Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Reading List

Here is a list of books that I would recommend to anyone that is interested in what is happening to the FLDS people. Total power, Totally corrupts. And this is a humanitarian crisis.
I recommend "Red Scarf Girl", "MIG Pilot", "To Destroy You is No Loss"


rumor-has-it said...

In the trials on the Nazi soldiers that did the halacaust on the Jews; they were asked, Why did you do this? The Nazi replied "Just following orders".

The same is true with the FLDS. They are not thinking for them selves. They want to be good. They base their salvation on every edict. But, they will still be held responsible for their actions.

onthestreet said...

Hey, you still want blood? You can hardly compare the FLDS giving of life with the Nazi taking of life.

Pretty wild, crude, false, and wicked imagination.

one of the Robock's said...

Giving life? You call making my wonderful Father into __________ giving life.

You call ruining Allen Steed, giving life?

Are you nuts?

onthestreet said...

Even nuts are life, the seed of life, and men make themselves into whatever they are (I see you were ashamed of naming what your father is). And Allen. Nah, he's not ruined. He's giving life, for all I know.

Reader said...

Four Perfect Pebbles
A Square Sky
Enemy of the State
Stolen Lives
When Broken Glass Floats
First They Killed my Father
The Stones Cry Out
Confessions of a Fallen Standard Bearer
The Liberators
to name a few