Sunday, September 10, 2006

Help find Desert Darling's Grandfather, Dan C. Jessop

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Washington County Sheriff authorities are attempting to locate Dan C. Jessop, as he has been reporting missing and some family members are very concerned.

Desert Darling last posted that she heard he was in Missouri. Does anyone have any information that they could provide here, anonymously, to help authorities know where specifically to look? Please ask any friends or family members who might be willing to provide some information as well.

Here's a link to the trib article:
and a link the thread archived thread, "Grandpa, Where are you?":


ATAR_i said...

Is there a photo. Perhaps someone has seen him, and doesn't realize it.

Fredonia Friend said...

Yes, but unfortunately it doesn't show at the link above. Instead, it is on the main page, here:

ATAR_i said...

I don't see it there either, just the one of his daughter.

Fredonia Friend said...


I've sent a photo of Dan Jessop to your email address. Apparently, the Tribune webmaster has switched the photos a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

Here is the image from this article

Dan C. Jessop photo

onthestreet said...

9/10/2006 11:34 PM

Very beautiful and inspiring. He has taken on the image of Uncle Roy.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

Love to all......

monkey! said...
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monkey! said...

I am really sorry to hear about this. I will say a prayer that your family gets your Grandfather back soon and safely. :)


desert darling said...

Can anyone tell me where Drew Cooke and Warren Marshal Johnson are and what their FLDS status is at the moment? Email me privately if necessary.
They may possibly have information pertinent to Grandpa's location/condition.

Anonymous said...

desart darling,I dont know about Drew or warren,but keep your ear to the ground for news about Eugene Johnson,I understand he allowed his gentile brother to visit him.


Anonymous said...

Dan Jessop's city council position was filled today, as well as another member, William Jessop. They have been replaced by Phillip Barlow and Esdon Holm.

A previous Spectrum article stated "Hildale Mayor David Zitting said he received a written notice from Dan Jessop resigning from the council earlier this month and another from William Jessop, which was more recent."

Does anyone know for sure that Dan Jessop really tendered a written resignation?

Is William Jessop aka William Timpson (according to the article) still in town? If not, does anyone know where he is?

desert darling said...

Yes I think that Grandpa really did give a written resignation.

He has been on the City council ever since it came into existance. It started when the elders of the town would meet and he could see the vehicles all gathered from his livingroom window and go join the meeting.

In a community of habitual late arrivers, he was always on time. So much so that the city council presented him with a reward of a nice pendilum clock to hang on his wall at home. Ironically, that clock didn't keep very good time.

desert darling said...

Willy Timpson has been out of town perpetually for about two years or more, starting from the time I had trouble with the utilities company not giving us an account and turning our water and power off. He was conveniently not to be found to sign a permission form from the 'property owner' for us to get an account.

Eugene seeing his gentile brother? or his appostate/kicked out, used to be brother-in-law? Good for him. Shows a bit of an open mind.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Dan Jessop's first wife may now be missing as well. Does anyone know where she is?

desert darling said...

She isn't the first one, just the legal one. She may still be at home, just not talking to anyone.

onthestreet said...

"Be still and know that I am God".

muggsey said...

So!!! now he brags!!!

onthestreet said...

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muggsey said...

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onthestreet said...

That was very good, Les.