Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ladell Bistline

Does anyone have any information about Ladell? Do you know where he is and what he is doing? Austin: Do you have anymore information about him? Is his airplane still at the CC airport?


rumor-has-it said...

I heard that he was not kicked but sent on a mission. But his family was moved to Warren Johnson's old house and Lyndon moved in to take care of them.

Odd things happen! I personally believe that I would not move if he was on a mission.

After all Mike Emack has been on a mission for four years and his family is still in their house.

Anonymous said...

Have you checked Florence? Maybe he is down there not talking.

furnace said...

Mike Emack's mission started in Oct. or Nov. of 2003. It hasn't yet been three years.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard anything from my Father Uncle Ratt. He's doing a pretty good job of minding his own business. He's a very intelligent man though and I know if he was asked to leave, there's no end to what he could do to take care of himself.

If you read this Father, may heaven bless and keep you till the end.

Love always,

Anonymous said...

What was his mission?

Anonymous said...

Missions? I thought the FLDS church did not seek out new members. Can you explain what is meant by "missions" please?

Thank you,


Inside_Out said...

Warren has changed the meaning of the term mission from recruiting new members to working to build my empire... He will inbreed and grow his new members from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about Stewart Knudson? Where's he at? Is he still in or out?

Anonymous said...

Stewart Knudson lives in Ralph Johnsons old house. Seems to be doing great!

Everyone from the FLDS want to go on a SECRET Mission. It is like knowing that you are going to heaven. You have it made if you are called on a mission. The sad part is that someone forgot to mention that you may never come back, may never see your family again and the 20 hour work load may kill you. Or that it is a nice way of just taking you out of the picture so that if you do see the light of day, you can't talk to or see anyone.

I drove by the airport the other day and there are no airplanes, everything is locked up, looks abandoned. I'm sure that the hangers are used,,I see airplanes doing touch and goes in the early morning and I hear that a helicopter fueled up out there on the 24th of July. I also heard that is why Ladell got kicked..because he fueled an helicopter that he shouldn't have. All rumors of course. He was just sent on a mission.

The FLDS are doing more house moving now than ever before. It is so secretive that they can move an entire 50 member family and the neighbors wake up and just see an empty house the next day. They never heard a sound.

One young boy told of how his Dad gathered the family together and told them he was leaving and that he didn't know if he would ever see them again. He packed up his books and bed and clothes and left three years ago and has not been seen since. Then a year later his mom gathered her stuff together and took all the children under eight and last time he talked to her she said she was having a baby in September 2005. He has never seen his last sister. How would it feel to walk down the halls of your house and none of your brothers and sisters will look you in the eyes or talk to you because you got found listening to "bad" music. Shunned in your own family. No wonder that young people 14, 15 16 years old leave. How can they make sense out of it, when we can't.

onthestreet said...

Try repentance. Now THAT makes alot of sense.

As for members POOFING:
(Luke 17:36) Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 37 And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, ...

Anonymous said...

furnace said...
Mike Emack's mission started in Oct. or Nov. of 2003. It hasn't yet been three years.

8/24/2006 6:40 PM

Doing well in Texas last heard.

Anonymous said...

Well did Ladell take his Cessna, too?

Who is Nephi K. Bistline? Is he a Warrenite?

Anonymous said...

If the Colorado City Airport is shut down someone needs to report it to Federal Aviation.

Airport Operations
Airport use: Open to the public
Sectional chart: LAS VEGAS
Control tower: no
NOTAMs facility: PRC (NOTAM-D service available)
Attendance: MON-SAT 0900-1800
Pattern altitude: 5722 ft. MSL
Wind indicator: lighted
Segmented circle: yes
ACTVT MIRL RY 11/29; PAPI RYS 11 & 29 & REIL RYS 11 & 29 - CTAF.
Beacon: white-green (lighted land airport)

As of August 3, 2006 the website had one comment on the airport.

From Jared Max Hendler on 27-Jun-2006
Great stop on the way to the Grand Canyon. Cheap fuel. Nice people. Call ahead, though, as attendance is sporadic and fuel is not self serve.

gadestring said...

Why doesn't anyone else see that "a" very important key - if not "the" key - to this whole FLDS debacle is in the airport?

Oh well, it's probably just too hot to handle. Dang it! Where's Superman when you really need him to fly in and clean up the corruption?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gadestring,

Could you elaborate, please?



Anonymous said...

Nephi Bistline is not now nor has he ever been a warranite. If I'm not mistaken, he is Ben Bistline's son. You know, the author of the polygamist expose.

ATAR_i said...

what is at the airport? Is warren at the airport?

gadestring said...

Atar_i's questions are like a couple of my questions, too. See, that's just it - I want to understand what goes on at that airport. I sure don't know... I've never gone out to the airport. It just seems like a rather untouchable subject; the airport is hardly talked about. It seems to me to be such a glaring "hole" with a multitude of possibilities that nobody's looking into - at least not apparently.


1. WHO runs the airport? The FLDS or the Feds?

2. WHO is allowed to go in and out of the airport - both "employees" and "travelers?"

3. WHAT are the rules there? Maybe Pilot can tell us a little about how the Schleicher County Airport is run.

4. WHY did the federal government (mostly) fund building the CC airport, but it's always locked down? WHY isn't it public?

5. WHEN do flights arrive/depart - including WHAT is really going on out there in the middle of the night?

6. WHAT is being delivered there - dropped off and WHO is it for? WHERE does it go from there?

7. Does law enforcement have it covered? Do they keep it under observation day and night?

8. Doesn't it seem like there is some kind of collusion between Warren/FLDS and the Feds and they really have no intention of capturing him? Like... what they're REALLY doing is protecting him in exchange for their goings-on at that airstrip.

I know I'm not the only one with suspicions (drug and human trafficking, money laundering, and secret military stuff). I was amazed when this article was published in June. But it doesn't answer any of my questions either... it just iterates the same questions I've posed privately for the past several years - even before Warren.

What I'm concerned about is the safety of all the people I love living in Colorado City. I'm worried they're being led by a man who is just another puppet of corrupt government. There are just too many unanswered questions and too many gullible and/or scared people all around.

Fear rules!

wildthangfromCC said...


To quote Nephi Bistline,,"mah names not's Grease"

He is Ben and Annie's son, and he is just darn cute! In fact, I have never met a Bistline I didn't like!

Anonymous said...

Is warren at the airport? Could be, who watching?

A Poster above said the airplanes seem to be missing at the airport.

Ladell Bistline, Nephi and a Glenn Bistline all have airplanes that have Colorado City as their home base.

Ladell was a Warrenite as was supposedly kicked, sent on a mission. Did he take his airplane a 172N Cessna? What did Ladell do for a living. Airplanes are not cheap to keep as a hobby.

The CC airport is supposed to be open from 9 to 6 pm Mon-Sat. according to a post above this. It is a public place paided for with tax dollars,quite alot of tax dollars, but it takes alot for an upkeep of an airport of this quality.

A young man also died from a fall from the rafters at the airport....this information is on another thread of this blog. Was he working at the airport, goofing around. What?

It could of been an accident and probably so, but who is watching.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gadestring.... The story said "that the town developed a $50,000 R&D airport master plan. In 1987, following the incorporation and presentation of the master plan, Colorado City received a $1 million federal grant to begin building the airport. Another $1 million federal grant followed in 1990. In 1992 it received $800,000 to pave the runways. And in 1994, $150,000-$200,000 for water systems. In 1995 they received $200,000 for a terminal building. As Bistline and I spoke, $150,000 more was pending."

Sorry but that is how towns/communities acquire quality airports with federal funds.

First of all and most important they spent the 50K for the masterplan. You follow the rules and keep upgrading over the years plus the community comes up with the matching funds you get these funds from the state via the federal government for airports. It is happening all over the county.

Now it would be interesting to see who accually built the airport. They had to be on the state bidding list and meet their requirements. It could of been an FLDS company.

But looking at the airport they spent the millions to build it. No short cuts. It cost over a million dollars a mile for hot mix top.

All I can say they had someone on the ball and that's how they got their airport. Now what they are doing with now? Good questions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Correction.
Ladell Bistline plane is a 172L Cessna.

N102SJ is Assigned
Aircraft Description
Serial Number 17259570 Type Registration Individual
Manufacturer Name CESSNA Certificate Issue Date 10/19/1999
Model 172L Status Valid
Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Single-Engine Type Engine Reciprocating
Pending Number Change None Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 50006673
MFR Year 1971 Fractional Owner NO

Registered Owner
Street PO BOX 726
City COLORADO CITY State ARIZONA Zip Code 86021-0726
Country UNITED STATES Airworthiness
Engine Manufacturer LYCOMING Classification Standard
Engine Model 0-360-A1D Category Normal

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, Las Vegas Paving built most of the airport. A few FLDS contractors built parts here and there but it was because they were the lowest bidder. Some systems you just can't manipulate.

Also, the airport is absolutely public. Ther terminal is locked when it's not supervised but that by no means says it's a private airport. Myself and my Father have never discriminated on who uses the airport. In fact, we got excited everytime we had a different airplane in there. We may have been FLDS, but we were also part of the aviation family nationwide.

Knowing my father, he would absolutely let the FAA know if hours of operation changed. FAA publications change as often as the airports do. That is why a safe pilot has subscriptions to publications like Flight Guide and new sectionals every six months.

Just because it had fuel once, does not by any means state that it always has to have fuel and service available.

Just fyi

Uncle Ratt said...

Is Ladell on a mission similar to the one Uncle Fred and Dan Jessop were sent on? If so, you will never see him again.

Anonymous said...

Where is Truman Barlow?

Anonymous said...

A follow on to Austin's comments: A facility may be paid for by tax payers, but when it comes to aviation that doesn't mean the facility is open to public use. Before 9/11, anyone could walk out of a general aviation terminal, onto the tarmack or ramp, and gawk at or inspect any airplane they chose. Not so nowadays. If a person does not own, operate, or work for an aviation company, or own, rent, or fly an airplane, they have no business being on the airport ramp, tarmack, ramp, taxi ways, or runways. This isn't my opinion, these are laws being involked by state and city governments as I type.

I own and fly an airplane out of a general aviation airport and it is very restricted. No one is allowed out of the terminal buildings onto the tarmack unless they have a ramp rental agreement or an electronic pass key.

If I were the CC airport manager I would keep it locked up too. But it is completely up to the governing municipality and airport operations manager. Just because we, the public, paid for an airport doesn't mean we have free reign to use it as we please.

Anonymous said...

Truman was living in Coral Canyon (between Washington and Hurricane) last time I checked, which was about 6 or 8 months ago.

GBNF said...

Who in the HELL cares where Truman Barlow is? Father & son are useless bags of skin. IMO.

Anonymous said...

Good point gbnf. But may the anon who asked was burnt in a fire and needs a skin donor.

BTW: thanks for the funnies every now and again.

Anonymous said...

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onthestreet said...

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Anonymous said...

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onthestreet said...

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ex creeker said...

Is there any word on your pop's where abouts. Did your Mom get reassigned? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

No, there still married. That's all I know....

ATAR_i said...

Bluebeard, your quite a little poet - the last line was delicious.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Anonymous person asking about Stewart Knudson? Respond to

Anonymous said...

Ladell Bistline was working at the Ashland Municipal Airport in Oregon during the end of 2006. He was NOT sent on a mission. According to him, he was kicked for supposedly having relations with his first wife when she was no longer able to bear children. His wives and children were reassigned. He was having an extremely hard time with it all. He didn't stay around Ashland too long. Maybe 6 or 8 months.

Anonymous said...

According to him, or according to you? I just talked to him about a month and a half ago, and you are full of BS