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With to much time on my hands and that former thread about Satin vs Satan, I thought it deserves its own thread. Flame me if you must!

History of Satan;

Silk is one of the finest in luxury fabrics, and with the history of satan inextricably linked to the history of silk, from which all true satan is made, it is no wonder why satan is becoming equally as sought after. Satan Fabric used to be made out of silk, but is now commonly made of rayon, acetate, nylon, polyester, or long staple cotton.

Convincing Warren of this???

The sleek sheen of satan fabric is sure to impress when manufactured and worn as a satan blouse. When a woman feels good she automatically has a heightened sense of self-esteem and confidence, and nobody feels better than when wearing as luxurious a fabric as satan, especially a satan blouse.

According to Warren, my father and all apostates!

Satin is a.k.a. as The Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Prince of Darkness, Accursed Dragon, Foul Spirit, Satanic Power, Master of Deceit, etc.)

History of Satin;

Who is Satin? Is he real? What is his purpose? Is there anyone more evil than satin? What is the history of satin? This satin bible study will look closely at the person who is largely responsible for all of mankind's miseries. First of all, Satin was once an angel. In fact, he was the highest ranked angel of all the angels. His name was Lucifer. Lucifer means, "son of the morning star". He was highly favored by God.

Yes there is a song; Lyrics, oh man. o/~ Satan in satin slippers


Men In Black said...

Others have gone before us!

Nancy B: Don't get me wrong....I LOVE THE HOT WEATHER. I'm a hot weather mama!! I should just invest into getting some satan sheets for the bed. I like it to be cool when I sleep...and our room is always an inferno.

I think I would try to stay away from "Satan" sheets! If you think it's hot now, wait 'til you try Satan sheets! hehehe

I'm the 28th poster! Cool!

What's wrong with worshipping satan sheets? If he likes them on his bed, that's ok with me.

I'm gona finish the rest of that article now, be right back, ok.

I hope you had a nice weekend, Judi, and Dave Barry too!

Posted by: Rockchild on October 25, 2004 01:02 AM

I'm back, and I'm now the 29th poster! Woowhoo!

I guess I was wrong because that guy was not worshipping satan sheets, he was worshipping the guy downstairs, so he's crazy!

I also have a crazy uncle Cledus from Kentucky who looks like uncle Fester, but since he does not worship Satan, I guess he's not that crazy.

Posted by: Rockchild on October 25, 2004 01:30 AM

A Flower;
Satin Satan
(J. Weiler, 86) E-L. 35" F - Price: $7.50
Dark violet self, well-formed with nice ruffling. Good branching and a vigorous grower. Slight sweet fragrance.



It was Friday night in Eden and there were a lot of people just hanging out at the "Mad Hatter," a local heavenly billiard emporium and libation station. Satin Satan was sitting on his stool at the bar, sipping on a bloody mary, waiting for some action, his eyes scanning the room watching a few pool players matching skills on tables though out the room. Money seemed to flowing like dreams tonight.

Adam and Eve were playing pool on a table in the corner; Alvin Asp was wrapped around a stool eating and apple watching them. Next to them Moses was knocking balls around the table with his new shaft. His face was a bit burned as if he got to close to a fire.

Across the room Cane and Able were arguing, they were in each other's face waving cue sticks, and yelling loudly. No one was paying any attention to them they were brothers and were always fighting about something.

At another table there were twelve guys playing 3 ball. Thomas was shooting a shot but he looked uncertain about making it. Judas was quietly whispering to someone in a military uniform, and, John was eating chicken wings and dipping his fingers in a finger bowl before he got up to shoot. Mary Magdalene was leaning against the wall standing on one foot throwing a stone up in the air and catching it. She was watching the 3 ball game and looked bored. The big guy had not shown up yet, it wasn't quite 8pm, the time that he shows up every Friday.

The clock on the wall began to chime, on the eighth chime everyone stopped what they were doing and turned their heads to the door, it opened, as if by magic. Just for an instant there was no one there and then a nattily dressed man appeared and walked in the room.Rudolf walked into the poolroom as if he owned it. I guess figuratively he did, In the Mad Hatter he was God. Satin Satan sat up a little straighter as he glared intensely at Rudolf as he walked to the counter.

Mary walked up behind him and helped him off with overcoat, brushing the snow off the shoulders, as she took it. It was colder than hell outside. Rudolf paid no attention to Satan as he walked past him to the counter; it was as if Satan didn't exist. Everyone knew Satan was on bad terms with Rudolf, but no one was certain of the reason. It was like an evil hiss: "Want to play some pool, fat man?" Whispered Satin Satan. He was chalking his stick. Rudolf glared at Satan for the informality. "Who's soul do you want to play for?" his voice seemed to be everywhere and heard by everyone."Yours" He hissed in answer. Rudolf straightened up and looked into the eyes of Satan and smiled. "And if I win?" "I will leave and never return." Everyone turned to look as Satan spoke. A band of demons appeared behind Satan and gathered around a table, in anticipation of the contest A little smile turned the corners of Rudolf's mouth, as he opened the case that held his cue sticks. This is the opportunity that he had been waiting for, for so long.

Without a word he put the two pieces of the cue together and twisted them tight. Mary Magdalene was racking the balls for straight pool. As she leaned over the table to put the head ball on the spot she smiled at Rudolf. The game was about to begin. The crowd was silent and still. Everyone was watching intently.Well like his fiddle playing Satin Satan's pool playing was all ego and no talent, and the final score was Rudolf 100 Satin Satan 13, and Satin was banished to the underworld where he immediately dropped Satin from his name, and grew a tail.Now everyone knows the real story of the fallen angel and why he was banished from the "Mad hatter" the heavenly poolroom.

Stinger said...


Anonymous said...

You are getting to be as bad as street. You seem to not be satisfied until your name and opinions are plastered over every single thread. Why dont you get a real job like the rest of us. Then hopefully you will not have as much time to plug up this blog with all of your nonsense. Are you and street related.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced you and on the street are one and the same. Please, if you're not, show us. It's looking scary for you.

Men In Black said...

Hey that might be tough to prove. Maybe OTS and I could meet in CC. If no one shows up, you could be right. I may know parts of the theology from listening to it, but I lack the zeal to preach it as OTS does. He spells better any way...

A real job working in the Colorado City Justice Center for DES Arizona is quite an idea are you recommending me to the state?

Men In Black said...

By the way, if Anonymous is one person, then he or she has more postings than I. Isn't a free society grand, where everyone actually has a right to an opinion and free expression! I suppose I could post as anonymous, make the post abit shorter and spell check my words, but wouldn't that be compromising my integrity?

Anonymous said...

What integrity?

Anonymous said...

Straight Shot say,
Oh my -- Thank God for all of us that MIB is not intimidate by witless bullies.
I have no idea if you are the same cowpie Anonymouse or the crow bait anonymouse or the other Anonymouse's that don't have one positive, helpful, truthful, or educated response to any of the problems.
Your Anonymouse attitude is full of cowardly insults and insinuations you should be ashamed of.
MIB wrote the book on integrity and could teach lessons on it to everyone who ever hoped to do a Godly, life giving act. He would never assume to be anyone's guide or teacher - because he also happens to be humble. The only times he comes out and talks about what he know and does is when there are innocent people -- mostly children at stake.
I remember telling him after I first met him and he started trying to work with a few women and their children who were begging for his help --- that he had a very good idea now what it would feel like to be a man with a few wives.
It was like being dragged through a wringer because there was so much trauma and horror involved. NOONE without integrity could have ever lived through that and still kept trying. He wasn't being paid by anyone for his work.
The Anonymouses who can't back off on Jay need to grab ahold of their so-called godly priesthood calling and actually do some good.
If you really can't stand Jay's work that much then GET OFF OF HIS THREADS. He's doing his work for a reason.

Anonymous said...

He will do fine if he only talks about what he knows.

Anonymous said...

Having GOOGLE searched him, I suspect that he doesn't take this personal, more likely it is a game to phis for info and or evidense? Note the names he has been adding to his postings, no doubt a results of these audio cassette's he keeps harping on.

His connection to a web site indicates he is more than a member of which the site is password protected. A series of police departments can be Google searched with the nograf site text to assume he has some other role outside of the web based agency.

Take it for what you will, but he seems to feed off of insults, I would consider that to be serving an ulterior motive.

Considering the timing of the release about Warren Jeffs yesterday, some appear on an inside track and that too feeds to the mention above of an ulterior motive.

onthestreet said...


I'm trying to create my own thread on my own, so I can edit my thread as needed. I emailed you about this over a week ago, but no response. So I posted my request on several threads. Still no response. Did you die, are you okay?

Now I know that you emailed me back, and this is what you said:

Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 09:11:03 -0500
From: "Texas Polygamy"
Contact Details
Subject: Re: STREET

Sorry, only admn...or users with admin authority can delete posts. There is no need to copy and paste old posts simply to keep them at the top. If they are old posts, let them cycle off to the archives.
Weblog Admin

ADMIN: I'm not trying to "keep posts on top. How vain is that? Just need to be able to edit my own thread, you see?

Now, I clicked on the red blog logo in the upper left corner of the blog page, and got the next page, but there was no green plus sign. So I need admin authority to edit my own thread, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. How about it?

Hey, maybe you don't read all the threads, I don't know. Tell you what: I'll post this request on all the threads, so you'll see it.

Thank you Sir.

onthestreet said...


May God bless you forever with faithful children, as numerous as the stars of heaven.