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MARCH 2012

This thread replaces the previous edited version which is now dedicated to Street's posts.  If you posted there, your posts are still there.  I don't know how to transfer them.  I'll also repeat what I said over there:

I do not own this blog!

I am one of several who long ago was given the ability by unknown administrator(s) to start new threads. That is all I can do besides post comments like everyone else. However, I seem to be the only one of those several who has done that lately. And I've done so just to keep this blog from going into rigor mortis. It was once fun and lively.

I only lurk here occasionally when my email shows activity from posters other than Ruth and Street. I do not have the ability to ban anyone or delete any posts (except my own).

Here is my previous introduction to our March thread:

Have heard rumors that Warren/Lyle will have excommunicated many by today (1st of March).

True? or Not?

Lyle? Only you have the power to stop the insanity.  Just stand up, be a real man, and do it!  What kind of father's son are you?

Play your brother's Purgatory confessions and explain the subsequent coverup.  Don't you understand by now that your very life depends on it?



Anonymous said...


I found this post from the past and it rings true today.

Also if someone knows how to contact Joseph, he can tell how Warren ruined his and his father's Ron Rohbock credit and life at the time.

Not that I care what happens to Willie Jessop, but he is now experiencing the same kind of FLDS justice and he is not a innocent.

Joseph Rohbock
Nov 12, 2006 08:31 PM

by the way... I never said I was innocent. I have made many mistakes, and if I could go back I would do things so much different. But I can tell by the way you talk that you still believe in warren, and so you must still think that to even look at a girl is sin. If that is a sin, then boy oh boy am I guilty. It is also a sin to love someone out there. And yes, I am very guilty of that too. Sorry, but I am not ashamed. I never broke any of the ten commandments. And I never hurt anyone. That's more than I can say for a lot of the "Holy people" that are being prepped for Zion. That is, if they make enough money, or have some talent that is useful to Warren.

I am sorry you got sent away. A lot of people I know got sent away for nothing. I am a personal witness to this. But you need to get over it and get on with you life. Find someone or something that can give you happiness. I don't mean that rudely.

I just have seen too many men that have been kicked out, and they think their life is over.

But it's not. God would have taken your life if it was over. But He didn't and He must have left you on this earth for some reason.

So go and do something good with your life. God gave each of us gifts and if we don't use them and help others with them, then we are the ones that are going to be held accountable.

I don't believe in any religion right now, but I do believe there is a God. And I know that He did not send us here to be miserable. God is love.

Love is absent in CC and wherever Warren rules.

So go and love, and be happy. That is what life is all about.

feralfem said...

Good post Anon 08:41 AM. There really are a lot of good debates and opinion exchanges in the archives here. Sometimes worth another look to see basically how little has changed on the one hand... and how much on the other. At least there's no more wondering where Warren Steed Jeffs is anymore.

Here's a search tip, in case anyone is looking for something specific - especially via a word or a name or a phrase - you can search through everything here using a Google "site:" search.

For instance, if you wanted to find everything posted by GBNF you would enter ---
" GBNF site: "
without the quote marks.

Anonymous said...

At least you admit, that other than your extreme hatred for certain people, you have no power. And maybe your blog is in rigor mortis because of that. This is a dead blog. A stupid blog. A name calling retarded blog. and there you have it.

Shadow said...

This site contains some information that Street pulls upon,

Shadow said...

Zitting will not change a thing unless it suits him. He has a answer for anything except himself.

Anonymous said...

Street is not FLDS.

feralfem said...

I hate not one soul - now or ever. Behavior and the harm people DO to others may be worthy of hate, but not people. There's not a bone in my body nor a thought in my head that cares to waste its time on the nasty business of hatred. Life is too short.

I do note that you are commenting here on a dead blog. Does that say something about you? Perhaps you care about dead, stupid, name-calling retarded things. Eh?

Anonymous said...

March 8, 2012
Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a single vehicle rollover accident on Big Warren Road, approximately 17 miles south of Centennial Park, late Wednesday (3/7) afternoon. At about 4:43 p.m., deputies responded to the scene of a fatal
accident that occurred late Tuesday (3/6) night or early Wednesday (3/7) morning where 5 juveniles were declared deceased at the scene. One juvenile was airlifted to Dixie Regional Medical Center. This accident remains under investigation and alcohol may be a factor. The victim’s identities will be released later.

Anonymous said...

March 8, 2012
Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a single vehicle rollover accident on Big Warren Road, approximately 17 miles south of Centennial Park, late Wednesday (3/7) afternoon where 5 occupants were deceased at the scene and 1 occupant survived. At about 4:43 p.m., deputies responded to the scene of a fatal accident that occurred late Tuesday (3/6) night or early Wednesday (3/7). Investigations have determined that the Chevy Suburban that they were traveling in failed to negotiate a turn on a dirt road.

The deceased victims are Monica Joy Bistline, 17, of Apple Valley Utah, Carl Otto Nathaniel Holm, 22, of Hilldale Utah, Rachel Anne Kolgrove, 17, of Cane Beds Arizona, Virgel Taylor Roundy, 15, of Colorado City Arizona, and Jamison Holm Timpson, 19, of Colorado City Arizona.

The only survivor is Nakita Timpson, 18, of Colorado City, and she is admitted at Dixie Regional Medical Center.
This accident remains under investigation and alcohol may be a factor. Autopsies are scheduled for Monday (3/12).

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Police release names of the victims of crash near Centennial Park, Ariz.

Anonymous said...

Well, Johnathon Roundy will get his come back for his deceit and cover up won't he. So, his own son is out in the night with girls drinking. Stupid Johnathon Roundy. He thought he was the greatest decider of all the world. I am sad for the children, but it serves you right Johnathon Roundy. How does it feel to lose a son. I will tell you how it felt to lose a son, because of your lies. Stupid Johnathon Roundy. May your son, rest in peace, in heaven with mine. But, then my sons never drank. Stupid, retarded JOhnathon Roundy. I guess you got what you gave.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who suspects Ruth has returned? Again already trying to ruin another blog? Perhaps I am wrong. There is something familiar-sounding about above poster who uses the word "retarded" several times. Well, feralfem, you tried.

Anonymous said...

you are so wrong; but then what did you care. A cop, and a chief of Police is supposed to serve the right, not protect his son, and target other's, because they were not loved, just because there name was different. Yes, ol' Johnathon Roundy. Your son is in heaven now too. What do you suppose he will tell my son you all hated so much and covered up for an abusive man that put my son in the grave. Yes, you tried feralfem, just like the rest; to have a select blog; just for the uppidy, ups. But, what would you know about anyone anyhow? Rigomortis has set in alright. Poor Johnathon. He should try to be honest and keep his children honest. I wonder if he will get kicked out for this; letting his son out with girls and drinking. I wonder what the great Chief of Police will have to say to that. Well, he was one of the special guys, so what he did does not count. Right. I am glad your unknown possesors of power did not give you power to shoot too. Just think who you could get rid of then? Hu?

feralfem said...

Anon 05:17 (Ruth?), isn't taunting and name-calling a little beneath you? You are not Jonathan's judge and he isn't yours. You lost a son; he lost a son; and no amount of ridicule, shaming or name-calling will bring them back. Grieving is personal and vengeance belongs to the god you worship.

And as a reminder, the blog Administrators always keep the following request posted at the top of the page:

"PLEASE try to keep your posts and comments civil."

Anonymous said...

And you are not the judge. Please remove yourself from this blog, so it will not be as stupid. You lurk as you say ocasionally, and have been given power to try to judge perversally. Get off the Blog if you do not like it. Johnathon Roundy protected murders, and rapest and covered up for drinkers and drug addicts and if a person had the right last name, they could do anything. So, keep the rules upon yourself. That is what they was made for. For you to keep. YOu are not my keeper or anyone ele's. Try to keep that in mind. And if you do not like name calling then what was the begining of this post about. Oh, thou hypocrit, first cast the beem out of thine own eye. Or is name calling, seperation, and targeting others for their veiws only for the elet, like it used to be for the Barlows here. You must maybe need to move in with the Barlows. They had assended to heaven just for being barlows and it did not matter who they cheated or hurt in the process. Joynathon Roundy is a freak, and that is not name calling. That is just a plain simple truth. so, pick on some one else besides street; or do you feel like you are back in the old days, when segragation was what people did. and now every one is enlisting felferm to be the exicutioner, judge and jury. Life is small; but jerks are big. Like felferm, Johnathon Roundy and the rest of you haters; who claim you do not hate, just like Roundy did, when he protected a cruel heartless man, and helped put my son in the grave. If I was as heartless as him, I would tell him I did not care about his son and have him arrested and lie like everything about him, just to prove I did not care about him. I am not like him though. It is sad his son did die. He is walking in heaven with my son now, or in hell with my father. either way. Johnathon Roundy gets to feel what it feels like to lose a child. And the dishonest cop gets to be humiliated, if indeed his son was drinking and out with girls. the hypocrit. And I shall say what I like and feel. Who the Hell do you think you are anyway telling me what to think and feel, and critazising me for my opinions. You and your self rightousness. go find a blog you can stand, if you can't stand me, or what I say on this blog. dork. and do not blame my words on a girl everyone hated, the day before she was concieved. What do you know anyhow. Sigh

Anonymous said...

Jesus said: Matthew Chapter 5

43 “You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’s and hate your enemy.

44 But I say, love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you!

45 In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.

46 If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much.

47 If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Chapter 9

10 Later, Matthew invited Jesus and his disciples to his home as dinner guests, along with many tax collectors and other disreputable sinners.

11 But when the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with such scum.”

12 When Jesus heard this, he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do.”

13 Then he added, “Now go and learn the meaning of this Scripture: ‘I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices.’

For I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.”

Anonymous said...

So sooooo tiresome to hear the same thing over and over and over again. Anon you hammer this blog with your gross personal attacks, and in the next breath criticize others for doing the same. We have heard your problems ad infinitum. You have received much feedback. When do you feel enough is enough? When do you let karma, God and the universe have their way? When do you cease searching for pity? When do you allow yourself to be at peace?

Shadow. said...

Oh Ruth, I thought they kicked you and Laurene out recently. You must have found another computer to play with at some local library.

Anonymous said...

I Prophesize that Ruth will pop in and say hello, what a cheery day, spring is in the air, (or not)..

Anonymous said...

Pity is a thing to be despised.
There is no need for it at all. None at all. It is a dispicable thing. Try it on some one else. And as for the complainer, there are a lot of other blogs, you know. Go see what they have to say. See who you hate to hear and listen to there. I was sort of hoping you followed your own dictates. I have not assumed athority over the blog, dictating, and eradicating. And I certainly do not care one way or the other, who is kicked out and who is not. I do not really care about the scripture that is posted here, either. or your opinions. so, you despised me. You are tired of me. You think that if you make laws against people like street and violate your own laws, you are greater. right? Poor people.

We are in morning; cant you tell. five souls just left the world. keep your focus. and you do not know who posts here. and what would people know, about ruth anyhow. No one ever talked to her. So, how would you know one way or the other, but it does appear that you certainly think you can read minds and know all. Well hanker down. Have at it. keep lamenting, judging and accusing. I mean after all, is that what you do best?

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes yet another attempt to have a decent blog. It only took two days for it to be done in again by same person as before. At least we had a few weeks' break-except for street! I guess I will still check back now and then to see if anything else could be done to have a good one. Til then will use the others on these topics instead.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:26, Ruth, or whoever you are,
Let's try turning the mirror back on yourself using your own logic. Why do YOU post on THIS particular blog? Why don't you take your accusations and complaints and sob on some other blog? What is it you want from this particular blog? Why don't you create your very own blog? Then you could dictate the rules and eradicate people you don't even know like me, for instance or feralfem. Yet you feel okay about namecalling and personal attacks and railroading folks down your own track. You don't know who posts here either. You don't seem inclined to follow your own dictates either. For instance you easily dish out pity by saying things like "Poor people." There are a lot of other blogs YOU can go see and hear what they have to say too. Is your own advice not good enough for you? Is anyone holding you back?

I think Street ought to start his own blog too. You seem to highly regard each other, maybe you could go in on one together. He's right around the corner if you want to go over there and talk to him. Most blogs are free you know. Perhaps you'll attract all the people who love the same ideas and the same people you do. Or people who have the same issues as you. Just a suggestion.

Or is it that you just want to lash out for sake of lashing out no matter who it's against, no matter what they think, no matter how they feel? Does that really make you feel better? Are you trying to hijack this particular blog by riding on its coattails because it hardly EVER bans anyone? Is this blog just an easy target? You know internet trolls get off on that sort of thing. Hmmm, maybe you just enjoy seeing your words in print by throwing them around out here in the wild internet.

I'm just trying to give you something else to think about. If what you really want or need is help and understanding, seek out a therapist. It appears you've milked all the human kindness you can out of this blog. JMHO Oh, and I haven't heard anyone say they despise you. That's your word.

I believe most people who read your posts picture someone filled with pain and bitterness. Ditching both is your task, that is unless you prefer to always carry those crosses and just argue with and put down anyone who responds the least bit negatively to you. I expect I'll be getting your next black eye.


feralfem said...

I'm sure there is a great deal of sadness and remembrance going on in and around the Crick as well as for those of us who left long ago, who no longer live in the area but still care what happens there. It's the people we love and not what they did or didn't do. The loss is tragic and heart-wrenching in all kinds of ways not in the least for friends, relatives and especially parents.

I for one would appreciate hearing any news about funeral and interment arrangements -- also if there are contribution requests for same.

Any news is appreciated. This has got to be worst for lone survivor Nakita Timpson... how is she doing? Complete recovery is certainly hoped and prayed for.


Anonymous said...

Nakita Timpson leg was amputated.

Anonymous said...

As to the person who refers to Laurene and Ruth being kicked out again, I think that this time, they put Sam Barlow, and his crowd that kidnapps women and children. Sorry to disapoint the poster who is spreading lies around. Sam Barlow, Stephan BArlow, Willard BArlow, Richard Cooke, all got put out. They can not go into women's bedroom and kidnap them anymore. At least here. So, go carry your tales of woe and lies to the man in the moon.

I think it would be a mercy to have just gone one. It is sad to live with out a leg. I heard that she will not recover. That she is injured to baddly. but, talk is talk. Thanks for the nice ones, now. Too bad. I am sure it should have been me to go. that way every one could celibrate and celibrate, and rejoice. oh, well. I did have to be cursed with staying to long. Maybe next time, it will be my turn and you can all celibrate.

Anonymous said...


I would not celebrate your death.

There are families hurting and God works with your hands, your feet and your love.

Street said...

Hey Ruthy, keep the daily song and the sweetness and prayer for all. That is the great healer, that sweet Spirit. Then every day put your warm arms around yourself as a proxy of God's arms, and smile and sing some more, and soon others join in. Now, everyone on this blog do the same. Give Ruth a big hug, and she will soon be hugging you too.

Now, you all give me a BIG Saint Bernard KISS!

Anonymous said...

I noticed it is an easy thing for people to steal a persons child; but when the shoe is on the other foot, there is so many tears. Tears are rivers in heaven. Did you know that. Tears are rivers in heaven. That is where the rain comes from. Tears are rivers in heaven. our tears here, are rivers in heaven. Two years ago, I was in a roll over, just as I heard this was. No one was injured. I always regreted coming back here. Having the Lord love me so much and grant me to stay. Every time some one died, I wondered why it was not me, so the gossipers could have there glory. But, I stayed. One day, I will get to be as lucky as those five. One day. I hope sooner than later. Yes, one day.

and to the one who spoke kindly, Thank you. A kind word is very rare, and when it is given, it is not forgotten.

I shall never forget that wreck. I felt a force come and hold me in my seat. I was not wearing a seat belt. The van rolled three times, end to end, on the freeway and landed upside down, on a lower freeway. There we sat, with gasoline dripping around us. This Ambulance was sitting there. They were going on another call and seen the wreck. I got out dazed. And have always regreted that I lived to come back to this place that has been so cruel to me all my life. My brother died in a wreck, when I was fifteen. He was my best friend. Then my baby's died and my daughter. Then some filthy old man, kidnapped my children.

Yes, I shall rejoice when it was my time. What joy that will be to go.

but, thank you for the kind words. I do not suppose anyone ever gets over the hurt. It just eases some, if they do not get into it too deeply. You never forget, you just grow a cusion to cover the wound a little. The wound is still there, but your heart grows a cusion. To cover the wound and the insults people throw at you. I am sorry I did critazise them. Johnathon Roundy that is. My children never drank, or went out with girls. What right did he have to judge me; but I am still sorry I stooped to his level. I can not say I do not know his pain. I know it truly, inside and out. But, I suppose since he is favored in the church and I was just an it, to them, that there tears matter more, than mine;

but, tears are only rivers in heaven. And death is only a walk with God.

Anonymous said...

I have done all I could to assist these people who are hurting, every place that I can. I assisted to give the children back to the Mothers. I assisted to keep the lands and homes for them. I assisted in the cops keeping there jobs. Yes, and even maybe in some stupid weird way, I will help the family's grieving in this wreck. Maybe even Johnathon Roundy may treat me like a human being. Who knows? I would faint and that would be the end of me, if he did for sure; but who knows. once in awhile mericles happen. I went into the police department. I showed Lavisa Roundy a photo of my daughter. She said she did not care about my daughter. She went over to Judge Cali and told him some wild crazy story about me. I know she is only Johnathons sister, and could not possibly be hurt by this accident, but what she said to me, will stay forever. I will tell my daughter that the reason these men could abuse us, was because the cops and the secratary did not care. What will my daughter say then. She will smile sweetly, like she did and say, "tears are only rivers in heaven." My sister Margean maybe did meet her son that day. Maybe she will tell him, "tears are only rivers in heaven." She will be happy. Maybe he will say, "Mother I could tell you needed me." Here I am. I know you have been up here for a long time, waiting, yearning for me, reaching out, Here I am. Tears are only rivers in heaven."

Anonymous said...

But Ruth, you wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

Street said...

Oh NO! Johnathan Roundy, Lavisa! Do NOT show your colors and love Dear Ruth. We don't want her dying on us from the shock, like she just said (6:32 pm). Or if you do manage to pull that off (LOVE), break it to her easy. Don't just lunge or gawk at her like some shall we say...COP, screaming from the top of your lunging lungs: STOP! STOP, in the name uvdalaw...I wub you, I wub you, and then cuff her just so you can kiss her. No, let you actions speak louder, and of course as you are led. So git the lead out, and not from your gun.

Break it to her easy, boy, easy. Then keep on loving, yes your neighbor, and also your enemies, and they will soon not be enemies, because spirits are contagious. And this goes for everyone here, not just Johnathon. Then ye are as the angels, and the mighty angelic hosts, healing the world together as one.

That was beautiful, Ruthy. See, your own angelic daughter smiling sweetly like you said. Let us follow that example of the angels, and the rivers of heaven begin to gush forth in tears of eternal joy!

Now, let's have everyone here manifest that noble love, adding to that heavenly joy daily, and the heavens and the earth will be one. Any volunteers to send your love to a wounded soul? Here, I will start it. Then you all add the noble and heavenly melody.

"I love you Ruth, reaching my arms around you in God's love. But there is no greater love than for a man to teach and correct, and to risk laying down his own life for his fellow man, teaching them how to keep the sweet spirit as the prophets have done, and we all love the prophets (John 15:13).

Now, you all add the melody, the sweetest and most noble thing that can come out of you. Let's see who has the nobility to actually do it, to contribute to the healing of this world, and the return of the Gods.

Who has the great honor to go first?

Anonymous said...

That was so funny. I laughed right out. Street, I have never met you in person that I know of, and maybe never will, but when you have something in common with someone, like them all wanting me and you to shut up, so they can dominate the blog, then sometimes humor does come in handy. That was funny. I can just see the headlines in the news. Moahve county cops investigate a mysterious death. As far as they can figure, Johnathon Roundy and Lavisa were very sweet and kind to a girl that every one thought was retarded for years. they could not figure out what the matter was, until they were very sweet and kind one day. She just fell over in a faint and never recovered. That is why they give cops guns here. They do not want anymore mysterious falling away. but, Please street; a kiss would be asking far too much;

that wreck is sad though. I can not imagine laying there with your friends on a cold night, talking and then silence. It simply is a tradgedy and not one to joke about. No matter who you are. Johnathon Roundy is still a person; who needs love and understanding. I will be glad to see my children again though. In the next life. And I made a mistake about the boy. He is not my sisters son. I think. The photo does not look like her son. sorry.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the poster who just said that Ruth would not have a leg to stand on, has to put that in. what ever are you talking about. What would you know about the subject anyhow? come on man, fess up. Are you keeping your insults, because you think it makes you look better. You come as an invisible critaziser; with weapons hidden, and dashing. What ever are you speaking about anyhow. what ever are you talking about? your insinuations, are like a blinded bat at night. as far as the critazisim of people here, What is your wise crack about. so, join the blog if you care too. Your opinion matters.

Anonymous said...

I already know that Ruth will be crowned a queen in heaven, when she walks into the next world. I think the person who said she would not have a leg to stand on, just has their own mirror turned backwards; but have hope dear soul. Every one has bad days and moments. Keep encouraged and you will be singing as the sun goes down. and as it raises. it truly is a blessing to know that the Lord judges by the heart and the soul, not by gossip. If you have to pick on someone; please enlist yourself as the canidate. Then if you really enjoyed that experience, be sure and share. For what does it really benifit anyone to prove some one is no good. Why not pick out the best in all that is seen? I mean all anyone ever really did, by trying to get rid of street and Ruth is frusterate themselves and waste good talking time. What was your contribution? Oh, we will make a seperate blog for street and Ruth, so we do not have to endure. what is that? some kind of cerimony? well, lets see if it worked. five minuets, ten minuets, one hour. nope.

Do you all have any other opinions or things to say? I mean enough, we heard that already. It never made us throw up and fall over dead. But I bet if you joined Johnathon Roundy and Lavisa's club, "it is called America's most unwanted" then you would not have to pay a admission fee on the blog, to tell some one how much you can not stand them, and maybe you would make a valuable contribution. Like having something to say????????

Anonymous said...

and you dear leg to stand on person, if you actually manage to get yourself into the celestial kingdom, what will you say to Ruth then. well, gossip was pretty handy. I just thought, I just thought, I just thought, well, I just thought, you know, I heard, I heard, what, my sight is blurred. You mean it was all just talk? weird, I just thought..?

Anonymous said...

Noble Street

Why don't you go first, practice what you preach....and guess what, you will be greeted by Satan and Brigham Young.

Slime back under your rock.

Anonymous said...

I was informed Nakita Timpson's leg was NOT amputated. She is recovering.

Anonymous said...

Copied from a Facebook entry:

For those wishing to financially assist the families of the teens killed in the accident you may go to Wells Fargo ask for the "Roundy, Bistline, Colgrove, Timpson Holm Memorial Fund". Also there is the "Nakita Timpson Medical Fund" for assistance with her medical bills.

Anonymous said...

Sam Brower interview with Warren Etheredge
"The High Bar"

Brower said the most shocking thing after eight years of investigating Jeffs was that Federal Judge Dee Benson kept under seal the audio tape of rape of 12 year old Merrianne Jessop in the August 2006 arrest of Warren Jeffs as protective religious material for 5 years.

If Brower is really concerned over this, he should take the evidence before the US Judiciary Committee, headed up by Texas Congressman Lamar Smith.

Federal judges can be impeached.

Anonymous said...

Some one said that they could delete there own posts. Could you show me how to do that?

I read that post of Ruth and Nothing but the Ruth, and since that time; Shelly Cooke was caught mollesting three children, in Byers Colorado.

And as for the gossip and talk on that blog it is crazy. It is a total truth that none of you ever knew what went on or happened with Ruth. But, none of you cared either. and it would not really help to debate it. And it is interesting to note that since Willard Barlow, Sam BArlow, Shelly Cooke, Stephan Barlow, Richard Cooke, have been removed from the community here, Ruth Cooke does not have mental issues. Some one said that a person could not be admitted to a hospital with out mental issues.
That also shows the condition of peoples mind. I was talking to a lady the other day, who said if you do not have a counslor, and on medicine, you are out of style.

and since the Ruth and nothing but the ruth blog, Then Richard Cooke, Henery Cooke, Gene Cooke, have all got caught abusing children. Sam Barlow was put out of the church and he abused his daughter. Marvin Cooke has not been at confessing his sin, yet, but his time is coming.

And the reason that all these men targeted me, is because they knew I did not agree with abuse and they wanted to make me look stupid and like a liar.

Well, they got caught anyway. And as to the filthy person who said they heard I was abusing children; it is plain to tell you knew nothing about me, and only listened to filthy mens talk. But, I do not care anymore. I deeply regret I ever talked on this blog. the men caught up with there filthy selves, and I want to delete every thing I said and move on in life. and I have talked to a counslor, two in fact and they do not feel as if I am a threat or danger to anyone. So all you filthy men and people who lied about me; shame on you. but gossip is cheap. And I never wanted pity.

Anonymous said...

and as to the person who said they seen underware in the canyon, how do you know who wore it, or what they were doing. We all lived on the mountain. It was our back yard. And the wind did blow at times. and also others wore cloths that were marked, worn and handed down. In truth we lived from the bargain center. How do you know some one did not get his old cloths and leave them on the mountain. And I will tell you this; I was not touched by a man, or a boy before I was married.

I will tell you this also. Shelly Cooke was not my freind, ever. I never liked him. Neither was Willard Barlow. I never asked to get married. I never turned myself in. And all your gossip back then hurt me a lot. I am glad you all chose to leave here, and no longer try to be in our church. Your gossip and wicked tales of me hurt. And shellys story of Donna's injury was not accurate. Who knows what really happened to her. The one who injured her, I suppose; but who really knows the entire truth. You, the gossipers, me, Shelly ? One day I will meet her again and will know. I believe what Cathy Bistline said about Shelly Cooke abusing her. He was caught in Byers Colorado abusing three other children. So, sorry I was so hated for lies. But do you think you could kindly tell me the delete button, so I can scratch every thing I said off the blog. There is only one man left to get caught, that I knew abused children. I reported this abuse to Dr. Smith. In one day after, these men who really were abusing children had me slammed with lies so hard. Thinking they would not get caught if they made me look stupid. But, guess what all you people who hated me for stupid gossip, lies and rumors. I was not guilty and the ones who accused me were. So have a happy day. I am glad you are all gone and eventually your crap caught up with you, and it had nothing to do with hate. But, I sure hated the truth that you abused children and would blame some one who did not. That is the worst thing that you did.

feralfem said...

Anonymous Mar 11, 2012 01:41 AM said:
Some one said that they could delete there own posts. Could you show me how to do that?

That's the advantage of registration. Registered users can delete their own posts because they have registered a unique login ID. Blog administrators can't delete anonymous posts because they can't tell which ones are specifically yours.

It's always a good idea to get a registered ID. You still remain anonymous as long as you don't put any identifying information in your profile.

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Street said...

To March 7, 7:51 pm
"Zitting will not change a thing... (God changeth not). He has an answer for everything except himself".

Reply: Yes sir (selfless):
To humble self, afflict, cleanse. This is the wave offering, to wave off all honors of men for the glory of God, while he who is fulfilled and mighty "shall not deliver himself" (Amos 2:14).

"Behold (Street), thou hast instructed many... Whoever perisheth, being innocent (Job 4:3, 7)? "Call now, if there be any that will answer thee; and to which of the saints wilt thou turn" (id. 5:1)?

Anonymous said...

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uncaduff said...

I hear that Lyle fleeced the flock and fled.. anyone know if its true?

feralfem said...

Some say Lyle was excommunicated. Hearing various stories about what has happened to him. Wouldn't be surprised if what you've heard is true. He could easily have fleeced and fled.

I wonder if he is the author of a document that was just posted on the Texas FLDS blog.

uncaduff said...

I dont know Feral, I would think It's to well put together fore anyone as goofy as Lyle seems to be. My thinking is its just someone trying to stir the pot,I almost wondered if it might be the quorum of Willies,but that still don't quite fit, whoever it is, I expect we haven't heard the last of them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lyle flunked the new questionaire.

Anonymous said...


Fiftieth Legislature - Second Regular Session
DATE: Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Members: Mr. Arredondo; Ms. Mr. Urie; Mr. Forese; Mr. Meyer; Mr. Pierce, Vice-Chairman; Mr. Gowan;Mr. Montenegro; Mrs. Ugenti, Chairman

SB 1433

Video of proceedings

Anonymous said...

Feral, it does sound like something the Willies may have put together maybe with a little help from U. Wink??? Just surmising....

feralfem said...
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feralfem said...

There's some speculation that Lyle's gone into hiding or deliberately reassigned behind (choose which) FLDS locked gate with all the fleecings including the faithful who made the cut. That would provide him with an escape from the lawsuits coming down on him - doing the same thing his brother did when he fled over half a decade ago.

The folks left in the Crick are just that... abandoned per Warren's revelations because they didn't make the cut. And that document may be coming from someone wanting to gather the sheep now that the shepherd is absent. But knowing a thing or two about the Willies, I'm not convinced it's out of the their camp. I think we're going to see various splits if Lyle's and Warren have now abandoned the Crick.

I guess we have to just wait and see. It would certainly be nice if someone who knows would come on here and give us the real scoop.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone persicute Lyle Jeffs? Maybe he is staying out of sight, in shame at his own people. Here the cops are going to defend a petition to remove the police department. What would that accomplish? Helaman Barlow did get up and say that Warren Jeffs did deserve the treatment he did get. David Darger said that they would not defend or tollerate crimnal activity in this City. And they did say that Johnathon Roundy would have been there but his son just died. For that he was politly excused. Both sides failed to tell the truth. The county wants the police force disbanded, because they feel these people may worship Warren Jeffs and not uphold the law. And the Cops would never have had the guts to tell the committee that Johnathon's son was killed out at at beer party, on the way home. And none of the cops would mention that they did in fact cover up for crimnals on a daily basis and according to Helamon Barlow's testimony, he is not even supporting Warren Jeffs. So, in that regard, the county has won. They have cops who cover up for crimnals and men and women who are not guilty are harrassed and tormented. And Johnathon's son is out in the beer, with a gun. So, when the county and the Police department, have betrayed inacent people, then where do you turn. And as far as William Timpson, William Jessop, or the other un-identified person who wrote that paper, I would never want the man I was told to marry back in my life. I should have said no, the day I was told to marry them. And I tell you all, save yourself if it is possible for a lot of dishonest people to do so.

Anonymous said...

And you could call this Sam Barlow's town, where they defend crimnal's and torment people who are not guilty of crimes. And I will tell you this too. Warren Jeffs was not guilty and I stand by him. In life and in death. At least he is honest in having wives. And it is a shame this county. So, you hate religious freedom. So you kill people for religion. So, crimes are covered up. But, I would take WArren JEffs teachings over anyone elses, for at least there is honor in it. Helaman is a traitor to what he professes to believe in, and the government could kill every soul who believes in Jesus and it would not make him exist. And you all sold your rights over to anti-christ; who kill people for freedom of religion.

and on another note, that boy who was shot in florida, in cold blood, needs justice. How sickning when a man can shoot another in cold blood, because he hates Black People. That is horrible, and is just as horrible as what the cops covered up here. So, let them all look God in the eye and tell him that they are perfect, if they dare. For they covered up crimes, our cops; and need to be accountable. I suppose because Johnathons son was a Roundy, he is excused; right.

and William T. Jessop, and William Jessop will never have a night of peace, for they betrayed a friend; one they supported and supported, and supported. They fight over authority. They fight over control. And the cops cover up crime all the time. And It is a shame, that they have shamed the Lord. They have shamed the Lord and their birth right. So, keep your propaganda out of my mail box. Keep it out of my ears. Keep it off the blogs. What is this a place to solicit women and children, you do not even think are smart enough to know your gross deceit? I am ashamed I ever knew you. I am ashamed I was born here to know you. You who cover up abuse and lies and corruption.

Yes, Jonathon it is a shame your son died in that manner. But you had it coming. You have the power to lie and cover up a lie, with the POST; but God seen your lie and helped you out a bit. He is no respector of person's even if you are a liar and a hypocrite and predjudice as the man who shot that Negro in the back in cold blood. For there are witnesses in heaven waiting for you to cross over, and you will not be able to lie to them.

Anonymous said...

And frankly one of the people that died in that wreck was calling someone names on the street. I understand now, why people are allowed to do this. Johnathon Roundy covered up for his own son. Course he would not have ever reprimanded or given a ticket to his son who was drunk and insulting people on the street, but if he did not like them, or if there was a lot of gossip, he would threaten you, arrest you, and make up a charge; saying that they could write up the report anyway they wanted. But, the Lord had a different answer and that boy will never hassle anyone again. Too bad Johnathon was not honest. And it would not matter if they did disband the cops here. For they are dishonest. Some of them. But to disband them for religion, is as dishonest as a dishonest cop. And at least both sides had the guts to call the other side liars. In that both were honest. For both sides are liars.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Here is a group of people who are claiming that their rights to religious freedom have been violated and want to keep the trash of the trash of the world out, so they burn some books, steal the books and discard them. they go out in the government claiming to stop a bill that would strip them of all the rights to religous freedom; and they do not uphold the law they defend. That is what is sad. Johnathon Roundy has a long history of defending drinkers and drug addicts and harrassing people who do not drink or break the laws. And yet, in a crucial moment he is the one who did let down the city. Helamon Barlow is known to have mollested children, and does betray also all that is right. And then there is Hyrum Roundy, who is as dishonest as Johnathon, and would destroy a life, for gossip too. And when did any of them really defend the religion they are trying to keep. I say they are bigots who betrayed, this city. Either they defend the rights to religion, or they take the side of the apostates, that they are. With the rest of the apostates.

Anonymous said...

And I say this; Johnathon Roundy, Sam Brower, Gary Engles, Helamon Barlow, Hyrum Roundy, are all equally well matched. For, they employ the county to take down there victum's after the local cops are done. I mean out cops go out of the way to destroy a soul, and then turn them over to the county. So, Johnathon Roundy, Hyrum Roundy, and Helamon Barlow, when are you going to resign and take your place with the apostates, for you have publicly confessed and it is recorded. I watched that today. And the City would only defend your rights as the Darger man said, if you was in Warren Jeffs church. And then they say that they gie all the world equal chance, why they steal chances through gossip, persicution, hatred and attacts. Yes, when will you gossiping liars step down, and take your place with the apostates? cause I could not even walk to the store to get grocries with out being attacted and the cops covered this up, because they believed a lie of a man, who was not caught yet, and hated me for his lies. Yes, gentleman; step down for your deciet, and take your place with the apostates. You belong with them. Hypocrits that you are. not that I would welcome a library. I never read knovels. but to rob and raid a place, is not any different, than the other guy who raids and robs a place; and to lie about someone, when it is you and your children guilty; I say, step down. Take your place with the apostates, you tried to kill.

Anonymous said...

well, we can see Ruth is back, and she's defending warren again, throughout this life and into the next apparently... saying there is honor in his teachings. Those same teachings he used to get what he wanted out of people for years and then throw many of them away at a later date when he couldn't milk them enough anymore. So even though there may be a phrase here and there with some truth in it scattered through her above postings, she's as bad off as ever.Because warren is most defnitely a pedophile, and Ruth will never accept that. Imo she's feeble-minded, so God will easier go on her for that. She is just clinging to what she's beenn taught. She cannot be helped, any more than the people she constantly says she hates, imo.

Anonymous said...

And you who accuse? Can you be certain who you accuse? Or is it just that is easy for you to accuse. Go on. Have your fun. I know you will, for you do. You know what, if you ever do defend truth, let me know. For you do not know who it is that you accuse. Maybe you should slam Street too, why you are at it; for that is what you do.

And how to tell a liar; those that accuse.

But, it is very silent here in town since the day of judgment came for five, wild drinkers on the strip; one of whom was Johnathon's son. I hope that hurt. I hope it hurt him as bad as he hurt others.

And you that say Warren jeffs Milked; what did you have but nothing, except Rulon JEffs gave it; You did not even own the land. So, cry and cry if you dare. And maybe you could buy some land and build you a home, and keep the title so you will not be so easily milked next time. As you put it. But, I know you would never have given a place on Warren Jeffs land in the first place if you had not at one time claimed to have supported him, and when you left, you claim he milked you. Sorry, you were such an easy cow.

But pick on some one your own size. It may be your car in the next, crazy drinking party that does not stay up; and then who will bury you? and unless you know for certain a thing, please do not post it; for you have no idea who it is that posted.

Anonymous said...

I guess the really sad thing is that Johnathon Roundy was not in the wreck too. That would have been the greatest day. But he will have his time too, like the rest of them. He will have his time come one day too. At least there is justice in the end.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you need some Geritol!

Anonymous said...

I agree with that one thing- there is justice for everyone "in the end" -when standing before our Maker. That includes all of us who post, all the people who ever get mentioned here, everyone --including mortal and sinful people who like to be called "prophet." They too will stand before the Creator. warren (small w on purpose) has plenty to answer to God for, and he has had plenty of opportunity to repent for his foul deeds. He did a few years ago, on videotape while in jail elsewhere, and on that tape he asked for the tape to be played for all flds, which was never done. Shortly thereafter he let himself be talked back into believing in himself as something special by his weeping followers. Yes, w is something special- he's a special kind of evil. And those who still think he's good have a special kind of blindness.

Anonymous said...

Wendell was found guilty on all charges, fined, and will be imprisoned for 10 years. Now that the upper levels of FLDS has been imprisoned, it is only a matter of time before the FBI, RCMP, and local Texas Rangers arrest other men within the Zipper ranch, Short Creek, and beyond. You all might want to pack your bags and flee now. Canada is next!