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Now that I've survived my first REAL storyline on the blog, I've decided we are less like a feature film and more like a soap opera - which according to wikipedia (and no - I don't think it's satanic because of it's name, I think it's supposed to mean a web based encyclopedia).

What differentiates a soap from other television drama programs is their open-ended nature. Plots run concurrently, and lead into further developments: there is rarely a need to "wrap things up", although soaps that run in series for only part of the year tend to bring things to a dramatic cliffhanger.

Sooooo, that being said what should it be called

All My Wives

The Days of Our Lives....Are Numbered.... (ending soon, in a crematorium near you soon)

The Young and the Medicated

Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

As Your Stomach Churns

Anonymous said...

That is funny, I'm afraid though that all these "off topic"threads are distracting from making real progress at such at pivital time!!!

Anonymous said...

As the Profit Yearns

Anonymous said...

Desperate Sister Wives

Anonymous said...

BIG House on the Prairie

Anonymous said...

Gone with the Whim

- oh, but that would be a novel about the reassigning of families, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

The Young and the Helpless

Anonymous said...

General Birthing Center

(instead of General Hospital)

Anonymous said...

Another Celestial Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Botched Bloodlines

Anonymous said...

All Your Children

Men In Black said...

"Behind The Greed (Green) Door"

Anonymous said...

MIB and others who say they are there to help the people of CC/H;

I think you show extreme immaturity and very poor taste with your jeering comments. If you want those people to trust you and take you at your word, your dispicable behavior and tacky disregard for their deep felt religion requires an honest (and public) apology on your part.

Do you really expect them to trust you when you act disrespectfully to them and their way of life? Do you really think that after you dishonor them they will come running to you for help? Any reasonably intelligent and caring person knows that you will get more response from using a little honey than you will from vinegar.

If you really have their best interests at heart, and you really want to help them, then show some respect for them. Show some empathy for what they have been through. Is it at all possible for you to try to visualize the pain that they feel at this time? No human being should have lemon juice perpetually poured in their wounds.

Please have a little dignity, and quit stooping to the cheap show tactics. It makes one wonder if you are doing this more for acclaimation and the fame, than for benefit of those whom you claim to champion. (Perhaps you are hoping to capitalize on their misfortune??)

Can you think of a time in your life that you were deeply humiliated by someone? Try to remember how that felt, and treat them in the kind and caring way you would have like to have been dealt with. Just because they are different, doesnt make them non-human. Therefore, the universal principals still apply. Try it! You may just be surprised! (And I bet you'll like yourself better, too!)

New Kid on the Blog

Anonymous said...

Hey, newbie! You said a mouthful there. And I for one agree with you. So I hereby humbly and publicly apologize for making light of other peoples' pain. Mea Culpa.

GBNF said...

And on that note, how about:

The Dumb and the Worthless...
A neverending saga of Street Fruit and Ruth in their quest to get back into the good graces of an evil dictator.

onthestreet said...

I confess. It is an eternal quest.

Men In Black said...

New Kid on the Blog

Read the postings, I'm the one with the pointy head, its takes two to tango! In this case many! The difference is in the hundreds of cases documented that the Mohave County Investigator eluded to in the Associated Press story released on Warren Jeffs yesterday and today.

Should I apologize for the misappropreiation of tax dollars spent since the 1953 raid? Should those abiding by the law apologize to rapist, robbers, extorsionist or ? The debate is between those who recognize the law and those like Warren who have defied it. Popularity is not my goal! Biblical if thats your slant, repent and sin no more! Its not my bent, rather its about "Human Rights" and while some her may curse me, I entered this with clients as the Utah and Arizona rep. of FOR KIDS SAKE. Walk in my shoes and know what I know, then maybe I will respect your opinion!

Crimes have been committed and many here knew what they were and lifted not a finger to stop these. They watched and they are still watching. When they line up to help investigators and prosecutors, I will willingly eat my words, but until then they are still apart of why justice has come so slow to victims you obvious don't know.

Tonight I will see if I can find an arsonist or two to apologize too! If I boast of 500 audio cassettes of Warren, expand your minds and think about whom provided these. There are victims from within, more discrete than those with a loud voice on this blog and for their cause and plight, no one here yet deserves my apology.

How about Chloe & Steven's 5 year old daughter raped or the perpetrator age 14 that commited suicide a week later? Lets put about 100 such stories on this Blog and see what this New Kid is made of? To get respect, you have to of respected the children that were left in harms way, but few much more insiders than I, let this and more occur.

Anonymous said...

Who are Chloe & Steve? And where was this done?

GBNF said...

Once again you admit to the truth. I can't help but be confused as to why you want to follow an evil dictator. I guess it is the same as when you made excuses for Warren molesting his nephew. Don't you have any moral fiber?

Men In Black said...

Anonymous said...
Who are Chloe & Steve? And where was this done?

6/11/2005 9:54 PM

Chloe is Ron Rohbocks daughter; let me refresh you.

Fundamentalist Mormon prophet Warren Jeffs came close to getting arrested over the last year because the Utah Attorney General's Office believed he wanted disobedient teenager Vanessa Rohbock sacrificed to the Lord in a religious ritual called Blood Atonement.
"Will you love that man or woman well enough to shed their blood? That is what Jesus Christ meant," Young was quoted as saying in an 1857 sermon delivered in Salt Lake City and memorialized in the primary fundamentalist Mormon document Purity in the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage, compiled by Jeffs' father and former fundamentalist Prophet Rulon Jeffs.

Vanessa had committed the most vile of sins in the fundamentalist Mormon world: She had taken a boyfriend of her own choosing instead of marrying the man Warren Jeffs had chosen for her.

Further down;
Vanessa refused to go back with her father, Ron Rohbock, who at the time was one of Jeffs' bodyguards. Rohbock made several trips to Canada to pick up his daughter, but he could not persuade the girl to go back to Colorado City.

On one of the trips, Rohbock told Blackmore that Jeffs had decreed that there was nothing left for Vanessa to do but return home and face the ultimate punishment, death, according to the Utah AG's Office.

In an interview with Utah investigators, Blackmore said he and the girl's father had been instructed by Jeffs to pray day and night for Vanessa's destruction.

(My little dispute with Winston, was over what he told authorities, verses his 1-30-05 article in SHARE THE LIGHT of this same subject and girl).

Chloe is Vanessa's big sister of course and we are speaking of her then 5 year old daughter with Steven.

Hmmm...and you have the gaul to question why I am a man of little faith! The optimist lacks the experience of the pescimist. Chloe lives in Apple Valley and without naming names here, one blog member registered in this group knows Chloe well enough to explain this further, should he so chose!

Men In Black said...

The debate of oversight reaches far beyond polygamy. Taken from Krakauers book;
Uncle Rulon's world carries the weight of law. The mayor and every other city employee answers to him, as do the entire police force and the superintendent of public schools. Even animals are subject to his whim. Two years ago a Rottweiler killed a child in town. An edict went out that dogs would no longer be allowed within the city limits. A posse of young men was dispatched to round up all of the canines, after which the unsuspecting pets were taken into a dry wash and shot.

Not all were killed by gunshot! The wholesale slaughter of domestic dogs happen pretty quick and no one questioned the logic.

Where SPLC was upset about ethnic teachings, I suspect P.E.T.A. would be equally concerned over this treatment of animals.

Collect hard data on about 200 issues and a wise man might not accept the self determination argument. Until there is a track record that self governing is deserved, I suspect we will remain at odds.

Men In Black said...


Ten minutes after Lenore Holm refused her daughter's marriage, Warren Jeffs, the son of Rulon Jeffs, then the church's leader, called Holm and told him he lost his priesthood, had allowed his wife to make decisions, that he was no longer a member of the church and to move off the property, Milton Holm testified.

Warren Jeffs told Holm that his father, Rulon Jeffs, had been displeased by Lenore Holm's decision.

The next witness to take the stand for the plaintiffs was Leroy Jeffs, one of the trustees of UEP, who explained UEP's function.

"It is based on faithfulness to the church," Jeffs said. "If someone violates the commandments or don't support the leaders, anyone's stewardship can be taken away."

"Are Milton and Lenore Holm members of the church?" Parker asked.

"My understanding, they are not," Jeffs said.

Upon cross-examination, McKay asked Jeffs whether the church is subject to the laws of Arizona, to which Jeffs said yes.

"Are you aware that polygamy is against the law in Arizona?" McKay asked.

After an objection from Parker, Jeffs answered yes.

"Is it true that FLDS allows it?" McKay asked.

"We believe in plural marriages is part of our religion," Jeffs said.

Lenore Holm's ex-husband and father of Nicole Holm, Paul Knudson, also took the stand. Knudson testified he also strongly objected to his daughter's arranged marriage and tried to stop it.

Knudson, who also left the church, also testified that he believed the church in the 1970s gave the land to church members and their children to hold and protect forever.

In the afternoon, the last witness, Lenore Holm, took the stand and recounted how she felt pressured by Warren and Rulon Jeffs to allow her daughter to marry Jessop. She then changed her mind the next day. Minutes after that call, Jeffs evicted them.

She reiterated her husband's testimony of how much money they spent on buying tile, carpet, drywall and plumbing for the house.

McKay asked Holm whether other non-church members live on church land. Holm testified she knew of at least 20 other families who do.

During cross-examination, Parker asked pointedly whether she would like to see Warren Jeffs in jail and whether she was an activist against the church.

Holm denied wanting to see Jeffs or any leaders in jail. She did say those who commit statutory rape of under age girls should be in jail and that she wanted the practice to stop.

In his closing statement, McKay spoke again of how much improvements the Holms have put into their home and how within minutes of Lenore Holm's refusal for her daughter to marry, they were ex-communicated and asked to leave their home.

Parker reminded Chavez that this case was not about compensation but whether or not UEP, as owner of the property, has the right to evict people.

Parker also said that despite practicing polygamy, even polygamists have property rights.

Antipolygamy legislation also put pressure on the Church by threatening members' civil rights and Church property rights. The Edmunds Act barred persons living in polygamy from jury service, public office, and voting. The Edmunds-Tucker Act (1887) disincorporated both the Church and the Perpetual Emigrating Fund on the ground that they fostered polygamy. Furthermore, it authorized seizure of Church real estate not directly used for religious purposes, and acquired in excess of a $50,000 limitation imposed by the Morrill Act. In the Idaho Territory a test oath adopted in 1885 was used to ban all Mormons (and former Mormons) from voting because of the Church's position on polygamy.

In 1890 after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the seizure of Church property under the Edmunds-Tucker Act in The Late Corporation of the Mormon Church v. United States and the Idaho test oath in Davis v. Beason, it became clear that plural marriage was leading toward the economic and political destruction of the Church. Shortly after these decisions, a revelation was received by President Wilford Woodruff, who then withdrew the requirement for worthy males to take plural wives and announced the manifesto, formally stating his counsel to Latter-day Saints to abide by antibigamy laws (see D&C Official Declaration—1). The Manifesto ended the legal confrontation between the U.S. government and the Church.

Congress passed a final federal antibigamy provision in 1892, which excluded polygamists from immigration into the United States. This exclusion remains part of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Code.

Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona incorporated antibigamy provisions into their turn-of-the-century state constitutions as required by Congress for admission to the Union. Idaho's Constitution not only outlaws bigamy but also bars polygamists and persons "celestially married" from public office and voting. However, that was interpreted in Budge v. Toncray by the Idaho court not to include monogamous Mormons married in an LDS temple.

During the twentieth century, federal and state governments have prosecuted other polygamists under a variety of general statutes. For example, federal officials have filed cases against polygamists charging unlawful use of the mails to proselytize for polygamy and alleging that moving plural wives across state boundaries violates laws against interstate kidnapping and interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes. Because of their practice of plural marriage, polygamists have also had legal troubles with state laws about adoption, inheritance, and government employment.


Anonymous said...


I was not talking about WHAT you are trying to accomplish, I was talking about HOW you are going about it. ALSO, I am not talking to ONLY YOU, but the OTHERS that stab at the wounds that this whole situation has inflicted.

There is absolutely no doubt that things are not right in CC, and something needs to be done. What I was referring to is your apparent lack of respect for these peoples feelings. The point that I was making is, when you go around mocking the life that they so deeply and truly believe in, your own efforts to gain their trust go to no avail. I'm talking about your making fun of their way of life, and making public some of the un-nessesary things that humiliate and belittle the tiny bit of human dignity that those people have left.

I'm saying that perhaps if you were a little more professional and genuinely respectful to them, I just bet you would be able to gain some trust in the ways that you are looking for, and your offer to help them would be received with a little more grattitude.

Would YOU trust you if the tables were turned? Lets say for instance, that you were the victim of a molestation as a child. Would YOU want someone that you had seen was mocking your way of life, family, and splashing other victim's pain all over the world, to help you? I think not. Even when a person has been victimized by a family member, they still hold sacred the family structure and way of life. And NOBODY likes the feeling that accompanies the public scrutiny when the whole world knows that you have been victimized.

A little kindness goes a long way, MIB, Atari, and all the Anon's that make so much fun of this. If you really want to help them, then prove it by showing a little respect and empathy. The contempt that you feel for the church leadership should not carry over to the rest of the people. THE WRONGDOINGS OF THE LEADERSHIP ARE NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MEMBERS!!It is obvious that most of them are just doing the best that they know how, and just want to live their lives in the God-given American right, to worship God as they see fit.

I say lets all concentrate on the real issues at hand, and leave the cheap shots at the innocent out. Give those folks a chance to see all by themselves that what Warren is doing is wrong. I know that you are afraid that it will be too late. However; with this warrent for his arrest out, and the way he is handling things, Warren is in the process of slitting his own throat, so to speak. It won't take very long for them to figure out that he has left them hanging to twist in the wind with no money, no give a damn.

Instead, what is happening is that you are making him look like a "true prophet" by doing exactly what he "prophesys" you will do. As it is, those people are so guarded against you that they can't see what Warren is REALLY up to. I believe that if they were not so busy watching what the "government" was up to, they would start to see his self-centered ways. Then, as he "corrects" more and more of them, they would rebel enmass, and your task won't be so big. They will start looking where the fire really is, and not at the smoke that Warren points to that you and others are putting out there.

Perhaps there could be little graciousness on your part? Show them that there are good people all over the world, and not just in the FLDS.

Thanks in advance!

New Kid on the Blog

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should take the time to check your facts before you post them. For example: The kid that killed himself after raping the little girl, (Chloe and Steven's kid), was not, nor ever had been, associated with the FLDS, nor were his parents. He didn't even live in CC/H for that matter!! The little girl's mother was a former FLDS member, but that has nothing to do with the fact that the child was raped. Why put the blame on the FLDS for that? The fact that he killed himself was tragic enough, but the reason he did it was because his own DAD had beat the hell out of him for what he did, and told him that "he wasn't worth s**t and he ought to
just kill himself."

Also, the dog that killed the little boy was a pit bull, and not a rotwieller. It strikes me as odd that you are crying for justice to be done when there is a wrong committed, yet when a child died from a vicious dog attack, and the leadership had all dogs done away with, you called PETA. Is one child's life less significant than another? This makes me question whether or not your really care about people, or maybe you just hate the FLDS so much that the life of the FLDS child means less to you than that of one from somewhere else.

The fact that one was raped (elsewhere) gives you the shock factor that you are looking for, and facts be damned. If getting information is what you are after, get it, by all means. But lets hear the truth, with ALL THE FACTS in order, not your opinions and heresay that may or may not be based on a true story.

onthestreet said...

MIB Prolific, to the point of infinity. Hey, if we're having fun, it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Shut up David. I get so sick of your rambling and idiotic posts.

Anonymous said...

MIB is not interested in facts although he claims to be. In my mind he is the closest thing to Streets profit Warren that we have seen. Now lets see. Taping phone calls without the other party knowing, preparing files on everyone, suspecting that everyone but himself is a part of a conspiracy, judging people without a fair trial, publishing almost volumes of information that is not true, posing as a law enforcement, ruining peoples lives, and wow, if the guy could he would have all the wive leave their husbands. He should be working with Warren cause he acts just like him.

ATAR_i said...

Who is David?

onthestreet said...

Right Atar, who da hek it dat! The Anony-mouse, like it said, is soooo sick!!! And, oh, I didn't call MIB "interesting". I called him "prolific", as in voluminous to the point of creating libraries on a poor tiny little blog. He just blogs us to death, don't he. Hey, sounds like MEEEEEEE. And on and on we go.

Anonymous said...

Now I get it! I don't know why I didn't see it sooner. Street is an imposter. He is really Adam Sandler. Read his last post carefully and see if you can't detect a bit of the Waterboy slipping through here and there.

Hey Street, er...I mean Waterboy, do you still love your Momma? Could that be why Warren kicked you out? Maybe you should have listened to your Momma when she told you that Warren Jeffs is the DEBIL!

onthestreet said...

Momma's GRRRRREAT, because she still loves and supports him, and what I should really do is honor my Momma and my Papa in following that example, that my days may be long upon the land which the Lord my God giveth me.

Anonymous said...

By the way streety, did your mother have any kids that lived?

onthestreet said...

Ho Ho Ho, Mary Am I.

Anonymous said...

Ya, David! HO is right! Go spend a little time with yours and give us a break. If you dont stop posting stupid baby talk, I'm gonna tell everyone who you are.

ATAR_i said...

Please tell us who he is - is he David? He has a baby? Straight shot things he's about four people - would you agree?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Street is one person, huh David.

(try to respond in a big-boy fashion, ok?)

Anonymous said...

Tell ya what, Street. I won't tell anyone who you are if you'll behave yourself. Deal?

ATAR_i said...

Why does David act so differently all the time? Can you tell me if he his bipolar, or schitzophrenic? Hold old approx is he? Is he doing all this to get his wife and child back? Have they been given to someone else already?

onthestreet said...

No Deal.

onthestreet said...


I'm trying to create my own thread on my own, so I can edit my thread as needed. I emailed you about this over a week ago, but no response. So I posted my request on several threads. Still no response. Did you die, are you okay?

Now I know that you emailed me back, and this is what you said:

Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 09:11:03 -0500
From: "Texas Polygamy"
Contact Details
Subject: Re: STREET

Sorry, only admn...or users with admin authority can delete posts. There is no need to copy and paste old posts simply to keep them at the top. If they are old posts, let them cycle off to the archives.
Weblog Admin

ADMIN: I'm not trying to "keep posts on top. How vain is that? Just need to be able to edit my own thread, you see?

Now, I clicked on the red blog logo in the upper left corner of the blog page, and got the next page, but there was no green plus sign. So I need admin authority to edit my own thread, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. How about it?

Hey, maybe you don't read all the threads, I don't know. Tell you what: I'll post this request on all the threads, so you'll see it.

Thank you Sir.

Anonymous said...

Street says no deal because he WANTS to be revealed. He craves attention and wants everyone to know who he is and hopefully transmit to his God that he is supporting him. It really is quite a sycophantic behavior. And yes, he is schizophrenic. He is SUPPOSED to be taking his meds but I will wager a thousand bucks that "God" has told him that he doesn't need it. He just needs to "keep sweet and repent from afar."

Kinda like "May God bless and keep Street. . .far away from us!"

onthestreet said...

Yup, I want to be revealed so bad, that I refuse to be revealed. Then, even if I am, may my light so shine!

Oh, didn't I tell you. I am Sam, and as someone said, David Sam

ATAR_i said...

I have heard David Barlow? But I really don't know. I can't find any information about a David Barlow (accusations against him).

Why don't you do the honors and reveal him - is he David Barlow?

Anonymous said...

I really don't thing it is David Draper. OTS is more educated in theology and uses alot of big words. It would have to be someone like Tom Barlow or Oliver Barlow or Jethro Barlow or someone that came from Salt Lake in the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Back to the drawing board Sherlock.
Oliver has a college degree and Jethro doesn't have any use for Warren.
Tom ? I really give him more credit too.

onthestreet said...


May God bless you forever with faithful children, as numerous as the stars of heaven.