Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I hear that Sterling and William Harker are going for the gold about there farm. Will & Sterling, you guys ROCK! go git em!


Anonymous said...

OK , sounds interesting , but what are you talking abouit ?

Anonymous said...

it's probably in Wednesdays' spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Bruse Wisan is a bad man, he is equavelant to Warren Jeffs. He gave William and Sterling Harker eviction notice, because they filed suit. I rank him right at the bottom with Sam Barlow

They have moved out.

Bruse lied to the Judge.

The judge lied to the people, she said she would be doing the evictions.

Anonymous said...

They are all messed up. The USA and Texas really know how to let something get out of hand. Remember WACO

Anonymous said...

Specifically what lies have Bruce Wisan and Judge Lindberg told?

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone keep talking about Waco? Do you folks really want to align yourselves with the Branch Davidians?? They shot first. Everyone knows they were a cult. Do you think of yourselves as a cult?

Nobody invited you to Eldorado - you snuck in.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Waco. Isn't that the time when a cult shot at the FBI agents and then set themselves all on fire (including children)??

What does that have to do with Eldorado?

Are the FLDS folks going to come out firing?

Why does this keep coming up