Sunday, January 08, 2006

CMC computers robbed.

I heard from someone on the inside that the data servers were stolen from CMC store. I cannot find anything in the papers on this. It sounds as if that is all that was taken from the store after a break-in. Could it be an inside job to clear data before it is seized in an investigative raid? What could be the motive behind this one?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Warren's servers crashed at YFZ?

furnace said...

Why so cynical? Maybe someone was fired recently by Warren's orders and is full of spite.

Anonymous said...

Aliens did it.

In Elvis costumes.

No, that wouldn't be Elvis Barlow.

fttc said...


The cynicism is not good, but you haven't you contributed yourself to it? The direct result of so many evils coming from this man is that he becomes suspect in any evil that happens. Whether he is responsible for the theft to destroy evidence or because someone is full of spite matters little for being cynical.

Faithful Woman said...

what are data servers? for those of us who are tech impaired?

fttc said...

What I heard was stolen was the computer part of the network where all the data was stored. In other words the network hard drives.

fttc said...

To clarify further: This would include sales, purchases, payroll, inventory info, etc.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like a motive of sabotage rather than spoils.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone was robbing the robber?

Anonymous said...

Is it OK to steal from a thief?

Faithful Woman said...

Wonder if it would have anything to do with record of foodstamp receipts.

fttc said...

I hadn't thought of that angle. Good question, Faithful.

Anonymous said...

They caught tht kids, or should I say young adults that broke into the store, hardware store, the door shop in Centennial Park etc.... They were dealing cocain and pot. Just doing what druggies do I suppose. They're in a world of trouble.
What a waste of life. Those poor choices will affect them for the rest of their lives.
Sad sad sad!!!

Anonymous said...

Who caught them the sheriff's department or the local CC police department?

Anonymous said...

anon 2:46

wadda mean, what a waste of life?!?
some kid takes cocaine or pot and you automatically throw 'em away?
their life is over?

...don't work that way in "real life".
people are stronger than you think
they just don't break that easy
I'm sure they got plenty life left in them

drugs are just drugs
they have no magic
neither good... nor evil

what's really sad?
when people give up on others as easy as you.....

keep sweet eldorado

Anonymous said...

Don't know which police department initially, but for sure St. George police, dogs etc. were involved. They raided two houses.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't my motive to "throw" anyone away, and after re-reading my post I can understand why you took it that way...
If anyone can understand the heart ache from a parent's perspective, it would be me. My oldest child got into drugs, smoking and alcahol as a young adult. By my saying what a waste of life, I was referring to the years of enduring, changing, and overcoming the consequences of those choices. It was very difficult for him.

He has been married for 10 years now and has 2 beautiful children. He has built them a lovely home, and they are a very contented loving family.

So again, I am not in the mode of "throwing" anyone away. It is my hope that all of these young people will be successful, prosperous and honerable in their up comming years...

Here, here to all of them.

Anonymous said...

Was the bust in Centennial Park, Cane Beds, or Short Creek.

Sorry STG, you said
"drugs are just drugs
they have no magic
neither good... nor evil"

I have to disagree strongly.
Meth, herione and cocaine are very evil. Also, lets not leave out pot. The marijuana grown today is much stronger and addictive.

You are very very lucky if after experimenting with these drugs you can walk away.

The problem is most people can not walk away.

These communities are just like any other in America. You have people young and old who want to make a fast buck and escape reality.

Dear Poster 01/11/2006 2:46 PM stated "Those poor choices will affect them for the rest of their lives."

You are so right on the mark. That one poor choice might put you on the slab at the funeral home. Or you might have a child with health problems affected by your choice, long after you have seen the error of your ways.

But STG is right on thing "Doing these things do not make you EVIL."

STG if you live in this part of the world you need to step up and help. Sounds like these young adults need a good role model.

Anonymous said...

Stolen hard drives means theft of records and thus protection against fraud against certain individuals being found in case of audit. Probability of theft can be traced to whom might be implicated should an audit be ordered. That would be likely if inventory and cash receipts didn't balance or if sudden cash dissappearance occurred. Bank records might indicate large withdrawals, checks drawn for insufficient funds, sudden bankrupt proceedures etc. Hard-drives have become the bookeeping ledgers of the modern era.

Anonymous said...

There were 4 young CC/Hildale men arrested on Saturday - 2 Barlows, 1 Timpson and 1 Johnson. The charges range from possession of stolen property, possession of marijuana, cultivating (growing) marijuana, distributing marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine, and distributing cocaine. The arrests were made by the St. George Police Department and the Washington County Drug Task Force.

Anonymous said...

The crimes you listed are but symptoms of degeneration of family life, lack of self respect, loss of moral values, loss of role models, loss of dicipline from childhood onward. "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Question: Where does the blame lay? With the young men? Were they a part of those kicked out because there weren't enough girls for them to have a natural relationship? Were they coddled as children by indulgent parents?
Do they suffer from mental illness?

I don't know the answer. Do You?

Anonymous said...

It can also be a symptom of not having anything to do with their time except sit around and get high.

Its not good when young people are forbidden from playing sports, forbidden to watch TV, forbidden to listen to the radio, forbidden to go to dances, etc.

Also, being put to work at a young age can't be good. Depriving a child of their childhood and forcing them to take on parental responsibilites and working at hard labor is not healthy.

Children need time to be children. And using their energy on driving a backhoe all day instead of playing baseball or basketball does not make happy children.

Young adults often turn to drugs as a false way to find happiness. It is a temporary escape. Playing a game of football, reading a good book or going to a community dance would be a lot healthier. But how can they when those innocent activities are banned?

fttc said...

Your point about young men and women needing entertainment and diversions is well taken. I think that is a big mistake the FLDS has made.

I have to disagree about the labor part though. I began operating equipment when I was 12 years old. I had a happy life as a young man. The responsibility kept me out of a lot of trouble that other boys and girls my age got into. I learned skills that I lean heavily on today for my sustenance.

Yes, children need to take the time to grow up but the poster before yours asked if these boys had been coddled. I think we do this too much today. I find myself doing it with my own children. They need to learn responsibilty as soon as they are able to understand what it means. I daily thank my parents for teaching me early what work ethics are all about.

Anonymous said...

Reply to anon 8:43

Maybe the parents are to blame. Maybe the boys just learned by example. It has been said that illegal drugs have been coming out of the Creek for many years. This is a big money maker for the righteous and they don't care if the wicked outsiders ruin their lives taking drugs.

Maybe these boys just decide to give the drugs a try instead of just selling them to the wicked outsiders.

Anonymous said...

There were 4 young CC/Hildale men arrested on Saturday - 2 Barlows, 1 Timpson and 1 Johnson.

You have to have connections for this kind of crime. Sellers and buyers.


Where was the CC/Hildale local law enforcement on this arrest?

Anonymous said...


Being taught to work and being made slaves at an early age are two different experiences. Being taught to work, in my estimation, means having certain responsability thrust upon a child at an early age. That responsability needs to be relative to the childs strength and understanding. Praise should follow a job well done, progressive punishment should follow when the child refuses to perform up to standard.

As the child grows older more complicated and responsable tasks become his/hers, a high level of proficiency should be expected and praise and/or punishment meaded out as before.

When the child has grown up in this system by the time they have attained the age of 15 or 16 they should be able to perform any task assigned with few errors following an apprentice period.

It is however, most important that work, or productive activity be only a part of the child's life as he/she grow toward being an adult.

A good education including the fundamentals of reading, writing, math and geometry, spelling, music, speech and self expression, health and hygiene, reading for pleasure and learning to write or document what has been read will assist the student in being able to express themselves in writing.
Just think of the value of this developed talent when associated with entering business or writing contracts or bids.

Travel: Travel with adult members of the family to natural areas, cities, and to areas where people of differing cultures live will give them an understanding and a greater appreciation for the structure of their own life. Truthful and frank discussion should be encouraged. This is how good citizens are developed.

Supervised interactivity among both girls and boys helps resolve shyness, teaches each respect for each other and if given the opportunity to ask and answer frank questions concerning body changes and urges that occur naturally with emphasis being directed toward each of them remaining pure until marriage will prevent a lot of behind the scenes seeking and undesirable sexual behavior.

When a child is taught to work, to play, to learn, to associate, to respect then society, when blended with worship fills the family need to become a whole unit and the child is thus a part of that unit. He/she is not alone, they love and are loved and know that love is indeed factual.

Crime and criminal activity can usually be traced to rebellion, a failure to be loved in family, a failure to have learned to work and become proficient, an inability or discouragement to develop friends, an attitude of being seen as a failure, never having been taught to trust or how to learn to measure whom you can trust, having too much money to spend, too much time and mis- directed energy and nothing worthwhile to spend the money for, a future sensed as being void and without hope, strictly left in the hands of those of the community who make the decisions. A being without individuality, a non-person, disposable upon a whim.

fttc said...

I concur with you on most points. I do think however that the 'slave labor' conception among FLDS is overblown. I don't deny that there have been those in that condition. I do say they are the exception and not the rule.

I must also state that I have been gone from CC/Hildale for more than five years now and do not know conditions now. Maybe someone living and observing close up can comment on this?

Anonymous said...

My posts take a bit of time to compose. They are not posted upon a whim. I hope to gain some controversy among the people who read these posts. They are not intended to harm, just to make people look at their condition and attempt to understand how their circumstances came about.

Once people understand the WHY they usually can understand the HOW to make or take the necessary steps to correct the problem.

In the United States a a whole, the Democrat Party has for the past 50 years preyed on the "poor me" of the American population. I am not against assisting those who are in real need, but I strongly oppose the permanent "Welfare State" that has only one goal. What can you do for me?

After reading many of the entries on this blog I have come to the conclusion that there are many who contribute who are of strong character, maybe to the point of being domineering. If I were a Mormon I might be considered as a part of that group, I don't deny it. My attitude toward life has been lead, follow or get out of the way.

Many others are so caught up in their prophets ??????? that they can't engage in intelligent exchange. Some others can give and take. Yet others seem to want to whine and blame someone else for all their problems. It is to the last group that I address most of my posts.

My message to you is this: Dry up your tears, learn ALL you can, get up off your butt, take a stand, get busy, quit worring about who was to blame and you will find:

1. Your day will be more productive.
2. Your attitude will improve.

3. Your understanding of problems will be more complete.

4. Your dependency upon others to make your decisions will decrease.

5. Your self esteem will grow.

6. Your faith in your own ability to get the job done will grow, as will your faith in your fellow workers.

7. Your family life will be happier.

8. You will gain insight that you are unable to complete tasks alone. The work will be completed about three times as fast if you have but one more worker helping with the task at hand. Strange but: 1 + 1 = 3 !!!!

9. Whining about how mis-treated you are will cease.

10. Your faith in God will grow. You will come to understand you have accomplished these many little things through your journey of faith.

Remember: A trip around the world starts with a single step.

May God Bless your effort.

Anonymous said...

Not much controversy in that.

Faithful Woman said...


if you are going to be a regular poster, do the rest of us a favor and get a blog name.

Of course we could just give you a lable if you prefer ;)

Anonymous said...

Timpson and Johnson
made bail. They had the cash. A couple of the Barlows, did too.
Good Job! Washington County Sheriff Department.

Where were your locals cops, Shortcreek?

Anonymous said...

Actually I think you should thank the St. George Police Department. I think they did the bust and not the Washington County Sheriff Office. For some reason, the WCSO seems to falter on things like this. Remember (Orson) William Black?

It is like Mayberry in this part of the state and Barney only gets one bullet to carry in his pocket.

My question is who paid the bail money.

This was a LOT of money for these charges. Where do 19 year old boys get this kind of bail money?

If they didn't have cash for the bail, then who had enough property to offer as a bond?

Anonymous said...

Which store is the cmc? Is this the co-op mercantile store?

fttc said...


onthestreet said...

This was a LOT of money for these charges. Where do 19 year old boys get this kind of bail money?

If they didn't have cash for the bail, then who had enough property to offer as a bond? 1/16/2006 11:39 PM

STREET'S Reply: Alot of small minds, stumbling over a gnat and swallowing a camel whenever the child of anybody remotely FLDS has growing pains, and scrapes up enough to try and better his situation in life. You have to wonder who the real perverts are, and the real criminal, seeing how they wallow so low, yes?

Anonymous said...

STREET'S Reply: Alot of small minds, stumbling over a gnat and swallowing a camel whenever the child of anybody remotely FLDS has growing pains, and scrapes up enough to try and better his situation in life. You have to wonder who the real perverts are, and the real criminal, seeing how they wallow so low, yes?

2/16/2006 8:35 PM


Better his situation by illegally selling dope and stealing.
God help the boy, he must have perverts as teachers.

Street did you lead by example?
Was drugs and theft your demise? Is that why you where kicked out?

Anonymous said...

Hey "onthestreet" I dont think warren would approve of such foul language ??? What do you think?