Sunday, November 05, 2006

Study Free at MIT

A technical group I belong to passed this along. Since I firmly believe we all need to keep learning throughout our lives - and I feel it's especially needed among separatist groups such as the FLDS - this is a wonderful resource! I'm looking into it for myself and consider it an excellent opportunity for those of us who appreciate and avidly pursue self-learning. This is "...a free and open educational resource (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world."

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feralfem said...

"A few years ago, MIT was thinking about how they could be at the forefront of the web.
So they put their classes online. Everything. Class notes, sound recordings of the professor's lectures, handouts, syllabus, reading assigments, exams, everything, for 1,600 courses.

"They want people around the world to use this everywhere; India, China, Malaysia, Europe. Russia. Everywhere. Students use this for extra study, or to study additional subjects, or to study if they can't afford a good university. Professors and teachers use this to improve their teaching material.

"To promote this, MIT got a $150,000 grant from Google.
In September, Google set up the PPC [Pay Per Click] account for MIT, but it wasn't doing much.
MIT felt they should be getting more clicks. So they contacted

"Within two days, the number of clicks jumped up. Actually, it shot into space."

Study Free at MIT


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reference! I am going to use this extensively.