Friday, October 21, 2005

Warren Sighting!!

According to KSL , as of 6:00 p.m. mdt Oct. 21 2005 Warren was sighted in the Cabelas store in Lehi, Ut
The vehicles are a white gmc yukon plate #253 sus and a black ford extended cab pickup licence
ut 344 vns.


ogre said...

go to

Anonymous said...

Yep, that sound too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the media circus. Why not keep any leads confidential with law enforcement?
He probably would be caught by now if it wasn't for some of Flora's media stunts.

Anonymous said...

The news article said that the group left the store - I assume that they left without buying the purchases they were trying to make with the discount from the credit application that was in process when the store clerk called the police. That is when the group of people left the store.

It seems to me that the news leak was made because the FBI wants the help of the general public to track down these vehicles.

Why do you have to make everything out to be such a sinister plot involving "media stunts". It is pretty common for law enforcement to request assistance from the general public to apprehend felons.

Isn't this the whole idea behind the Amber alert?

If law enforcement thought that they could apprehend Warren on their own, then we would never have heard this on the news. Obviously, they need help, so the news got out.

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Flora. She is in Arizona and has no clue what is going on in Lehi, Utah.

This item was on only one of the Utah news stations. That is hardly a "media circus". DUH.

Anonymous said...

the link above posted by "ogre" took me to this story European Commission OKs Talks With Bosnia

So I copied a post on another blog so others can read the KSL article.

From the web site.

Be on the lookout for these license plates - the vehicles may be carrying Warren:

A white GMC Yukon with Nevada plates 253 SUS and a black Ford truck with a cab and Utah license plate 344 VNS. Both vehicles have tinted windows.

Possible Warren Jeffs Sighting In Utah County

Alex Cabrero and KSL NewsRadio Reporting
KSL TV Channel 5

Could Warren Jeffs have been in Lehi today? The FBI is looking into that. An employee at the new Cabela's store thought it was him and called police. Now investigators are trying to find out if it's true.

If this person was Warren Jeffs, you might ask yourself why he was at Cabela's, a very crowded and public place. He is wanted by the FBI so you'd think it'd be one of the last places he would be found.

On the night before hunting season starts, the hunters packed Cabela's to stock up on supplies, but it turns out the big catch might have already been in the store.

Jim Branin, Shopper: "It's pretty crazy. It's kind of like a little electric energy going through here after he was gone."

He, as in Warren Jeffs, the FLDS church leader wanted by the FBI. A cashier at the store thought she recognized him and called police.

Brent Robbins, Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation: "We have responded and attempts to determine the validity of the sighting, at this point we don't know. However, at this point we are doing everything we can to determine if it was or was not Mr. Jeffs."

Whoever it was was shopping with a group of people. Employees say they were in the fishing section when they decided to save money and get a discount by applying for a Cabela's credit card. That's when the cashier thought one of the men looked familiar. But when she was calling police, the group left.

Brent Robbins: "It would be great and we hope that it is a legitimate sighting. We don't know. We have a couple of vehicles that were identified and we are attempting to locate that now through the state of Utah."

Jeffs is wanted on various charges. Last anyone knew, he was in a temple he had built in El Dorado, Texas. No one ever expected him in Lehi, Utah.

The two cars the FBI is looking for are described as a white GMC Yukon with Nevada plates 253 SUS and a black Ford truck with a cab and Utah license plate 344 VNS. Both vehicles have tinted windows.

FBI agents were also able to get a surveillance tape from inside the store. They are working to see if they can identify Jeffs on that tape.

A grand jury in Mohave County, Arizona indicted Jeffs on charges related to arranging child bride marriages. Warrants were issued by Arizona authorities and the FBI.
Originally broadcast October 21, 2005

fttc said...

If law enforcement really wanted warren they would have him. It is not like he is completely disguised and changing his identity. This is the type of vehicle he has been known to drive for several years now. If he really was in Cabelas it sounds as if he is very scared and trying to hide. NOT!

Warren knows as most thinking people do that the law does not want him yet. He is getting bolder. Soon he will get over-confident and make a wrong step. Then will be the time they will pick him up. All this is a big charade just like the 'sighting' in Florida.

I don't think Flora is responsible for this one either. It's just the way things work.

Anonymous said...

Well if it was Warren Jeffs, the fact that it was broadcast will scare him off. People in Eldorado & Schleicher County need to keep an eye out for those vechicles, call Sheriff Doran if they see them on the road or in town.

If one knows where Warren Jeffs is they can call LE or if they want can call 1-800-CRIMETV or log on to:

Anonymous said...

How many of Warren's brothers look like him?

Just wondering?

How many are still his followers?

Anonymous said...

I saw a Bullock Brothers engineering truck with YFZ on the license plate. Had to look twice to see if it was someone I knew. :0

Anonymous said...

Who and what are the Bullock Brothers?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Who and what are the Bullock Brothers?

Web search shows Bullock Brothers Engineering located in St. George, Utah, owned by a Daniel Bullock. Civil engineering frim.

Web search also shows this frim involved with several lawsuits per Las Vegas newspaper. Dosen't sound like a very honest business.

ogre said...

on ksl radio this morning they said that warren was riding around cabelas in a wheelchair with some women and children and two possibly armed men

Anonymous said...

re. 10/22/3:40

How did anyone ever get the idea that Warren has ever, I emphasize EVER been involved in anything honest? The guy's been a charaltan from the get-go. Lock up your wives and daughters, credit cards and checkbooks and hide all your cash in a place where you alone can find it, if not it may go to furnish seed money for another of Warren's fantastic revelations.

Anonymous said...

Lock up your wives and daughters, credit cards and checkbooks and hide all your cash in a place where you alone can find it.

Does this advice apply to the folks in Eldorado & Schleicher County, Texas? Are the good Baptist, Catholic, Christ of Christ folks at risk here in Texas?

Anonymous said...

ogre said...
on ksl radio this morning they said that warren was riding around cabelas in a wheelchair with some women and children and two possibly armed men

Orge, KSL-TV reports following:
"Brent Robbins, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation: "The tape has been reviewed, and based on the review, we're going to be conducting some other types of investigations."

Jeff's is the leader of the FLDS church out of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. His group built a temple in El Dorado, Texas this year, and Jeff's supposedly was hiding there."

Sounds like since the FBI is continues to investigate, it was most likely him.

Here's a link:

Of course the sighting in Utah could have been a ruse, some of Jeffs followers sent to Utah create a false sighting to throw LE off.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea what the wheelchair thing is about? Last I knew, the guy was hale and hearty. Would kinda be nice if someone had bopped his knees with a bat. . .

Anonymous said...

the fbi isn't looking for someone in a least they weren't
I wonder if Wendell was around.He loves cabelas

Anonymous said...

A 6' 6" man is pretty tall and might stick out in a crowd, the wheel chair might of been just clever.

How about we drive to Lehi and have a scavenger hunt, we can split the reward to cover the gas and may be hire a pilot. I have a friend with a Huey, its time someone went looking for WJ by aerial. Isn't Lehi just below Bluffdale? Seems like there are several homes in that area that might offer WJ shelter! Bluffdale has a related history afterall.

Anonymous said...

if he ain't in a wheelchair i'll bet there are some who would pay a reward to put him in one.

Faithful Woman said...

The reward money wouldn't cover the cost of renting a "huey".

There are at least two, maybe three of his brothers that look quite a bit similar.

Last I knew warren was too thin and getting thinner. I hear stress can do that to a person. Is he his own worst victim?

Speculation alert!

Lets see, I remember him going into the stories of the old "saints" after the death of Christ, who turned into hermits and such and tourchered their own bodies to show their penitence and "holiness". According to warren's recording in his teachers training tapes, they were the lowest and dirtiest of creatures and he went into some length describing them, a whole tape worth.

Maybe with his own self deprivations, he no longer has the strength to stand on his own two feet?

Entirely speculation...what if.....
Gee, aren't rumors fun to start?

Anonymous said...

That sounds as if he is on the verge of total mental collapse. Will he allow any one else to have enough control to ensure that his orders are followed? Or does he so mistrust anyone that he fears giving any control to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

That wheelchair thing sounds pretty smart. Given the small gene pool and the odd wardrobe selection, which makes pligs look all the same to us outsiders, the only dead giveaway would be his height.

Maybe he IS smarter than he looks.

ogre said...

the latest on monday morning
Warren?! sighted at strawberry resivoir
heres a link.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how droll! Seems the feds have apprehended the perp seen in Cabelas and at Strawberry. It was one of Warren's brothers and his sons. Too, too amusing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, maybe not.

First of all, nobody has thus far "apprhended the perp".

The news articles today did indeed state that the person in the wheelchair could be a "Warren look alike" (one of his brothers/nephews who looks a lot like Warren.)

But the article also said that Warren could have been in the group of people with the man in the wheelchair (but Warren wasn't necessarily THE MAN in the wheelchair.)

And, yes it can be considered droll (hey who uses that word anynore???) if they catch the Warren troll !!!

Anonymous said...

The FBI has it's spokesman saying that it was Warren Jeffs in the wheel chair and the vechicles have been located in Colorado City, AZ.

FBI spokesman Agent Brent Robbins is qouted on Utah TV stations as saying "Jeffs was seen on Sunday in a wheelchair, the same prop he used at Cabela's to divert attention from his slim physique, Robbins said.

“He's tall - 6-foot-4 - and at 150 pounds, that's like a walking toothpick. He figures if he's in a wheelchair, that will disguise his obvious physical characteristics,'' Robbins said.

Read entire article:

Also KSL in Utah is reporting similar story:

ogre said...

Which of his brothers would you say could be mistaken for Warren?

Anonymous said...

The man in the wheelchair was David Jeffs, Warren's brother. He was accompanied by a few of his sons and their wives. One of his sons is very tall and does bear a resemblance to Warren. The white SUV belongs to him. And David and Warren are not very close, David being the victim of Warren's familial genocide.

Anonymous said...

So there!! Make something of that if you can. Get REAL. Please!!!!

Anonymous said...


Now you're taking all the fun out of it.

Can't you just let us have our fun?

youngini said...

Faithful Woman mentioned Warren's "teacher training tapes".
Does anyone know where I might get a legitimate (or bootleg) copy of the tapes? If so, contact at Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Salt Lake City private investigator claims he is going to catch Warren Jeffs. He also states that Warren Jeffs is dangerous. From newspaper article:
"I don't think the FBI knows how dangerous he is," McLachlan said. "This isn't some country bumpkin. He has security, he has communications, and he has a lot of money. He's not going down without a fight."

Read entire article:,1249,635156301,00.html

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a place where folks can vote as to where they think Warren Jeffs is.

Anonymous said...

Well, Warren is not in Texas,(too many worker bees around) and I want to see this special vehicle belonging to the private eye in Salt Lake. I laugh my wooly socks off reading the article. Hey, Warren are you shaking in your dark closet.

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder they can't find him. The best 100,000 bounty hunters we have are in Pakistan looking for Osama.

It's the JV squad out there looking for "the perp".

They do run the risk of turning him into some kind of a folk hero by looking for him for so long in such a public way.

Just ease back, lay low, and let him make a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 10/27/05 4:53PM

You say ease back, lay low, but here's a newspaper article that argues for the opposite. The article states, "They need to do it because polygamy is neither remote nor self-contained.

As the folks around Eldorado, Texas found out, "neither remote or self contained."

Heres url for article:

Anonymous said...

Oh, there is not any-thing to worry about. This government is at war. They can not keep our own country boys out of body bags. How do you supose this government is going to find a man. They could not take care of a stink bug if it needed protected or aprhended. They could not do much but shoot people in other country's and send our men out to be shot. You people talk like cowards. It is not any wonder that our country is not winning this war. This nation is set up in pride, but the real truth is, I am seriously wondering if you could actually do any-thing with out your buttons to push and a note to tell you how to do it. And just think, If the government actually found him, what would you do for entertainment? Just think your hunt would be over. But that is not going to happen. Course the government does not want to find him. HE does not want seen. just like that renagade bus. People were critazised for doing something for them selfs, and the government let a lot of people die, from neglect. I think you people can expect to get your filthy hormomes fed, because the media is making a mint of your stupidity.

fttc said...

It is the progress of this mentality that will embolden warren to push the people so far they will turn on him. History does repeat itself. Read the story of a man by the name of Strang that tried to assume the role of prophet after JS was martyred. Also the infidelity of Hitler's top men only being kept from himself. If the war had not ended when it did Hitler would likely have been assassinated.

onthestreet said...

NONNY SAID: "This isn't some country bumpkin. He has security, he has communications, and he has a lot of money. He's not going down without a fight."
10/26/2005 10:36 PM

STREET'S REPLY: No, he's not "going down", but up. But what is going down. Just look at the signs all around you. The Lord says it best: "When this nation is ripened in iniquity, I WILL DESTROY THEM> All we can pray now, is that God will have mercy on your souls.

rumor-has-it said...

Warren Jeffs has already gone UP in the minds of the "saints". He has been translated compared to the three nephites that are still on earth. No one will know or recognize him only by the spirit.

Anonymous said...

Since he's allready on the bottom the only way he can go is up. He's dug his pit and there he will continue to lie. And lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie.

He knoweth not the truth. He lieth on his belly and knoweth not that the heavens are to his back, above him. He hath blinded himself like unto a mole. He turneth from the light because the light revealeth his perfidity and causeth pain to his sightless eyes.

The Saints, he once called his own, have seen the truth about his duplicity and the shame he hath brough upon them. As they learn, they turn away from his evil even as sheep turn away from the scent of a wolf. They turn, but know not where to run. Their Prophet has proven to be false. Woe, Woe, Woe!

Anonymous said...

Even so, amen.

onthestreet said...

Yes, the heavens are at his back, backing him up. So nicely put.

You sound like a jealous, sniveling devil in your trying to describe someone else. The joke is on you.

GBNF said...

No Streety,
You poor misguided soul, the joke is on you. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

Anybody seen Elvis lately?

Anonymous said...

Elvis Barlow don't count.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Warren Jeffs lately?

with long blonde hair?

I think he is in a cabin up a dirt road that you can't get to with out jeeps and four wheelers.

He is a outdoors kind of a person and was always out jeeping in the middle of the night, spying on the beer parties.

He got so tired of taking appointments and seeing people, he is just taking a rest.

Of course, the people are told that he as been transfigured. (Whatever that means)

Anonymous said...

Life of the party huh? Should be the guest of honor at a wake.

Wouldn't his arrest be better than his taking a rest?

I get the feeling that he'll be missed like a toothache.

If he were to get caught in a 30 mph cross wind he would wake up in the next county. He has no substance, physical, mental or, spiritual.

The little wanta be.

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