Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Warren Jeffs Mugshot

Click here to see Warren Jeffs' mugshot.


giz2gaz said...

Uncle Warren ain't lookin' too happy here. He's gonna look a lot worse after he arrives among the other inmates; we all know what other prisoners do to child molesters. Good luck profit. All your ill-gotten money isn't going to get you out of this one.

mamao4 said...

i totally agree! good luck warren! hope you like being called "b****h!"

Anonymous said...

Ugly cuss isn't he? Looks like he will not be able to get any more revelations from his spritual advisors, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Captn Morgan, and Wild Turkey. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will Warren take those lovely confiscated wigs with him to the Big House so he can play "dress-up" with the guys.

desert darling said...

He lookes really stressed and like he aged ten years in just three.

Anonymous said...

he does look stressed out, looks like his iner demons are starting to leak out.

fttc said...

My impression of his face is that it looks like it has more character than the last time I saw him in person. He looked then like someone trying to look better than reallity, as though he was hiding the real person from everyone. He felt fake. To see his face now it looks like he sees the world differently. This is not the same man that I saw about 4 years ago. He may even act humane at and after the trial. Of course this could be just the mug shot. No one looks the same in them. At any rate I see some huge changes coming. Either I will see some family now that I haven't seen in five years or they will drift even farther apart.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how he will like sharing a jail cell with Cleetus Washington or Bubba.

He will soon find out its a lot better to "give than recieve".

I hope someone plays "pingy pangy" music 24/7!

Anonymous said...

Because of the nature of his case, he will be kept in isolation and away from other inmates.

But regardless of whether he is kept seperate or put in the same cell as other inmates, it shows a total lack of character and class on anyones part who wishes him harm.


furnace said...

Unfortunately, what goes around comes around. I want him to get a fair trial, but he hasn't given numerous young boys and married men a fair trial. I am afraid divine justice may cause him to not get a fair trial.

Jax said...

He's not in isolation. We don't have room to isolate people here in Las Vegas. The jailhouse is packed.

Anonymous said...

When I heard the news that Warren was picked up it caused me anxiety. I was puzzled. I have no affection for him and believe he is doing evil. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I was feeling the pain that the brainwashed people following him feel. I do not follow him. I use to be FLDS and remember the way of thinking that they embrace. I do not think like that any more, but somewhere inside of me those emotions came out. I know that feelings do not always go with rational thinking. I have family there, and know that they are feeling anxiety about it all. I can feel their pain, but do not feel any pain for Warren. His mug shot looks like a scared little boy. He has been acting like one toward the people and the law. He has demonstrated childish selfishness, lack of feelings for others, instant gratification like a child, and only thinking of the present not the future, like a child. He never grew up. It is time he faces the adult world. Let the law of consequence teach him the things that he should have learned as a child and hope he comes out of this a better person. He will have his day in court and he will be forced to face the music. There is a God and he has taken the reigns of the FLDS and Warren. I do not believe he will change as changing the beliefs taught to us when we were small are very ingrained in us and that was evident by my subconscious reaction to his arrest.

Anonymous said...

There has to be a area where at-risk (either to themselves or others) prisoners are kept apart from general population. I'd recheck your facts.

Jax said...
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Jax said...

Strike that!

You're right, he is alone in his cell. I made a call to see if I could find out who his cell mates are and he's alone. So, don't rely on the word of people you trust... Find out for yourself.

Facts Schmacks

ATAR_i said...

I received a call about warren - I couldn't believe it! I was beginning to doubt it would happen.

I can hardly wait to see footage - please post as soon as you see it!

Jax said...

Coverage Update

Just so everyone knows, the hearing will begin at around 9:30AM PST. I've heard that they're already looking for a short delay, but it won't be too long if it happens (maybe 10 minutes). The major 24 hour news networks will be carrying the coverage live. I'll be sure to wave.

Anonymous said...

So, if Warren is in a seperate holding cell, is it because he might molest someone in jail or is it because he might be molested himsef?

Who's being protected here?

I certainly wish him no harm, but were his nephews given the same protection?

I think NOT

Anonymous said...

I heard that Warren is going to Purgatory. Sounds like the perfect place for him to be.

Kind of ironic isn't it - Warren ends up in Purgatory.

Anonymous said...

Ole Warren appeared in court wearing short sleeved convict uniform. Jeffs was respectful to judge in courtroom, surrounded by heavily armed police officers.

Jeffs in Court

Watch hearing:
Video Hearing

Jeffs was also served with papers from Utah with criminal charges and was informed that bail was denied by Utah officals.

onthestreet said...

I asked the Lord today (Monday, Aug. 28, 2006):
Father, what is the meaning of the Prophet Warren’s arrest? Have even the very elect fallen, if possible? Have they made the Immaculate Conception null and void? Are they the Seventh Church spewed out?

Innocence is followed by the unexpected. Heaven is above, and movement below. He is under the influence of the Strong One (Mighty and Strong), that he has received directly above him. When this movement is in accord with the Law of Heaven, man is innocent and without guile. His mind is natural and true, unshadowed or unseen by reflection and ulterior designs. Wherever conscious purpose is seen, there the truth and innocence of nature have been lost, for nature that is not directed by the unseen spirit is not true, but degenerate. Starting with the natural man, the train of thought goes further. Thus are the events unexpected.

By devotion to the Divine Spirit within, the people may attain unsullied innocence and sureness, without ulterior thought of reward and personal advantage, not counting the harvest, but only the thought of rightness for its own sake. Without this, only misfortune. Then those who are not worthy of a Prophet suffer loss. The cow that is tethered by another is the wanderer’s gain and the citizen’s loss, undeserved misfortune to those who are worthy (YFZ). Then, we must accommodate ourselves in righteousness, and persevere. Then we remain without blame, and cannot lose what really belongs to us, even if we throw it away.

Therefore, we need have no anxiety, but only remain true to our pure nature and not listen to others. Take no medicine in an illness incurred through no fault of our own. It will pass of itself. Wait quietly without ulterior designs, when the time is not ripe for further progress. Else, success will not be achieved. And now, I the Lord will do my strange and marvelous work. Amen.

ATAR_i said...


I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. From your post above - I know you'd be interested.

Anonymous said...

The look and demeanor of Warren in the extridition hearings looks familiar. I have seen it before in Las Vegas.
He had the look and demeanor of someone who bet the farm and thought that he couldn't lose and has just come to the realization that he has lost everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Street

Here is a test for you.

Who is the "one mighty and strong" according to Uncle Warren?

Anonymous said...

all things are written in the book of Mormon. Joseph Smith is the one mighty and strong. Jesus is the Christ and Adam is the father. Together they will come again upon the earth and deliver. And as it was in the days of the meridian of time, Christ will come again. And who will be on his left hand and who will be on the right? and if there is any answer's you honestly seek, go then and read and like Joseph did read in the bible, "Ask of god" for it is written God will never forsake the faithful, tho men do persicute. and as your faith is, so shall it be.......and if you know not this God it is because you ask not, nor do you believe.

muggsey said...


You see Warren's capture as a loss for YFZ. I beg to differ from you. I see it as liberation! IF YFZ residents break loose from the slavery that IS their life and become able to learn essentials for living in this world, sans WJ, they can become anything that the Lord leads them to be. Too long, since the days their ancestors were duped by Joseph Smith, they have been held in the virtual slavery of ignorance. I do pray that this opportunity will not pass for them.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for God to have mercy on your soul. What are you a preditor looking? stay out of my city. You sound just like a person trying to give candy to a child on the school grounds. I think you should be watched by your local police too. cause i found out it is only the dogs on dogbury hill trying to convince me i am stupid so you can take advantage of me. but all decient americans that do not call me filthy names i would not complain about. Know a lot of them. so Ye feinds from the eternal pit; stay out of my city.

onthestreet said...

Les, you just as well be an 18th Century plantation worker. You are that enslaved. It looks like your opportunity to know the truth of Christ and His Councils of Friends has already passed.

onthestreet said...

MUKKY (9/01/2006 3:45 PM): HIS CAPTURE IS LIBERATION, you say? He fulfilled the Law. He “let them grow together until the harvest”. Then he let go the tares. Yes, THAT is liberation. Therefore, yours is the slavery, and the one duped (Mt. 13):

24. The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field.

25. But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

26. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

27. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

28. He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

29. But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

30. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Yes, now the saints can become anything the Lord wants them to be: Proven Faithful as supporters of the Prophet, NO MATTER WHAT.

Anonymous said...

Hello there sonny.This is Morgan Freeman.Here in Shaw Shank prison there is a pack of bullqueres waiting for you.Ohhhh Warren its going to be the longest night of your life.Get buisy living or get buisy dieing.Thank you very kindly.

Anonymous said...

coming back to Morgan Freeman. You boast of your own evil. You seem to boast of your great streanth. Lets say that you could carry out your threat and guess what, you would still be what you are and he would still be inacent. would you then also stain your hands with more evil. Christ has offered repentance to all souls and does comfort all men who do seek him and it is written that a mans sin is always before his face and there fore his worm never dieth. I would pray mightily that this horrible evil does not befal you in reality. All men live all men die. I have great compasion in my heart that you or your freinds will never have to carry that burden; for as Jesus said as he died on the cross, forgive them; they know not what they do. when i was in my days of confinement, i did patch britches of the men. I did sing to the rest and there was comfort. and oh the sorrow of that house, these forgotten souls of society. Please reconsider the burden you may think you want to carry. i am sure that you carry one too heavy already or such threats would not come out of your lips.

ATAR_i said...

Has anyon noticed that 'fundy' and 'barlow' haven't been posting?

onthestreet said...

The Prophet in shorts, and Christ in a loin-cloth: When they slaughter lambs, they sheer them first. The Prophet sheered himself, and offered himself freely, like Isaac his brother on the altar, though like Christ he hesitated to give his name. The concepts of “Isaac” and “Naomi” are intimately tied to him and this arrest, and such individuals were right there in the car with him. Many of the details of this arrest are very interesting and telling, TO WIT:

In Hebrew, “Isaac” is “YISCHAQ: laughter, mockery, he will laugh, he will shine”. Also, “CHAPHAS, as in coffin: To seek, conceal, disguise, hide, search, convert”, or “CHEPHES” (which is “Peter”: Jn. 1:42), who also made the supreme sacrifice for a fallen nation, like Isaac did, and like John Taylor did in 1844 and 1887.

The Greek for “Isaac” is “MET-A-BAINO: To change places, remove, depart”, and “MORPHOSIS: To change appearance, morphe, or disguise. Also, “KATAPAUO: To cease, desist, settle down, and colonize, which Uncle Warren and Uncle Rulon, and the hosts of heaven will do, here in America.

“Naomi” is just as interesting and telling, TO WIT: In Eden, Adam being God, named and numbered all things. In Hebrew, “Naomi" is
“NAAMIY: Pleasant, similar to “Abel” which is “pleasant meadown”, a paradise after this life. Her gematric measure is 5280, which totals 15. He was apprehended on Interstate 15, Milepost 60. The gematric measure of “Abel” is 60, one slain by his brethren, a class of men called
“Cain”, or Cainan. In Hebrew,
“Abel” also means "Mourning".

His apprehension was not brought about in the light or truth, but in darkness, at 9:04 PM, by
“eunuchs, liars, and grumblers”. Eunuchs are they who deny themselves of the powers of procreation. In Hebrew, “Eunuch” is “BIGTHAN: Liar”. The Greek is “GIGGUZO: To grumble”, and
“BALAK: Liar”, who said: “Come, let us fight and curse this people” (Num. 22:6), and Balaam said: “How shall I curse whom God hath not cursed (Num. 23:7). The gematric mearsure for “Eunuch” is 904, the very minute that he was apprehended.

He was booked in the morning (mourning), at 5:07 AM, on “two sex-related charges out of Arizona”, relating to marriage, or “forbidding to marry” (1 Tim. 4:3). The gematric measure of 507 is ELEPH (Alef, the beginning of the end, and a newera), which means: “God will act”, and “family yoking, or the marriage of Y0-King, the Lord’s king. The Greek for 507 is “ANO: Upward, on the top, on high”.

All this took place in the very city of America called “Sin City”, or Las Vegas: “Lost Vaga-bond, lost, last, las-civious. The Hebrew letter “Vav” or the V in Vegas, as in “vulva” and “vulgar”.

There is more to this post, but for brevity’s sake, I will add the rest in another post, which pertains to the deeper meaning of “Arizona”, which is also very revealing in the case of the FLDS Prophet.

Anonymous said...

street get some help man,
and lay off the wacky weed
for a few days.


ATAR_i said...

Your story would hold water if he walked into the police station in shorts to surrender himself.

Or even if when they stopped the car, he gave his REAL name and stated he was a fugitive.

He didn't plan on being caught that day, he was wearing shorts, and giving fake names til the end, when the FBI showed up.

Besides - equating Christ with warren is heresy in it's purest form.

onthestreet said...

ATAR_i said (9/06/2006 8:04 AM):
Your story would hold water if he walked into the police station in shorts to surrender himself.
Or even if when they stopped the car, he gave his REAL name and stated he was a fugitive.
He didn't plan on being caught that day, he was wearing shorts, and giving fake names til the end, when the FBI showed up. Besides - equating Christ with warren is heresy in it's purest form.

STREET's Reply:
Ahh, analyze what you just said: Did Christ walk into the station where the authorities welcomed him, or was he SEIZED IN GETHSEMANE, where He then proceeded to do what? “He answered them nothing”, but when asked to verify His name, He didn’t verify it, but said “Thou Sayest”. Nor did the Christ state that he was a fugitive. Finally, when in the court they accused him of equating Himself with God, it was heresy in its purest form. That is exactly what the historical record says.

You are in gross denial, like your were truly “needing help and smoking wacky weed”, like Quietman just said. He must be a prophet of sorts. He saw you post a comin, and replied to you in advance. Way to go, Quietman, you cute little pwofit you.

ATAR_i said...

A more typical OTS post.

Yes, equating warren with Christ/God IS heresy.

From what I understand warren IS NOT CONSIDERED GOD, he is considered a PROPHET. Thus, equating him with God - is heresy.

Christ, stating he was God - is not heresy.

Just in case the smoke in front of your computer was too thick and you couldn't see the screen well. Quietman's post was specifically addressed to you.

But he's a prophet now too?

Quietman - how many keys on your keychain?

Anonymous said...

and it is written, would that all men were Prophets...... for seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not......then Jesus did speak to them in Parables......and they crusified him, and he hung with sinners...he being perfect.......and they cried unto him, "save thy self" and on the third day he rose again and did show himself unto his deciples......and they also were martered......and quietman.....would to God that all men were Prophets and all lived the law of christ...what then would be the need of Policeman. and woman would be protected and treated like queens and there would be no shame in a woman submitting to her husband and the love of Christ is the greatest and if it is held and shared, where is there any shame......but look around. what is it that is there?.......and it is written that an honorable man will be very valuable indeed........watch the news....would you honestly choose that for your lifestyle......I am not ashamed to be a fundamental Mormon..........

Anonymous said...

and Atari, when christ was asked who he was, he did answer, "What thinkest thou" and he did not toot his own horn.....but did heal the sick and visit the needy, and as always in the history of the earth; these mericles were performed according to the faith of the people. and it is written, "If mericles have ceased, "woe, woe unto the people." And it is also written, as man is God once was, and as God is men may become" but never can a man become a God in evil.......and the judgement of God is just, and mercy has claim on her own....If you want the truth....read the book......for all the law and mystries are written........

ATAR_i said...

No, it was not 'what thinkest thou'.

Matthew 26:63-64

"The high priest said to him, "I charge you under oath by the living God: Tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God."

"Yes, it is as you say," Jesus replied

Besides, no one cares if warren thinks he's God or not. Do you have any idea how many loonies are running around there thinking they are a diety?

He's not prosecuted because of that. Were that his only crirme - I WOULD BE ON YOUR SIDE of this argument, because I think religious freedom is incredibly important.

And unfortunately, your leaders actions could potentially cause not only yours but EVERYONE's religious freedom in this country to suffer. Usually leaders don't go so amuck - but since he has, there will probably be repercussions, perhaps not (I'll cross my fingers).

The more you break the laws - especially with respect to minors - the more WE ALL suffer. Stop it!

Anonymous said...

Here's a link from a newspaper in Utah, with comments from a reporter as he photographed Warren Jeffs in courthouse before judge.

Jeffs Photos
He certainly is an ugly cuss as as another poster on this blog said on this thread.

onthestreet said...

BLACK AS TAR Said (9/08/2006 7:47 AM):

Matthew 26:63-64: "The high priest said to him, "I charge you under oath by the living God: Tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God." "Yes, it is as you say," Jesus replied

The more you break the laws - especially with respect to minors - the more WE ALL suffer. Stop it!

STREET’s Reply: Come on, thief. Who you trying to fleese. Look directly at the exact quote, and from a less modern, raped, and desecrated version (KJV):

63. But Jesus HELD HIS PEACE (See, he didn’t give his name AT ALL). And the high priest answered and said unto him, I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ, the Son of God.

64. Jesus saith unto him, THOU HAST SAID, nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.

See, a second time, He still DIDN’T GIVE HIS NAME, but said that THEY were saying so, NOT “I SAY SO, AS YOU HAVE SAID”. Such dishonesty and bold-faced lies for all to see. That is why I remind everyone that you are BLACK AS TAR.

Yes, the Prophet did just as Christ did, and No we are not idolizing the Prophet as God Himself. That is another of your daily bold-faced lies, in your desperation to draw blood, nothing but a dog. As for laws, both YOU and the lawmakers have recently recreated LAW to fit the accused, breaking not only their own laws but the law of God, the ancient law abided in by Christ Himself, the ancient Jewish law of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, which is the Gospel of Christ. He himself became an adult at 12 in the Temple, and Mary conceived Him at twelve of the Father, the Law of the Land.

Everyone knows that, unless they are stuck in a bucket of TAR. Everyone knows your lies. Yes, the more you break this law, the more you will indeed suffer, according to your own word. You convict as well as execute yourself.

muggsey said...


do you think that ots may be placing himself in the running to become the "god" himself?

ATAR_i said...

OTS call me crazy, but I'm going to go with the translation by the scholars who had direct access to the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts.

I agree fully with the King James Version - but I don't think it says what you purport it says (not a huge shock).

You like to 'speak King James' every now and again throwing in a 'doth' and a 'whence' but you didn't live in that time - and Jesus words meant 'yes'.

Secondly I'd like to remind you that even though Jesus knew he was innocent - he allowed himself to be crucified.

Since we're equating warren with Jesus - I expect that he will do the same. He will put up NO DEFENSE right? He will allow himself to suffer right?

Can we count on warren to do that? Or will his lawyers earn 600.00 an hour while they mount his aggressive defense.

Anonymous said...


ATAR_i said...

You clearly want attention 2:34, or you wouldn't post the same word so often. since you want attention, and everyone pretty much ignores you - I'll play along, and give you that attention you crave in the form of a small lesson.

Idiot, means stupid, someone lacking in quickness and keenness, foolish etc,. An idiot is a stupid person with a mental age below three years.

Your one word responses qualify to serve as an example of that definition quite nicely, except that you typed it, which means that you are probably over three years of age, and thus it serves more appropriately to fit the definition of moronic.

If, you are interested in varying your repertoire of insults - I'll suggest a few synonyms which might spice up your...ahem....rather dull posts. I'll include the list below.

ass, blockhead, boob, booby, cretin, dimwit, donkey, dork, dumb ox, dumbbell, dunce, dunderhead, fool, halfwit, ignoramus, imbecile, jackass, jerk, kook, meathead, mental defective, moron, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, pinhead, pointy head, simpleton, stupid, tomfool, twit, yo-yo

I would further suggest you include a few more words, so that it will form a nice sentence.

I'm guessing your FLDS, probably from Canada, and now living in the US in the CC area.

I hope your community is thrilled at your ability to insult so well (that was sarcasm), but you'll have to do better if you want to beat the lady who answered this question so brilliantly.

"Can you tell me where warren jeffs is?"

(a plump mother in an 18th century dress lifts her arm, raises her middle finger and looks in the eye of the individual who asked the question)

"Go to hell"

Was that an answer to the question I pondered, or was she just being rude.

muggsey said...

Was she reporting her age, I.Q, or number of legal parents?

I believe that our "idiot" contributor should get the idea that he could be a bit more expressive, and needs to be so if he expects anyone to take his posts seriously.

onthestreet said...

MUK: Tell us, are there ANY on the blog who take your posts seriously, except those quagmired in the, ummm...what shall we say? Oh yah, the MUK.

I mean, you just pose too many contradictions, almost every time you post, as well my posts have pointed out. Then you try to emulate me, and become a...you become a...what? YES! A MUD RUMP.

Well, that's okay my child. That's okay. Just jump up and wipe it clean, and twy twy again.

There there! That's a BIG BOY. Now, give us a big smile.

muggsey said...

Redundant redundancy, nothing new, repeating self over and over to no effect. Certifyably mentally unstable.

Anonymous said...

Why, why, WHY do so many of you keep responding to a TROLL like ots???

His intent is to disrupt and draw you into fruitless confrontation. The greater the reaction, the more likely he'll continue toward his goal to cause chaos.

He's pimping you, trying to get a rise out of ANYONE, and y'all keep falling for it.

Internet protocol says, "Do not feed the trolls."

Internet troll:
"...someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy or antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion..."

It is such a shame and creates such a wasteland of an otherwise decent blog!


ATAR_i said...

I have no self control.


Anonymous said...

atar i 9/09 4:4o pm
you just dont understand,idiots is just like OTS, he has absolutly nothing meaningful to say, but he has the brillince to not say it,....then just sign his name!!!


ATAR_i said...

You want to know the scary thing, I had to read your post about FIVE times before I got the joke!

muggsey said...

Thanks Disgusted and Bluebeard,

I plead guilty to having fed the trolls. I hereby resolve that that habit has come to an end.

Now, how do you avoid becoming a troll? I possess all the pre-requsites! I'd rather just be salt on an open wound.

onthestreet said...

TAR Said (9/09/2006 9:47 AM):

TAR Said: I agree fully with the King James Version - but I don't think it says what you purport it says (not a huge shock). REPLY: You “don’t think”…Well, that is the definition of, ummm…shall we say…an IDIOT. See, all you have to do is open the book and read it for yourself, or do a google on it. But nooooooo, all you can do is goo-goo.

TAR Said: You like to 'speak King James' every now and again throwing in a 'doth' and a 'whence' but you didn't live in that time - and Jesus words meant 'yes'. REPLY: What! DOTH the Word of God offend THEE? From WHENCE DOTH THOU hail, hell? That is the very language of the Lord, from a more original version King James. Just because you like God’s Word watered down and desecrated and cast off for naught, is no prescription for the rest of society, now is it.

TAR Said: Secondly I'd like to remind you that even though Jesus knew he was innocent - he allowed himself to be crucified. REPLY: Ahh, who need reminding? Jesus first fled, fugitive from the law, all the way to Egypt, HIDING for decades. Secondly, even in Gethsemane, he sweat and pulsed with life, just like the Prophet Warren. Then, he “answered them nothing”, just like the Prophet Warren. The more you say against him, the more Christ-like he proves to be, for all to see.

TAR Said: Since we're equating warren with Jesus - I expect that he will do the same. He will put up NO DEFENSE right? He will allow himself to suffer right? REPLY: Oh, Christ did indeed have men come to His defense. In Gethsemane, a disciple even ATTACKED the police and cut off his ear. Oh, but it was self-defense. Then in the court, Christ had Pilot himself to defend him. So, you continually err.

TAR Said: Can we count on warren to do that? Or will his lawyers earn 600.00 an hour while they mount his aggressive defense. REPLY: Did the ointment merchant earn great sums on the most COSTLY ointment that Mary “WASTED” on the feet of the Savior of the world? The lawyers and the judges too must be proven a friend of God, or His absolute enemies. Then the judgements of God, for then are they all left without excuse. God now has a witness in the courts, even His Anointed.

ATAR_i said (9/09/2006 9:51 AM):
So its OK for the prophet to engage prostitutes, and pose for playgirl?

STREET’s Reply: I said: “He will do what he has to do”. He didn’t and doesn’t have to witness ALL your corruptions. So, regardless of what videos might depict, it will be right and proper, unless they are doctored videos. The media and government are doctoring things all the time. The "Coming Crisis and How to Meet It" warns and forewards of the "miracles of Satan", to deceive the very elect if possible.

ATAR_i said...

OTS - I'd like to see things your way, I just can't get my head that far up my a**

onthestreet said...

Well, Lord knows you're tryin. Being half-way up still has to be pretttty stinky.

ATAR_i said...

It's an expression, because your arguments are dim witted, disgusting, unintelligent, irrational, and based on nothing other than delusional thinking.

onthestreet said...

No, it's not just an expression. It's a reality. You've really got your head so far up there that it's blocking your throat. Some trick you've got there, we'd have to agree, pushing your head through all the Tarry-poo, all the way up into your own throat, even though it's actually in the hiney.

Now, we wouldn't ask you to demonstrate how you do it. We'd all have to agree, you demonstrate it quite well every day.

ATAR_i said...

If my statement is true, and not an expression - the question really is - how do you get your head that far up your a**?

Anonymous said...

Well, street, I realized doctrinally, you used circular reference; I didn't realize you did that with your physical food as well.

onthestreet said...

"A curious work and a wonder, one eternal round".

muggsey said...

curiouser and curiouser!!! round and round and round he goes and where he's goin' not even he knows!

onthestreet said...

You are too kind, but I don't mind. Tis the tie that binds.