Friday, April 07, 2006

YFZ Violations

(17) COMPANY: YFZ Land, LLC; DOCKET NUMBER: 2004-0800-
MLM-E; TCEQ ID NUMBERS: 75151, 72321, 72047, 2070006, and
RN104250626; LOCATION: on two contiguous tracts of property totaling
1,691 acres approximately four miles northeast of the intersection
of United States Highway 277 and Rudd Road north of Eldorado,
Schleicher County, Texas; TYPE OF FACILITY: religious retreat;
RULES VIOLATED: 30 TAC §366.051(a), by failing to obtain
a permit and an approved plan to construct, alter, repair, extend,
or operate an on-site sewage disposal system; 30 TAC §281.25(a)(4)
and 40 CFR §122.26(c), by failing to obtain storm water authorization
prior to construction activity at the site; 30 TAC §331.3(a), and
TWC, §26.121(a), by failing to obtain authorization from the TCEQ
prior to the construction and use of a Class V injection well; 30 TAC
§116.110(a), and THSC, §382.0518(a) and §382.085(b), by failing to
obtain permit authorization prior to constructing a concrete batch plant
at the site; 30 TAC §106.512(1), and THSC, §382.085(b), by failing to
obtain permit authorization or satisfy the conditions of a permit by rule
prior to the use of two diesel generators at the site; 30 TAC §324.4(1)
and 40 CFR §279.22(c)(1), by failing to label used oil containers; 30
TAC §290.42(b)(1), by failing to provide disinfection equipment for
a public water supply system; Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination
System General Permit Number TXR151300; Part III, Section D.2,
Section F.1(a - d), (f), (h - i), 2(b), 3(a), 4, 5(b - c), and 9, by failing to
comply with storm water permit provisions by failure to post a site notice
that is readily available to the public and not including all required
information on the site notice. Additionally, the storm water pollution
prevention plan was lacking in that it did not include an accurate and
complete list of potential pollutants and sources, the intended schedule
of construction, total and construction acreage, soil type, complete
site map, name of the receiving water, copy of the construction general
permit, stabilization practices, permanent pollution control measures,
description of wastes stored, and pollutant sources from non-construction
areas, and by failing to implement structural controls and identify
non-stormwater discharges; 30 TAC §330.5(a)(3), by failing to prevent
a discharge of diesel fuel to the soil at the site; 30 TAC §106.142, and
THSC, §382.085(b), by failing to obtain permit authorization or satisfy
the conditions of a permit by rule prior to the construction of a rock
crusher; 30 TAC §330.5(c), by failing to obtain authorization from the
commission prior to dumpingmunicipal solid waste at the site; 30 TAC
§111.201, and THSC, §382.085(b), by conducting outdoor burning at
the site; 30 TAC §106.144(4), and THSC, §382.085(b), by failing to
obtain permit authorization or satisfy the conditions of a permit by rule
prior to the construction of a bulk mineral storage silo at the site; 30
TAC §210.5(a), by failing to obtain authorization prior to discharging
any reclaimed wastewater; 30 TAC §290.46(r), by failing to provide
at least 35 pounds per square inch throughout the distribution system
of the public water supply system; 30 TAC §290.41(c)(3)(B), by failing
to provide a well casing that extends at least 18 inches above the
natural ground surface for a well that services the public water supply
system; 30 TAC §290.41(c)(3)(J), by failing to provide a proper sealing
block for the well; 30 TAC §290.41(c)(3)(K), by failing to provide
a well casing vent; 30 TAC §290.41(c)(3)(N), by failing to provide a
meter to measure water ow at the well; 30 TAC §290.41(c)(3)(O) by
failing to provide an intruder-resistant fence or locked well house; 30
TAC §290.46(n)(2), by failing to provide a map of the distribution system;
30 TAC §290.39(m), by failing to notify the TCEQ upon start
up of a new public water system; 30 TAC §290.43(d)(7), by failing to
maintain the pipes discharging from the well and associated with the
pressure tank; 30 TAC §290.43(e), by failing to secure the pressure
tank within a locked building or an intruder resistant fence; 30 TAC
§290.45(b)(1)(A)(i), and THSC, §341.0315(c), by failing to provide
the requiredminimumwell capacity; 30 TAC §290.45(b)(1)(A)(ii), and
THSC, §341.0315(c), by failing to provide the requiredminimumpressure
tank capacity; 30 TAC §290.44(a)(1), by failing to provide piping
that conforms to American National Standards Institute/National Science
Foundation Standard 61; 30 TAC §116.115(c),Air PermitNumber
72151, Special Conditions Number 4.D., and THSC, §382.085(b), by
failing to install a cartridge lter on the bulk storage silo, in accordance
with permit requirements; PENALTY: $20,373; STAFF ATTORNEY:
Laurencia Fasoyiro, Litigation Division, MC R-12, (713) 422-8914;
REGIONAL OFFICE: San Angelo Regional Ofce, 622 South Oakes,
Suite K, San Angelo, Texas 76903-7013, (915) 655-9479.


Anonymous said...

What are the "normal" consequences for these violations?

Anonymous said...

Correct it, and get a pat on the butt and told not to do it no more.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid they only pat preditor's and tell them to not do this again........Sorry Honest hard working people they fine.....
Sorry Texan's, no insult ment for you.....Maybe it is just that you have been talking to Utah and Arizonia law too long...........Nothing personal........ I like Texas and Texas was good to me.....They were not discriminators...... Then again, maybe the media is telling fibs again. Maybe there is nothing to this story.....Maybe i should visit your state again..... Have to wait for the tornado season to end.....I do not want to join a rain bow yet, again.......Lest i am firmly standing upon the ground.........Tornado's are very beautiful, unless i am caught up in one.......Have to wait and see......Good by Good Texan's..........I would love to sing with you.........How is thelma doing. I liked her....... I did not meet the drunk........course in Arizonia, there are tons of people on drugs. They smoke pot too.....They could save on there pride, all these people and give them a green card like they do in California........Just think what a party they could have........No more sneaking around......And the cops could take there share, with out having to throw them in jail...............Dang fine the workers......Gee

hydrolab said...

those who care, truly do.
those who don't, well I believe their actions are evident.

It is not a switch you can turn on and off as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

you are right. Your point is well taken.......

Anonymous said...

What lamebrain posted this polution on main blog? It should be a headline and then posted inside.

quiet canadian said...

I hope these people havn't been singled out, just because they are different to have such a thorough inspection. All you Texans be sure and label those used oil jugs now ya hear. You could be next.

Anonymous said...

Dear quiet canadian

Come down here and drill a oil well, complete it and then produce it and you would'nt be so smug.

The TECQ and Railroad Commission hit big and small businesses and individuals constantly. Go find their websites.

Plus, locals are not polygmists openly breaking the law. Seems some folks have forgotten that point here.

No none is picking on YFZ. They need to follow the rules and laws, they are not hard to find.

Looking at all the violations, they are not to be trusted.

They hide behind their religion and a lock gate and lie, lie and lie.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about Warren Jeffs being in Mexico...?

Anonymous said...

Rumors; he could be anywhere.

Anonymous said...

and the hidden bottles are every where. In the park. In the lane. In closets and shelfs. drinkers shame........And protesters are on the streets again....Cival war is raging in other lands.....and it is hurricane season again......fine the workers and persicute the saints......history has always been the same.......

Anonymous said...

It is a lesson of history that people who set a course of foolishness eventually fail because of their own stupidity. If not, their fall is as the result of their neighbors having put up with enough of their antics and demand the foolishness cease and desist. If they fail to act responsibly they are forced into submission. I prefer he first scenerio. Let the people who are engaged in the foolish activity decide upon their own to bring the situation under control. The latter is generally considered the last resort in an effort to establish normalcy.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Warren Jeffs will be found in a "Rat Hole", not much different than Saddam Hussein. The faithful have been seduced by the great biblical False Prophet, but are too close to see what is obvious to a child. Right verses wrong, one lie compounded to another, the saints are to deep to change course, even when in their heart of hearts, they feel the truth.

With Rulon Jeffs, Leroy Johnson, Charles Zitting, John Barlow, Joseph Musser and those that connect Warren to the lineage of great prophets, they are betrayed! The one MIGHTY and STRONG would not be hiding in the dark, moving from house to house, betraying his own teachings, dragging down the integrity of the saints.

Hell is a fast train where Warren is conductor and brakeman, seducing the faithful to see his face and hear only his voice.

Deuteronomy Chapter 13
False prophets must be slain, and idolatrous cities destroyed.

13:1. If there rise in the midst of thee a prophet or one that saith he hath dreamed a dream, and he foretell a sign and a wonder,
Si surrexerit in medio tui prophetes aut qui somnium vidisse se dicat et praedixerit signum atque portentum

13:2. And that come to pass which he spoke, and he say to thee: Let us go and follow strange gods, which thou knowest not, and let us serve them:
Et evenerit quod locutus est et dixerit tibi eamus et sequamur deos alienos quos ignoras et serviamus eis

13:3. Thou shalt not hear the words of that prophet or dreamer: for the Lord your God trieth you, that it may appear whether you love him with all your heart, and with all your soul, or not.
Non audies verba prophetae illius aut somniatoris quia temptat vos Dominus Deus vester ut palam fiat utrum diligatis eum an non in toto corde et in tota anima vestra

13:4. Follow the Lord your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and hear his voice: him you shall serve, and to him you shall cleave.
Dominum Deum vestrum sequimini et ipsum timete mandata illius custodite et audite vocem eius ipsi servietis et ipsi adherebitis

13:5. And that prophet or forger of dreams shall be slain: because he spoke to draw you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed you from the house of bondage: to make thee go out of the way, which the Lord thy God commanded thee: and thou shalt take away the evil out of the midst of thee.
Propheta autem ille aut fictor somniorum interficietur quia locutus est ut vos averteret a Domino Deo vestro qui eduxit vos de terra Aegypti et redemit de domo servitutis ut errare te faceret de via quam tibi praecepit Dominus Deus tuus et auferes malum de medio tui

13:6. If thy brother the son of thy mother, or thy son, or daughter, or thy wife that is in thy bosom, or thy friend, whom thou lovest as thy own soul, would persuade thee secretly, saying: Let us go, and serve strange gods, which thou knowest not, nor thy fathers,
Si tibi voluerit persuadere frater tuus filius matris tuae aut filius tuus vel filia sive uxor quae est in sinu tuo aut amicus quem diligis ut animam tuam clam dicens eamus et serviamus diis alienis quos ignoras tu et patres tui

13:7. Of all the nations round about, that are near or afar off, from one end of the earth to the other,
Cunctarum in circuitu gentium quae iuxta vel procul sunt ab initio usque ad finem terrae

13:8. Consent not to him, hear him not, neither let thy eye spare him to pity and conceal him,
Non adquiescas ei nec audias neque parcat ei oculus tuus ut miserearis et occultes eum

13:9. But thou shalt presently put him to death. Let thy hand be first upon him, and afterwards the hands of all the people.*
Sed statim interficies sit primum manus tua super eum et post te omnis populus mittat manum

Warren is neither GOD nor PROPHET and yet honest men now hide him and lie for him. If he is slain, hiding in a RAT HOLE he is not a martyred saint! The cities that lay in waste will include YFZ as the faithful there followed this same false prophet.

Mat 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

2Ki 21:9 But they hearkened not: and Manasseh (Warren) seduced them to do more evil than did the nations whom the LORD destroyed before the children of Israel.

Exd 23:1 Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

The 2nd;
"Thou shalt have no other gods before
me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any
graven image or any likeness of any thing
that is in heaven above, or that is in the
earth beneath, or that is in the water
under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down
thyself to them, nor serve them: for I, the
Lord thy God, am a jealous God, visiting
the iniquity of the fathers upon the chil-
dren unto the third and fourth generation
of them that hate me; and showing mercy
unto thousands of them that love me, and
keep my commandments.

The 5th Commandment;
"Honor thy father and thy mother:
that thy days may be long upon the land
which the Lord thy God giveth thee."
(Warren Shuffles families like a deck of cards)

7th Thou shalt not commit adultery."
(Warren reassigns wives)

8th "Thou shalt not steal."
(The Grain Elevators and UEP assets) and if you disagree then lie in the name of God WARREN.

the 10th
"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's
house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's
wife, nor his manservant, nor his
maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor
any thing that is thy neighbour's."

Anonymous said...

There is a saying of "In a co-dependant society, the MOST co-dependant person rises to the top."

IMO Warren Jeffs is the most co-dependant parasite that I have ever seen. But he has such a great relationship with his HOSTS that they can't seem to live without his leeching.

onthestreet said...

Anonymous said (4/13/2006 10:48 AM):

With Rulon Jeffs, Leroy Johnson, Charles Zitting, John Barlow, Joseph Musser and those that connect Warren to the lineage of great prophets, they are betrayed! The one MIGHTY and STRONG would not be hiding in the dark, moving from house to house, betraying his own teachings, dragging down the integrity of the saints.

STREET’s REPLY: The prophet Joseph, yes the one Mighty and Strong, did indeed hide and move from place to place, to stay out of the hands of his enemy, as did also Jesus the Christ. So your lies are quite obvious, or at least you are grossly mistaken, the blind presuming to lead the blind astray, “and the Dragon shall deceive the WHOLE world (Rev. 12:9).

Deuteronomy Chapter 13
False prophets must be slain, and idolatrous cities destroyed.

STREET’S Reply: Are you volunteering, thinking yourself to do God a service in the shedding of blood? Why do you use the Latin? Do you think it edifies, not knowing that it is a corrrupt language, and the origin of Italian mobs? Is that where you’re coming from, to pattern yourself after that? Latin is a dialect of Greek, a corruption of a corruption. How far can you stoop? It is part of a profound inferiority complex felt by Rome when comparing itself to superior Greek culture. In quoting Deuteronomy, you can just as well be referring to any priest, pastor, or politician in the land, not knowing with which go measure. “Ye shall know them by their fruits”, saith the Lord. You’re just crying out for blood, but what does the Lord say of those who cry out for blood? He says they shall have their fill of it.

You say: “Warren is neither GOD nor PROPHET and yet honest men now hide him and lie for him. If he is slain, hiding in a RAT HOLE he is not a martyred saint”. Do you see the inconsistency, “an honest man lying”? Then you quote Matthew and other scripture, as if the quoting redeems you and makes you legit. You can apply any scripture to anyone, even to Christ, and make him a villian because you used scripture to villianize him. It is not having other Gods to build a temple to God, according to his commandments, as you suggested in the 2nd Commandment. Nor is it dishonor to your father and mothe, nor adultery, to move families out of harm’s way, like you suggested in the 5th and 7th Commandments. Quite the opposite. Nor is it stealing to take your own stewardship or belongings from your own land, and move them to another place, like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did. Were they also thieves?

How many wives does a prophet need? A prophet must have thousands, no millions, countless, if God is a truthful man, for He calls it “eternal increase”. Now are you calling your very creator a liar? You say: “No sidestepping”, and that is all that you have done here.

mugwump said...

Sstan wanted to be like God, that was why he and his angels (1/3 of the heavenly host) were cast out.

You might read John Milton's "Paradise Lost", at it follows all the rules of literacy. The concept is believable, not scriptual, but believable. It is considered a classic in the English Language.

onthestreet said...

Not so, swampy. Satan wanted to be just the opposite, and got his wish, for God loves all of his children and grants them their free agency. God lives by principle, and Satan wanted to violate principle, very UNLIKE God.

Only prophets and saints truly want to be like God, enough so as to risk everything, even their property, their honor among men, and their very lives, to obtain it.

"Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect".

mugwump said...

So, tell me something I don't already know, and practice even though at times I fail, but His grace is sufficient.

"Forbid it Lord that I should boast, save in the death of Christ My God. All the vain things that charm me most, I sacriffice them to His Blood."

Isaac Watts

onthestreet said...

Well put, Muggy.