Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November / December 2011

Halloween is over.  Got any spooky stories to share?  Thanksgiving is just around the corner - my favorite holiday of the whole year.

Speaking of spooky:
Warren Jeffs is in jail for the rest of his unnatural life; Wendell Nielsen pleaded no contest to bigamy last week -- was sentenced to ten years probation; Leroy J. Steed also pleaded no contest to two counts of sexual assault of a child -- was promptly whisked off to start serving his sentence of seven years in jail; and Merril Jessop is currently on trial in Texas.

Rumors continue to swirl that more people are being exed and/or leaving on their own. Who?  When?  Is Uncle Will's congregation in the Creek growing?  Where is Uncle Lyle?  How are people dealing with their prophet's incarceration? And what about that rumored statue?

I would really enjoy anyone sharing their impressions of the general attitude in Short Creek. And, of course, any current news would be welcome.  Let's revive this blog!  Anonymity guaranteed.


feralfem said...

Texas is doing lots of--if not all--the legal dirty work against FLDS illegal activities. We get plenty of news about that.

But some of us long for news from "the Crick" and about our loved ones who are unable to speak for themselves.

By the way, take a look at The Pilot's latest pictures of YFZ Ranch on a beautiful and well-done new website:
New Photos of the YFZ Ranch 09-09-2011

Anonymous said...

Seems like the FLDS are getting handled from all directions.

If it's not Texas putting them in prison, its Warren and Lyle kicking them out.

A peculiar time. Warren left his mark, or could you call it a scar?

Anonymous said...

William T. Jessop why don't you take the rest of your murder friends with you. You could call it William Timpson Jessop's funny farm.

Just think how all you liars and thieves will think you are hidden until the day of Judgement;

and please keep your trash out of my mail box.

Because even if you do not know it; Fred Jessop protected preditors. and you must too.

Keep your filth out of my mail box.

Anonymous said...

And Texas kills children on top of tanks in Waco; so do not pat them on the back to hard. because people, dared have religion in their lives they were openly murdered. Then the government made a tape of lies to cover up the murder of Texas state.

Anonymous said...

or could you call it your blame game day. Blame someone else for your mistakes. Not, scar day; it is blame your neighbor and make fun of them day.

Anonymous said...

Get a life lady!

Anonymous said...

Ummm Ruth, werent it the Feds that knocked on the door at Waco?

And it was Koresh who killed himself and his family.

Suicide. Believe it - or not.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, have you ever been handled?

bbgae said...

I agree, feralfem. Let's revive the blog!

Anonymous said...

Let's start by anuone in the know giving updates on how life is in Colorado City and Hildale. What is Lyle up to? Why is there unrest in Canada? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Merril Jessop just got convicted today, expect they led him off in handcuffs at the end of court.

Sentencing likely tomorrow.

The weather in CC and Hildale is very cold, with a good chance of prison.

Anonymous said...

Let us all hope fervently that Utah will indeed be able to finally prosecute much more flds-brand evil, due to Texas sharing an enormous stack of records which show hundreds of illegal "marriages."
It seems obvious that when Utah tightened up some laws in 2004, Warren Jeffs suddenly had some marvy-poo "revelations" ordering flds relocation to Texas- where, thank heaven, they finally began to get some richly deserved, heavy penalties for their outrageous practices.

Unfortunately, Utah's current statute of limitations may well eliminate some of the possibilities. Sounds like Utah better FINALLY get busy improving ALL of its laws with sex offense punishment and other "marriage" law abuses. Better late than never.
So much could have been done far sooner, if girls and women in these types of cults were not so very afraid for their own lives and those of relatives in these oppressive groups. Many males have been destroyed by polygamous nonsense as well.
God bless every single person working against polygamy out there. I live in a part of the US where people can't believe what these groups do. It is a blush-producing embarrassment to even bring it up in converstaion. It can never be a healthy part of a properly functioning society. It has too many seriously flawed and inherent problems.

Anonymous said...

The Eldorado Success is reporting that ole Merril the wife the wife beater was sentenced to 10 years plus a $10,000 fine payable to the State of Texas. Ole boy was dumb enough to not to accept the plea bargain and got the book thrown at him. Now he gets to take that long bus ride to Huntsville, Texas where he will get to wear the all white clothes of the Texas convict. Where convicts are required to work long and hard on the chain gangs, operated like most other southern prisons were operated decades ago. Yes Texas is like a whole other country. Don't mess with Texas!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, up in Canada the state of British Columbia is about to permit and protect people who have multiple spouses just as long as only one marriage is a civil marriage and the other(s) are common law marriages. It shows there's lots of ways polygamy can sneak in the "legal door". They justify this by saying that people don't need to get divorced first before having common law spouses with identical marital rights and obligations. It sounds like a windfall for family law lawyers!

Anonymous said...

I think if polygamy is going to be tolerated in any way, states and provinces should go so far as as to collect the father's dna so that child support and "spousal" support can be pursued aggressively, in the (common-place) event of these crackpots then proceeding to try to milk public assistance, even though they say they are living the way they do because it is their religion. Then let their religion also pick up the tab for the excessive number of births per adult male. If North America would just hold the line monetarily and say, NO, we WON'T aid and abet this lifestyle by allowing you welfare, these people would suddenly become less supposedly "religious" I think. If there was a way to do this, I think the spread of polygamy would grind almost to a total halt. Canada better prepare itself for lots of Muslim abuse of its public welfare, as well as by the mormon plygs, I might add.

Anonymous said...

except not one person who was in the Texas Raid was on welfare. And when I had soul custody and my children were suposed to be betting money from their father, he walked away free after smashing her head in, and never paid a penny, because a crazy man was Idolized and had the power to kidnap my children and run to a judge with a lie. No one questioned that. No one talked to me about it. I was kidnapped from my bed, rushed to flagstaff, drugged for a lie and they told the state, I was totally, physically, and or mentally disabled, unable to care for me or a child. And you think that murders like that, walking right in front of a judge with such a lie, after beating me up, drugging me for my signature; would have to pay for child support. Dream on. The state only goes after people they can make disabled and put on welfare. what a joke. Dream on. so you think the men who abuse will have to pay? Dream on; they have the State to back them up. And after they are done sabataging their family, the men are kicked out and the women picked to death, because they were not home where Warren Jeffs told them to be. You think men will have to pay. Really? YOu mean anyone cares about truth; or is it just that you hate religion?

Anonymous said...

by her head, I mean my daughter's head in.

Anonymous said...

and do you think that the state does not have a list of people on disability, and those that are disabled and on welfare? Yes, the good ol, men after they sabatage the Lady, and make her disabled, they get a little more money from the state. You are dreamers to me, that hated me. You are dreamers that would sit by and let men murder people, no questions asked. YOu are people who sit in your fancy houses with out a care in the world, because you should not get into another man's business and let him murder women and children, all done nice and legal of course, but no two judges ever see all the paper work, so they, the men never have to account, and when they are done disabling the Lady, that every one hated in the beginning, no one ever asks any questions, they just come out and call the retard names, and when they are done killing her, they pick another girl to torture. and who cared? Who cared? the media comes rushing out like wolfs, to get their sensation for the world, them men snicker and dress in fancy suits and go to church. The government pays for the disabled retard and the men who did this horrid deed walk free, and abuse again in Byers Colorado. and where ever else they go. And when they are caught in Beyers Colorado the parents do not want to have their child subjected to this child rapest and does not extract the full extent of the law and stop these filthy abusers. What a joke? The state loves disabled people. For every disabled person, six child mollesters walk free, and at least six state people pull a very good wage, for one retard, that every one hated. Of course the men had the case closed that was suposed to have paid for the women and children, before they sabataged her. Yup??????make the men pay???????really is there such a thing for real in America? I mean besides taking the children from people who are not on disability???????????No offense to the last writer, but you obviously know very little about this place. sorry, I will quit talking now.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you know what? you scream time after time about the things that have happened to you. You have spent years defending the religion and the leaders who have helped to create so much trouble for you and many others. I have heard that various people, over a long period of time, have tried hard to help you, and no one seems to know just how to do it. You have a strong will,and that can be good or not so good sometimes. We all have choices we have to make each day. There's a point where, if you can't learn to live in peace, I think you should take a look at your own way of doing things. You seem to need some help that only you can agree to cooperate with, and stick with. Yes, we know by now that you have suffered a lot in your lifetime. We have heard you talk and talk and talk about it for years now. What do you think should be done for you? I don't know what to say when you get all worked up-

On the subject of parents supporting their children, of course the men should start having to pay properly for all these kids they sire, or else the women in these groups should simply all go get birth control of have themselves sterilized. The women have the choice to just stop cooperating with flds ways and they won't do it. It isn't all just the men perpetuating this mess. I think people just want to perpetuate lots of drama all the time in flds and the area. I think most people there seem addicted to all this csarrying on.

Getting child support is very difficult in many cases across the nation where a man either isn't honorable, or can't get enough income even for himself to live on. Like I said, if the flds women and girls are going to choose to keep having children with guys that can't support them, then they are definitely part of the problem.

I heard that every single woman and child at yfz was indeed receiving welfare. So I don't know who has the facts abuout that.

Btw, in so many of your recent posts you were still wildly defending Warren Jeffs, and hurling angry accusations at those of us posting what Texas authorities found at the ranch down there.
So now you are not defending Warren? You mean you have seen the light at last where he is concerned? It's a miracle. Well, start with that miracle, then, and keep going. Ruth, everyone has problems of one sort or another. You aren't the only one. We all have to take things a day at a time. As far as your children goes, that whole flds approach to life seems full of abusive tendencies. I don't know how it can't be when the people continually bring too many children into the world to supervise properly, people who marry are too closely related, and the way males and females are taught to view one another- number one, the polygamy is bad news and it needs to stop. Hundreds of people have had serious offences committed against them, and the whole way of life needs some serious re-adjustment. I don't envy any of the peope dealing with the craziness I have heard so much about. It's like so many people thrive on drama in cc/hildale. It is all extremely un-Christlike. It's amazing to read how people that say they are so close to God, are always doing cruel things to each other. I really think the root of most of the troubles there is the practice of polygamy. Until people quit living that and believing in it, I think most of the violence and law-breaking will continue. I really do think it is all related to the defiance of US laws which rooted itself for generations in that area.

Anonymous said...

As far as what I know or have heard about your area, I have heard that children are often not properly supervised, mainly because there are so mnay of them per woman, and that huge tithes are given to flds leadership instead of going for family needs in many cases. You know, lots of money is going to lawyers because flds defied US laws so long that now they are experiencing consequences. And men paying child support? like I said, if people are going to be so stupid as to bring about four or five times as many kids into the world as they can take care of, well, that's asking for trouble, and there's no excuse for it. Not in today's world. There are lots of new ways to avoid pregnancy. If people are in a religion that is telling them to keep having kids when they shouldn't, they need to get themselves out of it. This isn't India. This is the US, and we have plenty of resources. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Anonymous said...

Really, you mean that you would sit there and let a Doctor kill your unborn baby's? You really think that the outside world has the answer's? all of them. Really? Or could it be that the outside world is so messed up, they can not see the forest for the tree's. Or maybe you feel like they are going to settle the moon, when they can not even settle the Earth. Or maybe you think that if you extract God from every lip, you will have a better world? Ya, one where they target religion and betray every thing America stands for? Ya, you think you have all the answers? think again.

Anonymous said...

But, I do agree that people out there make too much of a production about religion, instead of treating people like people. I know you all have troubles; so many that you can not see the forest for the tree's. And at any rate the Government already knows the people they disabled and the ones who are disabled.

Anonymous said...

and frankly, out there it is only each man for himself and it does not matter who you take down, as long as you get your dollar; so Judge not that ye be not judged; oh, the Lord already said he was going to destroy you all like he did the Jaridit Nation, and it is written that after you are all dead, you shall say, "Oh that we had repented in our day of probation." and their shall be weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth; for great is the sorrow of the dambed. and now keep in mind it is written that God will do this. not those that believe. You all do so much like to twist words; especially if it hurts someone who believes in God. I know I heard it all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do not think that the Lord will destroy you all. You are doing a real good job of destroying yourselves and each other. ARe you prepared now, for the war of Armagadon. Your Nation is good at war. ARe you prepared for the war you will wage on each other? You may kill us for religion, hate, persicute, slander and lie; but truth is written in heaven and no man excapes it. The war of Armagadon is upon you. I will be lifted up and protected and be one to assist in the thousand years of peace. For it was all written. and you Anti- Christ have not the power to stop it. Yes, they killed Joseph Smith. Yes, they killed the saints back then. Yes, men have mighty power to hurt and destroy; but they can not stop the Lord. They only did seal there death upon their heads. not only in this life, but in the next too. for they will die the second death and be judged as murders; for they are. You are right. there is a lot of trouble out there.

Anonymous said...

and those that lied to injure another, have no rest upon them, from eternity to eternity.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you are a world unto yourself. Are you prepared for your Armagedon? You have created a world where you are guilty of the sins you accuse others of.
It is obvious to the Priesthood, very obvious. You are only kept so as to serve as a example to the people. No need for a zoo anymore, we have you.

Anonymous said...

To the administrator of this blog-Why is Ruth allowed to destroy thread after thread with the way she twists what others say, causing anger time after time? No matter what people say, trying to suggest help, answers, etc. she goes right back to twisting things and trying to make people angry. So Ruth is permitted to dominate and ruin yet another blog. I don't understand why she is permitted to do this time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Nice compliment. I see. Thank YOu for the correction. Blog administrator; why do you let some one stain your blog. First it was other's they complained about. Well, I shall do you a favor. I shall make a correction myself. No need to run to Texas to get WArren Jeffs to punish me for an abusive man; who no one cared if he killed me. You have your wish, angry complainer. Your blog is yours. I want nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

and frankly the only reason they keep me, is because they could not kill me, for Richard Cooke and Willard Barlow's lies. I know you all came out and threw your trash at me, lied to a judge and targeted me. I know why I stay, you could not kill me for the lies of the preditors you protected. over and out. carry on with your anger. That is all I have ever experienced since the day I was born. Administrator. You better block me, so they can use me as an example. never report abuse to the state, the abusers and their friends will stone me........Have a good day. But thank you for your input of why you defended child mollesters, like Richard Cooke, Willard BArlow, Shelly Cooke, and company.

Anonymous said...

The gravest error a think­ing per­son can make is to believe that one par­tic­u­lar ver­sion of his­tory is absolute fact. His­tory is recorded by a series of observers, none of whom is impar­tial. The wise per­son, then, views his­tory as a set of lessons to be learned, choices and ram­i­fi­ca­tions to be con­sid­ered and dis­cussed, and mis­takes that should never again be made.

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?

Anonymous said...

I have read many posts of yours, Ruth, and I have noticed many different people, including myself, who try to be understanding, try to make constructive suggestions, etc. And it always just comes back to you sooner or later twisting things that decent people say, and talking about your own problems as if nothing has ever been said many times before, and as if nobody in the whole world cares at all, and as if you are the only person in this world who ever suffers. There are many things that a person can do to help themselves these days. It sounds to me like many people do have compassion about your situation and I think there are many who have tried to be of some help to you. Sometimes, it seems that you expect things that others simply cannot do for you, no matter how patient they are. The nicest, most patient people can only do so much. Do you consider that everyone has daily problems of their own to solve, and lives that they have to pay attention to? If you still have what you think are valid complaints against specific people who have done something wrong, why don't you go talk to the right people about whatever it is that is bothering you? Why don't you contact all the highest officials in your state and tell them all you have been through, and see if anything can still be done about the things you constantly talk about? Nobody can un-do what happened to you many years ago, but other people seem to overcome hard things like some of the things you have endured. Have you talked to the right people about your issues? Talking to people who can't do anything won't result in any help or positive changes.

Anonymous said...

I want to amend what I just said- "talking to people who can't do anything won't result in any positive changes-"

Talking to understanding people can certainly be helpful to an extent, but I am trying to say that if you still have real complaints against real people, Ruth, address your complaints to the right people. It's the same thing any of us would have to do. I am a blogger who has wished you well many times in the past, anonymously of course, for we will never meet. But I am tired of seeing these threads taken hostage by one person whose problems never seem to get solved, no matter how much others have tried to help. That's why I finally asked the administrator of this blog what I did..Honestly, I think most people carrying on in the same manner would be reprimanded sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

And you are certainly the Judge and Jury. Do you think I care what you say. This blog page is boring. It is depressing. No one in their right mind would blog here. Yes, the great Reprimander of all times has spoken. By all means Administrator. Block other's so some can keep a finger on their tempers. And your bloggers would have nothing at all to talk about.

Anonymous said...

What I was not blocked. Have your conversations with yourselves and your boring critazisims AND hATtred and Reprimanding. I know no one can undo the past, and no one can do anything. Talk about something worth talking about, or block yourself.

Anonymous said...

The thing to talk about is the need for people to abide by US laws and stop practicing polygamy out there. It is as if the polygamy-infested areas are not part of the US. These polygamy groups are a disgrace and a black-eye on our whole nation. Sure we have lots of other problems but the polygamy is a still a disgraceful shame and a wrong, no matter how I look at it. I still can hardly believe what is being taught to hundreds of poor kids in these groups, right here in our own nation, and I still can't believe so many women put up with the nonsense.
It is an embarrassment and joke to even mention such ideas as polygamy once you get out of lds-dominated regions. I have spoken to a few people that were once part of polygamist groups, so I haven't just read about it. I have studied the issues closely.

Once you get away from the region where people are frequently practicing this polygamist nonsense, there is no understanding or acceptance of it as is practiced and defended in the inter-mountain US. It is an outrageous and wrong system which is designed for crushing women, and it is designed for the perpetuation of disgraceful abuses of several types- welfare fraud, formal education deprivation, medical negligence, incest, family relationship destruction interference,(I don't want to hear about how the Texas "raid" messed up families. Many flds kids had already been re-assigned more than once, same thing with their mothers. Many of those kids at yfz didn't even know who their mothers are because they were very young and had been ordered to be at yfz by Warren Jeffs, sometimes without their own mothers or fathers ever having been there with them.) I heard this over and over again. Many families had been getting destroyed for some time long before Texas ever went onto yfz land. There was a whole lot of lies marketed to a public that didn't know flds ways before the April 2008 situation.)
In these groups there is rampant child abuse, fraudulent enrichment of leaders, labor law violations, and the list goes on. There are so many abuses closely associated with polygamy, and this is helped along by those wide-open spaces out there. I have lived in several areas of the US, and I can say that I definitely don't believe the polygamists could continue their strange and wrong lifestyles in other areas without much faster punishment.
I am grateful to have grown up where the people aren't so brainwashed as to continue a life that is wrong and immmoral no matter how they try to dress it up.

Anonymous said...

each to their own. Polygamy is not illegal. Congress shall make no law against religion. Have you also forsaken your country? or do you all just let congress break every law in the book?

Anonymous said...

Or do you think that because these Anti Christ has sucessfuly removed God from the schools and broke the very law America was founded upon, that it does not matter, because you hate religion too? is that it? So, are you going to be the next Governor Boggs to order the extermination of all polygamists and come in like the Hauns Mill Massacar and kill the woman and children? And I say that such people who walk on America are an embarassment to the country. Why do you make laws against yourself?
You see, the constitution was a law for Congress. Congress shall make no law against religion. Or is it that you have all forsaken your country too. I have not. I shall marry who I like and I shall uphold the law; inspite of bigots like you. Will you kill me now for my opinion?

Anonymous said...

and I shall have any damb wedding I like, with out the state. or you for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Polygamy is most certainly illegal, in all fifty US states. Utah wanted statehood badly enough about 120 years ago, to agree to disavow what was going on with its many polygamist mormons. The mainstream lds church turned its back officially on polygamy in 1890.The fundamentalist polygamist groups began breaking off from the lds in order to create their own communities to continue practicing it in secret. For someone using this blog to say polygamy is not illegal, and then to not know the main things that happened regarding the practice of polygamy since 1890 in Utah especially, is just totally amazing. It shows how deceptive a little world the polygamists have made for themselves out there.

Anonymous said...

We do have freedom of religion, but there are lines drawn in the sand when practices go against US laws, which people want to say they are doing out of their religious beliefs. If religious beliefs could be used as an excuse to break whatever laws we wish, there would be chaos. People could do whatever they like under the sun, and just say it is their religion. That's what over-arching federal and state laws are for- to provide some order and protection to at least some degree.

Btw, you go right ahead and marry polygamously if you want to, Ruth. Go right ahead and marry anybody or anything you want to. At this point, anything to keep you a little busier than to hurl insults at people who obey the laws, ok? God bless you, you do not seem to have made much progress since you appeared in Laurie Allen's film. It's not your fault. What is wrong with your mind and your beliefs is not your fault. Lots of people out there are doing things they shouldn't, and thinking of themselves as holier than the rest of the US, which kind of does set them apart in one way anyway.

At least you seem to have finally accepted that Warren Jeffs is a mere mortal with lots of flaws. THAT'S actually huge progress. Ruth, did you know you are mentioned in Sam Brower's new book?

You have now been given publicity of sorts in a book AND a film.

But like I said, you go marry whatever and whoever you want. It will give you something to do anyway. Maybe get you some fresh, new stuff to scream about, too.

Anonymous said...

What a joy. I to be mentioned in a book. What book is ready for the fire? And you are right. You should not be allowed to distort the laws so greatly. None of you should. You are unbelievers. why should I listen? I never wanted to be in a film, or a book.

Anonymous said...

where can I find Warren Jeffs last Prophicie that tells about the sunomie and earth quakes? I need to read them with my own eyes. Although I do not need to read it. I already know what is going to happen. to a great degree. It is written in the book of MOrmon. I shall be praying for you and me and them and they.

Anonymous said...

Here I write, after I have read his words. I was taken in the night, by six murders. These Murders were known generally by all. Only one I did not know was known openly. They plotted my death. My own country men knew of my inacene and guilt of these men. They had witnesses. One witness was murdered in your hospitals; for speaking.

As I was confined and drugged, as they tried to kill me like the Woman before, and the woman they intended to kill after, I lived.

I seen their faces. I heard there exclamations.

I walked away from them.

Then these others came to me. They did say to me; Tell me who your next leader will be, so we can Kill him.

I knew not. I was not there. I was kidnapped from my bed in the middle of the night.

Soon, the group of liars that did seek his life, did come up to me, a lowly beggar on the street, and brag that in three years, Warren Jeffs would be killed, our land sold and all our people scattered and dead. This was my own fellow church members and friends. I was surprised.

and soon again I was surprised at the one the Lord chose to speak for him. and the game was on to Kill him.

I testify to the World that if it had been a man named Joe, or John, or Mathew, or Boggs, these Murder's would have sought his life.

The reason they wanted him dead, this Warren JEffs dead, was because he did protect Women and Children from being ravaged like beasts and killed.

And I testify as he has. I have seen this City that is coming to assist us. To build up Zion.

I seen it before he did speak of it.

You mock us for believing in Jesus. You kill us for being American.

You hate us for we do not partake of your hordoms and murders.

I am not afraid of you.

You could not kill me. I walked among you. Unseen by some, mocked by others. You have continued to kill us. To plunder.

But God has given me another one soul, that you could not kill.

Though you did try and slander his name continually with your horrid, filthy lies.

and my Freinds that is hell. A knowledge of your continuall, filthy lie.....You slander him with your media, as if you think no one knows your lies.

but I do. I testify of it

and greater yet; you also know of your lies.

So, see if you can hold out your hand and stop the tornadoes and the earth quakes and the Sunomies.

there was eight in Flagstaf not long ago. You mock God as if he has not spoken, though it is written in every language around the world. You hold out the Book of Mormon as your book, and mock those that live it.

I shall pray for you. Even if I had died at the hands of these murders, I would still be here. For it is the day of Visitation.

and as I read his words, I know he spoke truth. Read on the page 2 of verse 45.

I testify that I was a witness to the wicked false Scheme of lying combination of years of maturing; to imprison Warren Jeffs.

I know what he said is true. I know it. I bear witness to all the world. I know it and they know it.

I was told no one would know the difference. I was brain washed and stupid.

But, the Lord knows it.

and your guilt will never leave you. It is your hell. Your inheritance for lieing and cheating and protecting murders.

and I weep for you. for you were given the greatest country on earth Sworn to uphold the laws and you defiled them.

With your media, with your traitors who sold their birth write. With the most vile and wicked murders ever born on earth.

I weep for your souls. for you were offered life, and rejected it. I was a willing sacrifise to be a Witness for Jesus. To, live and these murders have filled their cups, and you mocked me.

And I know God is Just. Let his hand be felt.

Anonymous said...

And you paid boys to lie. Harrassed woman to testify. YOU flattered, boasted and bragged. But, also you did not Kill him. As you see we are not the boy on the tank in Waco. And you mock us?

feralfem said...

Pilot has posted some new photos of YFZ dated 11-10-2011.

Can someone describe what that huge semi-circular construction is?

Anonymous said...

Ruth, Warren has made many, many false predictions, just like all evil false prophets do. Just one wrong prophecy qualifies them as false (evil) according to the Bible. Joseph Smith was quite adept at making false predictions also.
The Bible talks about lots of serious problems that have happened and will yet happen throughout the world. The Bible can be believed, even if we don't know the exact timing. We don't need people like Warren, who set himself up as God until he finally received punishment for his many crimes, very long overdue, but better late than never.
Because of the Bible, we know there will be many more big things coming up in the world, and they have nothing to do with anything Warren will ever say or do. He and others like him are part of the sin problem in this world. Their lives show that they themselves are some of the signs talked about in the Bible that we are supposed to recognize and avoid being involved with.(We are clearly told to beware of false prophets and false Christs in Matthew chapter 24and elsewhere in both Old and New Testaments.) flds people seem very unfamiliar with these Bible passages, or they would have gotten out of flds long ago.
flds have just been following mortal, sinful people for a long time, and they will answer to God for their hypocrisy and idolatry if they don't ever repent to the living God for it. flds have been condemning the rest of humanity all these years, but flds faithful are going to find that they themselves went the wrong way, and that all those strict rules and family arrangements will do nothing whatsoever for them when they stand before Jesus.
The Jesus of fundamentalist mormon teachings is absolutely not the real Jesus at all.(I have heard many times that flds believe Jesus was a polygamist.)
Joseph Smith went so far as to create a very flawed Jesus to perpetuate his false, twisted "scriptures," and to convince others to abandon New Testament standards for marriage. How many people one marries, or who they are married to, has nothing whatsoever to do with eternal salvation. There is not one sentence in the entire Bible that indicates such ideas. Christ's perfect life, His death on the cross of Calvary, and His real, total resurrection from the grave are the only redemption plan for man toward God that is specifically and repeatly taught throughout the New Testament. Christ's death specifically replaced the very ancient and long practice of the Jews having to sacrifice animals. The New Tesatment is crystal clear that Jesus fulfilled all Old Testament Messiah characteristics and prophecies, and it is abundantly clear that He is the only Savior. Marrying some dude here on earth, sharing him with other girls and women, and obeying a bunch of man-made rules will never save a person's soul. God can forgive it, just as he forgives all sin for which we are truly sorry, but the repentance for these things needs to happen. flds need the real Jesus.

Thanks for the ranch photo info, feralfem!

Anonymous said...

Here is one witness to the truth of what Warren Jeffs did speak. I was taken from my bed in the middle of the night and an attempt was made upon my life, by government officials and six men mollesting children. I had people aproach me from the government offering me great rewards if I would testify against Warren JEffs and change my cloths and religion. I would not.

Also, every time I asked for assistance, I was told that I would have no help because I was in a certain religion.

Also, I was approached and asked to tell these people who our next leader was, so they could Kill him.

I am a witness to the deciet and lies and filth of the government of United States to kill men, women and Children for religion.

I heard the threats, how these people here would all be starved to death. How, Warren JEffs would be shot in three years and every one here destroyed.

I did hear the threats of how they would force these good people off the land and kill them.

These are people that I used to know, that the government uses. I am a witness to them lieing, and threating a man who has injured no one.

I know not who the other two witness are, that he called for, but I am one.

I lived.

and Roy Johnson said in church that when they come in upon us, the Lord will deliver us.

And today I did get a news flash from the Utah Attorney's office, in regards to this mailing they all got. He said that these people have always been peaceful.

I have kept the copy of it. So, our government kills peaceful people. Not my goverment. These traitors who have userped athority in the name of our government and have become traitors. Murders of American's and all peoples. I fly the flag of the Free and the Brave. I make no pretense to be part of these murders.

Anonymous said...

And I quote Paul Murphy;

It lists natural disasters from volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamies and melting fire happening in various states, including Utah, Idoho, Seattle, the East Coast and WAshingtond D.C., but nothing in Texas, The Truth is, Warren Jeffs' followers have not been known to be violent, My guess is that's going to be the case."

Thank YOu for the STatement, Paul Murphy; right on schedual of testifying that you have harrassed, imprisiend and assulted a man Who has never been known to be violent, and neither are the women and children.

Thank YOu for your testimony.

Who will be the third Witness? Myself, Paul Murphy, and who? I am waiting.

Anonymous said...

I mean he said, My guess is that is going to continue to be the case. Thank YOu Paul Murphy; I am impressed that you gave this statement so quilckly.

Let's hear if for Arizona now. Tell how you take some people who are not violent and try to kill them in the name of religion.

Healthy people and you try to kill them. I will let you pick who will be the next witness. maybe it will be a nice man like Paul Murphy, telling how they persue and harrass people who have no history of violence and thinks that will continue to be the case, and why then are they in Jail?

Anonymous said...

Tell how the victum's of these people are offered gifts and rewards if they turn traitor. Yes, Arizona it is your turn.

Who will be the third Witness, saying that this government had a plot of long standing to murder women, Children and helpless men. Frail, men. or strong me, who never injure other people. I thought it would be another nobody like me that was the other witnesses. I had no Idea it would be the Great Paul Murphy himself.

Anonymous said...

I ment strong men, who never injured anyone.

Anonymous said...

The truth is, I had just been given a shot, that I was told they thought would kill me in three to five minuets, be government workers and dropped of on the street to die, when a film woman showed up, and promised she was not targeting religion or Warren JEffs and then she edited a film to Target a man for what these government officials had just done. And she knows it. She called me brain washed and stupid and said no one would know the difference. She has an eternal blot. For she is a liar. For she targeted a man who was not guilty and she hurt some one who had been assulted by Arizona Government officials. And they cared not for truth; but bragged as you all seen on vidoe about torturing a man they had no charges against.

Who will be our Arizona testifyier. Warren JEffs and his followers have never been known to be violent and Paul Murphy believes it will continue to be that way.

so, to you Arizona people who tried to murder me, I forgive you. for you knew who was guilty. you knew. That is what hurt the most. You knew who was guilty.

but it will be to your eternal sorrow; for you did not protect inacent people, but assisted in trying to also kill them.

Anonymous said...

And Frankly, I think that the reason Texas was not listed was because the Lord is saving something very, very special for them. For, Texas is the one state, that houses the people who claim peace, yet they are murder's. Yes, I think God is saving something very special for Texas. It could not just be a mere, earthquake, or tornado, or sunomie. I am not sure what, but I know he will be very capable of taking care of them, like everything else. I forgive you TExas. Or, will it be a Texan that tells the truth of these Texas Murders?

Anonymous said...

Ruth, thanks for the humor you have posted. I have never laughed so hard in my life! Please post some more!

Anonymous said...

well, look at the way it is wrote;
1. Warren Jeffs shows up on the F.B.I. list. He is hunted for two or three years; nice tax dollar.

2. He is charged with one charge of Rape as an accomplice. But no Rape charge has ever been made

3. They rush him off to Arizona and after two years or so, or a year, or what ever, they have no witnesses against him, and drop the charges in Utah, for him being an accompice to a Rape that was never there.

4. On to the great state Texas; He is quickly filed through the Court, He sits quietly. He waits. He hears the liars talk. He says he is at peace. HE preaches the Gospel to them, tells the Judge she will die shortly from an illness that she has, and of course all men die.

He writes a little bit of his sermons and gives them to the Nation of great kindness; to help them spare themselves from their evil.

He sends it to the Judges in TExas.

5. The F.B.I. is called in. They do not even read the entire thing.

6. And WAlla; Paul Murphy the great Utah spokesman speaks for the Nation. Be at peace he says, there is no direct threat, and Warren Jeffs and his people have never been known to be violent and he thinks it will continue to be that way.

I for one am greatly relieved at the conclusion. How they going to explain the garbage in the middle.

Oh, ya! I am supposed to be the enforcer! Nice try Arizona. You crippled me for these other men. I can not use my right arm. I was injured and have nerve damage. I can not do hardly anything.

and PAUL MURPHY HAS NOW SPOKEN. Warren Jeffs and his followers have never been known to be violent.

What do you call the garbage in the media and the warring to TExas then? ding. ding. Ding. Ding.

Is this my government? weird. Do you have anymore revealing statements Mister Paul Murphy? Better get the F.B.I. out, hurricane weather is upon us. Eight tornadoe's hit flag staff. Better take the Texas tanks to Flagstaff. Kidnap a tornadoe or two...call in the F.B.I and raid the wind. It is bigger than women and children......save some tanks and guns for the lightning....

Paul Murphy has spoken, and I quote; "Warren Jeffs and his follower's have never been known to be violent and I believe it will continue to be that way."

Nice news flash.....

Tune in next time, for the next eposode of Murphy and his laws.

Anonymous said...

And believe me, I have saved his statement for my Book. My Book is going to be called; hailed on the wings of the wind. Government official's have done a seven year investigation, imprisening and harrassing a man and a group constantly, and have come to a conclusion.....Hold your breath...Are you ready.....Hold on to your seat....High winds in the sea.....Tornadoes across the nation.....Earthquakes......volcanoes.......and....and...and...and....are your ready....hold on to your chair....Here is the news flash.....I will quote Paul Murphy, our tax dollars at work....."Warren JEffs and his followers have never been known to be violent, and I believe it will continue to be that way"...... Then Frankly according to the F.B.I. and Paul Murphy's statement, they owe Warren Jeffs a lot. Tune in next week, when Paul Murphy speaks again.

Anonymous said...

I should be a cartunist. I would draw the most fantastic photo of our great government man Paul Murphy and the F.B.I at work...Tanks and all.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Photo I would paint. One huge Tornado, spirling down the lane; A tank from texas would be following; Paul Murphy would be speaking on a loud speaker from a limosine; Hold it, you are under survalance, and then the Tordadoe would sweep them off their feet....and The swat team would rush in and save the day, by burying all the rubble. Paul Murphy and the good ol" F.B.I. men would stumble from the rubble. WE need to make a statement. Paul Murphy would still have his magaphone; Hold it. Listen. LIsten. I have made a statement. Hold still for a minuet. Wait, torndae; and a small little breeze would rustle the leaves and the sun would set in a bright red blaze of glory. And we would have been sleeping. Sleeping in our warm house and comfortable beds.....But, don't shake my hand, it was injured a few years back. IT was twisted up and my neck injured. So, call the media, call the press. "Warren Jeffs and his follower's have never been known to be violent and Paul Murphy believes it will continue to be that way.

When WArren Jeffs said that one would come forth and reveal the lies and deciet of years of our govenemnt, I did not expect Paul Murphy to obey so quickly. Thank YOu for the statement Paul Murphy. We have rushed the information right directily to our leader;

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you have me laughing soo hard right now. You are the best comedian I have ever encountered.
No wonder the FLDS keeps you around, you bring a smile to everyone's faces.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, did you know that Warren Jeffs fails every standard of morality and decency that is clearly laid out in the New Testament for church leader qualifications? A properly qualified church minister, known as a pastor, or "reverend" in more recent centuries, was to be the husband of one wife, and a moral example in every way. His father Rulon failed miserably also. One could talk about flds "prophets" before Rulon, but they all fell way short of being qualified to be in any leadership position of any Christian group, if the New Testament is the standard used. There is not one fundamentalist mormon leader who has ever met the qualifications as set forth very clearly in the New Testament to be an example and leader for church members.
Ruth, did you know that Joseph Smith claimed to have more loyal followers than Jesus Christ, and he condemned all the churches of his time period as being of the devil. But Smith borrowed his ideas very heavily from the Bible in his writings and practices. He took chunks of the Bible out of context and then mixed those Bible passages with things that he decided God wanted him to throw in here and there.
Brigham Young ordered many murders, and he did not even know some of his own children. Some of the women married as celestial brides to these two men wrote about their own misery, and the misery of many other early mormon women that they knew, and the criminal activities of Brigham Young and those men associated with him. This is the hard reality of early mormonism.

I just don't know where to start with you poor people who have been beaten over the head with Joseph Smith nonsense all your lives. You actually believe in a guy who was an enormous irritation and embarrassment for thousands of people that knew him. He personally destroyed numerous marriages here in the United States, sleeping with other men's wives, also taking to himself several young girls who were sometimes no older than 14, persuading them not to tell anyone what he was doing. Smith and Young both preached against the institution of traditional marriage as an exclusive partnership of loyalty between one man and one woman. This was deeply offensive and scandalous for thousands of Americans at that time, and it still is today, Ruth. There are many other things these evil men taught that deeply angered most American citizens who heard what they were saying and doing.
Warren Jeffs has just followed in their footsteps. He kept trying to make himself into some exceptional guy who is worthy to ruin families, dictate every facet of life to others, steal children from women, and extort vast sums of money from family after family, for his own luxury tastes, and often also for his poorly-informed ideas for his slave camp development projects. So what he actually made himself worthy of is just incarceration. He's finally right where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to be talking about the statue at all lately. I wonder if "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me" and "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images" actually was totally forgotten by the warren worshippers- they discard most morality laws of both Old and New Testaments, I guess discarding the Ten Commandments is to be expected, too.
After all, flds seem to favor lying (to outsiders, especially, and widespread use of birth and marriage records falsification.) Then there's stealing (in the way of welfare fraud, and labor law violations so that honest contractors can't win bids they should win.)
Then there's coveting. Hey, Joseph Smith apparently coveted other men's wives, right? Why else would he have been involved with them, sending their husbands away on long "missions trips?" Seems like the early mormons and flds have been ignoring the Ten Commandments all the way along. And viewing themselves as super-righteous at the same time. Ironic, eh?

Anonymous said...

Bugga, Bugga, Bugga:

Anonymous said...

"Bugga, Bugga, Bugga:"

That is great Ruthie, you are beginning to express humor by speaking in tongues. You have me laughing hard again, you are so clever and silly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it should have been written; Bubba, Bubba, Bubba, Bubba, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha; until the earthquakes, the tornadoes and the rest are upon you; Hu? Won't be a joke then. I watched the nateral disaters and they are a lot. Did you all know that the only sorrow the dambed have, is that they can not contiue in their evil. They can no longer hurt others. I for one desire to see this thousand years of peace. I welcome it. There will be no more liars stabbing me in the back. Laugh why you can. The joke is on the men who murdered my children and think no one knows it. There are six of them.

Anonymous said...

The Joke is on Laurie Allen; who covered up a crime six men did and targeted a man who has never injured anyone. The joke is on the other's who lied. Can a man lie about another and cause them to lose, life, liberty, and all and not have it weigh them down in great sorrow? I say it eats a person up. Did you know that the people who shot Joseph Smith in cold blood, never had a peaceful night of sleep, from that day on. Did you know that worms ate them up and the nurses that attended to them, had to take a blanket and walk backwards to cover them up? Did you know that what one does follows them forever and ever and ever, and it is a knowledge of a persons own guilt that causes them their hell? And your own government is sending people out to kill the inacent in other countrys and your men who fight this war are coming home to be buried. That is a tradgedy to me. I pray with the three across the ocean to ask the Lord to end the war. IT has been horrible. It has been long and not nessacary. Our government had no right to do these murders. Nor, did these men who murdered my children have a right to do this horrible deed. I can not even imagine how it eats on them. Who could kill the helpless and the small? Yes, I pray with the rest who pray for the Lord to stop these murders.

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of just a few. Willard Barlow, Shelly Cooke, Marvin Cooke, Richard Cooke, Sam Barlow, STephan Barlow, That is the men who murdered my children, and tried to murder me. I will see it through. I will. And who else did they murder? There are others. I was just a number on a list. But, they will be stopped. No man lives forever. no man lives forever. They will soon be stopped and go to there place in hell.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of patience. I will see it through. These murders will have their place in hell. So, laugh and mock why you still have time on earth Laurie Allen, for you will also take your lie with you where ever you go. forever and ever and ever and ever. You who would murder peaceful loving people and then write them up as you did in the media. YOUr guilt will eat you up. I have forgiven, but you will carry your deed forever and ever and ever, and your own knowledge of your guilt will keep you from ever having peace. Yes, you put on a good show in public, but it eats at you. All people are the same, the law of nature is the same. You can not betray as you have and not feel the shame in your own soul at your own self. Why would you choose to lie, cheat and kill? It is so easy to live in love. Why would you choose your hell that way?

Anonymous said...

Ruth, I hope that the Heavenly Father will forgive you for murdering your own children.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ya, who ever said that to me, knows nothing at all about me. I loved and still love my children. But, I know that who ever said that is trying to be cruel. It never hurt though, for I know who did. And so do they.

Anonymous said...

And I am at peace for those six men will never harm them again.

Anonymous said...

I have never injured a child in my life. And frankly, a man that injures a child, like Willard Barlow, Shelly Cooke, and Richard Cooke did mine, never do forget and they never have any peace over it either. It eats at them like a cancer. And SAm Barlow and STephan Barlow will not get out of being an accomplice either. For they assisted these horrid men in what they did. So, critazise me all you like. It will not make those that murdered my children, not guilty, and it will not make me guilty. Even if you shoot me for it. I will still rise with Jesus, and they will still have to pay the debt.

Anonymous said...

Is that all the lies you can throw at me? I wonder; you must be losing your power to hurt me, anymore. For you shall see those men, in hell.

Anonymous said...

And believe me, nothing anyone can say to me, can hurt me anymore, and I am very patient. No one lives forever, and then these murders will pay the debt. These men who think they are hidden. These men who did this horrid deed. God will punish them for it, and they know it. and no one lives forever. So, think up a bunch more insults to lie, cheat, and steal, and throw at me. For I am used to it. And these men know they are guilty.

Anonymous said...

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

Be still and know.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, have you considered visiting the Bishop and asking to be rebaptised? You need to start your life again, you are so full of hate. You need to consider forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Telling Ruth or anyone else to go visit an lds or flds bishop for any reason is no solution to anything whatsoever. With all the anger she goes through, she is more righteous than any bishop of these groups. Mormonism and fundamentalist mormonism are false belief systems created by a bunch of things borrowed from Christianity that are sadly mixed with paganism and outright fantasy-some are ideas from things that were going around making newspaper sensation and sales during Joseph Smith's day.
Faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary's cross is the only true solution anyone needs for sin. These leaders in Salt Lake City and CC-Hildale, and wherever else they are camping out these days- they just have pride in what they think is their own righteousness, but they do not live in truth and reality in God's sight. They are adding heavy burdens of self-effort to the teaching of the Bible, which is to just come to Christ for forgiveness of sin. This is what mormonism does- tells people to try harder and harder, do this and do that, in order to finally achieve holiness whch will satisfy God, or make a person into a god. That is always going to be bogus teaching, leading people off the path God shows in the Bible. Working and working at achieving heaven by one's own efforts makes Christ's death upon Calvary's cross unnecessary and futile. So mormonism remains a big lie, folks.
When Jesus was about to die on the cross, He said, "It is finished." Meaning, the payment for man's sin had been fully accomplished. Nothing else had to be added. No more animal sacrifices. He had finished what he came to earth to accomplish for all mankind. Read the Bible through, folks. Stop trusting in mormonism.
The Bible says our righteousness is as filthy rags. So these lds and flds leaders are not righteous, they are just proud, self-righteous men, and they need the real Jesus. He is in the Old and New Testaments, but not in things written as mormon "scriptures" such as the BOM, D+C, because that's a different Jesus. Gordon Hinkley admitted the lds Jesus is not the same Jesus as in the Bible. The mormon concept of Jesus is a Jesus not able to fully cleanse us from our sin by what He did upon the cross. Until all lds, and flds see this, and turn away from their hypocritical, lie-based prophet worship, they have no hope. Last I heard, they do not teach anything much, if at all, about the cross of Christ being payment for sin, they just concentrate totally on "prophet" obedience and polygamy, so they are still truly lost according to the Bible.
Ruth is much closer to understanding truth than any of those who live at yfz, the supposedly elite ones. She gets upset and mixed up sometimes, but her eyes are finally open about warren now. That is much more than can be said for those who still follow him, evil and mortal deceiver that he is.

Anonymous said...

Again, lds mainstream does NOT teach salvation through Jesus' death on the cross, contrary to what they may shout. They teach that all sorts of "righteous tasks and duties" have to be added to whatever Jesus Christ did. And the polygamists teach that polygamy must be practiced, plus prophet obedience, no hair cutting for females, all sorts of things, but particularly that polygamy equals salvation. This is something totally made up by Joseph Smith so he could get involved with as many girls and women as possible. It was a way to browbeat his legal wife and strike fear into her and it is outrageously unbiblical.
May the LORD open flds eyes. They really need the Jesus of the Bible, and Him alone. Warren and all the other flds leaders need the real Jesus before they end up in hell. He is the only One they can ask for the forgiveness that they all really need.

blog reader said...

Dear Anonymous 11:59 and 12:12,

You said, "These leaders in Salt Lake City and CC-Hildale... they just have pride in what they think is their own righteousness,... but they do not live in truth and reality in God's sight."

What about your own pride in your own righteousness? It doesn't sound any better than anyone else's.

Everyone does not believe in the same god. Different gods for different people and for some none at all. If "reality in God's sight" is an issue, it's "really" a moot point. In the first place (reality), no one can prove there IS such a thing as a god. In the second place, "truth" is a lot like beauty; it's most often in the eye of the beholder. Interpreting information (truth) is completely subjective -- especially when it comes to the root of all evil: religion! Your "truth," Ruth's "truth," and my "truth" are very different.

The "truth" is, man created religion and he also created God in his own image.

"When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." ~~Stephen Roberts

Anonymous said...

No, man did not create God in his own image. You may say that about the gods and goddesses of many pagan cultures, but you cannot say it about the God of the Bible. If you insist on believing that, you have never read the King James Bible all the way through. At least read the New Testament all the way through.
There is no point trying to have a discussion with anyone who is going to approach such a topic without having read the words and deeds of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. He is not an imitation of any other person who has ever lived. He is unique and far superior to any other.It would be a very good use of your time to do that- to the above person commenting.

Anonymous said...

That is funny all that you say about me. first, if any one telling me what to do, supposes that they are in Warren JEffs church, they are kicked out automatically for being on the internet.

Second, why would I go to the Bishop to be rebabtized. I have not sinned. I have also had my babtisim and will keep it.

I have also had my patriarticle blessing. I will keep that too.

Third, to try to decide my feelings for me, is what my family always did, with out ever consulting me.

I am not your slave any longer.

Fourth, Warren Jeffs hated me the day I was born. That is why he did nothing to protect me from preditor's. He kicked some out, but has two more to handle.

Fifth, I do not hate anyone. I have forgiven you all for what you did to me.

Sixth, to argue over JEsus and religion is sensless, and to the person who did think I should be blocked, I see that I am mentioned by almost every one who blogs. To block me, you would have to block the brains of a lot of people.

seventh, I have never been in WArren JEffs church. I was never wanted from the day I was born.

eighth, I truly wish the state would have raided my Mother, kidnapped me, and adopted me out, so I may have had the chance at expereincing love at least once in my life.

Un-fortunaltly, I was not adopted out. My Mother was not raided. Only people who try are raided. My Mother protected my Father in abuse, She protected Richard Cooke in abuse and kidnapped my children, for What Richard Cooke done; then he was caught, this Richard Cooke was caught mollesting children out back. Course they do not tell that. They just put him out. HE lost his family. Then my Mother protected another abuser; Willard Barlow.

Now, you see why my Mother would not have ever been raided and I would not have ever been adopted out. Something right would have been done. And Warren Jeffs has kicked out the only Bishop I have ever known. HE died right after.

I have been alone in my house for eleven years. Ever since I married this horrible abusive man, they worship now. I have forgiven him. I also have forgiven the person who suggested I go get rebabtized. I think maybe Willard Should go get rebabtized for his sins. And as far as going to the Bishop??????????? What good will that do. YOu all still worship a man who beats up disabled children, and women he thinks no one cares about.

And I know he never lied about that. YOu all hated me, aso why do you not repent of your own wicked feelings and get yourself rebabtized; for Willard Barlow's sins, like you try to force me to do. And go get yourself into heaven. For there is no doubt that you hated me and will hate me until the day I was born, or you would have defended truth, intstead of Willard Barlow and his flilthy lies.

The last time I was forced into rebabtisim, was when my father was arrested and I was dragged in like some peice of horse, " " to pay for his sins, and what never happened to me.

and stay out of my feelings. I own them. YOu can state that you are so full of hatred and anger if you like; for accusations are a confession, and you have confessed. I shall speak my own feelings......I have forgiven you and all these preditors that assulted my daughter and son that is dead. And I have forgiven all those that attact me on this blog and in my city and in my church and in my community. And I was a member of my church a long time before your new Bishop came, or Warren JEffs and I have not sinned unto the Lord; So, rewrite your script and get Willard Barlow to be rebabtized and do not tell me your lies that you cared. YOu or your bishop. You hated me and would have let Richard Cooke murder me with my children and all you people ever did was call me names. So go get yourself rebabtized; for hating me, taking hostage of my feelings, and putting a preditor on a pedistle and hating me.

Anonymous said...

and I have never been taught Salvation through JEsus Christ. First I was taught that if I did not do what my father said, I would go to hell, and was spanked by my Mother for being disobedient.

Second I was taught that if I was not obedient to Richard Cooke who was my Preisthood head, I would go to hell. He was caught mollesting Children after I disobeyed him and he was put out

Third I was taught that if I did not obey Willard Barlow who was my Preisthood head I would go to hell.

Roy Johnson taught I had to be obedient to the Principles of the Gospel. And they change what they want done, according to every single household they have.

There is no consistant training; for if you do not do what these disobedient men say, I will go to hell.

And they use religion every way imaginable, to get a person to do what they know is wrong or that goes against what I felt was wrong to satisfy there abuse of disabled children and other children.

And the key main thing they use to hurt a person is to tell them they will go to hell, because they did not do what the Barbarian they call the Preisthood head said. And a few years later they are caught mollesting children and put out. "they" as being the mollesters. It has been that way all my life. And every time I hear someone say, "go get rebabtized and obey your priesthood head, I run as fast as I can, for they are about to catch another preditor. Then they all blame me for their sins.

Anonymous said...

Why was Val kicked out then?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Yes Val. I was not here. I shall tell you what I know. In the begining every one I knew said Laurene was crazy. I was stupid back then. Believing things I was told. I just assumed she was crazy. She was taken to Flagstaf. I had no clue where she was. Marie made fun of her a lot and said she got just what she deserved, because she was taken care of a negro woman. Of course I believed every thing Marie said. Marie was my Idol. She was my Mother.
Then came the day Of my exicution. When Richard Cooke spun his web of deciet on me. I was standing down there just like Laurene. She came and gave me a sponge mattress. She could not figure out why they did that to me, because I was Marie's pet. Ya, I found out. Laurene was not crazy. She did not need to be there. Val came out and helped me after Laurene and Marie both left him. Most likely he was kicked out because he did not stand up to Richard Cooke and his lies. Who knows? You ask me difficult questions. And I never really had an answer for why Marie turned on me, and assisted Richard Cooke in his lies. And never again will she be my friend. It was too painful. I do not hate her. I have forgiven her. I just seen the other side of the coin. Laurene had a lot of guts to come back to this horrid place, where women are only garbage. Where your best friends betray you for a preditor. But she has more now than she did before. I did not know that much about Val Jessop. I never did anything with him, except he fed me a couple of times. I never knew he got kicked out for a long time. I was just thrown into Richard Cookes nightmare, and every one in town was very cruel and heartless to me. Who knows about why Val was kicked out. Val did not really want his family anyhow. But I do not know. Maybe he was not kicked out. He is the only one who would bring me scripture. Stephan Barlow raided me and stole it, and Sam Barlow was trying to make Laurene marry him. Who knows. but there was always one key thing in every person who was tried to be destryed. That was Sam BArlow. The great murder. And he went back to church, wrote to Warren Jeffs that he was repented and went back to church as if he will be saved. But his guilt shows on his face. Who knows, maybe SAm BArlow just attacted, Val so he could get closer to his wives. But he did not get them either. And notice, I said I do not know. But, I am glad Laurene came back here, and holds her head up. For, what was said about her was not true. I never did anything with her, until she was nice to me down there. I do not do anything with her now. Maybe when you cross over, you can ask Val Jessop. I was in a nightmare. getting dragged from my bed and hucked out, with out ever knowing why. Because a man like Richard Cooke could lie good, why he was abusing children in plain sight, like my dad did, and every one pretended he was a saint. HE threw me and Laurene out later. He threw me out, because WArren JEffs smiled at me, and he did not want caught. HE threw Laurene out for saying something nice about me. That was the second time. Who knows about Val Jessop. Maybe Sam Barlow sabataged him because he would not just hand over his wife, like Sam thought he should. Life is too complicated. They do not really follow any set of rules here.

Anonymous said...

And for all those who tell me lies about WArren JEffs, I write this as a public notice. For that last gossip in town was that I told him no. I know you fleece this web page like vultures to grab something to throw at me, so you can be justified in hating me; for love would have been too much for you all. so I post it here;

The last time I ever spoke with WArren Jeffs, he did tell me that his father said, I was forgiven and He did smile at me. HE asked me my age.

I was confused and wondered what I had just been forgiven for. I wondered why he wanted to know my age.

And I asked him to erase my mind, because I was so confused at why I had been punished in the first place, by Richard Cooke, and why I was there to see WArren JEffs, when I had not asked to be and that is all I have ever said to Warren Jeffs.

I have never told him no. So, please you spies on this blog quit telling your lies around town about me.

Anonymous said...

And then there is this one man who did cram Richard Cookes lie down my throut and scream at me, and when I did tell him I was leaving, he did smile at me, say we had our freedom and I finally got what I wanted. I have this also to say to you. YOu boast of freedom, why you rob me of mine. So, save yourself.

Anonymous said...


I was browsing through Warren's papers and noticed that he wanted Val to get the children back after Laurene had taken them and ran. Warren stated that Laurene was mentally ill and on heavy medication. Val only wanted the children back to be in favor with the prophet and to be let back in. He did not want Laurene to be part of the package. You are to be admired for your strength for all these years and sticking to your own principles. Thank you for sharing, you are the best!

Anonymous said...

I would like to read a lot more of Warren Jeffs papers. I know that it was said about Laurene that she was mentally ill. That was a lie though. Where would you find all what he wrote. I wanted to read what he said about me. I heard that Val Jessop was kicked out, because he would not let Laurene come home. LIving with those men would make anyone mentally ill. I would like to read what he said about me and Richard Cooke.
The thing that is weird is that anyone would be mentally ill if they was stuck on those medicines and thrown out. That alone would make some one mentally ill. He thinks Willard Barlow is nice too; but in a few years he will kick him out too. I read what he said about Alvin Barlow. He said Alvin Barlow was stuck on himself and if he was going to save him, he would have to? and I can not remember what he said he would have to do. I wonder why they let the men trash their women. At any rate I do not have to worry about hell. Being married to Willard Barlow is the greatest hell. and to have his people trash me, and treat me like Willards garbage is tramatic. I wonder why he did kick Val out and let Laurene go back to church. Next think I know they will throw Willard Barlow out and the next scycle of nobody's will start. The big worshiped teachers, and the nobody's. Then after a few years, the leader will get up and throw out all the teachers and the nobody's and it will start over again. LIke in Roy Johnsons day he threw out Marion Hammon and Dell Timpson. They were the teachers all the time I was growing up. They hollored and yelled. Then in Rulon JEffs days it was Joe Barlow, Dan Barlow, and ect. and then Warren Put them all out. So, in a few years the great big puffed up wonderful teachers will all be kicked out and the nobody's and the cycle will start over again. I am not real worried about them hating me. I have always been hated. One day a nice person will come and save me, like Rulon JEffs did his sister, that was told to stay there for years and years and years, then Rulon Jeffs told her to come to his house. HE took care of her, and her husband was put out. So, really it changes all the time, what people like and do not like. I have not made convnants with anyone here today. I did with Rulon JEffs and I shall keep them. Warren JEffs always hated me, and did exactly the oppisite of what his father said. So, really when I come up in the reserection Willard will not hide his lies and I shall be loved, by those that loved me here. So, I quit caring that they hate me. Warren Jeffs would love me if he knew me; but he never cared ever.

Anonymous said...

I know Warren JEffs hates me. I know this beyond a reasonable doubt, because when Rulon Jeffs was here, Willard BArlow did not dare hit me. LeeAnn told me about his abuse, and how he abused his children. She ran away from him all the time. But, one day he took me to see WArren JEffs. Warren Jeffs was mean to me. Willard Barlow took me home and bragged that Warren JEffs would destroy me for him. After that he did beat me up, and he beat my children. So, I know for sure that Warren JEffs hated me. I am not afraid of him now either. For he could not really destroy me for Willard Barlow and Richard Cooke. I wrote to him and told him that Joseph Smith was removing the garbage. He said he was praying for me to be removed and he became ill. I noticed the Lord keeps his word. Warren JEffs will never hurt me again. And when he catches Willard Barlow in his sin, they will have an excuse why it went on so long and I was so hated. With Richard Cooke they just said the Lord allowed it to test everyone, himself included. I have read a little of what he said about me; but it was not written right out with my name. So, if you or who ever else reads this if you have what he said about me directly, I am interested in reading it. maybe you could send me a copy in my email address. And keep this in mind. I do not dislike Warren JEffs. I do not dislike anyone. Every soul will have to come up before the Lord with an account. Warren Jeffs has put a wedge in my way. One that will be very difficult to overcome; for I Idolized him and every word he spoke. I never wanted to be gone from home, and he hurt me a great deal, by not protecting me. I have forgiven and let the Lord be the Judge. It does not matter anymore. I was thinking about it. our family was nobody's to every one in town and I never spent any good amount of time with any of the Leaders and a person has to be left with out excuse. I have not ever been given a chance here; so I am not worried, for I know the Lord is fair. I love my Lord. Richard Cooke tried to make me think God hated me. He failed to do that. I know God loves me and I shall never let anyone tell me different. No matter who they are. Even a Prophet has no right to destroy souls.

Anonymous said...

But just so you know, I did not have anything to do with him being in jail. I did not want to be in a film. That film was edited to portray a lie, not what I did say. I was disqusted with that film woman for she lied to me. and I did not want to be in her film. she would not leave me out though. I deeply dislike the media. For they are not honest and I was medicated by Richard Cooke, and was just going off, when she came and took advantage of me. Just keep that in mind. Not that it matters. For I was hated a long, long, long, long time before that film woman showed up. Willard Barlow swore he would get rid of me, and that was because he did not want Warren JEffs to find out what he was doing. Just like Richard Cooke, but Richard Cooke got caught and Willard Barlow will too. One day Sherrie will tell what her father did to her. It may be in the reserection though. But she will tell of his abuse. And LeeAnn will not hide it forever. They actually offered to let me go back to him not very long ago. At least I heard this gossip about it, and I was supposed to have said no. So they do not even need me to decide all these stupid things. I was never asked thoug, and I never said no. I just got the repercusions of gossip and punishment, because I was suposed to have told Warren JEffs no. I wish I had somewhere else to move, away from these weird, weird people. Before I lose my mind for real. I have not even seen Warren Jeffs since I was forgiven when Richard Cooke dragged me in. I do not know what I was forgiven for then either.

Anonymous said...


Do a Google search on this title "Warren Jeffs In His Own Words".

Anonymous said...

Too much reading for one night. so, I was upon my own test. I make may apoligys for all that I did critazise and for hogging the blog. I suppose you are on your own now. See you all later. And thank you. I did not find myself in his writings. I have read a lot. If you happen to find me, let me know. There are more Ruth Cooke's in the world though. over and out. I need to do better. Follow the Lord more.

Anonymous said...

Sam Barlow is a professional cover up man, for people who are guilty, why he harrasses those that are not. Shelly Cooke knows he smacked Donna's head in. HE was the only one with her. HE told the lies about me. HE said she fell from a swing. I never seen her. I tried for ten years to figure out what really happened to her. Richard Cooke is the one who told me, and Willard Barlow is the only one I seen openly abuse her.

So, really all those that hate me, protect these abusers.

And to the faithful who watch these blogs and slam me; Warren Jeffs said that your time is very short. You do not have time for your lies and deceit.

To the un-belever's I suppose it does not matter. AT any rate, a person only can take themselves with them. My day of being hated is almost over. YOur's that really abused my children and lied about it; your day is only begining.

So, I have found out why you hated me; for the lies of these six men. But, your candle will not cross over into the Celestial world. It is impossible; for you were guilty.

And that helps me to say it. Why did they all protect Shelly Cooke in his lies and abuse? That is because they were used to hating me, and protecting abuse, from the day I was born.

But, it will not last forever.

People that abuse children are the lowest, pathetic, people there are.

Actually, I wish I would shut up, on this blog. A person that lies about another, will have the greatest weight and it will eat them up.

And if Arizona would have done the right thing, Shelly Cooke would not have walked to Denver to abuse again.

So, really they owe me too.

And you too Connie Presnell, for Cathy Bistline reported Shelly's abuse, just as I did. You all protected the abuser. And I know it will eat you up. YOu are an old woman now, Connie Presnel.

YOu should have protected me and my daughter. But I see why they hired you. You were easily bought.

Anonymous said...

After her husband's death, was Laurene assigned to her husband's brother as another wife? or is she being taken care of by the community?

Anonymous said...

I did mean to say, that I seen Donna fall. Shelly did injure her.

And I do not know anything at all about Laurene.

Not since she left Flora Mae. But then I really did not know anything about that either.

I really have not ever done anything much at all with my family. They was always snuggled up to a preditor. I was not of that nature and the more I stay away from them the better I am.

First there was Jack. He was arrested when I was seventeen. Mother could not figure out why her children would not obey their father.

Then there was shelly, MOther forced me to marry, for her lies.

Then there was Richard Cooke mollesting children, lieing and abusing

Then there was Willard Barlow and Marvin Cooke.

Marvin Cooke has not been caught yet. They just throw his children out after he has done his damage.

No, I would not know anything at all about Laurene now. Nor, do I want to.

She was nice to me why it lasted, until they let her go home.

Val's brother told her that the first thing she had to do was get rid of me. He paid two hundred dollars to dispose of me.

Anonymous said...

And wit hall these men worshipping Richard Cooke, Shelly Cooke, Marvin Cooke and Willard Barlow's lies; I suppose that is why they hated me.

I heard a rumor that WArren Jeffs offered to feed me and I told him no. That is so much like these people. No, they would only try to kill me. I do not believe he asked. I think that was only said to me, to hurt me, that I did tell him no. So, I do not listen to there garbage any more. Richard Cooke told me they all hated me and it would be easy to destroy me on a lie. HE was right. They hated me; so none of you have to worry about me being batized or cantaminated by the preditors you have not caught yet. Marvin Cooke your turn is coming for abusing Caroline. You may tell your fancy lies about me and her, but your turn is coming.

EJay said...

Ruth, you're not the only one being lied to and tyrannized. All of Warren Jeffs and now Lyle Jeffs' faithful followers are being fed lie after lie after lie. And why is that? So that as they (Warren/Lyle) steadily descend into the bowels of hell (and THEY KNOW THEY ARE), they are determined to take as many as will believe the lies down with them. It's to fulfill the prophesy from long ago, "Even the elect will believe a lie and be damned." They are modern-day Judases.

The reason they are getting away with it is that they are able to control the minds of their "faithful" to the extent that they are turning the tables and saying everyone else is lying... that THEY (Warren/Lyle) are telling the truth, yea even God's truth, and all else are the liars.

It reminds me of a classic textbook Catch 22.
Look up that term. Very interesting.

The BEST way to avoid Warren/Lyle's hell and save themselves is to deliberately walk away with their families or question authority and get kicked out. Then they should turn around and bite the hand that fed them the lies.

"Catch-22s are often spoken with regard to rules, regulations, procedures, or situations in which one has knowledge of being or becoming a victim but has no control over it occurring."

Anonymous said...

I am hearing there were 10 or so recent excommunications within the FLDS. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?

Anonymous said...

I sure would like to know. I am very curious about that. Thank you for the information about the lies. I will have to remember that I am not the only pebble on the beach.

Anonymous said...

Inside sources say it's true there were something like ten men booted out about a week ago.

Anonymous said...

But do you have names?

Anonymous said...

No names that I'm willing to list yet. There are good reasons why. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Stupid. Why not list them.

Anonymous said...

I heard that @ 10 were exed also. Reason given was that they did more than just shake hands with their wives without having permission from "authority" meaning Lyle.

Anonymous said...

The pilot has taken pictures of the strange goings on at YFZ. Could this new structure being built at YFZ part of a memorial the Warren Jeffs, with the statue located in center and benches or some sort of seating around the interior walls so the Warranites can worship their "god".


Paste & copy link in browser.

Anonymous said...

Now, I am getting a good Idea of what the City's will look like through the millianum. Looks nice. Most likely a grain bin. You have to think in correct terms if you want to know what they are building. They do not build statues and most of the lies serculated around about them are not true.

feralfem said...

It's pure white so it must be something more holy than a grain bin. Nope, not a grain bin. Too huge. Has windows. It's a semi-circle. Maybe it IS some kind of Warren Steed Jeffs Holy Prophet Memorial Building ... Museum / Entertainment Center / Tabernacle / Gym, Swim and Exercise Center / Coliseum (complete with retractable dome roof) / Shopping Center/Mall.

It's just a guessing game at this point. I hope the pilot keeps posting pictures so we can watch the project as it progresses.

Anonymous said...

Or it is a white mausoleum.

Anonymous said...

and the names of those put out?

Leigh Ann said...

Wow. I have spent the last few days reading this blog, and all I can say is, wow. This blog has given me an insight into the lives of FLDS that books just can't give. Thank you all, and o look forward to reading in the future!

uncaduff said...

It might be a plig pen...

Leigh Ann said...

...excuse me?

Leigh Ann said...

Oh, Derp. Nevermind I get it :)

Anonymous said...

uncaduff you are funny.
You need to write a song about it.


I would love to see your face when the statue of Warren The Pedophile is revealed in the middle of the plig pen.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Now, I am getting a good Idea of what the City's will look like through the millianum. Looks nice. Most likely a grain bin. You have to think in correct terms if you want to know what they are building. They do not build statues and most of the lies serculated around about them are not true.

Dear Anonymous,

A fool is bound for his own destruction, and he will inevitably destroy everything in his path. Those who get in the way of the fool will get hurt.

Warren Jeffs AKA Fool.

The new improved flds do build statues.

Stay tune.


Anonymous said...

WSJ has known for many many years he is bound for hell. For just as many years and into the future, his goal is the same as it's always been (like many madmen throughout history) to take as many down with him as he can. Even the very elect will believe a lie and be damned. The more bizarre he can make the journey, the more fun he's having along the way.

Narcissistic sociopaths have little or no conscience and don't care one whit about your feelings or what you're going through. It's all about his game where he introduces truly bizarre rules that keep changing. He's playing the game on a track called Martyrdom. He knew all along he would get caught. No matter -- once becoming a prophet, even behind bars, he's a prophet until he draws his last breath.

How to avoid losing the game even though he keeps changing the rules? Just say, "No!" and walk away, preferably in unison.

If only people would deny him, he'd easily lose the game and be alone on that track. Being an idolized martyr isn't very compelling if no one cares.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Warren Jeffs and Charlie Sheen, is that Charlie has a lot more money and a lot more fun, but they will end up in the same place.

In the meantime Charlie is still cutting the rug, Warren is cruising the steel bars of prison.

Shouldnt have gone for the veal.

Bad menu choice.

Anonymous said...

Here's a video of interest to all, Sam Brower talks about his experiences with the FLDS-Warren Jeffs.


Cut and paste to browser.

uncaduff said...

Warren Jeffs and Charley sheen are both mere life support systems for male genitalia, made by the same manufacturer; a false Ideology born of greed and narcissism...

Anonymous said...

It your birthday Uncle Warren as you sit there in the pen.

I cannot help but wonder how thing might have been.

You could of been a leader, to benefit the world.

But you where just a perv, with a taste for little girls.

So you just a prisoner, an incarcerated rake.

The rest of us out here, will enjoy your birthday cake.



Anonymous said...

Go Victor, Go Victor!!---yo, check it out-

Unkidub can cry and whimper,
and call down some messy storms,

But reality is different,
There be other life forms-

Peeps that stay away from chillun
when it comes to touchy-feely

And the ones who don't ride Harleys
when Naomi wants a wheelie!!

Anonymous said...

I've heard some names of those recently kicked out.

Jefferson Johnson and Chris Wyler are 2 that I heard. No confirmation on either yet. I've also heard that a Holm man and a Holm boy were exed. No first names on the Holms though.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Getting "ex'd" is the best thing that will ever happen for these guys, and let's hope many more keep getting thrown out, until they go to law enforcement and tell what they know, and get some real help to rescue the hundreds of children who need to be protected once and for all from warren's edicts. They can keep all their outward appearance stuff, it's fine, and they can keep their admirable work ethic. They need to get straight what it is that's the matter with their mental programming- polygamy, law defiance of all kinds, and "prophet" worship. They need to get their children out of the grip of this cult. Period. It will take much effort but it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

10:38 p m anonymous- beautiful, keep em comin!

feralfem said...

No more bikes, no more trampolines, no toys, no pets, no internet, no marriages, no sex... and the list goes on... just give up everything, especially your money, and swear absolute total loyalty to your holy pedophile prophet.

Here's the latest from KSL: (still not seeing any names of the exed)

FLDS community said to be purging itself of outside influence

"Every FLDS elder has reportedly been told to cough up $5,000. Members must be re-baptized and profess their loyalty in personal interrogations by Dec. 31.
Interrogations have been so intense, even focusing on intimate sexual matters, that many are quitting before they're kicked out."

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ole Warren needs more cash for his YFZ building projects, must not fall behind on his statue.

Sounds like not only a purge, but an all out collapse of the FLDS, leaving only a Warranite cult, modeled after the Branch Davidians and it's profit David Koresh.

For those unfamiliar with David Koresh, he like Warren was a self appointed prophet who saw himself as the the one mighty and strong, prophet, seer, etc, etc. Koresh practiced polygamy, including under aged marriage. Koresh's followers saw themselves as waiting to be lifted up to escape the destructions associated with the second coming. IMO it sounds like the FLDS are moving away from Joseph Smith, replacing him with the teachings of David Koresh, as the FLDS appears to have become a Branch Davidian clone cult.

With the Koresh mindset, it is only a matter of time before is a violent confrontation leads to loss of life. As the KSL article reports that violence could occur.

Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like ole Warren’s gone over the edge of sanity, he really is beginning to sound like Brian David Mitchell! Here’s a link to Jeffs manic ramblings.


Cut & paste above to browser.

Anonymous said...

link on KSL


Hollenhorst “visited shortcreek in 1977 and has been reporting on it ever since”

(cough cough – not very effectively)

but regardless, this was an EXCELLENT video, now that the cult is imploding they are going to give some new details.

Warren is demanding 5 thousand by the end of the month, and they are interviewing the wives to see if the husband is cheating on the no sex ban (reckon the ones who are jealous would drop the dime) and so some guys are quitting because they see the handwriting on the wall.

Oh, also, no bikes or any toys for the kids – no, not new toys for Christmas – they have to turn their EXISTING toys in so Warren can sell them.

The Grinch has arrived in Shortcreek.

Oh, also, friends in the area say, that the usual hordes of FLDS in local stores like Walmart and Costco have dwindled to nothing.

Guess they dont have any money left, plus they might have to face the public while their most revered leaders are in prison for child molestation.

Thats never a good thing.

The video is a must see. Pretty sad, yet I guess there are people who can say “Told you so”.

Anonymous said...

The FLDS are beginning to sound more and more like the Branch Davidians, Warren Jeffs actions come to mirror those of David Koresh. Koresh was also know as David Howell.


In the spring of 1985, Howell returned to Texas, and settled in a town called Palestine
with Rachel and a small group of Davidians.25 He soon began to acquire additional “wives” from
amongst his followers. In 1986, he took 14 year old Karen Doyle as his second wife, and 12 year
old Michelle Jones as his third wife.26 Then, in 1987, 17 year old Robyn Bunds and 20 year old
Dana Okimoto became his fourth and fifth wives.27
The longstanding rivalry between Howell and George Roden erupted in a shootout at
Mount Carmel in November 1987. No one was killed, but Howell and his followers were
indicted and tried for attempted murder. Howell was acquitted at trial. Later that month, Lois
Roden died of natural causes and Howell assumed power. He changed his name to David Koresh
in 1990. Koresh meant “death.”

Above from:


Since both Warren & Lyle continue to sound more and more like Koresh, it's time to get out of the FLDS before its to late. They both have gone insane and will destroy themselves and those who follow them. Remember Lyle & Warren equal death and Koresh means death.

Anonymous said...

The handwriting is on the wall. Warren sees his end has come, now he wants to rip everyone else apart too.

And have fun doing it.

Everyone will be victims, kids not excluded.

Dont be caught on that last day still chiming support for his wicked ways.

He has been fully exposed.

Anonymous said...

The San Angelo newspaper reports that the building under construction at YFZ is a massive domed building, so guess the Warranites are trying to hide the statue of the felonious profit from view from air. Paper also reports that demands for cash from FLDS members to pay for YFZ projects.


cut & paste above to browser

Anonymous said...

The Eldorado Success newspaper has obtained a copy of the preliminary drawings of the statue of Warren Jeffs. The photo published in the paper shows Warren Jeffs wearing a robe like garment, holding a book in his left hand. Standing on his right side is a small girl wearing the FLDS style dress. The statue is 30 foot tall, just like the building under construction at YFZ!


Anonymous said...

The child in the statue drawing looks about the size of the little children he was molesting at Alta Academy.

Some of the children he "married" were a couple inches taller.

Anonymous said...

So half the guys at yearning for zippers are in prison now,

and the other half are building an idol to the top guy... in prison

Anonymous said...

Well if anyone needs proof that Warren Jeffs is NOT A PROPHET just read this latest revelation.


Note this one shows a YFZ address, and a new name. The Kingdom of Zion, Holy One of Israel followed by the street address in Eldorado, TX.

Earlier Jeffs threats were mailed from “short creek’

IMO Jeffs is sounds like David Koresh, who I believe also called himself The Holy one of Israel, and referred to his followers as the kingdom of Zion.

Anonymous said...

Ole Warren has been busy in his cell, here's more David Koresh style revelations.


Thanks Warren, your revelations are pure entertainment, thanks for the laughs, dude you have a diseased imagination!

Anonymous said...

Holy one of israel?

He is calling himself Hooi?

Rhymes with Phooey!

Anonymous said...

how, blind those who do not see; but how rejoicing for those that do.

Anonymous said...

More and more are reading the writing on the wall every day, heck its in big red letters.


Anonymous said...

As the Trib article points out are the FLDS moving towards some sort of meltdown?


Are they going to become violent like the Ervil LeBaron/David Koresh polygamist groups?

What’s Warren’s end game? We all know that from Jeffs dictations that “short creek” was to be abandoned, with only the most loyal Warranites move to the places of refuge, but then what-when they are at YFZ?

What’s the end game Warren has planned? When the second coming and the deconstructions failed to happen, Koresh’s polygamist group moved into direct violent confrontation with LE, Ervil LeBaron’s polygamist group went on a murderous attack against apostates, and Jim Jones group committed mass suicide.

IMO this can only end in bad.

Anonymous said...

The main difference is that Warren is in prison and cant kill himself, he already tried.

I think his groupies will just get the picture and move on, once he has taken everything from them.

Anonymous said...

Here’s what the British press has to say on subject of Warren Jeffs & the FLDS.


Hey Warren, even the British are getting a laugh at ya dude!

Anonymous said...

Extra! Extra! the pilot has posted new photos of YFZ. They show the amphitheater of the absurd, where Warranites can worship the idol of Warren's statue. Appears it will have seating around the interior walls, and the statue towards the front. Wonder if it will have a roof or be an open air amphitheater. Also new house near temple of doom.


Anonymous said...

After reading Sam Brower's book, I can tell he is a liar. Too bad he did not know anything he was talking about.

Anonymous said...

What do you think he was lying about?

That Warren was a homosexual pedophile?

That he raped children who had just turned 12?

That Warren claimed, and it is documented in jailhouse video, that he is a false prophet?

What part of the book gives you heartburn?

Have you read "Answer them Nothing" as well?

Anonymous said...

Lets see. Warren is in jail for 119 years while Sam is collecting royalties on his book. Big Willie filed a suit against Sam, lost his suit and then had to pay Sam $15,000 on a default judgement. Don't know if Sam lied or not, but he sure seems to be smart.

Anonymous said...

it does appear that the greatest liars are getting the Roylaties; but maybe it is because every one loves the corruption and lies the most. Tells on your self. I do not really care about the money, the lawsuit, or the Royalties. A liar is a liar, is a liar, and they have to live with that to the grave. Tis' a pity really. Lets see; first someone tells a lie; then they figure to get rich on it, or catch a mob to make them look good in their lie; but after the ashes, the lies, the court; a liar has to live forever with his lies, and his riches and royalties cancer his soul. Sam Brower is a liar, like the Crowd he hung with.

Anonymous said...

And if you all think that the lies have sunk the ship, wait until time for your reserection and you have to look God in the face. Tis; a pity really. Bastards that you are.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:42, I'm going to use your own words:

"Lets see; first someone tells a lie; then they figure to get rich on it, [let's see...who's getting all the money?] or catch a mob to make them look good in their lie; [how many followers believe his lies? yeah, a mob] but after the ashes, the lies, the court; a liar has to live forever with his lies, and his riches and royalties cancer his soul. [Lyle Jeffs] is a liar..."

And according to the accepted definition of the word "bastard," Lyle and Warren literally ARE illegitimate bastards. At least Sam's mother and father were legally married.

Just trying to point out the obvious. "Tis' a pity really."

Anonymous said...

Call for help-with many people fleeing FLDS before Dec 31 deadline, a need for housing for families fleeing the FLDS. News article asks for help from anyone who can shelter fleeing families.


Anonymous said...

Attempts by FLDS to take over school run by non FLDS members blocked by judge, sheriffs deputies sent in to enforce court order after local FLDS controlled police refused to enforce court order.


Expect more of this type incidents to occur.

Anonymous said...

Here’s KSL take on school dispute, watch video, interesting.


This will force the FLDS controlled LE in “short creek” have to choose between the law or following Lyle the larcenous & that felonious profit Warren Jeffs. If they choose to follow the “profit” the will insure their own destruction, decertification.

Anonymous said...

There is a ‘special’ priesthood holders meeting set for Saturday the 24th at 7pm at the LSJ Meetinghouse. All priesthood holders have been ordered to attend.
These ‘special’ meetings always start some major shift or change in internal church policies and sometimes includes a mass ex’ing.

Anonymous said...

Given flds' long history of death threats and such against those who oppose their activities, I'd say Sam Brower is a very courageous person. God bless him. And may God bless and protect all those who are helping to expose and prosecute flds for its many lawless ways.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of those who oppose the FLDS, here's a link for a blog written by a woman who got out. She was once a 12 year old bride.


Anonymous said...

Warren turns out to be the big liar.

The state of Texas didnt put up with the flds and all their lies.

Lie, lie lie.

Prison, prison, prison.

Bop, bop, bop.

Maybe the flds will mover there en mass, I hear there is still lots of room in those Texas prisons!

Anonymous said...

Here is a public notice;

Since there does appear to be one or two confessions going on; Not the one's I expected, but one none the less, lets hear a few more.

Daniel Barlow Jr. Child MOllester
Marvin Cooke Child Mollester
Willard Barlow Child Mollester

Lets make you all hero's

Let today be confession day.

I am very patient.

come on guys lets have a few more confessions

Anonymous said...

And Sam Brower, you could confess that you know nothing at all about what you was talking about; Right? Lets hear it guys. How, are you doing in your rank of lies. Come, come, come, you liar's; it is confession day. March forth to the Prechear, get it off your chest; line up, file up, the State is waiting; count your sins, one by one. March, up together, file in two lines; count your sins to the County today.

Have you ever sinned; confess it now. For disalution is coming any way.

Anonymous said...

I have waited a long, long time, for your confession day. How, you protected abuse, and threw me away. Count your sinners, they are lining up now too. With your lies and contamintation; let's here your chorus too.

Anonymous said...

only two more to go. Only two more that need caught. Only two more to go. Julie Sydny Roth. Court has begun again. You who cheated me, who gave childmollester's free reign. Oh, yes, I have waited a long time.

Shelly Gene Cooke, did you go to the county in Colorado, and tell them how you smashed your daughters head in?

Richard Cooke, did you go to the county and tell how you did slam dunk the witness, that would have stopped his gross abuse; Oh, no you did have to protect the men; not the children; But you was caught. not charged yet, caught yes, charged no.

It will come. Just you wait and see.

And then sweet adorable Willard Barlow and his stories. Yes, the sweet adorable talking preditor. Home free; so he thought, intil his key witness was caught;

and then His Dick was caught, and then; oh, I did not know Henery was part of Dick's scheeme; but it was kind of him to confess

Your turn Marvin Cooke, or Willard Barlow; which on wants to go first with their confession day.

And Sam Brower, you should have checked the records.

Dr. Twiggs said that the story Shelly Gene Cooke, told did not fit the injury. But the investigating cop in that case is dead.

Dr. Smith said that she has seen lots of children injured from a head injury; What? the sweet adorable Dick, Shelly, and Willard. Oh, and the witness was not credible.

I think that must have been because Sam Brower was on the case. Helping slam the witness.

Nice try Sam Brower. My daughter did not have fumeraies disies. nor did she have any genetic desiese, and when I reported abuse, I was slammed like a basket ball.

So, Which one of you will take the next confessor...

Not, Sam Brower, I promise you that

Lets see, Richard Cooke, out.
Shelly Cooke out,
Henery Cooke out,

that is only three.

Sam Barlow that paid these men to murder the witness; walks around with his head in his " "

Stephan Barlow same as Sam Barlow.

That leaves only two to confess.

I am waiting.

Lets make it a little bit closer than the last few confessions.

Anonymous said...

And Ruth Huth, lets see, you came out when I reported abuse, and told me that you could see me and my children were being abused, and needed help.

Sure; which one of you protected the children.

I have put a fire under our cops to do their job.

They did it. That was real nice Helaman. You get a cookie. You even got a confession from the " " before he died"

And Sam Brower, if you excuse my father as him saying he was told to; you are just like him. Dork

Anonymous said...

And Sam Brower, I make a confession about your lies. My Father never mollested me. I was the bloke that had him arrested, because I told him no!

And I will tell you that you are a man like him; for a lie is a confession. Keep your hands off the girls. we got cops watching to see if you come here. We will catch you too. Just you wait! So, Sam Brower, the county is waiting for your confession in assisting these murders, by printing lies and lies.

Anonymous said...

and Henery's wife needs a gold medal. At least they do not beat up every woman that reports abuse here.

At least there was one besides me, who repoted abuse. And Connie Presnel remember when Cathy Bistline reported that Shelly Cooke was abusing Donna, and you betrayed us too. I still hear you saying, " Let me give it to her" But, Shelly Gene Cooke was caught in Denver Colorado. Thumbs up to COLORADO.

Nice, try Sam Brower your book of lies.

Here is a great advertizement; if you want your hidden childmollester's to walk free, hire Sam Brower as a Privite Investigator. HE will protect the abuser's and let the victum walk free; just like Richard Cooke and company.

Next confession: we are watching. But, Marvin Cooke and Willard Barlow, make it easy on your little girls. I know Donna Marie Cooke and Nathan Tyler Cooke are dead; but do your other children a favor; make it easy on them.

We have no Cooke's registered. Or Willard Barlow's yet. we are waiting. Our Cops are getting pressure for not doing their Job. But, you like Henry can make it easy for them. WE need a few more hero's. Your victums are waiting.

Anonymous said...

Come on Shelly Gene Cooke, tell the world how you, Willard Barlow, and Richard Cooke bragged about how easy it was going to be to sabatage my life. Was it as easy as you did think? You got caught. You need to do just as Henry did and go to the county and confess, what you did to my dauther, and those children in Colorado and get registered for life. Tell them how you and Richard Cooke and Willard Barlow murdered Donna Maire Cooke and Nathan Tyler Cooke.
And the Doctor's in Pheonix were confused. I suppose that is because no one suspected the sweet adorable gentile men from the creek. BUT YOU WAS CUAGHT. Make it easy on you now, and go get a clean break from the state. Confess it all and be charged for the Murder of Donna Maire Cooke. That should get you a life sentance; and do not try to blame it on my Mother. She was stupid, I admit that; but not a murder. She had to many Richard Cookes, Jack cooke,s Willard Barlow,s, Marvin Cookes, and Shelly Cookes in her life. She will be crowned a queen in the end; why you are going through dissalution with your palls. Sam Brower, I will give you another chance with your book if you like. Try to at least get one thing right. And look that Doctor up in Washington, that treated Donna Maire Cooke too. Dork

Anonymous said...

On second thought Sam Brower, with lies like that, you would fit right into our Police Department.

except they have a couple nice cops now. that is why the preditor's are getting caught now. They do not beat up woman who report abuse, like they did eleven years ago.

Thanks for betraying me Ruth Huth. You could have made a difference to my daughter. They have nicer Child Protector people now.

Sorry guidance Center; maybe none of Dicks girls will cross your path again. They kicked the " " out. be expecting Marvin Cooke and Willard Barlow's girls now; until the men are caught.

Caroline, you should have put your father in Jail, instead of running away. I know you was young. I do not blame you. He will get caught. I am expecting him to confess shortly. I did tell him today, I expected him to be a hero, and coonfess like Henry.

And Richard Cooke, I do not know who named you Dick; but it fits. and that should get you tagged. Join the great STate and America and regester yourself, for the Preditor you are.

feralfem said...

Self-imposed stress kills. Let go ... pursue peace ... let God and the Universe take care of confession and judgment.

We cannot change anyone but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

You are right. I woke up this morning rejoicing that Richard Cooke hucked me out. I know now, why my family hated me. I would never want to be part of the gross sickness. I rejoice a great deal, I am not one of them. Thank you for the good words.

Anonymous said...

Helamon told me yesterday that they hated me, because of my Father. His Father is just like my Father. IT is funny though; my Father never abused me. The cops came and took him away. But, that does not matter to people like Helamon. They have their illusions and I suppose they think it makes them bigger to hide abuse in his family. I am celibrating today that I was hucked out. I know they all blame Warren JEffs for what Richard Cooke done, but that can not be helped either. That is what my family is like.

Anonymous said...

And I know they only hated em, because I reported abuse, and they did not want caught. But they will be anyway.

Anonymous said...

Appears that that ole felonious profit Warren Jeffs called in a sermon to his followers. Appears that loyal Warranites are planning mass exodus from "short creek", media reports.


News reports also indicates Jeffs is in hot water for abusing phone privileges in prison. Texas prison officials record all inmate phone calls.

Anonymous said...

Fun times at Ridgemont High.

How does a place and a people get so screwed up?

Anonymous said...

Also on the KSL website, that other felonious profit Brian David Mitchell has been spouting off end of the world stuff, he’s beginning to sound like Warren Jeffs. From article:
” Mitchell believes he didn’t do anything wrong and that he believes he was only doing what God told him to do.”

“He doesn’t feel that he will spend the rest of his life in prison because he feels that the Lord will intervene and this world will not be around in 30 years,”


Got a revelation for Warren & Brain, dudes you all never see the outside of a prison for as long as you live.

Anonymous said...

Well, one can always practically write a book on such topics as "how a place and people" such as flds "got so screwed up." I've been studying this bunch for close to seven years now. The book "No Man Knows My History" by Fawn Brodie has been favorably spoken of by everyone who has reviewed it. It's considered a pretty outstanding biography of Joseph Smith. Once one realizes what kind of dudes J Smith and Brigham Young were, and sees the geographical situation in Utah, I think it helps explain how lds teachings got such a strangle hold on Utah. When one grasps how much fear is drilled into polygamists (and also into mainstream lds, from what I have heard)-this fear is a huge factor also. Plygs preach polygamy and total prophet obedience non-stop to their kids from birth within their tightly-controlled groups. PLUS they are taught that they are elite, that they are God's favored "only holy ones.." and everyone else except them is bound for "h-e-double hockey-stick" (actually this is true cult-type stuff I am describing but flds resent being called a cult.) With these various life-or-death rules and teachings you have the perfect recipe for a very stubborn sub-culture. Polygamists were the ancestors of a high percentage of those living in Utah and surrounding states. Polygamy is known to be widely practiced throughout Utah and even in Salt Lake City by many people. It is being lived in several hard-to-escape enclaves, and on several super-restricted compounds scattered in the Rocky Mountain region. It is all connected clearly and obviously to lds mainstream historical teachings, but Salt Lake City leadership is totally dishonest about the history of mormonism. It never tells the truth to its membership, for if it did, I think most current lds would get out of mormonism. The large polygamist groups are heavily browbeaten with the original Joseph Smith heresies, (particularly the "thou shalt practice "celestial" marriage or else" part.) Then on goes a heavy layer of writings by additional tweaked and self-important leaders such as Warren Jeffs. This tight daily conditioning and controlfrom birth, interlaced with their beliefs that all females should have as many babies as possible, has also helped create this situation. Plyg group females are trapped early with multiple pregancies so that they will hopefully never have the courage or resources to get out of these groups. The leader ("prophet") is regarded as infallible. Anyone questioning him is cast out or at the very least severely disciplined. Children are taught to think of their real fathers as dead if the leader ex-communicates them, which happens often. So there are also hundreds of children who are not aware of their biological parents' true identities. All these things has created a stubborn and self-righteous, extremely narrow-thinking society which believes that disregarding US laws is not a big deal. This is also part of polygamist upbringing- obey only the prophet at all times, and no one else, especially if the prophet's orders are contradicted by the laws of the state and nation. This is taught as righteousness to these people- to defy the laws all other Americans are subject to. It doesn't seem to matter that the predictions their "prophets" make do not come to pass. flds are so afraid of going where the sun don't shine that they stick with the clap-trap. Many who have been able to make it out report the same thing- that it takes them a long time to grapple with the fear of damnation.

Anonymous said...

I ordered Sam Browers a few days ago. Im wondering why the anon poster thinks it is a book of lies. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

If it needs explained then, what good will my words be. People believe what they want to believe. Sorry, if I enticed any one to buy one of his books.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, your words are often in circles, and are also usually constant repeats of things you have had plenty of time to deal with, and to sue people over, if what you say is true. But you come on this blog and thrash around and say the same things over and over and over. You have spent years defending people that are a big part of the problem, then you finally realize you were wrong, then you go back to your old accusations of all kinds of people. The confusing cyles never seem to end, and the others who try to say something on this blog, based on many hours of reading and studying and trying to find good answers- those peole get the force of your wrath AGAIN. The others that say something here are often accused and threatened by you as if they are worthless. You know what, Ruth? You don't deserve to be on this blog, Ruth. There, I finally said it. Ok everyone, here she goes!! Time for several days of senseless, holier-than-thou rants, full of the ususal accusations because she won't use the care by professionals that she needs. Here we go- Ready, set, Ruth! Tear us all down, girl! You're so good at it!

Anonymous said...

to anon 12/29, 10 AM-

Ruth is the one who posted that Brower's book is lies. This is her usual style- she will go off bigtime against anyone that can demonstrate just how messed up flds are...then sometime later she will actually begin to realize (for awhile anyway) that she is one of the thousands of duped flds who have been defending evil men all her life.
flds leadership has "enforcers" who carry out the orders of the evil men who lead flds. Mr. Brower has been fully aware for a long time of how death threats from "unknown sources" often follows the publication of anything which shows flds for what it really is- a crime family with a high rate of child abuse, sexual molestation, welfare fraud, money laundering, and on it goes. Yet Brower made the decision to finish his research and publish his book. He talks about threatening flds behaviors and actions in his book. I am certain he did not knowingly put anything whatsoever that is untruthful into Prophet's Prey. He has worked with law enforcement for many years and knows all about the law, libel, and so forth. He would have been very careful to not include unsubstantiated things in his writing. He knows flds like to create havoc to others both inside and outside the group. This Ruth person was on a list of flds members who were considered dangerous by law enforcement a few years ago. In her heart she knows she is has at times been a liar and troublemaker herself. Many people have tried to help her. She's very hard to stay at peace with.
Flds are purposefully raised from birth to be at odds with the country in which they live, and to defy its laws. Then they don't seem to understand why they have so many legal problems. They use fol language when it suits them. The keep sweet thing is a big crock. It's just a way of totally repressing normal and healthy emotions and individuality.
Many flds men use alcohol, and I have heard both genders use foul language numerous times on videotaped reports of their activities. They are not righteous people. That's a surface impression they carefully cultivate. They are accomplished liars and lawbreakers and they know it.

Anonymous said...

I bought the book because I want information.

And this Ruth person? Why does she have internet access, I thought that wasnt allowed.

Anonymous said...

Someone may have smuggled a cell phone to Warren Jeffs, which is a big no no.

Here's a link to an article where the cell phone investigation is being carried out.


If found to be in possession of a cell phone, that'a felony in Texas, three strikes in Texas, no parole possibility.

Anonymous said...

This Ruth lady that rants on this blog frequently does not reside at any flds compound and is not under direct flds leadership control. I believe she lives on her own somewhere in the flds stronghold region(flds border towns) but has been out of the group officially for a long time I THINK. Ruth can be seen on the film Damned to Heaven by Laurie Allen, (she is slender, with a scarf on her hair sometimes, and makes quilts) and she is mentioned by Sam Brower near the very end of Prophet's prey. Ruth was raised flds, and has ongoing mental health issues. She has some pretty good days and many rough ones, if her posts are any indication. I have read many posts by her and it seems obvious that many of her problems are not of her own making. To me they seem like the hand she was dealt upon birth, coupled with the severe flds conditioning from childhood. I do not fault her for these things, but forwhat I consider verbal abuse that she frequently dishes out on this blog. It's a shame, I realize people need an outlet, but sometimes I think she needs to be banned for awhile from this blog. She should be receiving indefinite free mental health care, IMO. But as we all know, people can't be forced to get the care they need. I feel for her, but she is not the only person with issues and problems. All of us need to take care of ourselves. As I said, I don't fault her for the things she cannot control, or was born with, but she gets very tiresome with the repetition of very old issues that she has when she's on this blog. And she makes accusations against people that are unfounded. That's just the way it is for her in her world. I think she was probably forced out of flds because she is a difficult person to find a niche for- everyhwere she goes. Being forced out of flds is a blessing, if you ask me. But the way these people are raised, many of them can never figure out how to view life in any other way than the extreme flds views, which are extremely narrow in most every way, to the point of abuse of members. Well, that's plenty for today. I think you will find Brower's book very informative. I have read most of the books that have been written by former flds, and by people that have studied the group closely. Brower's is getting very good reviews. I truly believe that he wrote it to help keep the spotlight on a twisted society which deserves many more prosecutions than have already taken place, if they do not self-destruct first. They are very tenacious and prolific, and have a strong money stream partly because many people doing business with them do not know who they are. flds is good at cloaking its identity. It's hard to say what else will happen with them.

Anonymous said...

well, I suspect the book will give me a very clear understanding of what I am looking for. I also ordered C. Jessops "Escape"

I was born into polygamy but not raised in that belief system.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brower's book is good, so is Carolyn Jessop's.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a website is a gold mine IMO on history of fundy polygamists, read all the articles, site was originally aimed at LDS members thinking of leaving LDS church for fundy groups, intended to show how bad polygamy is, don’t do it!

Read the introduction on sites homepage-he’s quite direct and to the point.


Here’s more on operator of website “mormonfundamentalism”


Dude's has guts as he doesn’t mind stepping on toes, even those in his own church.

Anonymous said...

why is FLDS building this huge Amphitheatre and kicking masses out at the same time. How are they going to pay for it if they kick all their tithings out?

Anonymous said...

What masses are being kicked out?

The tares are being shifted from the wheat. Gee don't you know anything.

Uncle Warren and Uncle Lyle are just checking who's been naughty or nice.

Anonymous said...

Even more stuff on Jeffs, if he wants attention he certainly is getting it.


And the viewpoint from San Angelo, Texas:


End of Texas article listed the locations of the convicted Warranites!

Anonymous said...

In response to Anon 12/29/2011 10:26 PM

No one ever accused Warren the felonious profit & his brother Lyle the larcenous of being Smart. If they were smart, they would be in all the trouble they are in.

I'm told that under Texas law criminal organizations are subject to seizure of assets by the state. It's only a matter of time before Texas declares the FLDS to be a criminal organization. The state will then become the legal owner of what is known as YFZ and all other FLDS assets in Texas. The state can then sale YFZ or keep it, converting the site into a prison for the TDCJ.

Anonymous said...

Thats an idea, the TDCJ can convert the ranch to the "YFZ Prison"

Of course the fundies have to be housed elsewhere, and this place comes with orchards and fields for the inmates to feed themselves.

Well when you think about it, the people in there are inmates, they cant leave, isnt it sad that most of them are children.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, anon Dec 30 8:21 AM- very well said...

Another very detailed and accurate website about flds is called flds 101. It is by someone born and raised flds who has been out for awhile.

Anonymous said...

yes, well I think you should not judge what you know nothing about. That is why I said that Sam Brower did not tell the truth. and you have lost your retard poster. At least you have charity in your exicutions. Justifying a lie to put yourself on a pedistle. At least I am worthy of being hated by you and persicuted like you have done to him. That is a compliment. If you had cared I would be in trouble of being condemned by the Lord. Over and out for good.

Anonymous said...

Well, its to bad your out for good. I was enjoying the privlege of seeing things from your perspective.

Anonymous said...

From the SLTrib even more threats from Warren the felonious profit.




You know ole Warren maybe you are like Brian David Mitchell, pretend you are stark raving mad and you might get a get out of jail free card. Hey Warren, the authorities are on to your silly plan, they saw thru that felonious profit Mitchell & they see thru you Warren.

Anonymous said...

Below appeared in a article in the Trib a bit of a humor piece, with multiple choice answers. My answer all of them are correct.

In May, Brian David Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart. How will Mitchell spend his time?

A) Annoying his cellmate by singing incessant atonal hymns.

B) Trading creepy pen pal manifestos with Warren Jeffs.

C) Beard grooming.


Anonymous said...

Appears the it's about to hit the fan,news reports indicate the exodus of loyal Warranites from short creek is under way.



Anonymous said...

SO, Warren has decided that everyone's baptisms and marriages/sealing are all void? Everyone had to be re-baptized... and then wait until the prisons wall crumble so he can re-seal them?

I've heard a lot of the young women are disappearing for "safe-keeping" after their re-baptisms. Pretty good idea where they're going...