Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Pics of Eldorado FLDS 03-14-2006

Eldorado FLDS is rather calm this month. New orchards and dairy house are being completed. Fields have new irrigation lines that are functioning now. Water tank is completed and pipelines are cutting parallel to the roads. Women and children are in the fields working. More population is imminent. New Pad for something has been created. I am working with a borrowed camera that is not as good as the one I have so pics are a little grainy. My fiancé has mine this week.

Photos are yours to enjoy…


Anonymous said...

Good job pilot, keep um looking up!
Not bad photos with that borrowed camera.

Here's a something to consider, Warren Jeffs has sent men off to repent from a distance, well could some of the men left useing the repent from afar story as just that? A cover story for men to go out and set up safe houses for Warren Jeffs all around the USA. A cover story that even their own wives would not know that their men are on a mission for Jeffs. IMO of course.

Anonymous said...

Dairy!!!?? what the crap is a dairy doing there, I thought the county wouldn't let them put one in for fear they would mess the ground water up.
what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Could that concrete slab with the steel posts and overhead rail become a slaughter house? To make a better assessment you would need to see the floor and drainage system much closer. That overhad rail could easily hold an electric hoist system to pick up animal carcuses for skinning, gutting etc.


hydrolab said...

Ah yes, a dairy now. There is nothing within the laws that say you can not have a dairy, but there are laws stating how you manage the facility. Looking at the size of it, the facility would not fall under permitting regulations of 300 head of mature cows(CAFO)= Confined Animal Feeding Operation. Instead, it would fall under the state rules as an (AFO)= Animal Feeding Operation. A permit would not be required unless deemed so by the regulatory authorities, but waste management and stormwater regulations would still apply.

Here is the TCEQ website explaining laws related to CAFOs and AFOs. You can bet there will be eyes on this facility as it develops.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of eyes, here's a URL for an article on FLDS, thanks pilot for your photos, they and you are mentioned in article:

Cut and paste above to browser.