Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The New Colorado City

I am wondering what is going to happen next in the power struggle between Mr. Wisan, the judge and the delinquent FLDS payment on the UEP.
Will the judge sell all the homes and land in Colorado city and Bountiful Canada piece by piece until it is owned by anybody? I doubt very few of the FLDS could afford to buy their own homes. At the same time I honestly wish they would get over their stubbornness and realize that $100.00 a month payment is nothing compared to the $700.00 to $1200.00 mortgage payments the rest of us make.
FOR SALE!!! POLYGVILLE!!! Going once....going twice....
I should have a little more sympathy, maybe. I am wondering what will happen to my family and hope they will be OK. But at the same time I can't help but saying it's going to be pretty hard for the FLDS if they all have to move to rent some place in Hurricane.
People in Hurricane, beware! The polygs are coming! The polygs are coming! lol.


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Stamp said...


Along those lines, it looks like 13 abusing men are going to be kept in various houses of safe keeping.

They cant steal womens cars when they are cooling their heels behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, Im so sorry you are not allowed to visit with your children. Im sorry you have lost children to death. How horrible that must be for a mother who loves her children.
Ive read enough about you Ruth to know, you are NO retard. I do believe you have been mistreated by those who were supposed to love you.
And I also believe you would never ever hurt a child! Your husband should be locked up for the way he treated you and what he did to your little girls.
Rulon or Warren should have seen that Richard was punished for what he did, and Sam Barlow should of been punished by Legal Authorities for what they did to you!!
I hope you are doing as well as expected, you are in my prayers... And NO Im not any religion!! I just believe in God Almighty, and follow only him, not man.

Anonymous said...

well, for one thing many family's in America are split up. so can you make new laws for all the parents out there? Sencond of all only People Like Richard Cooke, And Jack Cooke dump their children off and abandon them and do every thing they can to hurt them. and third off the survivor's of People Like Jack, Richard and All; for abusers have no particular to names......have left victim's who need fathers and familys.......then who would feel baddly if I was adopted into anothher persons family? And if a woman has children with one man and he leaves and abuses her, and marry's another, and has children, she will have children with two different names as mentioned. Nothing unusual here? And I shall have to see the names of the men charged. Some I have seen. Some I know not.......Ya' some abusers are caught. I seen a lot of men in jail. It is sad to see though. Why do they not just love each other. If they can not live together, why lot seperate in peace? I am sure if that man who took that womans car was really abusive, they would have caught him by now. They was settling it in court, and the woman was being protected. I guess that is good. I should have stayed and let them charge my abusers. He is cleaver though and knows how to intimidate......I do not like to see people suffer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I should have been protected. You are talking to me. I should have been protected. I tried. I made a lot of mistakes. I guess we all make mistakes. I believe in God. I believe that we are in this trouble as a whole. My church as a whole for this thing being allowed. I can not back down. I owe it to my daughter. I owe it to me. I owe it to humanity. Yes, Sam Barlow. He shook my hand in the cafiteria. He said I did not look ill. Do you think he knows the pain he caused me. It showed on his face. Yes. you who speak. They are guilty...........let the dice roll..........

Anonymous said...

Richard Cooke will never quit paying the price for what he done to me. I read the paper they gave him. What they said to him. I was satisfied. the law on the other hand has an obligation to keep him from harming others, like they stopped my Father. At least tag him as a preditor. A very clod hearted and cleaver preditor. I know this may hurt some peoples feelings, but that it the card he threw.

Anonymous said...

I guess I would have been alright with only one man abusing me and if I had not trusted them; but I just did not see it coming.

Anonymous said...

who are the thirteen men?

Anonymous said...

who is the thirteen men being arrested? What are there names? there have for sure been some arrests. I am thinking there will be more. I am tired. I shall have to leave the battle to the rest of you. I know I am honored to walk like the Lord did. When this is over, there will be no more sorrow. Not for me. For the abusers and the traitors the sorrow will never end. for me I will be in glory. I forgive the people who hurt me. I forgive those that betrayed me. They have all come out in the open now, and confessed there deeds to me. And I know....yes, I know.....I shall tell you that I have forgiven...may you all have the stuff and Idols and glory and money and power to fill your cups to the brim....and may the Lord speedily give us streanth to endure until it is over. So that all men can have a choice. Some refusing to be delivered, so they can have greater glory and some choosing to abuse, so they can be Justly judged by the Lord....I tell all you that cared, thank you and all those that did not I tell you I forgive.......

Anonymous said...

Ruth, many women don't see it coming, it happens after they are married,before they knew the man they married was abusive.

You can give children a new name, but they are still your children Ruth in God's eyes. Never forget that!! Whoever hurt your children will have to look GOD in the eyes and there will be no excuse!!
I hope your taking care of yourself Ruth, and eating and have a place to sleep. I know it will never be same without the children you love so deeply, and some day you will be able to see them again.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to copy what you said to me off the internet. I am not sure who it is that said these words to me, but I am grateful. I am going to put them on my mirror. You are kind who ever you are. So I write again. Maybe you are the person who did defend me. I stayed.

Anonymous said...

I definitely wondered about the "Zavenda and Edson show" put on for the cameras. Both parents looked way too old to me to only have 4 small kids and still be among the elite-enough to make it to yfz. Then there's Danny Jessop and his one young wife and their 3 little kids,given plenty of boo-hoo camera time as if they are a harmless, fuzzy, wholesome-as-the-day-is-long young married couple. Carolyn Jessop says Danny molested one of her daughters several years ago. And there they sat in front of the camera, telling the rest of us just how much terrible stuff their kids had to see at the local Rite-Aid while away from the "ranch." I just find these folks so endearing on so many levels! What hypocrites.many Americans fight to keep America a decent place every day, many people try hard to clean up society every day. The flds teaches its kids everybody else is going to h*** but they teach those same kids to ignore our laws every day also, so what's their message? I have no idea!The additional chilling truths really found at the "ranch" that were not revealed has to be staggering in amount,left out of the "news" which was spoon-fed to the general public in order to avoid lawsuits by the flds. There have to have been a lot of threats made against all agencies who tried their best to do their job when assigned to participate in that event last year.After 4 years of hearing about all this,I don't think there is any way to really do anything about this group. They're such ingrained people and now, non-flds in even more states are giving them contracts, so the general public once again will help fund their crime lifestyle. It will never end. It is hopeless.Perhaps from time to time one Elissa Wall type will make it to a police station. That's about all.

Anonymous said...

so they force me again....

Anonymous said...

you would be so suprised how many men abused there children and no one did anything about it....I could give you a list. The men walk around like nothing and the woman are drugged and hurt beyone reason.......I am glad you believe in God...And i shall look him in the eyes too, when we come up before him......these cops protect abusers. All hte men have to do is scream and call the cops. The woman do not have a chance at all.........there are some good boys though. Not all are Willards or Dicks or Jacks......a few are any how........

Anonymous said...

are you ready for number two?

Stamp said...


The UT /az "Safety Net" was set up to help Women and children from abusive relationships find services to enable them to escape, or leave, these situations.

They may well have the resources to help you. If you live in the Creek, are happy and dont want to leave, they may not be for you, but could help with your children.

I highly recommend contacting them with your story, and I truly feel empathy for you.

Think of your children and yourself, dont be afraid to ask for help.


Or start here:

Patricia L. Merkley, LCSW
Safety Net Coordinator
Family Support Center
(801) 487-7778 Ext. 1315

pat.merkley at familysupportcenter.org

Chelsea Gambles, CSW
Safety Net Case Manager, Southern Utah
Family Support Center
(801) 739-1824

chelsea.gambles at familysupportcenter.org

Best wishes!


Stamp said...


One in Utah Allan Steed

12 in Texas

-- FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, 52, charged with sexual assault and bigamy.

-- Raymond Merril Jessop, 36, charged with sexual assault and bigamy.

-- Allan Eugene Keate, 56, indicted on a sexual assault charge.

-- Merril Leroy Jessop, 33, indicted on sexual assault and bigamy charges.

-- Michael Emack, 57, indicted on sexual assault and bigamy.

Then the copies of some of the indictments are here, sorry I dont have all of them at once.


Stamp said...

Looks like Merril is going to be fighting child support charges in Utah, he will finally have to pay back and current child support!

This is going to be a trend, for whatever reason women havent followed up against plygs for support, things will change and for the better.

Message: Dont have kids you cant support!


Anonymous said...

In reading through this site, I ran across a very sad story of Wendell Musser losing his wife vivian and little boy because he made ONE mistake. And how he had filed suit to see his child.

In reading dictations made public by Warren, I ran across something about Vivian and the child. She was remarried to David Nielson.
And Warren told Merril Jessop to have her file for divorce from Wendell Musser. So evidently they were married legally. Warren said Vivian could use her "father's" address (Anthus Barlow) for legal documents.
Warren is a scum bag,, no other way to address it. This was dictated in 2007.

Stamp said...

I heard a rumor that Lyle Jeffs is aspiring for position, and filed an affidavit with the court claiming he was the true spokesman to negotiate with.

This comes as a big surprise, because I hadnt heard it supported by neither Warren or the flock.

Whats the word in the wind?

Anonymous said...

Ruth, have you heard from Lolly lately? We were keeping in touch until a few months ago. Is she well?

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