Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The lost boys and girls of the Creek

There are hundred of young people who have left the Creek. Many feel no love from parents and siblings and some have not talked to their parents in a year. These are all under 20. They feel they have been lied to all their life and have been betrayed by their prophet and grandfathers and are ashamed that they were even born in CC. Many are homeless, sleep in their cars, turn to drugs, alcohol and sex. They have no use for religion and feel like they are damned anyway. They don't believe in Joseph Smith or anything "mormon".

What could you say are some guidelines to live by that make a good person?

I personally think that cutting my hair and wearing pants won't send me to hell.


ATAR_i said...

I guess I would say, don't turn to someone else to make you feel whole, worthy, and loved. Start becoming whole by learning, growing and helping, take care of yourself and realize how much you have to offer, start loving others (I'm not talking about sexual love) and reaching out to them. You are not alone

I don't think when you are hurting that turning inward is the answer, becoming absorbed in your own problems and shortcomings.

Go out, out into the world. Find something that you can do to ease suffering, find something you can learn that will help you do that to the best of your abilities. See something else - dive in and make a difference.

Like the song "Best of You" by Foo Fighters. See the video

"Is someone getting the best of you? Are you going to resist or be abused?"

Anonymous said...

no cutting your hair and wearing pants will not send you to hell.

I apostatized over 20 years ago and still haven't been sent to hell. You will probably go through some hell trying to over come all the brain washing, mind control and lies you have been raised with, but there is hope. Lose your self in helping others and getting a good education. Stay away from the drugs, un married sex and crime. over time you will heal and come to like your self again. It is not what others think about especially the pligs that counts but how you fell about yourself that matters. be true to your self.


Anonymous said...

One of the worst crimes committed by the FLDS was ruining the faith of the people. I think that we need to turn to God and ask Him to help us through this mess. The worst travisty will be to end up thinking that this is all something to do with God's plan. I don't believe that because He allows something that it means He is the author of it. He loves us. We need to remember that. It is hard to understand what that means, when you have been taught that what love is by a bully. But my experience is that when we gravitate toward positive things, look for the good in people, and do good toward people, good comes back to us. Heavenly Father does care. And to all you lost people, you have more friends then you think. Don't be afraid to ask for help.


Anonymous said...

Will someone please post another people and places thread? The other one got too long. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. I agree with staying away from drugs and crime, but go ahead and have all the safe sex you can get away with. Don't listen to anyone who says its a crime. We've already been through too much of that nonsense.

Get educated, set some goals, be respectful of others, take pride in accomplishing even the small things. Yes, I said be proud of your accomplishments. Be a friend to others. Be happy and proud of their accomplishments.

Don't settle for just waking up every day. Challenge yourself to get a little farther ahead every day whether its making money, making friends, or helping a little old lady across the street.

Don't worry about the God thing. In a few years, 5, 10 or 15, with a little different perspective, maybe you will gravitate towards a belief. Maybe you won't. Either way its just fine.

Stay busy, stay gainfully employed, pay your debts, and don't be lazy. Anyone can sit on their ass. You have too much going for you to do that, and I as well as everyone who has ever left and made a life for themselves, expect a lot from you and expect you to succeed.

Set the bar higher than you can jump, you'll be surprised how much higher you'll go.

Long Time Gone

Anonymous said...

reply to Long Time Gone

Thanks, that's good and "doable" advice.

You are a very wise (and comforting) person

ThePilot said...

Finding Warren's airplane is the key to finding Warren.
Check this out:

On a Wing and a Prayer

mugwump said...

It is extremely hard to just "live" in the world today. Flashy ads on TV and in magazines concentrate upon the lives of the Hollywood crowd who's aim is to live in a way that allows them to get their face before the public. These live shallow, hollow lives. They are receiving their reward now. Their reward is "being famous." They are mixed up, shallow, untruthful exhibitionists. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

The quiet, kind, ordinary people who don't mind work, who are helpful to others, who make you feel welcome for yourselves, who trust God, don't self promote, but contribute to society. These type of folks are your best role models.

Those whose trust in God are oblivious to temptation and firmly believe that everyone is able to make the right decisions toward life. This is called trust. As you watch the very way they live, how they treat other people, and what they consider important in their lives, these people will teach you far more about life than will be learned sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

You are not alone. You are loved. There are millions of us who have lived a non-mormon life, who have the "peace that passes understanding" in ourlives. We are willing and able to help you. We know that a sense of "family" has been taught to you from early childhood. Belief in the importance of family love and your being industrious are the things we, outside your faith, admire in you. We believe that your life can make a difference in the world.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Uncommited sexual relationships may have an unwelcome effect on life. These irresponsible acts produce children,(your children), who, if born into an unstable situation are forced to live as you have had to live, and will suffer all the problems that you have been forced to suffer. Do you want to be responsible for having created another human life who is as miserable as you? Think about it.

Get a job, go to school, make friends within your community. Sort through those people you have met. Avoid the fast life. Being a worker who can be depended upon will guarantee that you will have good references from your employer for the next job you seek.

Work to support yourself. If you can't support yourself, how can you expect to be able to support a family?

Responsible people work, support themself, their families, love their wives, husbands, sisters, brothers and other relatives. They have many lifelong friends because their friendship is based upon mutual trust and honesty.

They are involved with others in establishing networks of people in like circumstance who are not only able to support themselves, but to assiat others who are experiencing or have experienced similar problems in life.

You know how you have been treated in your former life. Take those experiences, think it through, what needs changing? What can you do to bring about that change.

Read the Book of "Proverbs." This book is just packed with wisdom. Using wisdom allows us to make the best choices for our lives.

Be clean, in body and in spirit, help others less fortunate than you. Become involved in community. Be honest, truthful, wisely evaluating associations with other people. Be of courage, you are not alone.

You are the subject of our continuing concern and definately in our prayers.

Yes, we too are imperfect, but Our Heavenly Father, Who Is perfect, knows our imperfections and loves us anyway. His Word is packed with promises to those who are willing to learn about Him and who live lives that reflect God's love.

Help is available. Just ask for it. Community leaders are usually in a better position to help you than those who wander through life, seemingly without purpose.

outsider said...

We tried to help my nephew who's dad told him to pack his bags and get out....any way he is running as fast as he can to the drugs and alcohol and sex...For right now he is so blind with selfishness because of his "last name" that he expected us to facilitate him in this maddness...We used tough love and he hates us for it. Well, I hope when he has children of his own he will understand why we couldn't or can't help him until he wanted(s) to help himself.

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Anonymous said...

this is off the subject, but we need as many people as we can to come to a school board meeting tonight at 7pm at the (raided) school you kno the one. We want them to stop doing fluff stuff in front of the public then have their 'secret' meeting afterward, and undo everything they said

mugwump said...


I appreciate the "tough love" angle. In the past forty years I have observed families living far beyond their means so that their children can be, go, and have whatever their heart's desire. These kids don't understand "no" and the ability to reason something out is beyond their ability. It takes a tough parent, who diciplines through love, to nurture rebelious youth.

My hat's off to you.

outsider said...

thank you......Hopefully this story has a happy ending too.

Faithful Woman said...

School Board Meeting at 7????

I heard it was at 5 Utah time and someone who called said the guys swore it was at 5 Arizona time, making it 6 Utah time. But do we trust them? In an hour they could have had their 'closed' meeting and them just give the results to the suckers who bother to go at 6.

By the way, it is suposed to be about raising the property taxes, again.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mugwump! I haven't been around this place for awhile and must say that I enjoyed your sermon. You are more of a Mormon than the FLDS and that is not meant as an insult. We have a saying in our sacred book, and you could find that same advice in the proverbs. It was made by a father who had been a wicked man and had fixed his life, and he was giving some advice to his son who I presume was doing the sex, drugs, alcohol thing. "Wickedness never was happiness". It never has been and never will be.

Anonymous said...

Calling All Angels says,
There are dozens of family members trying to find out if anyone knows what has happened to the "work missionary" boys from the late fifties, the sixties, and up to the middle seventies. Most of them seem to have dropped off of the planet.

We are worried about them and would like to try to connect links to them and find out how they are doing and if their families are OK.
The best information I have been able find is very disturbing because many of them seem to be passed away, kicked out of the group, run away, and generally not doing too well.
Is there a way to maybe start a thread about this???
If we could we might be able to start putting some of the peices together and maybe even help many of the younger "lost boys" or whoever understand what has happened to them better.
Some of these older "work missionaries" may even be great role models for these younger kids.

One of the stories I worry about is a guy who was sent on a job to clean out chicken manure on a chicken farm in St. George for the farm in CC. The job was so horrible in the terrible heat that many of the boys lost their sense of smell permanently and other are still suffering the side affects from this. This is just one of the historical incidents and concerns.

quiet canadian said...

Happy Dominion Day CANADA 138 years old

onthestreet said...

And who shall have dominion? Many politicians to choose from, but who will be able to stand?

ATAR_i said...

This doesn't sound like OTS - I think someone got a hold of him, and took his nick.

Anonymous said...

To onthestreet:

The "Prophets Messenger" has directed that all faithful adherants to Warrenism are to get off this blog immediately.

I guess your really not a faithful member of Warren's FLDS Church as you have claimed to be or else you simply doubt the "Prophets Messenger." Which is it?

rumor-has-it said...

Hey! Everyone needs room to grow, OTS too. Leave him alone. We don't need you enforcing Warrens words too.

OTS has an opinion and unlike everyone else he is trying to express him self. And just so you know, this is what happens to people who know they will never measure up to Warren Jeffs edicts. Even if he is a faithful follower, it is good to have his input.

Anonymous said...

I live in Texas, though not near to El Dorado. Active LDS, but holding fundamentalist testimony. I for one would open my home to anyone that needed a place to stay. No one should feel that they've lost their family. If there is someone here reading this that feels that away, then you're welcome to come join my family. Don't ask much except have good christian values and follow word of wisdom (at least inside the house). Raised 4 boys and helping raise grand kids now.. Arms are open. Email us at

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear about Dan Fischer and all the wonderful things he is doing for the lost boys? Well you should ask him why he kicked Ianthis Barlow from his home after Ianthis told him he wouldn't talk to the lawyers and to stop bad mouthing FLDS leaders. Sounds like he really wants to help em out to me?!!! :(

fttc said...

Are you saying Ianthis didn't know Dan's positon when he accepted Dan's hospitality? I think there may be two sides to this story. If there is any truth to what you say.

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying if Dan is so benevolent towards theses boys. Then why would he kick one out onto the street just because he might not have wanted to talk bad about someone. Seems like the other side of the coin that he is playing with. "Oh Warren is so bad look at what he is doing to these boys and their lives", and then he takes them in wants to help, but only if they turn on these people. Sounds like he has an axe to grind, and he wants to use these "lost boys" to grind it with. If they don't help him then to hell with them and go find some different boys. That is what it looks like to me.

fttc said...

I don't know Dan personally. I have a nephew that could be considered a "lost boy". Dan contacted him when he was filing the suit on behalf of the boys. Dan asked him if he would be willing to come to Salt Lake and make a statement. The boy replied that he couldn't come because he had a job and no wheels. Dan offered to find him a ride and pay him the same wage he would get at work. When the boy declined to help Dan told him if he ever needed help he was there.

The boy refused to help, yet Dan did not shun him for it. It sounds like you have an axe to grind with Dan to me. My point was that there are two sides to any story and you are not willing to concede that.

onthestreet said...

Dan is a wild hothead with scalpels in his hand and scandal in his head.

Anonymous said...

what about the lost boys and girls that live in the crik that no one has heard form in months..???? where have they gone? do they feel lonely and sad? do they need a hug? where are they?

Anonymous said...

If you have ever tried to help a troubled teenager with anything, from cars to jobs and been burned, you would talk differently. Anyone who has been kicked out from the Creek should have feelings and emotions that make them want to fight. After all they have been LIED to.

onthestreet said...

And what is the lie to the liar? Can you name the lie, unequivocably?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that there is more to the Dan and the "lost boy" story.

Anonymous said...

Listen up listen closely to what is in your heart. Listen for the still small voice that is the Holy Ghost.
Oh and this
Remember that Organized religion is a creation of man and is therefore susceptale to all the eaknesses for man;Greed,Jealousey,Pride,Avarvice,Deceit,,,, These men that twist and prevert the word of God will have to pay some day. In the meantime find the answer where it has always been,,,,, and remember
We believe the Bible to be the word of God insomuch as it has been correctly translated