Friday, November 18, 2005

Warren Jeffs on Video!!!

You've gotta see this one! See and hear WJ in his own words!



Anonymous said...

this blog is so DEAD that we're now resorting to slapstick comedy to bring it some life. Can you say LOOOOOOSER?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know this guy?

Guilty plea in child sex abuse case
November 14, 2005

TSN staff reports

KINGMAN, Ariz. - A truck driver from the northern Arizona community of Cane Beds, just south of Colorado City, has pled guilty to sex offenses involving young family members.

Conway Cox, 27, pled guilty to two counts of attempted continuous sexual abuse of a child. The indictment alleges Cox repeatedly offended his young niece and his nephew over a near six year period ending in late December, 1999. Cox admitted various activity involving the boy but denied touching the girl.

Pressured for more information by Mohave County Superior Court Judge Richard Weiss, Cox said he was only guilty of watching the little girl run around naked. Cox and his attorney, however, indicated he was willing to plead guilty to the reduced attempted sexual abuse charge given the possibility of conviction at trial.

The plea agreement requires Judge Weiss to impose a five year prison term at sentencing scheduled December 5.

Anonymous said...

So, what's the point in tying Colorado City to the story? More sensationalism?

Get a grip you jerk! You mad at the world or something?

I'm sad for the children, but again, what's the point in including Colorado City? I don't even live there, but anyone can read between the lines as to where you went in the above post....

Faithful Woman said...

I remember Conway. He was younger and often/always unclean and unkept. Some of the teachers tried to help him clean up a bit in the mornings.
He isn't the one I was worried about. It was the older brothers who threatened me, a first grader, to unscrew my belly button with their screwdriver so my leggs would fall off.
They were very uncouth and I was glad when they finished school. I don't think that the boys were being seriously threatening, just razzing some little kid that was looking at them.

Warren Jeffs said...

Can someone help me find Seth? My internet is down and my chair is squeaking again. Please Seth, come help me, I need you.

Anonymous said...

Brother Warren,
I'll be there just as soon as I have finished boinking, I mean saving Nathaniel.


Anonymous said...

BS like this turns the lurkers off. There are real people in CC lurking here unsure of what to do or whether or not eternal damnation will result if they say no to Warren's nonsense. Let's not drive them back into what they are trying to get out of by this type of BS.

Anonymous said...

To 11/28/2005 5:56 pm

Well said.

Anonymous said...

I hear that WJ has sent three of his wives home their fathers. But they are still his wives, though he never slept with them, and they can never be married again and have a happy life.

ATAR_i said...

????Why would he send them home? - Unable to consumate the marriage.

Let's see - an unconsumated marriage without a marriage license - hey - even in FLDS minds that's gotta be a stretch.

Perhaps OTS is warren - and he's going the immaculate conception route (so if one of the girls ends up pregnant in this unconsumated marriage - will it be immaculate???)

I probably could have paid OTS no higher complient in his own mind (sorry bud, it's actually a slam for me - but merry Christmas).

Faithful Woman said...

Could be the girls with Blackmore blood, since warren considers that they have Negro blood in them and you know how he feels about that.

ATAR_i said...

Can anyone explain to me what they believe warrens position on 'negro blood' might be?

I mean, we've pretty much anglicanized Jesus - who was clearly Jewish, and Jewish individuals run the gamet from fair to dark as night with a *very* African look.

What did he really look like? Wouldn't it be interesting if we found out he looked a heck of a lot like Morgan Freeman, and less like James Caviezel.