Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big Love Season 2

Tell us what you think about the HBO tv series second season.
The first episode of season 2 was aired last night. I turned to my husband and was like, "No! NO!" when it was over. (I'll have to wait a WHOLE week for more....sigh.....)

I found the bridal registery book rather interesting. Polariod photos of the prospective bride's bare feet (how sensual- just kidding), face, and back view(fully clothed in a 'prarie' dress) for prospective husbands to look at....hhmmmmm........


Anonymous said...

Can't comment on the second season, but I had the exteme misfortune to see a few episodes of the first season.

Aside from the absolutely ridiculous assumptions the producers are able to make about polygamous life, the biggest turnoff was the fact that the guy was constantly popping Viagra and we were treated to a view of his bare ass at least once (sometimes twice or thrice) an episode.

There was so much about the entire thing that was laughable; unfortunately, it is not billed as a comedy. If it were at least interesting enough and directed well enough and had at least one character with any depth, I would give it another glance.

As it is, I won't be catching any more episodes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:09
I agree it was sickening the way it was all brouht about! And its like there's no story line! It really is LAME!!!! I would rather watch a soap opera, and I despise soap operas!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is the perfect soap opera.

The characters are beginning to develop.

I love Joey's wife. Which poison will she use next.

I just wonder where their longies are?

Don't all all fundalmentalist wear longies.

Bill and Barb said they were married in the temple? Where's their shorties.

The producers need to add longies to Nikki wardrobe at least.

No more bare butts maybe?

By the way Bill had to quit using Viagra because he was going blind. I find lots of humor in that.

Big Love Fan

Anonymous said...

By the way Bill had to quit using Viagra because he was going blind. I find lots of humor in that.

maybe he needs another wife.

Anonymous said...

They need longies also.


Anonymous said...

10:34, that link is a dead end. Ya got somethin' else?

bbgae said...

I'm guessing your link was the pictures of Warren and Naomi in 'gentile' clothing. Am I correct?

Anonymous said...

No 11:12 a.m. That link is a live and well. You have to copy the whole address.

No the picture is not of Warren in his vacation shorts and Naomi in her "Pinks".

It is a photo of bicylists enjoying a ride in the rain, in the nude.

Just like "Bill" bare behinds.


bbgae said...

Tbm? Tbm? Whereso art thou?
I wonder what you think of season 2......

ATAR_i said...

OK firstly, I'm not used to the 'naked thing' on TV - so it was a bit of a shocker when we rented the DVD's. It's not my favorite part, and even though I know relatively little about the FLDS, it's clear, this isn't it.

So, I decided to enjoy it as entertainment - and after that, it was fun - and I did get into it.

Thinking Big Love is like polygamy is like thinking that Desperate Housewives is REALLY what being a suburban housewife is all about.

So, I'm curious where Marjean goes this year - what with visiting the mainstream LDS church, and Chloe Sevingne - she' plays an absolutely wicked, yet sometimes compelling wife. But Jeannie - I totally identify with her.

In the clips, it kinda looks like Marjean and Jeannies son seem to be getting along well - hmmmm

But I'll be waiting til fall to see it when it comes out on DVD - shucks!

Anonymous said...

I love big love it's so perfect i wish i could have been cast in that show

TBM said...

Sorry, bbage, I don't get HBO, so I have to wait before Big Love 2 arrives. I feel so deprived...

But I LOVED season 1. It was my weekly must-see. I figured it probably wasn't a realistic protrayal of the FLDS, but so what? It wasn't intended to be a documentary, and it was great entertainment! And I will definitely be watching the new season when it arrives.

Too bad that probably won't be until after this thread has gone off the boil!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Big Love, whatever happened to Laurene Jessop?

bbgae said...

Thnaks for answering, TBM. :)

Don't worry, I'll wait until I see the dvd's for season two and then start a new thread. In the meantime, I promise not to spoil it for you and Atar.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bil's viagra has a half-life. Isn't some of that stuff so 'potent' yuk, yuk, that the male participant is warned to see his doctor if his enhancement problem lasts longer than four hours?

Most guys I know would send the pharmaceutical company a thank you note.

Personally, having been particially impotent for the last twenty years, I think the whole thing is phoney bologna!

ATAR_i said...

anything up - I've been on vacation?

Anonymous said...

I watched one episode of "Big Love" for the first time.

I know that it's not a documentary of the FLDS Lifestyle, but it is rather odd to see what they portray as our lifestyle, not to mention some of the terminology that they use.

Needless to say I laughed a lot.

bbgae said...

I laughed alot too. But there were a few things they got right.

Hey Atar! Glad you're back. :)

For everyone's information, I'd just like to add that today is the anniversary of the death of Joseph Smith. Just something I was remembering today. There's a personal reason why I remember. Does anyone have anything to say on the subject?

ATAR_i said...

sorry BB - I didn't know the man : )

OK, just saw the photos my friend took in CC. Her kids made her leave, as they said 'they don't want us here - please go'. Apparently the creep vibe was being given and recieved. But I do have a cemetary and grocery store photo if anyone is curious.

Anonymous said...

Has the FLDS ever recognized Joseph Smith anniversary of his death?

bbgae said...

They didn't ever do anything big, but I remember three consecutive years when an entire church service in June was themed after him.

Anonymous said...

Even though the series Big Love glamorizes polygamy...and/or white washes or downright ignores the darkest side of it......
I love the series !
They made the characters very easy to sympathize with.
Jean's sister is an ogre.....glad we didn't see much of that bitch.

This last episode showed a bit more of the darker side....seeing what the warehouse type building the "sect" was living in that sort of kidnapped Bill.
(That didn't last long)

And I see Marjean's mom is in the next episode and she Doesn't know about the other wives.

That'll be fun !

Native Texan in Central TX

onthestreet said...

Does native mean savage?