Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Current Photos of FLDS in Eldorado 05-17-2006

Sorry for the delay, I have been so busy flying reporters over FLDS that I have not had time to get any photos for you. There is a new building behind cheese factory, it has a different architecture than the normal domicile so it may be an office or have another purpose than living quarters. The pump house is almost complete, a powder coat shop ( we are told) added front room and another new house is going up.
Our neighbors are busy little bees. Warren being on top ten has not slowed construction at all...


hydrolab said...

Awesome pictures, thanks Pilot. That may your best yet of the temple.

Anonymous said...


your pictures of god's prison camp are marvelous
while we're all quite used to them
(a dime a dozen)
to the many others
they're worth a thousand words apiece

to bad we don't have the likes of you
over the sky's of places like
CC, Pineville, Bountiful, kingstons in SLC, the rock
and rest
let the whole world see for themselves

... any volunteers?
just a plane and camera required

keep sweet eldorado

Anonymous said...

Excellent Photos! Good Job pilot.
Just think, every time you fly over, ole Warren has to go and hide. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Job pilot,
Here is a slide show of Compound in South Dakota
South Dakota Pics

fttc said...

Have officials at YFZ indicated the purpose of the Powder Coat shop? Are they starting to do manufacturing of some sort out there? I was not aware of any industry going on out there. So far it looks as though all income has been from outside. Perhaps this is changing?

Anonymous said...

They got to do something productive with that furnace, don't they?

Anonymous said...

The powder coating operations was used on the temple. Look closely at the hand rails, rails on the walls, grills on the bottom window of the temple and the adjoining building.

And the grain elevator.

Powder coating doesn't use that much heat.

Production of portland cement. That's another matter.

Anonymous said...

Pilot, you are on CBS news along with Sheriff Doran

Ecellent article. Wonder how FLDS at YFZ feels about FBI on their doorstep?

rumor-has-it said...

Whenever there is outside pressure the FLDS pull together harder than ever.

(It is the inside pressure that really kicked them, and they don't even know it?