Friday, August 19, 2005

GED classes starting for the Lost Boys in St. George

I have exciting news about classes the Washington County School District is holding to let the young adults (especially the "Lost Boys") from Hildale/CC get their GED's (High School Equivalency Degree).

Starting next Tuesday, 8/24 classes will be held at Dixie State College in room 202 of the North Instructional Building located at the corner of 900 East and 100 South in St. George. The classes are open from 10AM to 9 PM Monday through Thursday (except there won't be classes this Monday 8/22 because school doesn't start until Tuesday). The classes will be held Learning Center style.

These classes are FREE and the students will be registered and pre-tested to see what their learning needs are - whether it be emphasis on reading, math or whatever, the students will learn what they need to learn, working towards their GED.

No student will be turned away. These classes are in conjuction with the Adult Education program, but if 10 of the lost boys enroll, then they will get their very own class, teacher and curriculum.

Please spread the word - this is a great learning opportunity for these young adults. If you have any questions, call Brian Chessman at 435-652-7667


Anonymous said...

Kudos and congratulations to who ever is
helping in this!

Merycia said...

Good Job! Great step toward helping these boys. I hope it works out for them.

Anonymous said...

Mohave Community College is doing a similar program, if that is more convenient. Contact Susan Hammon @ 928-875-2799

onthestreet said...

Hey susy, whatever you do, don't hold your breath. How's that program going? I hope they can get lots of larnin.