Friday, October 14, 2005

Help for Women

There is a support group for women that have left the Creek. They meet Wednesdays at 4:00. If you would like more details, you can click on my name and email me.


rumor-has-it said...

This is for women only! It is not a Warren Jeffs bashing party. It is a support group that helps you face your fears. Women have a harder time making friends and adjusting, without a support system in place.

You can email me if you want to participate.

This group has a system for those who would like to leave the creek, can offer a ride and a place to stay.

Anonymous said...

Where can we find your e-mail address and what area would we be staying in (Az or Ut) or do you have more far-reaching resourses in other states? What organization are you associated with. I guess some of these questions would be more appropriately answered in a private e-mail. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Now aint that perty, there is the United states police department and every organization conected to media, and every dog and bum in the nation ready to take the women out of the creek. Lets say every preditor in the nation is waiting to get there claws into these girls. I say stuff it. I say, "Oh My God, Protect these girls from further humilation and preditors. Oh God, delivier us from preditors of the creek. God bless the men who honor your words and delivier us from the rest."

Anonymous said...

...and God also bless the ones who honor their OWN words and keep the covenants they made with their wives and stick with it in spite of "revelations" to the contrary.

And God bless the poor women whose men weren't men enough to do that. Bless them with a support system and help so they know they have somewhere to turn when they know they can't take the bullsh*** anymore.


rumor-has-it said...

You can click on my name and it will give you my email address.

I am not part of any organization. I don't have the details of the support system, I can get them next week.
The Support Meetings are in Hurricane, Utah.

I feel like I am on a island sometimes and don't have the support system and was glad to find friends.