Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Are Monuments Disappearing From CC Cemetery?

Anon asked for a new thread "concerning the disappearance of monuments from the graves of prominent people at the CC cemetery."

Please anon, post more:
  • who -- which prominent people
  • what is happening
  • when
  • why


fttc said...

Are graves being exumed and moved to 'holier' places now that the twin cities are not the chosen land anymore?

Anonymous said...

Have people actually seen them being moved??? That is interesting if its true.

Anonymous said...

hers what I was told by a friend.her and her sister in law, (both ladies are married to Uncle Elmers sons)went to the cemetery to gather some geneological information.they noticed that some of the monuments were missing,replaced by the temporary plaques used to mark new graves.some of the names she mentioned were, Uncle Roy,Aunt Lydia, Lucy Barlow, Lorna Black, and others I don't recall. she said they went to see Uncle Spencer Johnson, and he told them that ,"yes the monuments were disappearing.
thats what I heard..

Anonymous said...

what about Rulon's headstone?I think the Warrenites would steal that first.

Anonymous said...

Well,It is just plain hard to believe that the Warrenites have become so depraved,as to stoop to digging up their own ancestors corpses from the graveyard.Perhaps they are only removing the monument headstones?

Anonymous said...

Ive also been told that a lot of graves have been tidied up, that is re mounded ,that is new dirt heaped up on them. maybe the whole thing is just a renovation project, and the monuments will be put back when its finished.

Anonymous said...

I heard that people were just dieing to get in there now.

It sounds like the warrenites are trying to take all the fun out of that too.

bbgae said...

I was told of a prophsey that went something like this: Any of 'Uncle" Roy's posterity who knelt on his grave and prayed would have their prayers answered, and he would comfort them.

That's what I did after I left my first husband and my life had fallen apart.

I wonder if that might have anything to do with anything?

Does anyone else remember that prophsey? Or one similar?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, this rumor coming around again.

No one is missing, they were just lifted up!

Just kidding.

Why doesn't someone take a small digital photo of each of the gravesites and post them on a website for a record, like The Pilot does. Plus put a GPS record with it.

That way there would be documentation.

But that would be too easy, no conspiracy theorys could be started.

ncifjecex said...

BB,So that old folk belief is still
around?I mean praying on a prophets
gravesite?I first heard of this in the early 1930's,People said "Pray at John W.Wooleys grave and you will have a revelation"I asked my mother about this and she said she had heard "Pray over Brigham Youngs
grave at a certain time of night"I guess it has just been transfered to Uncle Roy by the Crickers.Did you actually try it?

Anonymous said...

I am sure there is a "profit" in it someone, somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I contacted Mr. Wisan concerning this matter, here is his response.

At my request, Isaac Wyler just drove over to the cemetery. He said Virgil Jessop was working there. Isaac reported that he could see no grave headstones that were removed. He reported Uncle Rulon’s and Uncle Roy’s headstones were in place. He would not be able to ascertain if an “ordinary” grave marker were removed but did report that the sexton had planted some new trees and refreshed some of the mounds at the grave sites. Isaac’s cell # is 435-680-0257 if you would like to call him personally.

Bruce Wisan

I feel we should be more careful
about what we believe, when we hear these roomers.

bbgae said...

1Anon 11:35-
Yes, when I was still faithfull, I acually prayed on 'Uncle' Roy's grave.

I asked for a chance at redemption. A chance to be happy.

I guess my prayers were answered- because I am happier now than I ever have been- it just didn't come about any way I would have even considered.

And, no. I am not saying I am redeemed because of this or that the prophsey is true, or that the FLDS religion is 'the' religion.....

ATAR_i said...

Bruce, you simply rock!

Undy, thanks bud.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Uncaduff, it's nice to have someone who takes a level headed approach to these things. This instance makes me wonder how many "rumors" we have believed....btw, this is "that one kid in Fredonia years ago"

Anonymous said...

hey one kid, hows your pappy doin, I aint seen him in years.