Sunday, March 06, 2005

Still worried

Confused Cowboy wrote:

Here's some light reading for you about our new neighbors.

Where's this gonna end? I wish somebody would tell me.


Anonymous said...

I've been following the FLDS for years now, and covering it in the media for three years, and it's never going to end.

I wouldn't be worried about them, unless you're living in Eldorado and they all decided to register to vote. Put your house up for sale if that happens.

Anonymous said...

Of course it will never end. Not completly anyway. But one day most of the people still following Warren Jeffs will see how phony this all is, and after a few more "doomsdays" have come and gone, will probably turn the ol'crazy man in and live their life the way they each individualy want to live it, wether it be in Colorado City or not.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment that failed doomsdays will get reduntly old fast. I do not agree that threats of persecution and violence should be a part of the equation. This Waco whacko will soon run out sensational hype and his faithful will awaken from their dream of hoped for rapture.

In the mean time, it begs the question, "How will the good ol' boys in the great state of Texas uphold the Constitution?" The nation is watching you. You didn't do very damn good with Waco and neither did "Uncle Sam." I wonder how many woman and children will be exterminated this time?

Wouldn't it be better to let those who's religion honors such Biblical Patriarchs as Abraham, Jacob and Moses pursue the religious faith of their choice without so damn much paranoia?

After all, unlike Moses, Warren Jeffs can't even part the sea of wastewaters and environmental quality, let alone a sea of blood that he's being threatened with.

Let civil proceedure take its course and time and due process will resolve the issue peacefully.

I thought Texas was this country's shining example of freedom, please don't prove me wrong . . .

WKB said...

I agree with the previous comment that this thing is not going to end soon. Like many hundreds of others who have lived their lives believing and practicing the fundamental principles of our Mormon faith, I have come to realize that almost nothing would surprise me. There has already been a long list of casualties, mostly men, who's crimes range from scratching their saddle sores in public to the horrendous crime of wondering why their father was kicked out and for what. Still others didn't like the thought of changing their last names just because they were told to. What a crime.
We have always heard that you old Texas cowboys had an inherant sense of justice and fairplay. Just what would you do in Texas if your wife or (wives) served you notice that if you never followed the "holy prophet" that they would leave and become your brothers wife or wives without a second thought? And the same day! Now you know most of the reason that the faithful FLDS are struggling along with the rascal. My question for you is, what are you old Texans going to do with all those woman and kids when the FLDS men have become true Texans. A little justice and fairplay wouldn't hurt those boys a bit.

Anonymous said...


Could it be?

Are we hearing from THE Winston Blackmore in our humble little piece of cyber-space?

If so, my compliments on your website at

It gives great insight into the minds of our peculiar neighbors.

I'm not buying into it, but it is informative, authoritative, and well-written.

Confused Cowboy said...

WKB, are you the one I've been reading about in Canada? If so, then when are you going to come to Texas and send Warren Jeffs packing?

You seem like a more reasonable sort. The kind I'd even invite you over for a vist.

WKB said...

Canada is a long way from Texas. Can you imagine anyone wanting to trade places with Warren? Not me. If and when you ever get to know some of the other people who are there in your backyard with him, you will find that mixed with the diehards are some very decent, likeable people. Even the diehards are decent likeable people. Some of them have been lifelong close friends. I know, I can just hear you old cowboys grunting about what kind of a friend would turn their back on a friend? Go figure.

Anyway confused cowboy, should I ever get over there to Texas, I am going to wander on over and eat up some of your groceries.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Uncle Wink, Good to hear some of your good ol' wisdom again. My dad was a good friend of yours before Warren took over. Too bad that changed everything. I've always had very high respect for you and the other men there in Lister, and hope to someday visit soon. Keep sendin' your ray of hope!

Anonymous said...

This Warren guy seems to be a good enough con-man that he could sell the people in Colorado City red sand from his yard because it would be better than the red sand in their yards.

Anonymous said...

What say you? Sand in His Highness's yard? Banish the thought! He lived in a castle entirely landscaped with concrete and grass where no sand could desecrate. All moated and gated and maintained by money hard earned by men who weren't good enough to come in and dirty his plush seat cushions.

Anonymous said...

That said a lot in a few short words.