in and see the Prophet catching a snooze, and one of the women nearby, and blow that up into a veritable orgy, with your mushroom cloud.

The Lord warned us about your wicked imaginations, spurting forth from the abundance of your own wicked heart. You can do better than to joke about your own orgies, while assuming that a religious society is just as corrupt.

furnace said...

It appears when Ron Rohbock caught Warren in bed with one of Rulon's ladies, he was smoking, but he didn't inhale. (A metaphore from President Clinton)

ATAR_i said...


onthestreet said...

Now atari, don't you even inhale one bit of the nausious substance they try to BLOW your way. Then you won't be merely considering everything that people say as "interesting".

ATAR_i said...

I did find it interesting.

Do you think the mainstream FLDS made a mistake, do you think there is someone else who would do a better job leading?