Friday, February 25, 2005

Polygamy takes root in Texas

Eye Witness wrote:
Warren Jeffs, prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is moving his polygamous sect to Texas where they are building a temple. Go to: to see for yourself.


Anonymous said...


surprised said...

I thought polygamy was illegal

Anonymous said...

it is illegal
what are they waiting for
why don't they justa arrest them all?

Anonymous said...

None of the wives will testify. That why they can't be arrested. might as well make it legal.

Anonymous said...

You Texans should be very worried. This Jeffs cat is being run out of Arizona and Utah by the long arm of the law, and he has a penchant for predicting the end of the world as we know it. The feverish pace of his building suggests that he may be planning to hasten the end of the world through some nutty gesture.

It's scandalous that Arizona and Utah have waited until now to go after this bunch of kooks. Statutory rape and child-abandonment are rampant on Short Creek, at least since Warren Jeffs took over down there.

Anonymous said...

Why not prepare pamplets to air drop to the women and children that escape is possible. I know I would open my home to someone wanting to leave that lifestyle.pamplets dropped during different wars helped reach the downtrodden.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is Texas knows how to handle cultist, Waco comes to mind. Don't think they planned that move very wisely.

Anonymous said...

The reason they are so untrusting is because of comments made, and attitudes shown like these. "Kooks", "statutory rape and child-abandonment", have you lived there, and do you know these people? I didn't think so. They get persecuted, so they stay to themselves and then get labeled as "cultist". Let them live the way the want to live!

Anonymous said...

Crimes that can be proven in a court of law should be punished--constitutional freedom to associate, worship and receive equal protection under the law is not a crime.

If two men can but - - - - each other in the great state of Texas, then I suppose a man can associate with more than one consenting adult.

Are the inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution still respected in Texas? Or do they apply only to homosexuals?

The Constitution should be honored in Texas as I'm sure it will be. I predict that this so called prophet will soon run his course of unfulfilled prophecies, run out of money and run out of Texas. Then he can sing the song that monogomy has made famous, "All My Ex's Live In Texas . . ."

U. R. Bigots

Anonymous said...

Here's an insider's look at life in their world. It's pretty scary.

Here in Arizona, we're happy to see them moving to Texas.

Good luck, y'all!

Anonymous said...

Another look, from a former member

LOTS of information here.

Also,, and search for "colorado city"

But the best site, with a series of articles worthy of a Pulitzer Prize (I am NOT kidding here), is

But lately, they have been expressing admiration for them, and letting them off the hook. What's with that?

Anonymous said...

Here is one from the inside! Why persecute us? The ones that have been "cleansed" from our towns, have done things that were not right. They are the child molesters, the ones seeking to do the things we are taught against doing. If they want to do them I say let them go. That is why they leave. We don't kick the young men out so the older ones don't have competition. They make the decision to leave. I know this because several relatives of mine decided on leaveing. Thier father did all he could do to change their minds. They didn't want to live this religion so they left. Did they get threatened with a gun to their head as some say happens. Or threatened with blood atonement for leaving. Don't think so! These so called lost boys, what a joke. I know one of these so called lost boys, and he had no idea his name was being used. We are just a people trying to live the best we know how, with the religion that we CHOOSE, not forced upon us.

Anonymous said...

Oh baloney.

The Barlows were not booted because they were child molesters. They were booted because they were a threat to Warren's ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Only the ambition of having a people that are like unto the people of Enoch.

Anonymous said...

Oh puke.

Anonymous said...

So Warren is talking about being like Enoch. He slanders Enoch by even mentioning his name.

Enoch raised up a people to the Lord. Warren is raising up a people to Warren.

The shallow gene pool has not been kind to Warren's people.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 5:36 p.m.

Prophet Warren Jeffs appears to have calculated the Waco effect perfectly! The FBI fisaco and media event remains burned in the minds of most of the county.
Back in Short Creek his followers are mystified and opponents are kept in check with memories of the 1953 raid.
Now Warren comes to Texas where the word WACO bring up its own unpleasant memories.
Brillant! Is that why he picked Texas?

7:42 PM