Tuesday, January 08, 2013


A brand new year,
We're all still here.
The prophet's still jailed,
Faith still hasn't bailed.
Yes, tyranny still rules
Those who will be fools......

So... what's new?


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Anonymous said...

Anonymous11/27/2013 12:13 PM

An interesting epilogue written at the end of this book for ex-FLDS cult members.

Anyone else read it?


Well it looks like Rebecca Musser's father Lloyd Wall will get to explain his side of the story on a national daytime TV Show Dr. Phil Feb. 20th, 2014.


"Facing Off with My Polygamous FLDS Father"

sockie mom said...

I realize the language I used was a bit strong. But marriage is meant to be eternal, and with one man. There is so much wrong in the flds. The leader is an evil man. Not a prophet. I'm not a drunk. Well... not right this second! Of course I know what a pimp is - I live in the real world. Just because the women being bartered and traded don't know that word doesn't mean they aren't being pimped in the name of religion. If they could open their eyes they would see how they are being abused. I don't believe in your version of hell and damnation. But I pray a good man will rally other good men and stand up for what is right, and do what they are supposed to do and protect and honor their women and children. Peace.

Anonymous said...

and the worst thing about letting abusers rule is children have to be raised like I was. No one cared. That is the tragedy of it all. Every one stands around and pretends they do not see and then the children have to suffer so much; just because reprobates like Doug Cooke and Ada Barlow exist. Too bad they do not just choke to death in their sleep and give the children a chance. But, the filthy, creepy men live to be old and torture so many people. And death is a mercy for we are rid of the perverts forever.

Anonymous said...

and the people who do not abuse and torture children are persecuted half to death, because they speak out against this horrid stuff; oh, love your family they say. Go to hell you perverts and the idiots that protect them and persecute people who were not guilty.

Helene said...

Does any know whatever happened to Betty Jessop, Caroyln's daughter whor returned to the FLDS when she turned 18?

sockie mom said...

Oh my. Ruth went back to the flds? I loved when she wore pants!

Are those WSJ's prophecies above?

No worries here about a passionate response, Anon. I really don't have a problem with polygamy or your religion. But I don't agree with Warren Jeff's being a true prophet, or God on earth, or even a good man.

Women should be lifted on a pedastal and exalted. Your women are not being treated as they should be.

Children should never be exposed to sexual situations.

I know many in the outside seem to have no morals, especially in regards to sexual exploits. But many people are very conservative in that way, too.

Things that happen, such as young girls being married to adults, or wives switching husbands, seem just as immoral and evil as outsiders do to you.

I apologize for using harsh language and being so judgemental.

Could some try to explain to me what the reason would be to switch husbands? How can this be ok if you've already vowed to be with another person?

Do you ever doubt that Warren is a true prophet?

Anonymous said...

I am reading this blog from the beginning, and this is the saddest story. It seems so many good things and people were corrupted, and what was a beautiful culture was ruined and perverted. I hope it isn't lost forever. The stories of those trapped, either inside, or outside and alone, break my heart. And I'm only in 2005. So many wise people from this culture expressed the contradictions in wsj's policies much better than I ever could, I feel a bit foolish for even trying.

I am only up to May 2005. I want to know what happened to some of those folks - Faithful Woman, Antique Mormon, Fried Female...Street, others. I hope some peace has come to you.

Anonymous said...

Warren Jeffs in hospital Galveston, Texas. Could a one way trip to Peckerwood Cemetery be coming soon?

Anonymous said...

//Could some try to explain to me what the reason would be to switch husbands? How can this be ok if you've already vowed to be with another person?

Do you ever doubt that Warren is a true prophet?//

It's called divorce. Can you say: Di-vor-ssss? Very goooood. That's all. Happens the world over, but this is FLDS style divorce. Everybody has their style.

As for Warren, do you ever doubt that he's not. Of course you don't. You KNOW he is, butt... butt, you have a crowd to please, and an ego. I mean, if a man is ultra scriptural, and human, and makes a mistake, and then even confesses and repents for the whole world to see, how much more prophetic can one get. It is according to both scripture and prophecy, which approximates perfection. So yah, your conviction that Warren is a true prophet is admirable, and that testimony will grow for ya, child.


Anonymous said...

You got what you gave you horrid man, Jeff Mantura. I am grateful you lost; you and your pig cops. Those cops are brutal and deserved to lose.

Anonymous said...

sockie mom, you have no clue what you are talking about. Keep your lies in your hat, where you can read them.

just me said...

Lol, wut? Is that a Joseph Smith reference? What lies? I've only stated my opinion. I don't know a lot about Mormonism, or the flds, and their doctrine. So...ok. Educate me!

Hi Street! Reading your posts sometimes I can understand what you say. Sometimes, not so much.

Yes, I know about divorce. But many religions just forbid that. Especially the more fundamental ones. I've known Catholics who have lived apart for decades, but still consider themselves "married." Because you do not divorce. Or the Famish. You just don't. So I guess I'm surprised a fundamentalist religion would allow that. And it doesn't seem like divorce in the flds, in that people are just sent off to where ever. And the uninvited direction by an uninvolved party (the prophet) seems odd.

Did you interpret my question as budding faith? No. You're just being silly, Street! I'm guessing that means you do not ever have doubt.

I find people of great faith...intriguing, for lack of a better word. I always wonder...do they *really* believe? Or are they just putting on a show? You, my dear Street, clearly believe with all your heart, mind, body, and soul. This is fascinating to me!

I've always been the doubting type, myself.

I gotta say, I do feel really bad I made Ruth so upset. I did love her on Tv. She is so pretty, I think. And funny. I wonder if she is angry TLC made it look like she had lost faith in warren, when it seems that isn't the case, there are others she has beef with.

Ruth I don't think is crazy. She may suffer from some ptsd. Not a shocker. Maybe even a touch of mania now and again. But she seems quite consistent, for the most part. Over years. About who did her wrong, her children, and even the role warren played in her specific situation.

It reminds me of some stories of child molesters in a trusted position, like teacher or coach. Most parents and children will have a positive experience and impression, very positive. It is only some select victims that see the abuser's true face.

Likewise, an evil person can endear themselves to some people, while letting their true evil nature shine through to others.

One thing I wanted to point out re/ Flora. Some of things people say make her testimony untrustworthy (drugs, promiscuity, involvment in the sex industry, sexualized behaviors as a young child) are actually all signs of a child being abused sexually. Unfortunately, many, many abused kids end up on the street, selling their body, and abusing drugs to blnumb the pain. This just gives her story credibility, to me.

Any time a young child is a ting out sexualized behaviors that is a huge, huge red flag that that child is being exposed to those behaviors. Which is never appropriate.

sockie mom said...

Oops, that was me above! This log in thing has me all messed up.

Anonymous said...

Here is my prayer: I make it public because those that murdered my children used the public to harass, torture and torment me. My crime; reporting abuse in Mohave County.

Father, as you send the Judgements upon these murders, give them the strength and courage to tell the truth; in the courts and to those around them. Let the World know that Sam Barlow, Helamon Barlow, and the men of their secret sodomy society be known. Let the men who are not guilty in the Jails walk free. As the accusers and liars of Innocent people are falling with their place in hell prepared; give us strength to win the law suit that the Federal Government has brought upon these Murders, who call themselves cops. Not, all the cops are murders, but the ones who follow the murders, believe the lie they told and bring upon themselves some sort of Judgement. Knowing you are just and will send what each soul deserves to them, help me to hold my head up and walk through the storm of these filthy murders and the deceit they have also peddled. No man or woman can portray a lie to you, and you are Just. Father in Heaven, Please send failure upon the cops in this law, suit so these murders will flee our city. I know that Judgement and Justice will be served in the case of my children these filthy men and the cop fists they hired, will be executed upon the heads of my children's murders. Like Jesus, Joseph, and the rest of the murdered saints, I cry for vengeance, upon the government officials who covered up these murders for these men, and upon the men themselves. The blood of my children also cry unto you, Father in heaven for justice, Judgment, and vengeance; that murders will pay in this life, and the next life for the heinous crime they committed. I know that these murders will pay for eternities for their crimes and ask that you put peace upon my heart. All it took was one word from a child molester, who violently beat his children and tormented them, to sabotage the one soul who did report it. No wonder his other women kept silent. He tormented them too. And the Horrible cop Helamon and Johnathon protected this violent pig in his sins, because he was liked and me and my children were not. So, even the cops who protected these murders, will have to pay, even though they are no longer cops. They claim the state is persecuting them for religion. In reality they are paying the price for their sins. May they lose and the blood of my children continue to cry for vengeance until you send it upon these men who murdered my children and tried to murder me.

Anonymous said...

Sockie Mom, leave people you do not know a thing about, out of your posts. They are not public property even if you all think you have a right to dissect everything. And who can tell if a person has P.T.S.D. or not, with all the liars Sam Barlow could hire. The doctors get paid a mint to label someone. And pance on women are creepy. Women forgot to be women, and need to be women. Women in pance is creepy.

Anonymous said...

Eldorado Success

Authorities move to seize YFZ ranch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about >"2013" <Liked it!

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