Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Are more people moving to YFZ?

I've been reading a lot about people pulling out of Colorado City and Hildale and moving to Texas. Is this true? Are there really several hundred more people coming? Are they just coming for the April 6 conference? Or, is there more to the date that we don't know?

Does anyone have any information on this?


Anonymous said...

Well, A whole bunch of cars will show up for April 6. The same amount of cars will probably leave, but will the amount of people that leave be the same. One can only wonder.

weblog administrator said...

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Anonymous said...

Just so you will know, you have a welcoming committee here, CBS, ABC, Dr.Phil (get real ) Salt Lake City Herald, Austin American Statesman, San Angelo Standard Times, Forth Worth Star, maybe Jon Krakauer if he can leave Nepal in time, and CMT.

Not to mention our favorite thorn in your side the Eldorado Success.

It’s going to be a circus!! And nothing will happen except Warren will be wrong again and again and again. But this time, he will be embarrassed in front of the whole world rather than just a small group.

Can I have your new tractor since you will not need it anymore? I am sure I will be left behind. Just a thought..

Another local apostate in Texas

Anonymous said...

Another local apostate in Texas? Are you sure you got the terms right? Apostate is one who was "in" and is now "out". One who has never been "in" is called a gentile. Others too but that is the general.
Of course, if you are an apostate in Texas, wharever posessed you to go there? Has warren kicked out any from the compound and left them there in Texas? I thought he shipped them back to Utah/Arizona, or the newest kick, back East.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon. 12:01 a.m., who was the latest kick? just wondering. I am an ex-member and would like to know, but you don't have to answer if you feel it harmful to anyone. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Any more info on this back east thing, that is a new one on me?

Spyder said...

Does anyone from the yfz compound ever go into town to buy groceries or supplies? Are any of them ever seen in public?

Anonymous said...

Yes rainbow watcher 5:13 PM

The men purchase gas, welding supplies and propane locally.

No sightings of women or children here.

But look 45 miles north to the FRIENDLY CITY OF SAN ANGELO.

They use San Angelo dentists, doctors, hospitals, nurserys and feed stores, lumber yards, steel companies, appliances and carpet stores and Walmart and who know what else.

And now San Angelo is getting a SAMS? Could it be they know the group loves to buy in bulk for their store house?

Hopefully these fine businesses are keeping a paper trail reporting all the (thousands or million of dollars) in CASH sales to the YFZ and other businesses they have.

Anonymous said...

Ya that would be an interesting report. Up here in St. George, they really boost the sales at Wal-Mart and Costco. It sure isn't hard to spot 'em!

Anonymous said...

i would imagine wal-mart appreciates that?

Hearsay said...

Isn't it amazing that A funny nut (rosco)has so much credibility that smart media personnel that are highly trained and educated in the profession of news coverage that they stoop so low as to go on A funny nuts hearsay. When it really did not even happen. What about Dan Rather,look what happened to him.He reported something that was not reliable on the news.Can't the media quit going on Heresay and go off evidence. Thats like saying I heard from a Reliable Source But I don't think his source was reliable.So lets start another Rumor for fun. It won't hurt I don't think. So here goes Pres. Hinckley said that The World is really going to be a wonderful place on April 30th. So lets get all the news Coverage at Church Headquarters then. Very Interesting scenerio. Give Me A Break!!!!

Obstructionist said...

The specualtion I think is very interesting, if I were a betting man I would think as many might move to Canada and Northern Idaho, as those desiring to be closer to this new temple. The prophesy if you follow that stuff, refers to 2500 faithful, but you know how prophesy's change. I was in Colorado City September 15th of 2000 and the world did not end as it was predicted then.

The problem with El Dorado is the lack of economic opportunities, a migration does not explain how the faithful would support themselves there. I'm sure those two moving trucks in Colorado City last weekend were not dead heading back to Texas, trucks with Texas License Plates, but as others have stated, I suspect most will return to some where.

If we follow the rumors the compound will grow, but no one knows exactly Warren's long term plans or how soon such might occur. I suspect that the faithful will feel a connection to this new Temple and want to be close to it and their prophet, so its only logical that growth will happen.


Admin said...

The people don't know who is going until they are told. One member told me, "One day they are there, the next they are gone." It's almost like Warren is purposefully fullfilling the propehcy where it says that two will be working in the field one will be taken and the other left. And so on and so forth. The person that I was talking to also didn't believe some of what most of us can see by simply turning on the computer, or the TV.

Anonymous said...

Warren is doing the best he can to fulfill prophecy,especially where he can control it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what is happening in Colorado? Is texas just a diversion for the real gathering of Saints?