Saturday, March 26, 2005

Texas Trusts


Antique Mormon said...

My pc forgot to print the question that I asked about Texas Trusts. Which is: Why do you suppose that they never organized the YFZ into a trust? Does Texas recognize trusts?

Anonymous said...

Texas has had its experiences with shysters. Billy Sol Estes comes to mind, but there were and are plenty of others...snake oil salesmen, land speculators, get rich quick oil & gas promoters. In light of all that, Texans are a lot less trusting, especially about charitable trusts. Trust laws here are difficult to set up and hard to administer. They are closely monitored.

Anonymous said...

Why get a trust?

Schleihcer County already said that all the property will be taxable and no religious exemption will be given.

Only religious institutions open to the public get any kind of tax exceptions.


Anonymous said...

I meant to say that trusts are difficult to set up and hard to administer and that the state gov't watches them closely.

Anonymous said...

The Group/People of Colorado City, Arizona & Hildale, Utah have been obediently, dutifully and persuasively bilked of MILLIONS on Millions of Dollars by Jeffs and his closest Associates who are "YFZ". ALL who have given haven’t a clue how the Ones at YFZ have used the funds and most will never know as they are taught to stay away from the evil “World” which means “Media”, “Television”, “Computers”, and any other forms of Public Information that would put skepticism and lies into their pure unadulterated minds!!! @#%^$!@%^$!*&% --- And yet the "Authorities" won't touch this as "THESE PEOPLE" have the "RIGHT" to Religious Freedoms and beliefs. Why do you think for so many, many years AZ and UT Authorities have stayed out of this...Anyone think TEXAS can fix it --- I strongly doubt it. LZ

Anonymous said...

Attention Eldorado! When you get tired of reading all this bull, Miss Bertha has started a new blog at:

You remember her, she was the gossip columnist everybody was talking about.

Ha ha ha!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would also point out, that no land in america is not taxable. The people in colorado city and ariziona pay taxes, and there enamies to sue them. get real people. an eighty year old, non fundimental women was jailed for a very small delenquent tax. The I.
R. S. does not care what you worship, as long as you pay your tax, Other wise the people that hate us would have destroyed us a long time ago. I visited your Texas state. I was treated very well there. It apeared they had law;s there. I hope you keep it. There is nothingto fear about this Warren Jeffs, and his people have not been tought violence. If there is any, it will be because you people perpetuate it. Fly the american flag.

Anonymous said...

Dear Antique Morman,

According to Uncle Rulon....

Adam (Michael) was an exalted man, a celestial being, a man who attained Godhood, because he kept the Celestial Law.
Because of Adam's status of becoming an exhalted being therefore a God, Adam earned the right to come to earth from another planet with one of his wives Eve.
Their reward... Earth a voidless mass.
Adam (now a God) created the land masses, oceans, seas and lakes, plus the heavenly masses, creeping things, animals and plants of planet Earth. Adam, also gave names to everything living in sight! What a smart heavenly being!

Plus, Adam and Eve were able to give their spirit children fleshly tabernacles so they could populate this wonderful earth they built!

If Father Adam being a exhalted man (a god and creator) and Eve one of the creator's good wives... why, why, why... did they fall for the old serpent ruse in the garden only to become mortals once again and be subject to death, after attaining godhood?

Will Jesus,the savior, have to die on the cross again and again, so salvation can be offered to Gods who should know better?

Whoops.... Sorry...I forgot Celestial Law (Plural Marriage)and the Holy United Order is the living happily forever...ever after.

Will "The Coming Crisis" be read over and over again like a bad movie..... like "Ground Hog Day."

Yours truly, Phil Connors

PS...Antique Morman when you come into your celestial kingdom(s) I hope your wives are awhole lot smarter than Eve. That old serpent is still slithering about!

Anonymous said...

If one was to really read Uncle Rulon they would have the answers to these questions

Antique Mormon said...

Hey Groundhog Phil, I didn't make the fundamental teachings of Mormonism nor did I write Genesis, nor preach the sermon that Joseph Smith ,Brigham Young, and repeated by Rulon Jeffs, preached about the Godhead. Nope,I did not receive those revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants, nor did I scope the wonderful process of the never ending work of the God's whose "mill grinds slow, eternal and exceedingly fine". What I did do was be born into this wonderful old world Phil, where generation after generation all have the same trials, temptations, and oh yes, exposure to all those slithering snakes that you spoke about. Each and every one of those generations have the same common denominator; Jesus Christ, whose sinless blood was freely spilt to make an atonement and bring about the restoration of a sin filled society who wanted to quit their sins and follow in His teachings. The idea that if a man has more wives than one and practices United Order, that that somehow or other makes him better than everyone else, is just as absurd as you denying the fundamental teachings of our great faith.
Men and women will be judged by what they were able to do, not by what they were unable to do. If they were able to live with one wife, be honorable and faithful to her and she to him, whether they were able to have children or not, they will be so much farther ahead than those who have their home filled with women who want to trade them in, and children who are willing to trade their fathers off, just because some old boy decided he got the spirit. I hope Texas has better Trust than that.