Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hypnosis & Warren!

Listening to these cassette's 10 hours a day is freaking me out! His melodic voice, slow and careful speech patterns, remind me of the voice of an acquaintance! If you ever make it to Las Vegas and enjoy being entertained, this aquaintance lives in Las Vegas and performs there as well as in 30 of 50 US States. She is Susan Rosen and is an expert at hypnosis. The two use similiar speech paterns and alot of positive reinforced suggestion.

I can't help but wonder if Warren has read books on hypnosis to have learned this style, which is also employed by the entertainment industry. I have listened to cassetes of Warren in 1994 and compared then to tapes in 2002 and his presentation and delivery has improved? The conditioning and suggestion in the early audio's set the stage for his later rise to power and some how, I have to wonder how much of this was chance, verses a well thought out design or plan.

I would love to hear from Ward & Blaine Jeffs on this, but doubt they visit this blog. As the oldest son Hyrum would be more likely to remember Warren's earlier aspirations, but for those who listened to these day in and day out, I would like to know your impressions of its effect .


ATAR_i said...

I think you really have to hear the tapes to understand how odd it is. I haven't, but I was in Salt Lake during the LDS conference (by sheer conincidence I'm not mormon - I was wearing black and my girls were wearing sweats and pajama pants as we walked through the temple gate - it was VERY clear we weren't mormon.

Anyhoo - the person over the loudspeaker had that hypnotic cadence to his voice, and all the listeners seemed mezmerized. Our whole family was struck by how ODD it was.

I hope we can get some of these tapes digitized and get them uploaded so others can hear - I'd like to be in line for listening to them.

Anonymous said...

Just tune in to the BYU Network if you have it on your cable or digital network and listen to the programs. They all have the same cadence, pattern of speech...slow and deliberate. Does not matter if they are male or female.

Sometimes you will get a great entertainer, but most are slow and deliberate, plodding along their messages of the Morman teachings.

It also doesn't hurt to tune in and watch some of the programing for background on Mormon teachings.

Rulon Jeffs had denounced the mainline Morman Church and called them SATAN, but as an old saying goes the "the nut(s) do not fall to far from the family tree."

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are all nuts. I quess listening to Brian Tracy or Gordon B Hinkley or Anthony Robbins or Dr.Phil or Dr.Laura is hypnotic. You better not listen to Donald Duck Cartoons anymore for your own health ,please see a Doctor.

ATAR_i said...

Ahem, no DSM3's here bud, and I've listened to Dr. Phil - hypnotic he is NOT, likes his own voice and ideas - yeah, interesting - yeah, NEEDS LESS COMMERCIALS - DOUBLE YEAH.

Dr. Laura - I could never listen long enough to even remember what she sounds like. Not that I don't like the gal - I'm always just hunting for a few good tunes (but, now that I blast my own CD's the radio days are gone - except when I take the sucky car to work). OK - tangent - all that to say - I'd remember if she sounded like that guy in Salt Lake City.

Anthony Robbins - nope not even him. He's got too much passion for his subject matter - it's just not the same.

If you can't tell the difference - perhpas you're the one who needs an audiological assessment

(ok that was snarky - I've had a bad day....I think I'll go to OTS's room and emote a little more - he loves it when I get all emotional on him: ))

Missy said...

I've worked with and associated with members from the new LDS churches and they are just like you and me. Being Mormon doesn't make anyone bad. They have some funny ideas about caffine and what not, but it's a Christian religion that is very embarressed by the association to polygamy. Much like Catholics, they have large families, they have a few beliefs that as an outsider I don't understand. But people like this Warren character, are banished from the new LDS church.

ATAR_i said...

Missy - you are right - being mormon does NOT make you bad.

I have come to realize the differences between LDS and mainstream protestant churches - and the gaps between the two are HUGE - they do not resemble each other in their most basic theologies.

However, it doesn't make either group bad, it makes them different.

It also makes for interesting dialogue - but no indictments from me. I do relay my experiences as they felt to me, and to me - the LDS experience in Salt Lake was bizarre.

Of course, I fully realize that should an LDS member visit a pentecostal church where members were dancing, speaking in tongues, raising their hands they might have a bizarre experience as well.

So, take my experience for what it is - mine.

Anonymous said...

I know several pastors who definitely study drama and presentation style just as skilled lawyers do to influence people. Since the 1950's the FLDS or the Work as it was called then had a good cop, bad cop routine going on at meetings.

There was a man with a slow measured voice like Warren's and then a man would get up and shoot hellfire, damnation, and enough terror to make even little kids terrified. Noone could decide which they liked the best but the talks most talked about in the light of day were the wild theatrical ones--but the ones that creeped up on you at night were the soft hypnotic ones. Many years later you still can't forget them.
And they can wake you up at night.

Anonymous said...

Straight Shot says,
Its called night terrors.
God save us!

Anonymous said...

MIB you have some serious issues if you sit around and listen to Warren all day. Why dont you try to find something a little more worthwhile to spend your time on.

ATAR_i said...

Knowing Thy Enemy

Anyone worth their salt knows that tactical intelligence gathering is relevant - especially in a complex situation like this.

How big is my enemy? Where is my enemy?

Then you can use strategic and tactical deception to manipulate your enemy.

Knowledge is power - and as he's getting more knowledge - his power is increasing. Becoming more savvy - who can you trust, when do you talk, when are you silent, how can you skillfully steer a conversation to trap someone.

It's the art of warfare - and it's brilliant. I wish I had the tapes - I'd do it to!

Men In Black said...

Anonymous said...
MIB you have some serious issues if you sit around and listen to Warren all day. Why dont you try to find something a little more worthwhile to spend your time on.

Lets see, I attended a Bluegrass festival in Yosemite 2 weeks ago. A social gathering last night and intend to attend a car show "Rolling Thunder" tomorrow. On occasion I get out, but I am a dull, pointy headed guy! To be more rounded out I have projects in the hopper with Governor ARNOLD here in California! If you are asking for updates, I'm sure I could offer such, but you might need to provide an email address, not to bore everyone, but only a few with these other activities.

To those that requested the cave or cavern photograph, there was no retribution or risk for our side communication, maybe you can tell others that I don't really bite!


Anonymous said...

Odd,that Warren and Rulon sound so much like contemporary LDS,U.Roy and U.Marion had the same style as
protestant fundamentaist.

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